Allen, Hoodie - Tighten Up Lyrics

It's the same diff,
When I meet a girl that's so out of this world
I need a spaceship,
We can put it all together
That's make shift
I don't ever make moves, only make hits.
I'm on the fame clique,
Can't die: please save me.
Big money budget I love it like Sam Raimi
Never a contestant I'm bettin' you'll never claim me.
But I'd rather be the host,
Chelsea Lately.

So I'm feeling like Hercules
And if looks could steal,
This would be a burglary.
Took the wheel and looking like she's hurtin' me,
But I ain't trying to be burned to the third degree.
And it's hard when she say "what did you do to me"
Joel McHale, she up in my community,
Turn me on than turnin me like mutiny.
But I be livin in the land of opportunity.
Say word

Oh yeah, the drinks on me,
We can mess around if you stay low key.
All these other women say they know me
But shh, tighten up, just tighten up

Oh yeah, the drinks on me,
We can mess around if you stay low key.
All these other women say they know me
But shh, tighten up, just tighten up

If you stay down,
When I see kids I remember
When we lived on the playground.
Now we livin in the sky cause we plane bound,
But I don't ever break rules I only break sound.
I'm on my take out,
Can't choose just try me.
Big money budget: I love it like Pat Riley.
I ain't never bought but these labels don't wanna sign me,
I'd rather not talk; insert smiley.
You're too good for me, there's no question
So I came into your dorm like a freshman.
Tell em I ain't trying to leave though the exit,
Because I dream big, let me Inception.
So my head spin we don't even break dance.
And I don't care what your doin don't make plans.
Crowd flipping I'm thinking we got a keg stand,
And every time I'm making my music I know I make fans.

Oh yeah, the drinks on me,
We can mess around if you stay low key.
All these other women say they know me
But shh, tighten up, just tighten up

Oh yeah, the drinks on me,
We can mess around if you stay low key.
All these other women say they know me
But shh, tighten up, just tighten up

Everybody just stand back,
Trying to live a life that might never arrive with the am track.
And so many people want me that it's jam packed,
So I be given them some more like a grahamcracker.
Understand that.
Can't stop, just hold me.
Big money budget I love it like Bon Jovi.
Hittin up the track so we never be gettin cold feet.
Going for the gold, Shaq and kobe.
Stay good like a charity,
And I won't ever get drained like a battery.
But I do beat up the beat like a battery.
Oh you love the double meaning?
Don't flatter me.
And the girls that real messy, they Tara Reid.
I read their mind, Tarot read.
Cards get drawn, lives get on,
Telling I'm revin up their engine on the Camry.

Oh yeah, the drinks on me,
We can mess around if you stay low key.
All these other women say they know me
But shh, tighten up, just tighten up

Oh yeah, the drinks on me,
We can mess around if you stay low key.
All these other women say they know me
But shh, tighten up, just tighten up

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Allen, Hoodie Tighten Up Comments
  1. Uschi Reducka

    Why isint this on Spotify

  2. Daniel McGrath

    Come on lads 2019 where u at

  3. lawlikeed

    My dad has a mustache and a beard :)


    who asked?

  4. camille maes


  5. msemanify

    this album needs to be on spotify!

  6. Miracle

    overtheedgesvr brought me here

  7. FuckingCutYourWristsAndBleedTheFuckOut HOE

    RIP Edubble this reminded me of loosen up

  8. The_TheesonE

    to the old fifa song XD

  9. Omari The People

    what happen to him now?


    He's working on another album

    Omari The People

    @MrDooney probably not going to be as nice like this 1


    Never know haha

  10. Mason

    almost 7 years old omfg

  11. PHANT0M

    Insert smiley :)


    PHANT0M :)

  12. The Real Brathe

    who else came to this song from EDubble

  13. Hambone

    so good <3

  14. Tairah M


  15. Peephole

    So who made the beat, Hoodie or The Black Keys? The video from the Black Keys came first, so I'm not sure.

