Allen, Lily - Cheryl Tweedy Lyrics

I wish I had one good reason why
I should stay
How'd I get myself
Into this place?

I wish had qualities like
Instead I got lunacy

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

I wish I could fit myself in my pocket
And tie myself to a rocket
And send myself to outer space
I wish I had a different face

I wish I had one good reason why
I should stay
How'd I get myself
Into this place?

I wish my life was a little less seedy
Why am I always so greedy?
Wish I looked just like Cheryl Tweedy
I know I never will
I know I never will
I wish my life was not so boring
Every weekend fall to the flooring
Don't get me started on Monday morning
It would be overkill
It would be overkill

I wish I had one good reason why
I should stay
How'd I get myself
(How'd I get myself)
Into this place?

I wish I could apologize
Be dignified
Wish I could look you in the eye
And tell you that I never lied
I wish that I could stop the cries
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

Don't wake me up today
Under my duvet's
Where I wanna stay
Don't wanna come out to play
Doesn't matter what you say, anyway, anyway


Oh, I wish I didn't smoke so many cigarettes
Another programme on antiques on the TV set
Wish I had blonde hair
Wish I had green eyes
So many things about myself that I despise
(I wish my life was a little less seedy)
So many things about my life that I despise
(I wish my life was a little less seedy)
So many things that I despise
(I wish my life was a little less seedy)
So many things that I despise

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Allen, Lily Cheryl Tweedy Comments
  1. Fume Shroom

    Why is valley of the shadows in this?

  2. Cherry Belle

    Cheryl hates curvy girls u see on X factor I think curvy girl hurt her only one she likes is kimbley

  3. катя синюк

    these comments are pathetic not gonna lie

  4. 123456 7890

    A lot of people blantently missed the point of this song. She’s not slagging anyone off (except herself)

  5. Eric Smith

    Go Lily!!!

  6. Eric Smith

    I wish I looked just like Lily Allen

  7. anonymousandcool

    I remember hearing this when I was 17 and felt completely insecure and hated my appearance... had an eating disorder and was sure I was ugly. Definitely a song I remember made me feel better. Hilarious to look back and think how new and pretty I was back then compared to now at almost 30. Shame I didn't value it. Now when I hate my appearance I think of how envious I'll be in the future of how I looked now when I have those body dismorphic moments :P

  8. Eric Smith

    I am working hard on my obsession and I wish I looked just like Lily Allen. Score.

  9. Andrea Filippo Voccia

    Most useless singer ever

  10. Rose Kitty

    For ages I thought that the "Felt that I was in this long dark tunnel" was Lily Allen speaking.

  11. B1SCOOP

    What a mess.


    lol after 7 months I came back thinking to write extactly same phrase. The drum loop in second half sounds soo out of place.

  12. Romeo Alpha

    Shouldn't Lili have named this song "Sophie Dee"?

  13. Café com Leite ツ

    Parece que temos uma fan de Castlevania
    Valeu Kane tv

  14. CAVA Chrristelle

    I ❤ this song, i think is the best song of Lily Allen 💋

  15. Sparki Dee

    Why has it got Valley Of The Shadows in the background? did someone mix that in or did she rip off a seminal jungle track?


    Rip off? Never heard of sampling, have you? What a simpleton, you.


    gnilttbs  Funny as fuck considering valley of the shadows also contains samples.

    Rose Kitty

    I was wondering what it was from.

  16. liamvg

    This song is derivative of a Specials song. I've been flipping through their catalog but can't recall. She's stated she's a fan so it makes sense.

  17. Courtney Amber

    She's gone back to Tweedy again!

    Eric Smith

    So did my hangover guy

  18. Taylor

    i didn't know this song was so controversial i'm just here because this song was on the l word.

    Nia H

    Taylor i don’t remember that, which episode? (also: marina ❤️❤️)

  19. Decnics

    Anyone Listening in 2017

    Romeo Alpha

    Decnics 2018 Baybee!


    +Romeo Alpha 2019 baby

  20. PeelingFlame

    Any tracks with a bassline style like this one?

