Allen, Lily - Blank Expression Lyrics

Snow is falling all around
Seven o'clock and the roads are blocked
So i walk downtown
There's no one else around

I look in the bar and immediately
I sense daydream
Look at me girl as if i was some kind of
A total stranger

Where did you get that
Blank expression on your face
Where did you get that
Blank expression on your face

The streets are dark
And there's no one about
I wander home
And all the lights are out
I keep wondering

Where did you get that
Blank expression on your face
Where did you get that
Blank expression on your face

Where did you get that
Blank expression on your face
Where did you get that
Blank expression on your face

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Allen, Lily Blank Expression Comments
  1. Nathan Barnicoat

    Autotune has no place in classic 2 tone ska my friend

  2. wbs1O1

    Lily Allen - Blank Expression - Lyrics

    Snow is falling all around
    Seven o'clock and the roads are blocked
    So I walk downtown
    There's no one else around

    [Verse 1]
    I walk in the bar and immediately
    I sense danger
    You look at me girl as if I was some kind of
    A total stranger

    Where did you get that (blank)
    Blank expression on your face?
    Where did you get that (blank)
    Blank expression on your face?

    [Instrumental Break]

    [Verse 2]
    The streets are dark
    And there's no one about
    I wander home
    And all the lights are out
    I keep wondering

    Where did you get that (blank)
    Blank expression on your face?
    Where did you get that (blank)
    Blank expression on your face?
    Where did you get that (blank)
    Blank expression on your face?
    Where did you get that (blank)
    Blank expression on your face?

    [Instrumental Outro]

  3. georgethebear1812

    Ussually don't mind the odd cover if its done well, this is not rated at all

  4. IceColdMythos

    Laughable 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Masticatious

    I like this version better, suck it.

  6. beth jayne

    100% better than the original✌🏼

  7. ian woollard

    Oh no. That Lefty **** has Fqd this song right up!

  8. jack chan

    Can never beat the original

  9. Danny Murphy

    Love it

  10. danielscissorhands

    Ok, it's not as good as the original, but it's not that bad, people. It has kind of grown on me after a few listens.

  11. Drunken Muppeteer

    horrid cover...

    Richard East

    Love the Specials but this is a good cover


    Richard East we are all entitled to our wrong opinions I suppose

  12. The Starclipse

    Love her voice!

  13. Indya Marshall-Sussenbach

    The specials did it better

  14. Ethan Cummins

    Do people realise she co-wrote this with Terry Hall...? That's why it sounds similar to the original. Why would she change something she helped to create in the first place...?


    adam diamond It's just easier to be mean, because you are not sitting face to face with the person.

    adam diamond

    true...but I fear meaness spreads and escalates...anyway Specials were, are and always will be terrific.


    adam diamond Well, if u scroll up you will see that I edited my original comment

    adam diamond

    he he he, me too. good will


    Anyway, Jerry Dammers was the main writer of this one.

  15. Chisel Marr

    Omg I totally forgot about this song

  16. thomas hogg

    absolutely pish.

  17. JordanJaiMonáe

    Put speed to 1.25 and it sounds so much better. 💖💖💖💕

    Twain Driver

    haha, good call. sounds closer to the OG

  18. Gewglesux

    THIS yank loves him some Lily...  Pity she isn't  well known here in the States..

    Chuck Fu

    +gewglesux join the club !

    Abby Inman

    Yeah same I love her she should be more popular.



    Calvin Rock

    Gewglesux you know she's banned from US ? :(

  19. Ina Iliana

    Great!!!! Would love to corporate with this band!! Real reggae vybes selah!!!!

    No real Cars & potato Cameras

    +Ina Iliana The Specials did this back in 1979,

  20. Víctor Zelaya


  21. Papio Sphinx

    What a lame version, it sounds more like a copy more than a cover to me. But not an exact copy, more like a lame wannabe copy. Sorry to burst your bubbles, I just think that a cover doesn't have to be better than the original, as long as it has a different sound. 

    Chuck Fu

    +Papio Sphinx she has a lot of ruff cuts and demos on here if you don't like it move along

  22. kim pewh

    that beat tho! :)

  23. katoness

    This one doesn't half get on my tits. But at least she kept to the original, so fair dues..

