Allen, Hoodie - Won't Mind Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Hoodie Allen:]
Woke up in the same clothes I was spotted wearing last night
Got these girls riding all on my body like a half pipe
Strivin' for attention, homie I call that the fast life
Feed these models McDonalds until they get their cash right
Everything I'm dippin' I'mma bet they'll eat it up
Got a text from a chick who wondering if we're meeting up later
I said I don't make plans
If you want someone who can, then you're not looking for me
You're just lookin' for another type of man
I'm just tryin' to be the first man in my fam
To graduate, go to college, get em high, auto pilot
Be someone they all are proud of
Buy a car, get it polished
Brand new clothes I'm always stylin'
Just to be with you I'd probably buy a thousand islands

[Chorus - Max:]
I won't mind if you, if you fuck with me
I won't mind if you, if you don't forget me
I won't mind if you ever want to change your mind
Because now I'm all alone
Thinkin' about you, all night long
And I wonder, do you think about me?
Baby I just wonder
Do you think about me?

[Verse 2 - Hoodie Allen:]
I could be your Elvis, you could be Priscilla Presley
Caught you looking at me like you might want to undress me
Tell her I'm a good fella, like my name was Pesci
Cooking up the fliest shit and I don't need a recipe
Damn, that was vicious, ooh I admit it
I just want you to fly with me, fly with me
No other language, I can't explain it
I just want you to fly with me, fly with me
To a place where we can't be bothered
Feeling like I'm racing to the top from the bottom
Got no whips but multiple garages
I guess you could say that I'm an optimist
Had a dream I was coppin' shit
And like Copperfield it all disappeared
Had a crazy ass it's been a long time ago
But I'm now I'm smiling from ear to ear because it all came true
Love what you do and the love will come back to you tenfold
Felt like I had a brick tied to my leg but I'm never gonna Ben Folds
At the top of my game like a tentpole
I ain't make it there yet but I'm Glenn Close
I'mma take her home and have her clothes hanging all over my bedpost

[Hook - Max]

[Break - Hoodie Allen & Max:]
(Hey yo Max)
(What's up, baby?)
(Dude, don't you feel like every song nowadays has a complicated dance move to it?)
(Hoodie, I do feel like that)
(I can't dance like that. That's not realistic, man. We need to do something for the people. Some junior prom shit. Some Sadie Hawkins shit. Some drunk at your cousin's wedding shit but you ain't even gonna remember it. That type of shit.)
(Yeah. Let's get it Bar Mitzvah poppin')
A little bit left, right, left [x8]


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Allen, Hoodie Won't Mind Comments
  1. G. Np

    Schenider XD?

  2. Abner Again Again

    Damn max vocals

  3. John

    Good one

  4. Yasmin Bukhari

    I love Hoodie😍😍