Allen, Hoodie - Two Lips Lyrics

Come on, come on, come on, come come on

[Verse 1:]
Sneaking out my bed at night
Tell her, turn the lights down low
Trying to figure out my mind
She always wonder where I go
Tell her, Good music
Coming home with a pocket full of tulips
She want to point a finger at me, no excuses
Trying end up in that pussy like two lips

She wants to off my head
Wants to off my head, my head
Can we both, forget
Baby I don't know
Want me more or less
Want me more or less, or less
Is it all for sex?
Baby, I hope so

So tell me what you want, what you really really want
I ain't got time, if you think that you're in love, with me
So tell me what you want from me. oh
I ain't got time, if you really wanna fuck
You're bitching all the time, that you never get enough from me
So tell me what you want from me. ohh

[Verse 2:]
Sitting in the hotel lobby
You never get me off my phone
Treat me like a paparazzi
I show up then I got to go
Make good music
Everybody that I'm meeting is a doofus
They try to point an arrow at me like cupid
I want to end up in that pussy like two lips



[Verse 3: OCD: Moosh and Twist]
I say
Whatcha want from me
You want a college guy?
A little yes man who like to work from nine to five
I ain't trippin' because I know you make a lot of dough
But I might see you on the tour girl you never know
When I ain't even mad at you
You get what you had to do
Heard you go to Georgia Tech
Well I go to Savage U
Said you never heard me
Turn around and get me dirty
I would of got you a drink
If I knew you were gonna be thirsty
The worlds heavy on me now
Feel like I can't move at all
And when I got it down
Feel like I'm a lose it all
Everyday feel like the worst day ever
When I'm with you girl
It feel like my birthday, never
I mean, tell me why I really want you right now?
I wanna love you but all you wanna do is fight now
Tell me how its backwards girl, you need practice girl
You about to make me bounce like a mattress girl. I said!

Tell me what you want, what you really really want
I ain't got time, if you think that you're in love, with me
So tell me what you want from me. oh
I ain't got time, if you really wanna fuck
You're bitching all the time, that you never get enough from me
So tell me what you want from me. ohh

[Outro x2:]
Girl, we can get it on tonight
If you do that little thing I like
I don't want to fall in love
Because I'm only here for the night

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Allen, Hoodie Two Lips Comments
  1. FMG Benji

    Only the real og’s know

  2. FMG Benji

    Mw2 trickshotting 😔

  3. Jonathan Michael

    I think I'm in love with the woman of my dreams.

  4. Kailen Apa

    who came here from Xbox criminals 1v6

  5. JR 07

    Still a classic to me, I love this song

  6. xvizes_ swayx

    this from xboxcriminal 1v3 quickscoping

  7. Daniel McGrath

    never gets old

  8. Yeah he didn't have to swifter

    Love this song

  9. mara


  10. Haste

    I can already hear the Intervention from MW2


    I’m not crying fuck off

  11. Austyn Casillas

    Still jammin to this in 2017

    Jonathan Nissenbaum

    Austyn Casillas 2018

  12. Leonie S.

    love it ❤

  13. Demonix Ghosts

    this feels like an homage to old school hip hop groups

  14. Dumb Animations

    Is it weird that this 9 year old keeps asking her sister to play this? I have too many older siblings...

  15. MrNobody

    The perfect song!!👌🏻❤️❤️❤️

  16. Ashley Yost

    This used to be my favorite song, I miss old hoodie😩

    David Michael

    He played it in Collogne it was amazing;)

  17. jaime corona

    i played this and my cat started purring

  18. Renate Creutzberg

    fucking love this

  19. andrew b

    When the acoustic version of this song is more popular cause of FaZe Rain but it really is so much better lol in my opinioin

  20. DoobyDillux

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

    Tim Cook

    +DoobyDillux you have too much time


    +Tim Cook to copy and paste

  21. Spencx

    good old times :c


    +Spencx I MISS IT SO MUCH T..T

  22. Anthony

    Well thank you for making me feel shit.

  23. brown hound0_0

    good missing her song


    +Brandon Halkett Lmao what's up dawg? Shieeet just randomly found you on Yt. It's Dione lol

    brown hound0_0


  24. Narciso Sepulveda

    only 300k??? it should be more

    sebbes Man cave

    Ik this comment is old but the acoustic has like 5 million


    Ik this comment is old but acoustic has like 3.3* Million

  25. Dustin Craig

    First time hearing this version. I only heard the acoustic before this. Both are amazing haha

  26. ItsSwervy

    ah , the good old mw2 / mw3 trickshotting days , I sure miss them.


    u know it dude

  27. Ravee Roenghan

    Please get this song a music video!.
    Such a good song

  28. Alex Thorp

    Amazing song, another great collab from Hoodie and OCD!

  29. Amaan Chaudhry

    Cant believe this was over 2 years ago... where does the time go...?

    K F

    Ikr, I used to listen to this with a good bud on the bus in last year of high school. Time just slips away :/


    Kieran Fletcher I've come from the future it's been 2 more years I wish I could go back to these days :( time goes by fast


    fortnite 2018 ksi boxing disstracks 7year olds with iphone xs grime music about ass and money. best generation

  30. Manuel Peichl

    Great Song! listen to it again and again :-)

  31. ncls

    Who says that is dope??? That is soo awesome.

