Allen, Hoodie - You're Welcome Lyrics

Yeah just turn on the drums and fuckin' like hit it
Psh yah you welcome
Ready, set

No I can't be that guy
To sit and say it's alright
I'm getting it
Uh, uh, I'm getting it
Uh, I'm getting it
Psh ya, you welcome
No I can't be that guy
To sit and waste my whole life
I'm getting it
Uh, uh, I'm getting it
Uh, I'm getting it
Psh ya, you welcome

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I wish I could just take a break and skate around
Even if I suck at skating, sunny day's I'm staying out
An 80's baby
But can't look to Ronald Reagan
Now my liberal education's taking all the love to break it down
Ok this is real as shit
Tell me if you ready for
Insert famous person, work 'em in a metaphor
I'm almost famous like Kate Hudson
I met a whore
My friends don't really call me
Well fuck those losers I'm better off
Unless they're trying to get some tickets to my concert
And I just tell 'em they missin' out if they not here
Lebron's here
Plus my mom's here
I love my Japanese fans, this a bomb year!
Uh, no Nagasaki
And when I get up on the beat I kill it like a
[Spoken] I'm not gonna say it. Don't make me say it

No I can't be that guy
To sit and say it's alright
I'm getting it
Uh, uh, I'm getting it
Uh, I'm getting it
Psh ya, you welcome
No I can't be that guy
To sit and waste my whole life
I'm getting it
Uh, uh, I'm getting it
Uh, I'm getting it
Psh ya you welcome

[Verse 2]
Duh, next, unapologetic
I live my life the way I want so I do not regret it
I'll be in the game eventually
Cuz I'm so J.J. Reddick
I ain't white, I got money, people wanna see me debted
Y'all are chicken, y'all are breaded
Yo let's keep it cooked up in the cage
I follow all my hater's doin' on they' twitter page
And send them messages and end it with a smiley face
Mikey? asked me why I engage?
Well that's because I ain't made it
Well yet is open to the future
I'm so odd, I'm so used to
Getting all this stuff?love?
Give it to my producer
Dancing on your face like I invented the two-step
Well, then you can really call me Einstein
Because we dropping out the beat when I rhyme
I know a couple people here tryna hurt me
Cuz all these French broads screaming
Mercy, mercy, mercy!

No I can't be that guy
To sit and say it's alright
I'm getting it
Uh, uh, I'm getting it
Uh, I'm getting it
Psh ya, you welcome
No I can't be that guy
To sit and waste my whole life
I'm getting it
Uh, uh, I'm getting it
Uh, I'm getting it
Psh ya you welcome

No I can't be that guy
Mercy, mercy
No I can't be that guy
Psh ya you welcome
No I can't be that guy
I said it no no no
I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been tryna be lately
Psh ya you welcome

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Allen, Hoodie You're Welcome Comments
  1. sergeant pugsley

    Still listening this song =)

  2. VulpesTheFox

    Pep Rally/Leap Year Tour would be lit!

  3. Selen

    finally found this fucking song Gabbie you fucked me up:')

    chantel m


  4. Montana Lindsley

    Damn, that 'kamikaze' line would've been KILLER.

    *I'll show myself the way out*

  5. Bob De Bouwer

    Found it again, still wonder why the fuck only 200.000 vieuws, this shit is fire

  6. Stellar

    didn't like 1 or 2 some songs from happy camper but this... leap year is straight fire god damn

  7. DoobyDillux

    OMG hoodi u es the best

  8. Jack Sparrow

    anyone know the instrumental?

  9. ThisIsGRVTY

    I'm still a huge fan of Hoodie, but any fan who has been a fan for a long time, like I have can say that Leap Year is his best, most lyrical album.


    Maybe best by lyrics but not by rythmes honestly im fan since all American

  10. mike monteleone

    anyone who listens to this mixtape AFTER becoming a fan from all american or crew cuts needs to relax... look at the year he published these songs... pretty good for a young an upcoming rapper who blew up in his 3rd year

  11. Ace Real DouBlerr Ace

    I Think No faith in brooklyn and interruption Are better then these slow songs!