  24. Krantzstone

    Weird, the version by Lily Allen that I have is a different arrangement and a much faster tempo. This version is more like the original Specials version. I like them both, though.

  25. Mark G

    Almost as good as my man Ralph Packer's version

  26. margaret moffat

    i loved the original of this good stuff lily


    i love the version!!

  28. NadadorRojo

    Two-Tone Lily for the win!

  29. leolnz

    It isn't that bad. You've just got to put Terry Hall to sing, instead of Lilly and it will sound better.

  30. DeniDeniDeniD

    musica com um estilo mei regaae

  31. Natalie Pugh

    love lily, lov this lov lily lov this fab x

  32. The Bionic Rats

    we all know the original is better...lily knows the original is missus knows the original is better...even the specials couldn't top that first album...never could,never will...but... if this points a load of people towards the specials then fair play to the girl...

  33. The Straniero - One Man Band

    She did a great version of Straight to Hell, but this in necrophelia.

  34. janie jones

    @marko1978st it sounds better live :/

  35. janie jones

    @marko1978st hmm ya i think she was more singing it cos she liked the song

  36. Acidtestediting

    I grew up with the Specials. But, I actually like this.

  37. marko1978st

    @jimjimtrains it's a relly sloppy cover but i agree with you on everything else. people are sad

  38. marko1978st

    @joaquin16276 you heard it last month?

  39. janie jones

    will ye all ever shut up! For fuck sake! She's covered a song so fucking what?! since when s it a bad thing to sing a song you like??! She has her rights so ye all just leave her.. if ye aint got nothing nice to say dont say it! She sings this with the specials as well the first time they played it in years was with her it cant be that bad if they did it with her

  40. Georgina castillo


  41. bronwyn

    @1964chrissie what? i'm 15, that was kind of a joke but it wasn't really that funny. and it's 9 o'clock where i am..time for sleepy time!

  42. bronwyn

    @1964chrissie hahhahah that's so weird cause i actually don't do any drugs or anything (obviously i'm a littttle kid) but i really don't remember writing that. wow i must've been upset or something cause i sound like an idiot in that comment hahahahah

  43. bronwyn

    @1964chrissie wow hah that's embarrassing..i don't remember writing that...

  44. Adi Livne-Maimon

    watch my cover of telephone!

  45. Georgina castillo

    dedicate a otra cosa!!!!

  46. Charlie Kinloch

    A mediocre version of an excellent song by the Specials. I guess I can take heart in teh fact that "the youth of today" are being exposed to some classic tunes.

  47. bronwyn

    lily allen is amazing. don't write negative comments just because you're jealous. nobody likes anybody that can only find the negative things in life. go tear down a wall and love lily allen.

  48. Craig Wilkins KeswickPinhead

    Closed minded musical snobs....I like the original, and I like this. If you are nodding your head or tapping your toe, she's done her job...leave the negativity alone.

  49. IllicitPopsicle

    @monzione In your opinion. It just didn't rub me the right way. I didn't say I didn't like the song and it's fine if that's your favorite song.

  50. IllicitPopsicle

    Not sure how this is a "slaughtered" version of this song. I LOVE the Specials and I think this is a perfectly good rendition of Blank Expression (a song which, in my eye, was the weakest on the Specials LP to begin with). You all should saunter on over to the Amy Winehouse version of You're Wondering Now to hear a crap cover.

  51. RPZ501

    what a fxxkin insult to a legend

  52. Billy Jango

    @iamemoluv I couldnt agree more, sickenin isnt it? I dont even know how I came across this but I wont be comin back, what the fuck did she think people who say about this?? LEAVE THE SPECIALS RECORDS ALONE YOU SILLY BITCH!!!!

  53. Billy Jango

    @skawesome Hear hear!! What a pile of shit! How dare she totaly fuck this song up like this? She should stick to her own stuff and definately not fuck around with Specials songs, she should have more sense!!

  54. Jhensy2012

    I'm surprised at all the negative reviews... I loved the The Specials LP back in 1980, this sounds alright to me. *shrugs*

  55. Craig Devlin

    she fucked up the song she made bollocks of it

  56. ste roberts

    Cannot be arsed with this shit. She must have seen how well mike skinner did by talking over records and thought she'd do the same. At least we still have the original version to be amazed by.