  21. Jay West

    Lily Allen is a fucking liberal dog. She wants to fuck the UK by letting all the immigrants in. I like Cheryl more by far.


    Letting in immigrants won't fuck the UK, especially considering how you're a racist waste of space.

    Romeo Alpha

    BuriedTeeth will you still be singing that tune when they rename it "Englandstan"?

    scouserjo back

    funny Englandstan but sadly your right they seem to be taken over and no music will be allowed when it is muslim.

  22. Veemon Motomiya

    eu vim aqui por Castlevania :v

  23. SassyTableCloth

    Great song...

    Ken Farnworth

    You need to look up the definition of 'great'

  24. rachel russell

    much better than cheryl in my opinion

  25. Amzari Akmar

    Trip Hop

  26. Chisel Marr

    Love this song. I started listening to it when I was 13, and I remember I had a spat with this bitch in the Youtube comments because she was saying about how Lily's a slut and a loser for starting an argument with Katy Perry (even though Katy erry tarted it).. anyway, amazing song, I love how it sounds so depressing except it's just sarcasm, and Lily was my age when she recorded this. Also, I'm not really a Cheryl fan, I do like Girls Aloud but Cheryl is just boring af

    Chisel Marr

    +N é eu n then fuck off.

    N é eu n

    @Chisel Marr Look at you, so angry about nothing

    Chisel Marr

    +N é eu n you didn't need to reply to comment. Just enjoy the song ok? Stop being so pedantic.

    N é eu n

    @Chisel Marr k


    I understood it perfectly man. The only part I didn't know was Chisel's current age/Lily's recording age.

  27. Abby Inman

    love it yall

  28. Carola Rey

    I was in this long, dark tunnel

  29. sammie louise

    Don't we all wish we could look like cheryl


    She's being facetious

    M H

    +lumrules going by the tone of the song I really don't think she was facetious

    sammie louise

    +Michael Hendry clearly lol 😂

    sammie louise

    +lumrules I know 😂


    Why are women so much like Lucifer?
    Women always obsess with how beautiful they are or want to be, women think of such stupidity all their life

  30. Ana Lívia

    Amo essa música, muito muito boa mesmo!!! E essas fotos da Lily no vídeo, cada foto mais linda que a outra ♥ 

  31. Marco Meza

    I have been contemplating purchasing the song (or album) so that I can make "don't wake me up today, under my duvet is where I want to stay" as my ringtone or alarm tone ever since I heard this song years ago.


    It's been three years, Mr Meza; did you do it?

  32. Hayley Kane

    please the comments are so dumb, how are you comparing two completely different women, that are grown and over their spat now fgs, just enjoy the song or fuck off.

  33. Jess Mc

    Perfect song:)

  34. Aspen Ward

    its cute how jealous she is :)

    Catiti Hueso

    To me more than nice, I think this lady is sick

  35. Yair Medina

    Lily was just jealous of miss Cole, so she throws a lot of shit on her and honestly i think thats disgusting, childish and mean to the point shes impersonating her accent on videos, sharing her hate towards her and stuff, even writing a song about her? please thats so pathetic. If Lilys not happy with her own image and her music (which i love) honestly  aint nobody will do that for her! so shameful miss Allen. But anyway all this shit is so far gone for good!

    Slobodan Carić

    @Hannan Hussain What does that have to do with Lily?


    +Yair Medina You realize how OLD this song is anyway right? Lily is also more famous, lets be real. Cheryl Cole isn't anyone really. o.o; Not in the U.S. at least while Lily is a little known in all actuality.

    Jay West

    Lily Allen is a fucking wanker.

    Itchy Platypus

    It was a little dig at tweedy but the whole song is about society's obsession with looks and how they put her on a pedestal as a 'perfect' woman when she really isn't and people should be happy with themselves.

    This song is pretty old but in the uk Cheryl is more famous but not that much probably just with younger generation the other generations they're just as famous as each other but in the us lily wins by quite a bit.

  36. Guilherme Silva


  37. dreamfall31

    Not a fan of Lily Allen, but this song is quite fantastic.

    Ruth Miles

    How are you not a fan? She is a goddess.

