Allen, Kris - Alright With Me Lyrics

I'm a little pawn still in your game
And you ignore my advances
I turn my head and I look away
But I can't control my eyes are on you

Oh, you're on the run and I'm chasing you
Feels like war with all your glances
I'm just a boy without a clue
And I can't control following you

But it's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me

I know you better than you know
You can fight but it's not over
I say to stop but you start to go
I guess that means it's L-O-V-E

I say to look but you turn away
I say we put our best foot forward
Will you believe, come next to me
Oh, why can't you see, I'm begging you, please

But it's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me

(Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah)

And I'm knocking on your door
Baby baby, please now
Falling on your floor
Baby baby, please
I keep knocking on your door
Baby, baby, please now
Falling on your floor
Baby baby, please

But it's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me
It's alright, alright with me

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Allen, Kris Alright With Me Comments
  1. Jacob Martin

    Work at Petsmart. Every night. .

    Augustus Ceasar

    Leukocyte13 I used to work at Staples & that's how I heard this song. Lol

  2. First Last


  3. Megumi

    NBA Moments & Cares!

  4. Tyler Durden

    I waslked into a place to get a haircut, and this radiostation set up was giving this album away to people who got a Kris Allen like haircut. Why not? One of the best choices I have made in life so far.


    That's really sad


    @Tyler Durden I'd say it's more like he got a Tyler Durden haircut.

    Tyler Durden


  5. gerome dungca


  6. Leshlie Reano


  7. Temo Gamkrelidze

    მართალი ხარ :დ )))

  8. robert dayao

    yeah tamari mazmishvili,
    me either :D :D

  9. tamari mazmishvili

    I Found This Music By NBA BLOOPERS :D

  10. Chadwick Macasinag

    funny nba

  11. alex rosado

    Nba blooper

  12. Seth Jusay

    NBA hahahaha!

  13. Rashed Alam

    I was looking for this thanks God to google


    SAME. thank my brain for remembering a lyric

  14. patrick quilla


  15. Karin Cabrera

    I'd tap that- I don't like his other songs, but you gotta start somewhere... I like this song tho :-)

  16. Roxynoxi

    annoying? then why do you waste your time commenting on it? :D

  17. yihan perez

    i`m addicted to you!!! XD

  18. Korlu Bosillo

    Kris Allen is my favorite American Idol winner

  19. Sarah Cunningham

    kris won american idol over a year ago, can people stop comparing him to adam lambert already? they write completely different types of music! i don't wanna sound cheesy, but they're both winners!

  20. Adrianna Nelson

    Wow I used to say that Kris Allen was generic and that Adam Lambert should've won. I take that back! This song is pretty good!

  21. TheMegachacha123

    Hes koo koo it waz anoksong tho

  22. Narlie Channel

    @amazenfireangel Okay then, if you say so.
    True, everybody hads their own taste of music of what they like and what they don't like. Right? And, okay.

  23. Haley Gilliam

    @NarlieGemini01 k well now you're just putting words in my mouth, i never said any of that stuff. love good music, love everybody. that's all i'll say now. :)

  24. Haley Gilliam

    @calarkie THANK YOU.

  25. Narlie Channel

    @amazenfireangel The why you say "I'm not the biggest fan of Adam?"
    And, I got a question for you. May I asked? Do you really believe the bible what "god" says and what it wants?! Maybe that's the reason why you're against gay/lesbian, straight, and bisexual. You and my parents are against about it, and it's unfair to do that. And I'm tired about it. Sorry for me to say this, but, god's evil, "god" did gay stuff before it start of "man/woman" couple the way it wants. No hard feelings. Okay?

  26. Narlie Channel

    @OMGoodnessMe If Adam won, I could get a chance listen to Kris songs. But Kris won, I decided not to pay attention of Kris's album.
    And, I think I won't watch A.I. anymore!! =| America use to had great taste of music when Kelly Clarkson won Season 1, America use to had great taste of music, Kelly deserve to win. :D But now Season 6 through 9, the idols I vote for (Katherine M., David A., Adam L., & Crystal B.), got lost and runner upper. =( Blame America (Christian, reglions, and some people)!!

  27. Narlie Channel

    @OMGoodnessMe Why you calling embarrassement?! And, I'm not being hateful to anyone. Only, if someone's being mean to me, I'll be mean back, cause I don't like drama. And, of course I am Adam Lambert fans & I know Kris Allen isn't bad guy. But it's America's fault! America only want Kris win cause America (Christian, reglions, and some people) are against gay/lesbian, straight, and bisexual, including against Adam. That's the reason why America had werid taste of music.

