Allen, Kris - Vision Of Love Lyrics

Wake up if you believe
Love is not a fading dream
Tell me I'm not the only one
Who feels this way right now

Lonely needs a friend
Ask him where he's been
You could be the Light that comes
And turns his world around

I don't wanna run, I don't wanna hide
When someone needs somebody
I don't wanna say, I don't got the time
When someone needs somebody
With a little faith and a little soul
We can't go wrong
We can't go wrong

When a heart breaks
And the world shakes
Will we stand for the vision of love?
When a tear falls
And the fear crawls
Will we stand for the vision of love?
Will we stand for the vision of love?

Make-up hides her face
Cos she feels out of place
She cries
Come on someone tell this girl she's beautiful
We don't gotta run, we don't gotta hide

When someone needs somebody
We don't need to say, we don't got the time
When someone needs somebody
With a little faith and a little soul
We can't go wrong
We can't go wrong
When a heart breaks
And the world shakes
Will we stand for the vision of love?
When a tear falls
And the fear crawls
Will we stand for the vision of love?
Will we stand for the vision of love?

Let's stand up
Let's stand
Let's stand for the vision
Stand for the vision of love

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up if you believe

When a heart breaks
And the world shakes
Will we stand for the vision of love?
Will we stand for the vision of love?

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Allen, Kris Vision Of Love Comments
  1. Ean Kay

    I love you kris allen

  2. Septi Ayu

    Will we stand for the vision of love


    october 12 2019? anyone

  4. Wealth Coach Kahnju Ecleo

    I can't understand why this song didn't kick off. It's really great. Is the world too negative to resist such a positive message?

  5. Jozel Bautista

    2019 😎

  6. pedro neira

    2019 the best

  7. Slinky


  8. Vivi paris

    those years were music are good and artist doesnt need autotune

  9. chris obrero

    Hoping no one forgot this amazing song

  10. Pero Perona

    First time I heard this song was years ago. This song is beautiful and I love it so much. It's already 2019 and I can't believe its viewers only 2.5 M. Why ???

  11. Oscar Santiago

    He chose the wrong title.

  12. alvin medina

    great song.awesome video

  13. Brandon Morris

    Why would you record a song and call it the vision of love when Mariah Carey already has a song called vision of love

    Yaanna Brecka

    Omg 😂😂😂😂 I was looking for your comment 💀💀

  14. White Dragon

    This song sounds so good at speed 0.75x! Imo

  15. roger merida

    2019 Anyone?

  16. Eric The wolf

    I'm going to play this at my wedding when I marry my boyfriend

  17. Krittichai Katawong

    คิดถึงมากๆครับเพลงนี้ตั้งแต่สมัยเรียนมัธยมผมเรียนที่โรงเรียนทีปราษฎร์พิทยาครับคิดถึงๆ i miss you Allen

  18. Jose Epenetus Mene

    2019.. and still i like Kris' voice

  19. Ryan Gordevilla

    2019 💕💕💕

  20. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  21. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    The Vision of Love ....

  22. Đỗ Duy Chí Dân

    2019, anyone ??

    Timur Myngbay

    Yeah, I am here in 2019

  23. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Keep the Faith! LOVE...Not Hate! Believe in LOVE!

  24. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  25. SagaFraga

    Leap brought me here

  26. Aerol Paulo Arbues


  27. Dino

    and he is winner? Adam is better singer

  28. Tom Ferrol

    Whos listening this 2018?

  29. Tung2s


  30. ชาเขียว 1997


  31. Dave Mark Chico

    2018 <3 Nostalgic.

  32. SweetLala25

    OMG this is the first time I've heard this song. Why is this the first time I've heard this song?!? ......could it be bcuz I don't listen to the radio or follow mainstream media.......?

  33. Farha Nabilla

    I miss listening to this song ❤

  34. wina apriliani

    2018 from indonesia

  35. lindl taylor

    This kind of song is so much better than songs these days ,

  36. you can call me a feminist

    Kris is truly an inspiration. He doesn't sing for fame and views. He just wants to help someone through his song, not heard my the majority. Manu people are saying adam is truly the winner and he is more famous now. Well, i feel kris chose his path. And i hope he is happy

  37. Suki San

    n o s t a l g i a , mtv

  38. dita parlo

    I had a vision of love , and it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaAaAaAOooohohohohohohohooooooolll that you've turn down to meeeeeeeeeeeeyeaaaaaaaah.

