Allen, Hoodie - The Moment Lyrics

(Uno dos tres, uno uno dos tres)

[Verse 1: Hoodie Allen]
I got these bitches looking at me crazy
The way I work gon' make these other rappers lazy
You keep talking all that talk 'cuz none of that shit phase me
Mother's love me too, they probably bought my shit at Macy's
Hold up babe let me talk for a minute
Never took a deal, what they offering in it?
I don't really care 'cuz I'm all independent
I'm an arrogant American nobody is comparing him –
To Eminem until they heard me flip it like I'm Kerrigan –
And now they ready for it from Long Island out to Maryland
I got a bunch of people singing with me like they're caroling
I'm damn witty, you seem impressed
Yo can you hear me? That's so so def
I'm so so blessed, don't need plans 'cuz I'm so so next
Steve Young flow ‘cuz I go so left
When I dive in the record better hold your breath like *gasp*
I'm a find you a cab
Go home with a bad bitch and leave her man with the tab
You'll still be there when I'm back
'Cuz she in love with my rap songs
I'm trying to live forever 'cuz today don't feel like that long

[Hook: Travis Garland]
Yeah, ain't worried about my problems tonight
'Cuz we'll deal with that shit in the morning
Anywhere you wanna go, baby we can take it slow
I just wanna live in the moment
Just wanna live in the moment
You barely live in the moment
Anywhere you wanna go, baby you should let me know
Maybe you can live in my moment

(Uno dos tres, uno uno dos tres)

[Verse 2: Hoodie Allen]
So many people out here acting selfish
They talking at me like they sorry they can't help it
I said “no worries get that money in a hurry”
Cuz I know that clock is ticking to the minute you ain't selling (nah)
G-d damn I don't think you eating
Got a bowl of Wheaties in my kitchen if I need it I'm a make you feel defeated
Probably hang with JT, bet it that he'll hate me –
--If I tell him that he should go back to "Senorita"
I could probably brag a bit about taking your girl and shit
But it was pretty easy based on the way that you treat her
So do you fam, talk big game
Real life you got a small role, Ving Rhames
Making out with your girl 'cuz I spit game
We could do it on the couch like Rick James
Five fingers to the face shit, it's not basic
I been pacing and been waiting for that opportun—
Say goodbye to your afternoon
Stay at home 'cuz I stay at home, All that Jazz like K. Malone
Girl tell me that she came alone, Got a different meaning, I ain't saying mo'
I'm out of lines and you out of time like Billy Crystal don't analyze me
Only got one life to live and I guarantee we gonna live it wisely

[Hook: Travis Garland]
Yeah, ain't worried about my problems tonight
'Cuz we'll deal with that shit in the morning
Anywhere you wanna go, baby we can take it slow
I just wanna live in the moment
Just wanna live in the moment
You barely live in the moment
Anywhere you wanna go, baby you should let me know
Maybe you can live in my moment

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Allen, Hoodie The Moment Comments
  1. adam cole

    travis sounds like bruno mars

  2. Siobhan

    This has way too little views

  3. OhhLizzi

    Wer von Naschi hier?

  4. Fernando Sss

    lo tengooooooooooooooo

  5. Silentry1

    Anyone wondering what happened to let it all work out?

  6. Blake Thomas

    Thought that shit said Travis Scott at first

  7. matthew

    Can u pleasssssseeeeee put this and let it all work out on Apple Music , Spotify etc

  8. JordanShott

    been listening for a year now i sww these songs when they first camr out and i have all of them on my soundcloud and i been listening longer ever since im not a robot

  9. Olivia

    This is amazing

  10. Wawixs

    Dude this shit is awesome, please do more songs of this style Hoodie !

  11. Admiral Kuroh

    wait why i never heard this song! its fire af

  12. matthew

    Can u please come to Ireland

  13. Siobhan

    I looove it Hoodie 💕 the message loading 😂😂

  14. Eric Jr

    love this song

  15. Iurie Capmari

    Why this song is not on album?

  16. Hugo H

    i remember when No faith in brooklyn came out and now he can actually rap (he used to suck at rapping) no offense Hoodie

  17. Ilina Agashe

    You're amazing, Hoodie!! I love your music and it gets better every time!

  18. A7TaLeNTz

    Imagine freestyle; Hoodie vs Em...

  19. Ashley Satumbaga

    Can't wait for you to be in the Lou February 24tg!!!! Making my way to the front of the stage!!!

  20. Gabi Singh

    Can't go one day without listening to Hoodie. Still the best rapper I've ever heard. Props to you.

  21. Lukas Bennett

    love the beat and love this flow man. good stuff rite here

  22. Morgan Ward

    hoodie literally inspires me so much. thank you to his fans for making him so popular because without you guys i may have never found him.

