Allen, Kris - Send Me All Your Angels Lyrics

What am I gonna do tonight
When I’m one step closer to the other side
It’s easy to pretend
Tryin' hard not to fade away
But the world’s got me feeling so out of place
How will all this end?
It’s so hard to say

Send me all your angels tonight
I’m barely hanging on the edge of lonely
Trying to turn this all around before I
Hit the ground and end up face down
Send me all your angels, now

Everyday, gotta face the fact that
I’m trying to reason with the demons on my back
And I’m hoping to hold on
Don’t wanna make friends tonight
With the faces, with the faces
Not this time
When will all this end?
Just give me a sign

Send me all your angels tonight
I’m barely hanging on the edge of lonely
Trying to turn this all around before I
Hit the ground and end up face down
Send me all your angels, now

Better days are sure to come
I don’t wanna come undone
So show me what I’m living for, yeah

Send me all your angels tonight
I’m barely hanging on the edge of lonely
Trying to turn this all around before I
Hit the ground and end up face down
Send me all your angels, now
Send me all your angels now
Send me all your angels, now
Oh, ooh

What am I gonna do tonight
When I’m one step closer to the other side

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Allen, Kris Send Me All Your Angels Comments
  1. Spade Kitz

    Pls put this song in Spotify 🙏🏻

  2. Ashton Rose

    perfect Destiel song!

    Kristin F

    The prayer

  3. TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski

    Always remember that "Love Is The Answer"... Made by 5 Saints.

  4. krismickey1

    It was only on the Walmart version which is very hard to find now. Kris wrote this with Chris Daughtry. They performed it together in Aug 2010 in Hershey PA. It is on You Tube. Love this song!

  5. mouaz krichati

    I don't what can I say .... When I listing to this song I remember everything was great in my life and enjoyed , it's really a amazing song 3 thnxx to who's write this words. 33

  6. Tracie Medew

    I have just found Kris's music. I am from Australia. Love the lyrics and music. Maybe one day you will come to Australia on tour

  7. mouaz krichati

    <3 <3 <3 <3 x$

  8. Christina BC

    Did you forget about Carrie and Kelly? They've won, and they are the most successful Idols ever. Adam is more popular cause he has an amazing talent and he's one of the best male-singers in history. Btw, i like Kris.

  9. Sitinna Blankenship

    So is Kris a Christian can someone tell me?

  10. Doodlebuggie95

    I don't think so, but I think that he might be a Christian guy.

  11. True2Live

    Kris is amazing <3333333333

  12. Chris Hughes

    Only reason Adam is more popular is people like to root for the underdog. The Idol losers are almost always more popular than the winners. Case in point, Daughtry, David Archuleta.

  13. Amanda C.

    Is this a Christian song or something?

  14. PurpleDeathAngel11

    Either adam or kris, they're great and talented people.

  15. ezey989

    wow. never noticed this song before. ITS GREAT. guess the album i bought did not come with bonus tracks.

  16. mjkingofmusic

    Kris should be wayyy more famous than he is.
    How come Kris Allen fans are so quiet??
    The people that have agrressive fans are usually the most famous ones today. Let`s get Kris out there people!

    Btw, follow him on Twitter: @KrisAllen

  17. Henry Cavill

    Wanna know something funny, Adam has made it, Kris hasn't. As much as I like Kris Allen, he's flopped. The sales are crap. He's only had two charting songs, and for Adam, he's had a two million selling album worldwide with amazing single sales as well. The winner as Kris Allen but the real winner is Adam Lambert.

  18. Jamie P

    @SportsChic32 It's on his album and brand new shoes is a song

  19. Se Kirk

    AWWW I bought this Album on ¬_¬ so i didn't get this one!! It's awsome! as usual!

  20. Sujin Nam

    kris allen is a sexy beast

  21. erwin

    "many are the demons behind him", i think he is struggling,.

  22. Matthew Gaudet

    love the words

  23. TheVice1234

    @JosephAdamDaniels You're funny! LOL! Kris said he's going into the studio to record for his 2nd album from January. Labels care about profits made from each project more than how much it sold. Kris co-wrote 10 & solely wrote 1 for his album and that really cut costs. He still has a ton of songs thaat didn't make the album either 'cos it didn't fit the theme or was finished late. He said he's written a ton too after that. The label wouldn't have to pay for songs again. He just needs to record.

  24. Joshorty

    this sucks. walmarts outside of USA didn't get this. Did this come like as an mp3 download only? I'd love to own this song in closest to CD quality possible. And man sad this wasn't in the standard album. If I was to put this album on the standard tracklisting, i'd either replace 'The Truth' in its place or put it after 'Lifetime' in between 'I Need To Know'. This song would've probably hit a lot more better on billboard than The Truth did.