    These are good but Leap Year is the best album by him *.* All the song are perfect.

  12. Rand Y

    I'm not feeling the beat man. Lyrics are dope but the beat sucks.

  13. KingxPerseus

    I remember when he wasnt that famous but now that he is hes even more awesome jk he is legendary

  14. Shayne Wilkinson

    He was going to say kamikaze.

  15. Max Miller

    Why's this song not more popular?..

  16. darkheart1721


  17. desertridge39

    produced by hop hobson of fortune family

  18. gillettfusion

    lol trust me you're not the only one who has noticed that! I've probably been told that 100000000 times haha

  19. Robert Nanni

    I see that you misspelled you're* ...

  20. TheFreshter


  21. Carl Allen

    because people don`t know about the song

  22. Pearlita Nguyen

    Hoodie I love you❤

  23. StizZ i

    Hoodie , Merci :)

  24. Pastor Gainezz

    atmosphere - love life

  25. At Me

    Nazi's and Nagaski are both well known in WW2.

  26. Seth Siuda

    What the hell why are we talking about the nazis and the Japanese on his video.....freaking retarded lol how about talking about how amazing hoodie is. Everyone says hes not as good as Mac Miller but Mac Miller is so trash, all his music is swear words. Go hoodie. And Mac Miller is ugly as hell. GO HOODIE!!!

  27. gillettfusion

    really i didn't know that... lol i've been corrected about 2352145 times

  28. MrTommylicious

    yeah you misspelled you're

  29. SparkStarter

    No dude, the Nazi's were the German army. Nagasaki is a city in Japan which the Americans dropped an atomic bomb on which killed thousands. They also dropped another bomb on Hiroshima

  30. gillettfusion

    haha yeah i know ive been corrected by like a million people :p

  31. willy

    you're* ;)

  32. john Hinrichs

    But Nagasaki is a JAPANESE word, Kamikazes were JAPANESE. Starting to understand yet?

  33. Josef Ouellette

    lmao I knew you were gonna say that! never mind brahhh

  34. Beachedwhail

    it's kamikaze..... he was JUST talking about how he loves his japanese fans....

  35. Beachedwhail

    how does that even kinda make sense?.....

  36. Josef Ouellette

    Yea but Hoodie's a Jew. Maybe he maid up a war in his mind...

  37. Paulo Amaro

    What are you talking about? We all agreed that it was Nazi until someone said it was kamikaze. Sing that part of the song out loud. Nazi sounds a lot better there. If he actually said Nazi, it would be potentially controversial. Like he said, Hoodie is Jewish, and that's a fact.

  38. 1337Superguy69

    I dont get it, this is one of his best songs so wats up with the views?

  39. Paulo Amaro

    Wow you're a total grammar Nazi.

  40. Tj Yusuf

    It makes sense if it's Nazi. "When I get up on the beat I kill it like a...."

  41. john smith

    Hoodie Allen welcome to my ipod and thank you

  42. Mike

    no, its tsunami bc it killed a bunch of japanese people, and he was already talking about japan with the nagasaki atom bomb reference

  43. gillettfusion

    yes i know.... someone already corrected me. but ill go kill myself just cuz i can't believe i did that. hahha jk

  44. Dylan Rumer

    * you're

  45. GunnerAstro

    I agree @RhysEvans18 that makes absolutely no sense -___-

  46. MrUnclemichael

    why would he be talking about Pakistanis? Its completely irrelevant.

  47. gillettfusion

    oh god i can't believe i did that. I'm going to go kill myself now. haha jk thanks for that lol

  48. kirauprising

    Ahh nevermind. Thanks for telling me.

  49. Nova Amp

    If u could ....

  50. MrUnclemichael

    Guys it's Nazi. He doesn't want to say it because he's jewish, obviously.

  51. kirauprising

    No, he wasn't, It's Nazi. Look up the lyrics.