  32. Soxialize

    Miniminter anyone?

  33. Jil Sander

    Nice Song!

  34. Hannah Thompson

    Twist slays

  35. janorct

    OCD totally killed this song (of course HA did too)! Wow damn, I love it.... 

  36. Den Callahan

    Fuck Faze. There I said it.


    @PennyHerbst Why r u on earth ?


    @JNGLKingdom That's a very philosophical question. 

    Eh Oh Dino

    @SurferdudeMC Trolololololol but just in-case you don't actually know... Call of Duty is a FPS also Call of Duty is what every solider in the world is doing right now...


    @MrAchievementsTV that is true 

    Cody Lima

    Den Callahan why tho

  37. Alec Weltz

    Is there an instrumental without words anywhere?

  38. Bethany F

    come on!!
    Come to England!!!

  39. Raama The Pug

    The Song Of Madd <3


    Oddio raama,amo sta song da anni aiut

    Raama The Pug

    +z a a s t 51 eheh i bei vecchi tempi con sta song

  40. Vincent B

    My boy moosh killed it!

  41. Fabeyang -

    Best song on the Mixtape :D

  42. ShibbyClassic

    one day imma make it and we will do a song. I envisioned it. 


    hows that going for ya?

    Genesis Gonzalez

    Nirro lmaooo savage

  43. dZPayzh

    Make me wanna start trickshotting back ! 

    Big Jay

    @JNGLKingdom me to man


    youre in dz step ur game up man

  44. ZonoxRSPS

    Fuck i love this song

    Miguel Callejas

    Hice song

  45. austin

    OCD killed it. Check out their other stuff

  46. Alexis Gutierrez

    @FaZe Markoh Here

  47. WhozKai

    i got a hard on over this ngl

  48. Thomas Pullar

    this is dope

  49. Thomas Pullar

    this is dope

  50. Flash

    mikail wayne has Bennib signed it ?

  51. Style3Rs

    amazing :DD

  52. FastMarkTheShark

    acoustic is better

  53. BeAtZ_xKush

    Dope song :D

  54. Mikail Wayne

    did u already sign with the devil? like logic yonas and hi rez?

  55. josh

    #Best Song Ever!

  56. whenapexisbored

    what happened to you dawg... ive been here since the beginning. this is weak

  57. wP Dex

    First, GET OWNED. Second, while I agree you don't write any songs specifically about drugs, many people refer to love as a drug. Third, this is a great song. :)

  58. PallaysCamera

    Shit, I wanted to know what the comment said, but it's gone

  59. RandomVideos4everyone

    acoustic makes everything better!

  60. Tsuyoko

    Mc Fitty ,

  61. JFuckingBanda

    so chill

  62. Josh Conklin

    i love the acoustic version a little bit more

  63. OriginalWorlds

    hmm imagine hoodie= a dream

  64. mii

    OCD & Hoodie = A dream :o
    Just imagine Hoodie feat Logic & Jon Belion & OCD :oooo

  65. fynnpaul

    I really like these songs but i would love to see hoodie do songs like eighteens cool again :)

  66. George Fitzgerald

    Best song in the world with hoodie Allen you are not a robot them to are the best

  67. Muzzleflashh

    Twizzy smashed it!

  68. Menaphite

    Favourite from Crew Cuts.

  69. Gissel Mookram


  70. Matthew Deighton

    This song is so damn good.

  71. Nobreh

    nope :p

  72. ShadowInNorway

    Is this copyright?

  73. aquafinaderek

    I don't know where everyone is getting this "Old Hoodie" thing from. Hoodie never defined a "type" for himself. It's not like when he started he said "I am not gonna talk about sex," The fact that people get angry when he raps about sex or drugs in his songs are stupid. there is only one Hoodie and here he is.

  74. DinossaurHD

    doesnt matter

  75. Chucknatorrr The knight

    Acoustic version3

  76. Tyler Festa

    Hoodie Allen is the best. #TeamHoodie

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    He's uploading an acoustic version of this either today or tomorrow!

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    Why in the fuck is everyone spamming the comments saying pamaj. God I hate that just because one faze member uses a song they go to that song and say the faze members name.

  81. Jose Viera

    Go to Puerto Rico for a concert !

  82. caleb626k

    No, Like for Hoodie Allen :)

  83. Emily Mortimore

    Hoodie is my favourite

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    Pamajis a douche ha but hoodie Allen is awesome

  86. Slidewide

    Last five comments are for FaZe pamaj

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    Faze pamaj, love this song !

  88. LvMDiisTrAcTioN

    In all honesty, spamming videos is very effective, and you don't have to pay someone for it.

  89. Stanly Manly

    This is no good compared to classic Hoodie.. I'm just not feeling it like I used to! :( People saying he's changed.. I think he sounds a little different but still got that classic sound of him to me...

  90. WTFSweatshirttt

    So your way of getting heard is by being quiet?

  91. ItsBckk ABG

    Best song ever!3

  92. Hoodie Allen

    i dont make any songs about drugs. this song is about sex. if you don't have sex, improve your life


    LOL... “improve your life” I love it... 6 years later I just found this

  93. Djizi Nibira

    American just listen to music from radio