  25. Henry Cavill

    @tiffanyAP1 Actually, Chris Daughtry, Kris Allen and Brian Craddock wrote this song, so, you can't say he wrote it for the troops cause you have no idea.

  26. Henry Cavill

    @bcbldj Yes, but, Adam has become the most famous one and Kris is about to be dropped. Votes mean nothing.

  27. Lori Waters

    @yanksqueen2 do you know if it is ok to make a slide show with this song as the background music for you tube? Hells yeah he's already huge in Spirit and Talent! and this from a non American Idol fan [email protected]

  28. Lori Waters

    @yanksqueen2 do you know if it is ok to make a slide show with this song as the background music for you tube? Hells yeah he's already huge in Spirit and Talent!

  29. firemoonlily

    @tiffanyAP1 You suck like a hoover! :P I wish I could have been there.

  30. Jess Marie


  31. KrisAllenRox16

    I love himmm♥

  32. ashleexry

    I just LOVE his songs!!!! LOVE him!!!

  33. Gio Navas

    How did this NOT make his album??
    It's better than any of the other songs on it.

    Whatever. I still love Kris. lol <3

  34. Anna Blah

    This guy is really talented..I love his songs,his song are so different as by Adam and Allison...Love all his songs..I hope when I become this CD in 10 days that I become the Version with this song :S When not I´m angry of my fav. German Saturn xD

  35. Michaela Gienger

    @yanksqueen2 Chris IS big. Hes amazing!

  36. Carrossea

    Wow. I really wasn't going to buy his album, since there were some other albums I wanted. But after hearing this song, I will definitely buy his album. Guess who is going to walmart tonight?

  37. connellrocraymond


    not if they are going to leave songs like this off the album. thats a disgrace!! who the hell made that call??

  38. JesusLovesPiano94

    @JesusLovesPiano94 Oh, and by the way, songs always seem more powerful to me live. So gooo seee Kris live if you can. He's so awesome(:

  39. JesusLovesPiano94

    Aaaah, so I definitely just saw him a few hours ago, (:
    and this is my absolute favorite out of what he played. Seeing as he wrote it with Chris Daughtry, it's kind of one of those songs that be classified as pop or Christian. Sort of like Daughtry, Lifehouse, and Switchfoot are. I'm hoping Kris writes lots of songs like this in the future.(:

  40. Isha Sen

    i <3 kris allen !!!

  41. kconfession04

    one of my fav. of K.A

  42. Aaron Chacon


  43. Louren Bubuli

    really cool! awesome! =)

  44. Marcelo Gomez

    esta cancion es triste pero me encantaaa (L)

  45. Henry Cavill

    @yanksqueen2 I don't think so.

  46. jdanjd57

    I saw Kris in concert this week. The music was amazing and his positive personality came through. I met him personally and he was so humble and polite. He's my favorite idol ever.

  47. hadas512

    this is song is...beutifulll!!

  48. sporeKAfan

    Isn't it weird that Send Me All Your Angels and From The Ashes, which are two amazing songs, are not included in his main album? I dun know what the record label is thinking. I think Kris's voice and his album (along with Kelly , Cook and Daughtry) is the most current among all Idols. Carrie to some extent becos she's more country.

  49. Kaitlyn O'Connell

    I am going to see Daughtry in August.. And kris Allen is a special guest!! Going to be a great show! :)

  50. Bthying

    since of american idol...Kris will always be the best singer...

  51. xoxoPrettyNPinkoxox

    @remotecontrolsrus what do you mean by idol? they were both on american idol and on it together. But yeah they are good

  52. Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)

    @bcbldj I personally prefer Kris rather than Adam...I think they are both talented, but I just prefer the style that Kris sings more.

  53. xxkmlsmpxx

    I love him! This song is great. How has his album only sold 250,000 copies? It's way better than Adam's. I liked Adam well enough, but his album was a huge letdown for me. Guess I'm just not a fan of all that electro-synth-pop crap. However, I absolutely loved Kris' album. Allison's was great too.

  54. eotze

    Anyone know the chords to this song?

  55. m e l



    this is an incredible song. i cant beleive this isnt on his album (only as a bonus track fro walmart) i cant find a place to get this song and itts driving me nuts! This should b his next single indefinetly. kris is an incredible artist and it shows in his album and in this awesome song. anybody no where i could get this song?

  57. Zorenzay

    Beautiful song - could be a single. Live version is simply gorgeous too.

  58. susu du sept-six

    i love this song ! kris allen is excellent. american idol, it was a good experience for him.

