Allen, Kris - From The Ashes Lyrics

I hate it when the light goes from your eyes
And there's nothing I can say to make it better
If it's true love that's keeping us alive
Could we find a way to fight this war together?

Time falls like sand
Watch it fallin'
Right through our hands

Could we be most afraid of what will save us
Breakdown to find out what we're really made of
If we're standing on the edge
Hold on when it crashes
Could we rise up from the ashes

It's crazy after everything we've planned
How it feels like we are never gonna get there
Standing on the bridge, watching it burn
No more yesterday tomorrow's all that matters

Time falls like sand
Watch it fallin'
Right through our hands, yeah


You just said you lost your way
Like you've forgotten how to dream awake
But I know you (I know you)
But I know you

And I know you
Don't be scared, just close your eyes
We don't ever have to say goodbye
Well it's alright, it's alright


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Allen, Kris From The Ashes Comments
  1. krismickey1

    WOW! Great job! Thank you for including the lyrics. Fantastic job on editing the two videos of Kris Allen's Live Like We're Dying and The Truth.

    Kristin F


  2. Aft3rnoontick3

    In 2016!!!!

  3. BrugerUkendt

    Nice job editing! The visuals kept up with the tempo and the 'feel' of the song. TY!

  4. Allenseeworld


  5. Emily Arendt

    Best song I've ever heard.

  6. adonis lucena

    wooooooooooh! it amazed me.. gr8! astonishing

  7. MrKevinokay

    haha on facebook in 1 in the morning he was woken by girls trying to see adele

  8. silkinpark

    I love this song!!! Great editing :)

  9. Shin (labdbio)

    @DarkBlueMoonVideos I usd "Live Like We're Dying" and "The Truth" .

  10. Hope Wasp

    g8 job honey.i love it <333 (:^D)