  57. Grace Sinclair

    I Want To Cry. This Is One Of The Best Specials Songs To Me And She Has SLAUGHTERED It.

  58. ken0176

    is this bullshit really neccesary lilly stay away from ska and punk please

  59. joe millership

    @skawesome tell me a bout it the specials on is the best one

  60. Larz Gustafsson

    Lil sugar girl, I salute you!

  61. Daniel

    she is fucking beautifull
    and alse she need to get fuck, RIGHT NOW

  62. AAHQ


    Lilly a 2Tone girl at heart??? Leave it out mate. ILMAO.

    She was cashing in on the "Upper Middle/Upper Class White Brit Girl trying to look cool working class" like all the others.

    Like that fake ass bitch who tried to sing & be a "Cockney" but just ends up being a COCK. I REALLY HATE these kinds of spoilt little rich girls....

  63. AAHQ

    Amy Winehouse covering a Specials track, OK, I'll except that, but LILLY ALLEN!!!!

    I wish she would just piss off. Untalented, can't sing & trades off her bloody dad's name Keith Allen!!

    Spoilt little upper middle class white girl who probably cried & cried for hours until Mummy & Daddy bought her that pony she wanted.

    The only Pony IU can see is her music!

    Same goes for that arse La Roux!!!

    Stick to Horse riding girls.........

  64. manxscum

    Lily is ok but this recording just shows how good the original was.

  65. luke200202

    maybe shell bring it back ,prob somthing to do with kieth allen

  66. 002Tone

    i like lilly allen, but ffs im a big ska for ffs, leave it out girl

  67. Dan Fossard

    its all a load of bollocks!!!! people like lily allen and that neglected horse faced skag taking bitch amy winehouse butchering classic songs like this to make themselves look cool they weren't even born when these songs were released.

  68. Caroline Mascarin


  69. Borg

    Why?!?! I love the fact that Lily is a 2tone rude girl at heart, but... but... *facepalm... it's just so bad.

  70. fsdfsdfsdd

    who gives a shit about that this sucksss

  71. fsdfsdfsdd

    trueeee i was so pumped to hear a good specials cover and then i hear this shitttt

  72. Yehbytheway

    Lily is fuckin awful.
    The only reason she is famous is that her dad.
    Keith 'public school educated marxist turd skinner'Allen
    And that sad cunts fancy her.

  73. weeeooow

    No, Brad Pitt he aint! But in Alex James book, he says that they [blur] used to hang about with Keith Allen and Damien Hurst and that Keith has been trying to get Lily famous since she was 12 years old!....Well now she singing about damp patches and BJ,s i guess Daddy is proud!

  74. 2tonefootage

    I love this version there are loads of songs out there lily could have covered and she chose The Specials so she can't be all bad ?

  75. weeeooow

    Nooooooooo! Murdering songs with her crappy Kate Nash talking , not even singing...only famous coz of Daddy!

  76. cutloosebruce

    she's murdered that tune..but id definately still give her one !!

  77. tes74

    I totally respect that Lily loves The Specials... but c'mon to fuck..I wish her and winehouse would just leave their songs alone!!!!!! Jesus..... hurt my fucking ears!!!

  78. Rude&Reckless

    esta vieja es una peresa es puro comercio!!

  79. richard strange

    well, i bloody like it ...

  80. bjaws

    If you want to do a cover, change the style. She might as well do a karaoke. This is a disgace.

  81. Wojtka09

    the fucking slag tore this is off the specials so unprofessionaly i started crying when i listened to this

  82. nuttyboy11

    Shit i'd buy a ford car b4 this.......... The Specials RULE!!!! NB11

  83. kben

    she killed it

  84. kirstyandrea

    maaaaaaan. This is so just...dead. PLEASE check out the Specials original, which still has some kind of punch and verve about it.

  85. candycanechildlilya

    you can get it from itunes :)

  86. BritishLily

    Oh ok thanx, i didn't know that lol.

  87. BritishLily

    I got it from a website but i can't remember which one sorry!