  59. tosnian

    i´m german so i don´t know him from american idol, but i like him a lot :) but a few of our "german idols" are very good too, like Menowin and Merzad. Watch them, you wont have any regrets about it :)

  60. Kim Rose

    Not really, I only know about him because I saw American Idol the other day when he sang 'Let it be'. Then I just youtubed all his songs. :) x

  61. polobalmes

    wow! chris daughtry and kris allen ? :))

  62. Kim Rose

    Kris I love your voice!! please release your album in the UK & Visit England!! ! x

  63. Shay Ali

    LOVE ITT<3

  64. Emilia P

    i love this song!!!!!!

  65. Emilia P

    Kris Allen

  66. Hema Preya

    its 'Kris Allen'.

  67. Alexis McIntyre

    absolutely unbelievable how good he is :)

  68. Sarah B

    I love this song!

  69. Caitlyn Burris

    hey kris im a huge fan keep doing wat ur doing and if u can try 2 come 2 amarillo (victory church)

  70. Sahsouha1


  71. Vigilante109

    You can definitely feel the daughtry vibe in this, better suited for them.

  72. Superlative Equine

    I couldn't help but like Adam better during Idol, but I think that now he's become more of his own person, and I LOVE him now!!! =DD

  73. oetenaid

    @Vansli8721 capo on the 2nd fret. then play around with Em, D and C for the verses. Then pre chorus Am and D then chorus C, D, Em, D, C, D Em I think haha. you can try and tell me if it's okay. :)

  74. oetenaid

    i found the chords!

  75. someonetoldmewatchout

    There is a a lot of songs from the album he hasn't played live yet, also this and From The Ashes are bonus songs so I don't even expect him to play it live. I still adore it though.

  76. Pat Langhurst

    Excellent song, Kris's voice very strong, but drum and band way too overpowering.

  77. BekurahToshin


    My thoughts exactly. I really believe his next album will be better, mostly cuz he will have more control over it.

  78. Jade Valentine

    he is so hot!!!! dam i love Kris Allen!!

  79. joanruth0012

    hope there will be a video on this

  80. someonetoldmewatchout

    This song, it's like, it fits. It just fits for me. I relate to it! The raw emotion in his voice and the lyrics. It's pure epicness, like the rest of the album.
    Even in my wildest dreams I wasn't even able to think about the album turning out this good! We need a whole new word to describe Kris' music. Epic doesn't cut it anymore.

  81. cooljob9

    very good song! Kris sings it amazingly!!
    the phrasing is so perfect and his voice gorgeous

  82. takobella

    wow I love this song

  83. 1majal

    Wow!! One of Kris Allen's trade mark is clean, sincere music that would last forever. Lyrics are wonderful, plain and simple but powerful.

  84. Letterbombx723

    Best song on the album in my book.

  85. Amanda Boone

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't compare him with Jason Mraz. I love them both equally. For ME, saying one is better than the other would make me feel bad. lol

  86. Saarah L.

    loveeeee it <3

  87. icognito01

    Wow, better than Jason Mraz!!!

  88. flygirl01234

    I love this song. Instantly, I thought it sounded like a Daughtry song. Ok, off to Walmart to get my KA CD.

  89. Adam Lim

    I love this one. Little bit more than From The Ashes. I can just conclude that the whole album is great, good quality, don't really care how much it sells, just love every piece of Kris Allen's music. Yeay!!!

  90. GeorgiaPat

    Thanks for posting this! I think we fans all wish they wouldn't play these games with bonus tracks, but they always do.

  91. kaitebug10

    I am SoOO Buying Kris Allen's Cd but im buying it at walmart!! LOL I LOVE This Song!! its the best song on the Album!! Chris Daughtry does write good songs, he defiantly influenced this song with kris.. wow chris and kris LOL

  92. C Gilmore

    You're kidding right?? You hear Chris more then Kris? Chris isn't even singing. Yes you can tell this is a Chris Daughtry influenced (writing) song...but Kris Allen is doing the singing.

  93. C Gilmore

    meaning by only putting it on the walmart version is a lost sales opportunity since so many people use ITunes and Amazon!

  94. C Gilmore

    This song needs to be a single released to radio...and to put it only on the Walmart album is assinine on 19's part!

  95. someonetoldmewatchout

    This is amazing!

  96. dni123

    really nice this song =) love it and also love u kriss (L) <3

  97. Erin Callahan

    This song is fantastic. I can definitely tell Chris Daughtry had ahand in writing it with Kris, you can just tell. I'm SO happy they wrote something together, since I love BOTH of them so very much:)

    I've been playing this song on repeat, and when it's not playing it's stuck in my head:D

  98. kaitebug10

    Chris Daughtry wrote this song with Kris.. Lol i love daughtry though!! haha and i love kris allen! :D

  99. Cassidy Robinson

    Wow, this is a GREAT song. Would've fit Daughtry (the better singer, IMO) more than Kris, though.