Allen, Kris - Lost Lyrics

I want to thank you for all your help
Cause you're on to me, you're on to me I know
You tell me all the bad things I didn't know about myself
Yes, you're on to me, you're on to me I know

Maybe I'm lost
Maybe I'm lost
Well maybe I'm lost
But at least I'm looking
But at least I'm looking

I wish a cat would get your tongue
Cause you're on to me, you're on to me I know
You got your hands in your pocket
And you pull out your wallet with your two cents for everyone
Guess you're on to me, yeah, you're on to me I know

Maybe I'm lost
Maybe I'm lost
Well maybe I'm lost
But at least I'm looking

Maybe I'm lost
Oh, maybe I'm lost
Maybe you're lost
Cause you're not looking
Well at least I'm looking

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Allen, Kris Lost Comments
  1. Lolololol Yeeyee

    0:45 ❤️

  2. karıbonara lacimolala

    oww- ı love that

  3. Ishimwe

    What about the arrow

  4. Miko

    I remember the first time I heard this song when I'm on the first semester in 2014. Now I came back for this song, it gives me tons of memories. Been 5 years but still I can't believe it, time flies but memories last forever. Thankyou so much to bring my old memories back.. a college student life fighting for his future.

  5. BoaSky

    2:32 best part

  6. taliah 101

    season 6 - bonnie tvd anyone??😭😭 absolutely gorgeous song

  7. Elena Diaries

    2:13 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 oooooh

  8. Sthuthukile Biyela

    This sounds like a song Zac Efron would sing in HSM 4

  9. Bassi.S

    Love tvd🙂🙂🙂❤️

  10. Miko

    Forget his name, it's been a long time not to hear but I still remember the rythm of this song on my head. I gotta need to google for American Idol and so his name will show up there "Kris Allen" 😂

  11. synøve utne

    You just blow me away with your voice and music, it's been years since i fell so head over heals for an artist, you are amazing <3

  12. Sarah

    Bonnie was taken in "Damon's hell"...😢💔

  13. Rended Ooze04

    I killed the fucking replay button

  14. Swastik Mishra

    Gives me a heart ache every time :(

  15. Maria Clara Oliveira

    Uma das músicas mais lindas que já ouvi ,Bonnie no mundo prisão sozinha, segunda vez q assisto TVD ❤️

  16. Isaiah Sherrin

    Anyone else here cause of TVD

  17. Shyfa


  18. Jay Ram

    When I finish off with u, u wont be lost, u will be FOUND.

  19. Elena Fortuna


  20. Angelica Verbroekken

    I really love this song. Found this on an episode of The Arrow, season 3. Awesome <3

  21. Suki San

    this one breaks my heart calmly

  22. Cleo Wood

    So many Vampire Diaries fans

  23. musica em karaoke

    Vim Por Diários De Um Vampiro 😍❤👏👏 Alguém Brasileiro Por Aq ? 2018 ?

  24. dreamysunseteyes

    been looking for this song since TVD but finally found it thanks to a Clary/Sebastian edit

  25. E.m.m.a Grace

    Your song is in a Anakin Skywalker edit

  26. FlowerVolcano

    but beautiful

  27. Prathamesh Pmc

    Bonnie is the reason...i am listening this song...The vampire diaries fans🙌

  28. Laura Heafner

    This song needs to be known by all <3

  29. Mirian Meneguetti

    The Vampire Diaries me trouxe aqui 😍❤️

  30. yikes lmao

    Bonbon :(

  31. Matthias Walther

    I LOVE THE SONG❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  32. No one

    I'm so upset, poor Bonnie

  33. TOTI DM

    Where is kris allen?

  34. Be Iman


  35. Blue Tiger

    This song describes my actuall life...

  36. blueboy95'

    So good song, and just 300k views :(

  37. Alexia

    Vampire Diaries & Arrow

  38. Liz Firestone

    I can't stop listening to this

    Caroline kabucha

    Me too...

  39. Teddy Randall Spencer

    As Beautiful as a Waterfall Spilling into an Endless Rippling Stream !!!! Thank you Kris Allen

  40. massie x

    I feel the same thing! Except for "you tell me all the bad things I didn't know about myself"

  41. xBlueDreams

    I'm here from a Stydia Edit

  42. Sam Rinkled

    Im here from Bonnie, and a Rick Grimes edit

  43. DerpyGrizzlyBear

    Is my favourite tvseries so YES I LOVE THIS!!

  44. Moazer Elmarsafy

    Listening to this song.. imagining Bonnie... crying a river.

  45. nnn qa


  46. Bailey Bug

    Vampire Diaries + Kris appreciation

  47. Andrei091989

    Been throgh something similar... Thanks to TVD for discovering this song!

  48. Roberts Melody

    Gosh,this song is too good! I love it! Thx for tvd, i heard it from this. <3 I looooooove this song!!!

  49. Clark Parker

    Poor Bonnie ..

  50. Faye Kennedy

    This scene where Bonnie was crying in TVD kills me every time..,

  51. mynameisvampka

    I'm starting to get used to the experience that every time I go through the comment section of a great song, I'll find posts like "Vampire Diaries brought me here" or "here because of the 100" or "heard it on XY show"... Poor people. What would you listen without these silly series? Pitbull?


    The CW producing straight fire homie!

    Midnight Moonlight

    The vampire diaries has a fantastic soundtrack that's why

    massie x

    Poor people? Writing a TV show is an art just like music.

  52. Elif Celik

    thanks The Vampire Diaries


    tvd always showing me the bests musics. One more reason to love this tv show. ❤

    Elif Celik

    +Gabi Donald same!!! i love tvd so much ❤❤❤❤❤


    @Sciles McLinski​ we are two haha! Sometimes I think I have real psicological problems about tvd because I love so much that sometimes think about it makes me cry! 😂😂 God I'm crazy!