  28. Shaun Henry

    I came in my pants at 2:24 ;)

  29. Haley Gilliam

    @NarlieGemini01 ummmmm i never said i didn't like Adam. i'm Christian and i love love LOVE him. he's amazing. i think Kris is amazing too. and don't u kinda think Adam's been a little more successful in the long run than Kris has so far?? it didn't even matter that he didn't win AI, i don't think it ever matters except for when the winners are first starting out their careers.
    but anyway. lol still love this song :))

  30. Haley Gilliam

    @OrangeKappa omg i so agree with u. why do people have to take sides all the time??? they ARE both amazeballs.. lol :)

  31. April Bagley

    Glee should cover this :) I can see Cory Monteith singing this :)

  32. M A O

    @ChrisLeakFan11 hey dear, I guess its no use to keep talking about this. I'm already sick with those people who saying "This is my opinion" but do they know that their 'opinion' was too much? please be careful with the words. respect others fan feeling too. Dont cha worry ChrisLeakFan11 I'm on ur side. we as TeamKrisAllen will stay calm, humble, funny and steady \^_^/

  33. Narlie Channel

    @ChrisLeakFan11 What do you mean "work on my English?" My English's fine!! Then, why are insulting and blaming me?
    Then, why you said "I think that Lambert got into electropop, which is similar to Glam Rock. Kris got into pop rock, which i prefer tenfold?" When you say that, sounds like you don't know anything about music.
    By the way, great band choice. I like those bands The Fray, Lifehouse, Daughtry, and The Script. I think David Cook's good singing guy.

  34. Narlie Channel

    @ChrisLeakFan11 Does your English's fine?!?! I'm already American since I'm born in California, Los Angeles. Now, your still calling me dumb?? Wow, you're so mean!!! Are you American??
    Wow, looks like you really don't know anything about music. Please, learn and pay attention about music already, could you please?!

  35. M A O

    @OrangeKappa yes its more nice talking with people like you. we respects other people. kris and adam, we wish u all the best. peace. ^___^/

  36. Narlie Channel

    @bishounenNUSHI Excuse me, are you calling me dumb?! If that's what your trying to say then, your dumb for calling me dumb!! And, I could listen/watch whatever I want to.
    Wow, your unsmart for saying "Sh--!" Me, I already clean everything & trying to be nice to every Kris fans about my opinion why Kris don't deserve to win. I already know Kris Allen isn't bad guy, but it's America's fault for letting Kris Allen won just because he's not gay. That's the reason why!!!

  37. M A O

    @NarlieGemini01 what actually happen in your brain right now? you dont like kris allen? you dont like his music style ? then why u are here? talking sh-- like that? im not the biggest fan of adam, but at least i didnt talk bad about him. and i didnt comment blah blah on his video. these both guys are talented so give them some space to shows it. cheers

  38. Narlie Channel

    @amazenfireangel Kris Allen's voice should be like Adam Lambert's voice, Kris sing voice just sounds dead & Adam Lambert's voce sounds an angel. So, that's how I enjoy listening to all Adam's song.
    I get so annoyed how America don't want Adam to win just because he's gay. America let Kris won cause he's not gay. I'm getting tired of Christian & some people against Adam just because Adam's gay!! It's wrong to do that for judging person's life!! Now please, don't change my mind. I just met you.

  39. Haley Gilliam

    @NarlieGemini01 ok, that AI season is two years old now, it's really not that big of a deal. they're both successful. i think we should all just let it go and enjoy music from the both of them. :)

  40. Haley Gilliam

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! OMG it's so adorable! lol :D

  41. Narlie Channel

    @ramver Adam Lambert did two CDs and also do remix song version, and to me, all the songs are great! And what did Kris Allen do?! Kris Allen only do one CD and that's all Kris did only one CD only!!
    Kris Allen doesn't deserve to win, Adam Lambert deserve to win more than Kris Allen! It'll be better if Allison and Adam were on the finally instead Adam & Kris. It's like "I can't let Kris Allen win!" Now Season 6 through 9, now America had werid taste of music!! The idols I voted for, are lost!!

  42. Narlie Channel

    @ChrisLeakFan11 Excuse me, what do you mean "use better English"? I'm already American and my English's fine!
    Let's take a picture here shall we? Adam Lambert did "Take One" and "For Your Entertainment" CDs and also do remix song version, and to me, all the songs are great! And what did Kris Allen do?! Kris Allen only do one CD and that's all Kris did, and to me, the album sounds terrible!! And Adam's music sounds like Glam Rock and Pop, not electropop. I think you don't understand about music!

  43. Oli Ver

    @NarlieGemini01 everyone is entitled for their own opinion, besides its already years ago when People of America decides who will won.

  44. cooljob9

    awesome song!!! love him!!!