    Emmanuel Hernández Páez

    +Peephole The Black Keys, dude

    Thomas E

    +Peephole Dude... how couldnt you figure that out? Black Keys are a band. Rappers use the samples from bands


    @Thomas E Not sure why you're being rude, I just asked a simple question that required a simple answer.

    Thomas E

    @Peephole i wasn't be rude, i was merely in shock. my apologies if i offended you.

    Jacob Urb

    +Thomas E u were rude

  16. Wbr Motorsports

    understand that can't stop just hold me

  17. Sophie Jacqueline

    when r u gonna put this on spotify


    +Sophie Jacqueline he most likely couldn't afford to clear the white keys sample at the time he put pep rally out so therefor it will be illegal to upload it to spotify. and its been 5 years since that mixtape was released

    Ya Boy Osama

    +YearLongBender White Keys?

    Rachel Marion

    spotify doesn't like mixtapes

  18. Tori

    Why can't I get this on spotify/iTunes yet, I still love it

  19. michael jolley

    Wtf is this. Keys ftw

  20. HMS

    still listen to dis.

  21. Jett Ench

    Beast hoodie song..

  22. ImSoSteezy

    who used the beat better? Hoddie or E-Dubble?


    @theilljoker Yeah man! This game is one of the best in this Century tho! Haha

    Righteous HD

    Really good question...I freakin like both songs.

    wood wink

    think e-dubble did it better just his flow was better :D but like both alot

  23. Elçi

    Hoodie Keep fighting for the victory! Hoodie We Love u! <3

  24. Laura Thr


    jayden austin

    That sucks that your caps lock is broken


    OMG like how much of that generic white girlness did Starbucks fill you up with?

  25. UppyCuppyCake101

    Wait no it's not I'm so confused

  26. UppyCuppyCake101

    I love this even though it's old!

  27. Benni C

    sounds like DeLaSoul meets Bürger Lars Dietrich

  28. Sam Most

    nah its the black keys

  29. TheOTrain

    ya it is except in e-dubble end of song rant thing he thanks the black keys for letting him use the beat

  30. hannah

    combination of my two favorite things. hoodie allen & the black keys. perfection.

  31. MarkDaShark

    i hate that chorus but the rest is good

  32. Jack Sparrow

    I get your point, but that's like saying because Ford was one of the first manufacturers of motor vehicles no one else should be able to enter the same industry of car making and use a similar but modified design of their car. It increases diversity, just like Hoodie is bringing TBK's tunes to the rap world where people who would otherwise not like their genre of music would miss out. Logic is a rapper who is also samples a lot, but he makes pretty damn good songs. I don't think he's lazy.

  33. FZmustacheFZ

    I keep getting replied to, so yes, I am still here. I didn't see yours until just the other day though..must've missed it amongst the slew of emails. Difference between his own and someone else's should be obvious. That's to say that it doesn't matter when someone rips off another person's song, so long as they sing different lyrics. What? Have you heard of copyright? Explains why it's DLable for free.. It is uncreative/lazy to use someone else's music rather than making your own. Period.

  34. GabDinDe

    The Black Keys and Hoodie Allen
    It maid my life

  35. Jack Sparrow

    It's been 6 friggin months and you're still here? In fact I know you replied 6 months ago. So, I guess i'll have to counter once again. What's the difference between using his own beats vs using a remix of another's? It's the same fucking lyrics but a different tune is all. It really shouldn't even matter. Had he actually used TBK's lyrics and mixed it that's less creative. By the way, MANY of your comments are ad hominems as well, so please don't be a hypocrite.

  36. FZmustacheFZ

    Well first of all, I do happen to enjoy rap. Second, this is not an awesome sample. A sample is not awesome. A sample is laziness. Third, this is not creative. His lyrics? Yes, perhaps creative. He did write them, I assume. Thus, he created them. Taking a few seconds of someone ELSE'S creation and looping them? That's not creativity. If your profession is owner of a coffeeshop, it's not creative to use a grinder to grind the beans, yet you are using that item for your profession.Nice ad hominem.