  39. Vera Shaina Placides

    Today is June 27, 2018! Hahaha



  41. Saida Nadif

    2018 anyone

  42. Patricia Valenzuela

    2k18 anyone? 😅

  43. HAMA

    크리스 알렌 아메리칸 아이돌때부터 지금까지 너무 좋아하는 가수 ㅠㅠ
    지금도 이노래 듣고 있어요! 항상 응원합니다!

  44. Nina Pakulina

    Песня про неудачи?

  45. Russo Helena


  46. Elliott Danniel

    Still listen til today

  47. Ke Norris

    Lambert , lambert , lambert . This is so boring .

  48. Ke Norris

    Lambert should have won . This is so boring . And he knows it . When he won he wanted to just hand it over . Wrong choice and he knew it

  49. Mohamad Husaini

    2018 and still loving it

  50. Kimberly Castillo

    Still one of my favorites from 2012♡♡♡♡ Amazing voice!

  51. Tzeyee Jin

    2018? anyone?

  52. schalazeal07

    Bullying is one of the worst, most debilitating things you can do to a person.. I know coz I was also a victim before..

  53. noah oates

    Kris Allen is a very handsome and talented man!

  54. Hikari K

    Who s watching this in 2017?💗💖🎁🎄

  55. GuitarSinger

    Dam! I heard it personally for the first time on The voice of Germany some weeks ago! I have to cover it soon!!

  56. rimark camulo

    can anyone please tell me why the kris Allen we are is gone on YouTube?

  57. Written Stars

    I Miss Kris

  58. Haremu Cruz

    Hey Kris i miss your music already it's 2017 and still listening to this 😍😍😍

  59. Dark Archer

    He has such good songs, but he is very underrated. He deserves more than he gets because he seems like a really good person from the inside and outside.

  60. Johnny Fizz

    5 years ago I shared this on facebook and just rewatched it again. I almost cried-this man is brilliant and I love his music.

  61. best of best

    My idol from the beginning tell the end!

  62. Acer SM

    sept 24, 2017

  63. Shereen Alaa

    your voice is amazing 💕💕

  64. Patricia Valenzuela

    wow nice song

  65. Gladys B. Situmorang

    i miss him so much

  66. James Taylor

    I thought Mariah Carey brought me here

  67. Johnny Cake

    Great video. I would've made it even better if that kid that stuck up for him at the end, left and walked away with him .

  68. rido anaz

    This is 2017, and I still listening to Kris Allen's song.

  69. Chris Walker

    2017 anyone?

  70. Jenny Lee

    2017 still listening it

  71. Amy Cortez

    like chris allen

  72. Leigh Winnicki

    Everyone wants to know why this isn't more recognized. Besides not being properly promoted, it's because it's nothing special. There are a million songs out there that are virtually indistinguishable from this one. It's not bad, but it, like Kris, doesn't stand out from the masses.

  73. Dole Brian

    its 2017 and still loving this song

  74. 고상우

    good beautiful

  75. Richard Hebert

    man, I truly love your voice. I wish you toured in the south more cause I'd give anything to see you in live concert

  76. Ary Paucara

    hermosa letra!!!

  77. 이지원

    I love you♥️

  78. donna Bague

    very nice song..he's the best::)))

  79. luz montoya

    2nd song I've heard from him and I just can't stop 🙌

  80. MC .Hilairon

    2017!! still listening :)

  81. Rosie Young


  82. Nancy Lor

    pretty sure the last 73 views are all mine

  83. Angie Boyle

    love it

  84. 이지원

    I love you💕

  85. Gremlin

    I miss this song so much!!! It's been years since I listened to it. What great memories~

  86. nice person

    awsome song

  87. Joshua Gideon

    I missed 2012 so much! 😢

  88. pagi hari

    Where is this guy right now? It's like he dissapeared just like that.


    He has 5 amazing albums and tours all the time.Kris has his own YT channel where you can stream some albums & see live performances.Links on Kris Allen Official. Just saw him last week in Vegas.Fantastic live!

  89. Mingkwan Dechapanya

    and i always fall in love with this song.. 👍👍

  90. Anamta Khan

    After all this time, listening to this again makes me it love more <3

  91. D Mar

    The world needs this song now more than ever!
    We cannot let our differences tear us apart. And when people are in trouble, we have to help them and not turn a blind eye.


    D Mar

  92. Austin Roy

    Absolutely beautiful!

  93. kristoff

    its so great to copy mariahs titles

    Yaanna Brecka

    BUUUURRNNN althought the songs are completely different 😂