  38. Erick Almeida

    I'm here for Castlevania too

  39. Alejandro Gallardo

    I'm here for Castlevania only...

  40. Rough Rider02

    I admire Cheryl Cole for the person that she is personally. However, I'm sure that even Cheryl would want everyone to be themselves and try not to be her if you know what I mean. I see what a lot of her fans post on twitter and instagram and honestly it makes me think that what would happen to them if Cheryl messes up and falls from grace? That is the reason why I don't say that a certain celeb is my "idol" instead I see them as a role model.

  41. Kate Leon

    That's a little harsh. The point of this song is to show how jealous she is. Everyone gets jealous.

  42. Moonlyght

    Season 6 section 2 of the hit club when he fights Helena dylen do not know what is the music that runs behind? :)

  43. Jarin Humphrey

    This song has been on my iPod for years, and it's just occurred to me that Lily was rapping in this. That's how you know you're smooth.

  44. Crestial Wintersmith

    The only problem is you guys, shame on you all. Cheryl and Lily both are amazing and pretty.

  45. Rodolfo Dias

    Castlevania [2]

  46. Vou Jogar


  47. Some Random

    Some of these comments are just terrible. You don't know either of them personally. Also, Lily fans calling Cheryl 'dumb' just because she is beautiful is quite ironic within itself when it comes to this song. This song is about how people view themselves and are viewed by others, and conclusions - you are supporting this song, and yet being a hypocrite by slagging Cheryl off because she's pretty.

    And some Soldiers on here are being terrible as well, can we please just move on?!

  48. Some Random

    Can I also say, Lily's logic is flawed in the way that she criticized others for wanting to look like Cheryl, and change their appearance and so on - however she comes out and makes nasty comments towards Cheryl when Cheryl has never had anything done to change herself (ie cosmetic surgery)... I think that's kind of Ironic. I'm not hating though, just pointing out another aspect of irony in this whole debacle

  49. Some Random

    I just want to say, I'm a Cheryl fan, but I didn't come here to hate.

    I think this 'fight' was really out of nothing, Lily is talking about how society always wants to look like someone else, like their idea of 'perfect' - I don't think her comment was particularly snide.

    The follow-up comments from both of them is where this ridiculous fight ensued and although am I not a big fan of Lily, she is talented - as is Cheryl.

    Now can we please stop slagging each other off?!

  50. stephanie farrell

    You seem like a delightful person.

  51. Tanya Katherine

    that is so cool!!!!! I was wondering where that was from for years lol

  52. TheIzharp

    bitch face blood butt! she is awesome!

  53. Scoot Aru

    Don't be a bitch.

  54. OrigamiKillah23

    anyone else here for castlevania?

  55. Charlie Ellis


  56. Charlie Bowen

    What a bloody good way to slag someone off , at least she's used her brain instead just moaning to the

  57. Ayşe Unlu

    Fuck you Lily Allen you fucking slag, Cheryl Cole has more fucking talent than you, your shit.

    bee 10

    Wow such eloquence and beauty from a Cheryl Cole fan. That is surprising.

    катя синюк

    jesus christ

  58. dissident93

    i'm only here for the Castlevania sample.

  59. Bradley Whiley

    @meerie99 her name used to be Cheryl tweedy when the song was made so it WAS CHERYL TWEEDY it might be cole now but it WAS TWEEDY DUDE ..XD

    Bradley Whiley

    Wait what the fuck I don’t remember writing this... I THOUGHT I knew this song from somewhere 🤣🤣

  60. Loreleeh

    3:08: "Felt that I was in this long dark tunnel" (Wikipedia: Quote from an episode of the BBC documentary series Q.E.D., first shown in 1989, concerning out-of-body experiences)

    Rose Kitty

    I was wondering what that was from.

  61. גורית אנטופולסקי

    The only thing I know about Cheryl Tweedy is that Lily Allen wrote a song about her. lol

  62. BangB!tch

    Umm... Okay, why would you write a song about another singer? That's just plain awkward.....

    123456 7890

    She hasn’t. Its about herself

  63. Ana Díaz Unzueta


  64. moresmilesplease

    Is it possible to love Cheryl and Lily Allen? Cause I DEFINITELY DO!!!!