  52. kirauprising

    He said Nazi.....look up the lyrics, you'll see :/

  53. TheBeastlyGator

    I'm pretty sure it's nazi because he's a Jew

  54. TheMightyBowl

    so is "i kill it like a Nazi" or "i kill it like a kamikaze"

  55. stephe1999

    Ok, around 2:00 into the song you say a line that sounds like, "Bet yet its open to the future, I'm so odd, blah blah" Thumbs up if you think it would be sick if he somehow said something like "i'm so odd, odd future" thn Tyler the Creator came out of no where and spit a verse.... Yea i would jizz.

  56. Dani Monardo

    @LavaTalon73 BOTH! :D

  57. Jeremy Leger

    Pretty sure it's supposed to be "kill it like a kamikaze..." It fits with the Nagasaki verse

  58. Dusty Iron

    @floodedjunior yea i did..

  59. floodedjunior

    One tree hill theme song at the end. Anyone else notice?

  60. Lord Reasco IX

    Atmosphere sample? lol

  61. gillettfusion

    mac miller: i love life thank you
    Hoodie Allen: Your Welcome
    ..... see what i did there?

  62. ThirdMethod

    And by the way. Wheres my top comment? Gimme back 50 likes :p

  63. ThirdMethod

    @ThePropagandaMan Another one responder and i ll delete my comment. :P

  64. Josh Jacobs

    Nagasaki, and when I get up on the beat I kill it like a...

  65. CraigieF_7

    3 People Weren't Welcome! :D

  66. TheMcspankatron

    Favorite part was 3:07 LOL

  67. MobbVillain


  68. AK1MB0SL1C3

    He is referring to a Kamikaze not a Nazi. The syllable count would be wrong with Nazi and it wouldn't tie into the previous metaphor.

  69. kirauprising

    It's not spelt "Mercy", it's spelt "Merci".

  70. MobbVillain

    @rork131 "Merci"

  71. MobbVillain

    I was like what the fuck?
    Mercy? for waht.

  72. ThirdMethod

    @damoleman69 your not the only one humorless here!

  73. Christian Molnar

    @ThirdMethod One message isn't spamming, I was correcting your mistake.

  74. ThirdMethod

    @damoleman69 YEAH I KNOW STOP SPAMMING ME.

  75. Alori White


  76. Alori White

    im not gonna say... didnt get that at first but dawwwwwm hoodie is amazing

  77. Christian Molnar

    @ThirdMethod Merci, not mercy...

  78. yamachicken

    @Devinschmidt25 it's like black people in the dark

  79. Jennifer Engel

    Merci, Merci, Merciiiiii....

  80. nessa gonzalez

    @Liam51Foster LEAP YEAR!

  81. AWOL schmidt

    The Dislike bar is sooooo ninja

    I know it's there, but I can't see it

  82. Devin Jones

    at 2:02 is that an OFWGKTA reference?

  83. Liam51Foster

    what's the name of this album?

  84. LuvCrazeGrl17

    This is one of my favorite off this album. Thank you Hoodie.

  85. Zaqi

    @MrPuffynipples oh okay cool

  86. MrPuffynipples

    @Zaaqi Nah its from a song I have on my itunes that i hear all the time. i cant remember which one tho

  87. Zaqi

    @MrPuffynipples Think he made em' himself. HE'S a LEGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEND!

  88. MrPuffynipples

    whats the sample i recognize it but its driving me crazy!

  89. bridgefour73

    @iNFaMouSxReFlex It might even be Kamikaze

  90. Gabriel Bijos

    I love this so much....

  91. WitlessOneEye

    @jbe313 Fail, they were talking about the line he didn't say right after he said Nagasaki.

  92. Mike Hawksbig

    @iNFaMouSxReFlex i always thought it would be kamikaze. that's just what i think.

  93. jbe313

    he said Nagasaki, a city bombed in WW2.. duh

  94. bridgefour73

    We need an instrumental for this song! Or a music video.

  95. Zaqi

    One word. Eargasmsicity.

  96. Codebreaker250

    I'm not guna say it... not guna say it.
    Dont' know why but I love that part.

  97. 99 Cent Record Reviews

    Thanks Hoodie

  98. Angel Masters

    @iNFaMouSxReFlex hoodie is a jew :O i didnt know !!!

  99. tiredandcrankyful

    i like the odd future reference!