Allen, Hoodie - Turn The City Around Lyrics

Every nights the same
Every, every nights the same shit [3x]
The same shit, t-the same shit

I see the same faces dancing in the crowd
She ain't ever giving it all
And I ain't got it all (all!)
But I want it now (now, now!)
Lets turn the city around

Yeah, yeah Woe is me, all these tracks I'm going in
They call it poetry, I am Edgar owning it
So I just fly like ravens and you caged and alone
I'm done with kiddie games but you Raven Symone
So I'm saving the throne watch it when I storm through
And I took over the universe from my dorm room
Bet I stand out like a high school recruit
Y'all stand in when you learning to shoot
That means I'm earning my loot before the big leagues
Everybody biting me like Seigfried dig me



[Hook 2:]
Every nights the same
Every, every nights the same shit [3x]
Lets turn the city around

Now I move too quick, follow me like a school rubric
Cause I wanna shine like I'm Kubrick
And have the whole world say "damn you sick"
And you slip when you try to stand on steady ground
I am off into the future are you really ready now
So we stand in the waiting line
Never lose the place in time
They say it's the path to success
But if I get a chance to put your face in mine
Into space and a case of wine
We can fly where no one is left
And that'd be the best


[Hook 2]

[Bridge 3x:]
Get down, get right, get over love
Let this music hit you from above


[Hook 2]

Let's turn the city around [2x]

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Allen, Hoodie Turn The City Around Comments
  1. Luke Warman

    9 years late and this is still a low key banger

  2. HighXTension

    Most recent comment is 1 year ago. :'(
    I absolutely love this album!

  3. Titan

    nostalgia hits

  4. Damian Medina-Ruiz

    Hoodie is the man. Been to two of his shows. These are the first songs I ever heard of him

  5. tansley09

    You've come so far!

  6. Doersch Tessa

    This is so old! He's come so far!

  7. Kilgallen's Random Stuff

    Thank you Daithi De Nogla for sending me here, gonna save this gem for later :3

  8. Y. Husky

    i can't find any lyrics this song

  9. Moushmillow000

    Not on ituneee

  10. Volkan

    why i can't find any lyrics for this song o_o

  11. Barnsey3288

    This is the song that got me interested in Hoodie Allen's music. Still my favourite HA song

  12. Mason Leblanc

    Man you are such a good artist!Dont listen to what the haters say!

  13. Luke Estes

    First time I ever heard Hoodie, I love you so much YouTube recommendations, about 3 years later and I still love Hoodie's music :)

  14. Jack Sparrow

    Yarr still my favorite song in Making Waves along with Chasing My Dreams. Just love it. Too bad not many others know of Hoodie's older works of art.

  15. Jake Brogan

    I feel like this should be #1 on itunes

  16. Luke Andrews

    All time favorite Hoodie song along with So Much Closer

  17. StreamTheSound

    You started as a duo?

  18. Claire Champion

    I'm going to marry you.. Let's pretend that's not creepy.

  19. crammykins

    @wearehoodie and you're still GOOD

  20. FedeleEFX

    1:45 is the most amazing few lines ever....

  21. mikelikes010

    @mikelikes010 and thats not in chronological order

  22. mikelikes010

    @balddude77 making waves then peprally leapyear and beagal and beats (i think ep )

  23. iTSGRiMM

    Honestly i feel like every pop/dance song should be replaced by this song. The world would be a better place.

  24. dlbblitz

    you deserve more u deserve to be more popular man, keep up the good work

  25. Kevin Parra

    the like/dislike bar looks like a green unsharpened pencil with a small eraser

  26. Ashleyy Harris

    @PenneArbonara wait what, when was he on jake and amir?!

  27. Hoodie Allen

    @fergurbruger21 solo

  28. fergurbruger21

    So are you still a duo or you by yourself now i couldn't really figure it out what happened to your duo?

  29. Gorrilastampede

    Such a sick song

  30. 33jmp

    These "mothafuckaz" are definitely serious, Josama. When was the last time your boy opened up for THE CLIPSE?