  23. ZWOLF

    Can you please put this on ITunes?

  24. kier

    This song is AMAZING. First Hoodie Allen song I've ever listened to, I'll definitely get into this fandom more haha. Keep up the good work! I really want to go to your concert in Philly in March..fingers crossed!!

  25. Justin Clado

    Yo hoodie, go do a collab with logic. You two will be awesome

  26. ScaryTM

    I've been hear since dreams up :)

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    I miss his old stuff

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    I'm excited to see you guys in concert look forward to seeing you guys ☺️😁

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    So fucking cool!

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    You're the best Hoodie Allen

  32. Luis Herrera

    You're the best

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    See you in February love. Bought the meet and greet ^.^

  34. Alex Oregano


  35. london Baithead

    Watch a bass boost of this song on my channel and subscribe

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    this songs trash

  37. Flannery Newman

    Well I died

  38. azorah

    anyone else thinking "holy shit hoodie can rap as fast as Eminem" on the fast parts?

    Cassie Arbour

    i noticed how he mentioned eminem at the beginning 😂

  39. Unlucky13

    Ahh shit, another banger.

  40. Ain Najmi

    this is dope i swear

  41. Latrell Peeples

    Him And Lil Dicky Would Make A Fire Album🔥🎧

  42. Latrell Peeples

    Him And Lil Dicky Would Make A Fire Album🔥🎧

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    Been listening to you for yearsssss man. I remember no faith In brooklyn like you released it yesterday! Good shit man keep it up!

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    hoodie is the next drake

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    Impressed this song is dammed good

  47. ButterNinjaM8

    Man I'll always be here to support you Hoodie your songs are amazing and all your other songs before this one are just pure art keep doing what your doing Hoodie <3

  48. Katoratic

    This is strongly approved by me

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    damn this is tight

  50. bryce

    wack af wanna b ghetto highschool musical type fuk boy gtfo

    Kaden and Logan. w/Friends

    You grammar is just as bad as your channel so fuck off

    Max Jenkinson

    +everyone WINZ dayum


    +Pzahhh really you should just disappear after 'everyone winz' comment

  51. Makenzie Koon

    hoodie it just keeps getting better and better. I love it.

  52. Danny G

    Shiit this shit is good

  53. ali shehadeh

    Huge fan since fucking no interruption

  54. AyeitsA

    Hoodie is a savage. Been with you since the first song bro. :)

  55. Shannon Marie

    Been a huge fan since "you are not a robot" <3 Never gonna stop listening to Hoodie <3

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    baby's coming on tour❤

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    Love you and this Song 😂😁😍 so pleaaase Come to Germany 👐🏻😮😮

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    Hoodie, you are so bad darling. You have these commercials on my other YouTube channels that make me want to scream. Sorry, but find something else to do.

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    hoodie you should get together with logic. I feel like your guy's flows would compliment eachother and would make a fire track

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    keep up the good work, ill always stand by you :)

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    I will be back in a year.

    Justin Hill!

    <3 Told you! I will be back in another year

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    like this song. waiting for new album excited

  70. dj12699

    Always nice when a new Hoodie song comes out, even when I am late!

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    Ohh, I've been listening to your music one month ago and I know them all hahaha
    I love your music!!

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    Amazing song hoodie!!

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    my rolemodel <333

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    This song is well sick😲😲

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    Literally my all time favorite rapper you inspired me to start rapping loved you since the start! So glad to see you come this far :)

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    one of my favorite

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    You and g eazy should do some more together !

  78. HyperFFA

    one of my favorite songs i never knew you could rap so dang fast!

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    Hoodie ive been looking into trying to make music, but I don't know where to start or how to manage myself. Do you have an ideas or tips to help me?

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    Literally the first song i've ever listened to by Hoodie Allen, and it's sooooo good. 😍

    Hoodie Allen

    +Margaret Phillips stick around! thanks for the love

    Margaret Phillips

    +Hoodie Allen Definitely will stick around!
    You're welcome!❤


    The first one I listened was no faith in Brooklyn back in 2012 :(


    +EnriK I did.


    I've been there since #Whiteboyproblems haha

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    Nathan Towler

    +Hoodie Allen DO IT BRO

    Its Vyzroh

    Was literally just thinking about that


    One year later Hoodie Allen's song is used for a Spider-Man trailer. Ironic

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    ppl shittin on the chorus got me fucked up travis garland blessed this track bruh

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    Love you hoodie, you have helped me through so much your music is my therapy. I've been a fan since Bagels and Beats EP. Love you and I always support you. Keep being an amazing musician. -Tate S.

  89. India Burroughs-Thompson

    man I love this song


    man nice song no joke Hoddie

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