  37. FZmustacheFZ

    I've had a lot of replies to my comments on here, almost every one of them lacking any form of solid argument, like yours. The facts of the matter are: no credit is given to The Black Keys; sampling is not creative; "Tighten Up" was a very solid, creative song (see, The Black Keys actually WROTE it! Look at that, some people write music..), and "Hoodie" has transformed what the song was, in my opinion ruining it. However, my opinion aside, my issue is with the lack of creativity and credit.

  38. jakewindy1

    ya jack sparrow knows his shit

  39. Falon Watson

    Left Boy has a song named after you. It's lovely.

  40. Jacob Berry

    Very well put sir. Very well put. It almost brings a tear to my eye to see a sensible person on these YouTube comments, it is such a rarity.

  41. Mark Laurie

    Love all this song except the "chorus" 0.43-0.59

  42. iiconcourse

    the black keys-tighten up.

  43. BananenMuß

    Thats the beat of E-dubble - Loosen up, or not ? Luv hoodie and eDub <3

  44. nethanbabes

    I don't think he made it better, but he didnt ruin it either :D both versions are great

  45. Hoodie

    Fuck yeah :)

  46. bbm morgan

    You know that Black Keys did a rap/hip hop album, right? It's called Blakroc.

    You're an idiot.

  47. Sarah Tian

    It's not like he is profiting from this was (and is) on a FREE mixtape of his. Tell me, have you listened to some of his current stuff? Pep Rally is a (relatively) old mixtape and cannot be compared to his most recent work- Crew Cuts- his sound has changed.

    I would also suggest that you not write such disparaging comments because the Hoodie Mob will always be here to back him up.

  48. Raw Blake

    Raw Blake- Remix

    check out another dope remix of "tighten up"

  49. Artur Rojek

    He has polish surname ?

  50. Pure

    Hoodie Allen is his 'stage name.' His real name is Steven Markowitz

  51. Pure

    Most of us are here to ENJOY Hoodie's music, and obviously your just some dumbass hater who needs to get off youtube. It's not shitty music, it's amazing and he didn't 'rape' the song. He used their instrumental and rapped over it.

  52. FZmustacheFZ

    Why is he retarded? Mr. Allen didn't give them credit..

  53. FZmustacheFZ

    ...your name is lilJusten. Not one to be calling ANYONE out on names. At least mine means something. Anyway. That's very witty what you've done there, just parroting my comment and making it the opposite. How you came up with that brilliant idea, one can only imagine.

  54. Crafty wut

    he doesn't have to give them credit dumbass he already got permission from the black keys or else he wouldn't be able to upload this so fuck off

  55. Justin Annanmanthodo

    Like if camrfegames got you here

  56. BiaDiva1

    Kick ass remix :D keep it up man

  57. Keith Marange

    'its the same day when i meet a girl thats so out of this world we need a spaceship' i use that line soo many times and it works every time on girls

  58. Ewan Techy

    The girl far left's face :3

  59. TheKrunchGaming

    That beat is sick!

  60. Cynical

    hey everyone CHECK OUT MY TRACK! "All We Do" its on my page brand new! FREE DOWNLOAD!

  61. aichannnn

    I gusta a lot

  62. SANAFC

    This is a remix of a remix!

  63. percussionko

    Yea I agree, he really should have gave credit to the Keys, and I also personally like the original more, but this has a different flare that's also kinda nice.

  64. FZmustacheFZ

    Thank you for giving the most intelligent, thoughtful response yet. As a musician myself, I understand where you're coming from, as I have friends who feel the same way, though I don't personally. It just always bothers when rappers sample like this, as I find it disrespectful to the original intent. If the Keys approved it, that'd be fine, though it should say that somewhere. He doesn't even give credit in the description to The Black Keys for their music that he's using..