  45. Narlie Channel

    @PlaidTeletubbies13 True, it is already year and a half ago.
    But I can't belive America (Christian, reglions, and some people) only want Kris won cause Kris's not gay. This is why America don't want Adam to win just because Adam's gay. So I'm like, huge shocked disappointed that Adam Lambert! To me, I just don't like Kris Allen cause Kris won and Adam lost. And I'm still on that. Now, America had werid taste of music. =\

  46. JudgedByLauren

    so happy this is the 3rd single!!! -- that means L.O.V.E. <3

  47. eleanor raynovich

    this song should go straight to number 1 a hugh kris allen fan amazing singer and songwriter

  48. Bethany Penardo

    i saw him and lifehouse in concert last night and kris sang this song :]

  49. CattttMD

    This is so catchy. I love Kris' album, but this song is special - has a really classic feel, like you'd hear it 20 years from now and still know all the words.

  50. jdanjd57

    @JackyJessica I met him at a concert in Hattiesburg, Ms and he was the most sincere friendly person. I am a HUGE fan!

  51. TheRealTwigLA

    Love this song and so happy that it's the 3rd single from the debut album 'Kris Allen'. I was hooked from the start just from the opening bars in the sample. It definitely gets you doing the happy dance :)

  52. cooljob9

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! THIRD SINGLE!!!!!!!!!

  53. quenshawn

    this is the ultimate feel good song .if i had a movie i would put it in one of my scenes

  54. Oppedisiridis


  55. elmo2488


  56. Jess Marie


  57. cooljob9

    awesome song :)
    very uplifting!

  58. starjen222

    @TevinChristopher This should've been the 1st single!! lol

  59. PrincessSmiles

    This song is so cute. I always picture a cute little romance between to teens whenever I hear this song.

  60. Naomi Shae

    My fave song by him!

  61. heyoranges

    woah, I like the beginning :O yeahhhh-yeahhh-yeahhhh~~

  62. Karl Dominic Ramas

    I heard this on a Fox group of channels commercial and had it looked up afterwards. XD

  63. kevin lie

    Kris' album is currently only FIVE DOLLARS (usual price is about $10) in amazon mp3 right now! make sure you guys tell everyone to buy it while the offer is still on : )

  64. Sample McSampleton

    I want to be like Kris Allen when I grow up...
    Arkansas FTW!

  65. KalElla826

    why wasn't this the second single? oh jive...

  66. DMccloudy

    This song is freaking addictive!!!

  67. derek ju

    @Milubbles ha ha lol it actually, " i'm a little pawn still in your game" : )

  68. Fadzrul Afzal Azhari

    simply BEST MALE SONG EVER!!
    i lover his voice!!

  69. haironfire m

    If the record company does not release this as a single in the summer then they're crazy. The live version is even better with all the guitars, and the finally line is without music - its great.

  70. patFpeteOandyBjoe

    @archiecook55 me toooo!!!! the script version is better anyways, i think ;) originals usually are! lol i looked this up cuz of that commercial too!!

  71. Amber Towers

    thanks ford haha

  72. SparrowBird369

    ...I don't like him but this impressive

  73. Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55)

    I'm getting tired of hearing Live Like We're Dying on the radio...I think this should be the next big single because it's an awesome song and it was on the Ford Commercial...

  74. katelynalexis

    I heard this on the Ford commercial... just like everyone else :)

  75. teddybear4422

    best song he has

  76. Hannah Floyd

    put a volcano in the back round and he will still look hotter!

  77. mcdeallover

    Release this as a single already!!!

  78. Jessica Maung

    i honestly don't like kris allen that much.
    but i have to admit, i love this song


  79. casualchic07

    I love this song sounds so happy like it would brighten up your day :) amazing song

  80. BriannaMariezMuzic

    :) love it

  81. katiechua

    commercials help me discover soo many songs!!!

  82. markdodge126

    "i'm a little punk still in your game"

  83. Boryau HsuPeng

    Just so gorgeous!
    Love Kris and his song

  84. Anthony Martel

    haha i dont know if your joking but its im a little pawn still in your game

  85. Amir Kelly

    @VetFashionGirl me too. i love it

  86. SmirkingRevenge

    I'm a little punk stealing your gay. 00:12

  87. VetFashionGirl

    I heard it on the Ford commercial and now I'm hooked!

  88. Travis Stackhouse

    nice good thinking ilove that commercial

  89. Monica Rene

    i was gonna do the same thing! but i figured it out xD

  90. Jasmine Vang

    I didnt know what this was called, so I googled, "Kris Allen Ford Song" =)

    Totally hooked.

  91. Don

    HAHA same!!!

  92. AARSJSFAN123237

    i heard this on that ford fusion commercial

  93. Whoaitsmoe

    when i heard that commercial i was like omg i love this song
    its pretty darn catchy

  94. Tevin Christopher

    This should be the 2ND single. I heard it in the FORD commercial and wanted to hear more :'( *crying my eyes out*

  95. Emily Pelstring

    I loove 0:58-1:22
    go kris!

  96. Katie Pinzel

    I heard this song on the commercial with him and I loved it but I didnt know it was him! He sounds great!

  97. Hannah Smith

    pretty legit