  65. Nicole Rod

    cheryl has much more talent that lily in my opinion. thats why she won a talent show and is part of one of the most successful girl bands in the UK has 3 solo albums. jus saying. just bc some ppl want to look like cheryl doesnt mean everyone does. lily is just jealous of cheryl and her success. idc if u think lily is better than cheryl but dont insult cheryl cuz u dont know her and she hasnt done anything to you. "society" portrays her as perfect bc she hasnt had plastic surgery and she is gorg.

  66. Elise Elliott

    this song never gets old

  67. mcpmmc

    lol really? oh my god they fight?

  68. Izzy Sweeney

    Cheryl was actually really pleased, but then Lily said it was ironic and no one wanted to look like her, only thought they did. Love them both :))

  69. Emily Daniels

    I miss :(

  70. MrBrightside

    i know you wrote this like over a year ago but Lily Allen is by far more talented than Cheryl Cole.

  71. Vroomie360

    She wasn't, I don't think. She said she took it as a compliment, but Lily said it was a "tongue in cheek" kind of thing.

  72. Rebecca Mount-Nieto

    Cheryl Tweedy is the best. She is mediocre. She is awesome! She is horrid! She is absolute. She is truth. She is nothing. She is everything. She is.

  73. Circe

    Valley of the Shadows, yesssss.

  74. Callum Conway

    Cheryl is a twat anyway

  75. Shadowchao121

    Friggin castlevania...

  76. _Theo

    I don't hear castlevania

  77. ExtremeUkulele

    Thanks for clarification!

  78. ExtremeUkulele


  79. djm

    Hah, why is this backed with Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows? Classic drum & bass.

  80. MissLiliferful

    She didn't even write this, dunno where these issues come from. This was written by one of the chicks from Alisha' s Attic, as far as I know. And it's not a comment about Cheryl in any way, other than to hold her up as an example of beauty that other people desire. It just rhymed with the song, it could have been anyone. Why do people hear a name and automatically assume Lily's slagging them off?

  81. Calibri

    well, its hardly her definitive work...

  82. janie jones

    She is a beautiful woman with a brain behind her pretty face. At least she writes and sings her own songs that actually have some meaning behind them. No body wants to look like Lily Allen or Cheryl Tweedy they just think they do

  83. janie jones

    Lily Allen said "People don't actually want to look like Cheryl Cole they just think they do". It wasn't bitchy or anything just reflecting on society that portrays Tweedy as being the perfect women who everyone wants to look like enforcing people to think that way even when they dont really. Cheryl's pretty but I wouldn't want to look like her in this song Lily is talking about those people who do the ones society are corrupting. Lily's not an ugly mess or a slag!

  84. Stephen Hall

    Yes because everyone wants to look like Lilly Allen... dirty little slag... atleast Cheryl isn't an ugly mess...

  85. wildabeast11235

    3:03 what the fuck is that thing in the bottom left corner?

  86. goro

    those f**king electric ringing in the background drives me crazyyyy--why is it only in certain versions of this song?

  87. Charlotte Bartlett


  88. Tracy Hannigan

    Cheryl Tweedy and Lily Allen are BOTH adorable!

  89. akim halim

    @Haukurmarr naaaah...but I do believe she will come back

  90. H H

    @asshuckim78 she probably saw that comment and have now returnd to music....
    Hahaha no way!

  91. cassiopée

    her old stuff is so fucking good
    fuck electro

  92. Emily S

    @14duffytc1 How do YOU know she hasn't, do you know her personally ?? Anyway i said 'air brushing OR plastic surgery'. God learn to read.

  93. Thomas Duffy

    @emilyinbetweener she hasnt had plastic surgery.

  94. Soniya

    just because cheryl is goodlooking doesnt mean people have the right to hate on her. get a life. its not her fault shes that beautiful

  95. Emily S

    I don't wish I looked like Cheryl, have you seen her family EUGH, major bad genes they're the biggest ugliest chavs ever. She only looks the way she does because of air brushing and or plastic surgery. And she's a mental bitch.