  65. percussionko

    Everyone gets there own opinion, but to me, it's not shitting on it. As a musician, I feel like it's a sign of a respect when someone wants to use my music. It's someone else's interpretation of a piece of music, I find nothing wrong with it, just a different way to say the same word. I could understand people who say the original is always the best though, nothing beats a classic right?

  66. FZmustacheFZ

    Sampling is not creativity. He took someone else's music, looped it, and rapped on top of it. That is not "reforming" a piece of music. That is, indeed, shitting all over it. And I definitely DO feel the need to "input [my] negativity" when I feel that some sort of wrong or diservice has been done. To me, it's wrong to ruin a perfectly good song in this way. There's a reason for a comments section. There's a reason there's a dislike button and not just a like button.

  67. MrAndydotcom

    Tighten Up - The Black Keys

  68. Tyler Hill

    I've heard the background song before. Anyone know the name? Much appreciated.

  69. Imma KNIGHT

    What about George Watsky?

  70. Jack Sparrow

    You "appreciate music" that only you like but not awesome samples like this? Right. You don't have to enjoy different genres of music, but you DEFINITELY don't have to feel the need to input your negativity into shit you don't like, especially in such a harsh manner. This is creativity by taking a good piece of music and reforming it. He didn't shit all over it, he made it fit his profession. Therefore, you're an idiot.

  71. Gavin Veselenak

    both songs are good. open your ears and adapt to different kinds of music

  72. Yerne

    I like hoodies remix of the instrumental, but I also like the black keys original as well

  73. FZmustacheFZ

    I'm an idiot? Why, because I actually appreciate music and don't much enjoy it when "artists" rape other people's songs in such a terrible manner as is demonstrated here? My sincerest apologies, I'll try to start enjoying shitty music as soon as possible.

  74. David Fang

    what a strange idiot...

  75. FZmustacheFZ

    What a strange insult..

  76. Actual For Real

    What a fat kid.

  77. FZmustacheFZ

    What's wrong, can't stand to have the quality of your brainless music challenged?

  78. willy

    fuck off

  79. FZmustacheFZ

    You're kidding me, right? He took a nice song and shit all over it with his stupid rapping.

  80. David Fang

    Ruined it? He made it better!

  81. Chuck Testa

    It's actually a sample from a Black Keys song. I think it is called tighten up, I'm too lazy to check lol.

  82. FZmustacheFZ

    This is pathetic. Dear "Hoodie Allen" (nice name..), you've done a lovely job of ruining a great song, so. That's nice. Much appreciated.

  83. Nico de Kimpe

    I know this song for a while, and i had no idea that this is a cover of the Black Keys. But I like this version better honestly

  84. Jasmine Jo


  85. Vadez01

    did you make this beat hoodie?

  86. Broloom

    I usually don't like rap but I love the original of this song and he did a really good job with it :D

  87. Jerry Rice

    Pretty cool how most of Steve's songs are free, even though they just make you want to buy All American.

  88. whatisgolf

    One of my favorites, must have listened to this song at least 200 times. Never gets old!

  89. Aline Heerlein

    HOODIE I LOVE YOUR REMIXZ! You take my favourite songs and make your own versions...


  90. Nathan McClay

    If you listen to the music, it's the same tune used in The Black Keys - Tighten up

  91. Cakie Smith

    Damn, leave it to The Black Keys :(

  92. Waltteri Kolkka

    E-Dubble + Hoodie Allen = something epic
    Can't wait for Hoodie & Chiddy :)

  93. TheSniperpenguin

    My two favorite artist have sampled this lol. Hoodie and Edub forever!!!

  94. Tao Sire

    The song is like e-duuble

  95. arskaonlan

    Yes, i know that song <3

  96. Retail vs. Rep

    Logic, Specktators, Hoodie.. that is all.

  97. James Hague

    One of Hoodie'/