    Elif Celik

    +Gabi Donald ahah don't worry we're two for that two 😉😂


    @Sciles McLinski​ good to know that I'm not the only one! 😂

  53. whatever dude

    love it !

  54. asteia

    This is so underrated :(

  55. Catharine Santos

    I'm here for an episode of Arrow. This music is so amazing

  56. Closeted Cunt

    damn who is this boy!!??

  57. jayln allen

    Vampire diaries got me here when Bonnie was crying

  58. Sandra Mrkaljevic

    i am here from 8 tracks 😉

  59. xblackless

    Is this on spotify??😍


    Yes, check out the other songs on his Horizons album too.All his albums are on Spotify , including Kris's amazing new album Letting You In.

  60. Dusty Skye

    I don't know anything about any show but this song is amazing. <3

  61. Tailah Knight

    Anyone else reckon he sounds similar to Harry Styles when he sings the "well maybe I'm lost" part?

  62. LonelyBoy

    A Daryl edit brought me here 💕💕


    omg same that edit is so sad

    I stan most Things

    A dylan o brien edit brought me here😂😭

    I stan most Things

    Not that you care but eh!😂


    I love Dylan!! 😍


    H20Vanoss fanfic brought me here

  63. Ayyy

    Stop comparing fucking shows to a song. Listen to it and stfu about the show

    stray boyz ツ

    Why don't you shut the fuck up and let people talk in the comments. It's what it's for. Not our fault you've never watched the show ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    +Ari Buteraaa I've watched that show fucking inbred

    massie x

    You STFU. The people from the shows we watch have talent too. Just because you don't appreciate talent doesn't mean you control what people comment.


    @Sarah Chaudhry I do appreciate talent. Don't compare it to a beautiful song because then it ruins it.

    Xx Annister xX

    These are comments bro. People comment stuff and they compare and they talk about it. If you don't like what people are commenting just dont read the comments and listen to the song

  64. Tammy Lewis

    Came her from TVD S6xE9 "I Alone". I love this song!!! 💖💖💋💋😝😝😎😎

  65. S U Z I H Ø L L Y W O O D

    love !! amaaaaaazing voice !! ❤❤❤

  66. Gabby Ibrahim

    Does anyone know where i could find the piano sheets to this beautiful piece?

  67. Cris Gaztelu

    What a beautiful melody! I love this song.

  68. Cory Wolf

    Adams song

  69. Skylar Oden

    Kai is hot

  70. Kayla Gibson

    I'm here from a Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester edit. If you haven't seen the movie, you have to, It's fantastic!

  71. MmePattz

    Love so much this song ! Je l'écoute en boucle depuis des mois et je ne m'en lasse pas, elle me remue tellement, j'en ai des frissons à chaque fois que je l'écoute ! Ma préférée sur l'album sans le moindre doute. Merci

  72. Wartib

    Solitude Bonnie vampire diaries :3

  73. B E A T R I Z D A N T A S

    i love is music........Bonnie

  74. Romel Simon

    Poor Bonnie

  75. Reagan C

    If someone can find the sheet music for this song for me, I would honestly love them forever (not literally but I would be reallyyyy happy) I have been looking for it for such a long time and I really want to learn how to play it on piano (not the vocal part but the part in the background, whatever that's called :P) if anyone knows of the whereabouts of this dheet music is and would like to share them with me I would be so happy :)))

  76. Nienke Schuiteman

    I love this song i dont now but i keep thinking its about elena and damon i keep thinking he sings "i know youre wrong to me" like damon is for elena does anyone knows what i mean ps i love damon and elena together 😍😍

  77. Samia Aïnouche

    Such a beautiful voice, and beautiful words !!

  78. Dhaoui Amal

    TVD ♥ Looove the song

  79. Savannah B.

    This is such a beautiful song... Wow... 😢

  80. Eloísa Sales

    Bonnie força! Estamos torcendo por você <3

    #thevampirediaries  S2 #Diáriosdeumvampiro  =)

  81. soninha oliver

    Amo ouvir essa música!!!

  82. Azhar Sahidin


  83. Jin Trash

    Friend directed me here!

  84. Ferrari Brazil

    BONNIE :(

  85. Sam Stark

    That sound makes me cry. Season 6 episode 09. Bonnie

  86. Bharat Dahiya

    really like this song..:)..may be i lost but atleast i m looking<3

  87. Marina Niksour

    Bonnie is the most aggrieved person in this serie.Seriously she's doing everything for the others but she's ending up alone.This isn't fair. It kinda hurts me when she's crying without hope anymore and alone...Elena always trying to help her but she can't! Please save Bonnie..❤

  88. maria lila

    This song remind Damon and Bonnie, when Bon Bon cries and Damon says that she's there half an hour early and she's alone

  89. Octavian Ilina

    Arrow&TVD :D brought me here !! :D Thx #Shazam  

  90. Dominika Sojda

    Love this song...

  91. bob si dog

    Reminds me of the time when I parted ways with my family and friends who decided that they already 'had' all the answers they needed from life (+), but at least i'm still looking :)  I love this song!

  92. doitnatrl&real

    Love this song! It's haunting, beautiful and really shows off his flawless voice.

  93. Pattie 194336

    Kris says he wrote this about all the "haters" of him on the internet. Still can't figure out WHO could "hate" him. Great singer and songwriter, very nice, genuine man, great father and husband, and gorgeous to look at. What's to hate???


    It is completely irrational to hate a great guy like Kris,but there are a lot of crazy people.It has died down a lot in the last couple of years.