Allen, Hoodie - Song For An Actress Lyrics

We don't gotta work it out
Cause no one gonna tell you where to find me
When you, you come looking for me
Cause I'll be walking out the door before you know it
And you better believe

[Verse 1]
Kick it with that new girl, eatin my Chipotle
Yeah we getting married, I don't care what all them hoes say
Rap Zac Efron, all we do is roleplay
Screaming dios mio, yeah that must be cause I'm olay
All that in a bag of chips, pass the guacamole
We just getting started babe imagine what I don't say
Every conversation just a chance for me to outwit
Do you feel that little spark, outlet, ow shit
So I don't need the press, I don't want a interview
I'm tryna lay you down, you just tryna Witherspoon
Take you somewhere private so that I can get a interview
With a vampire that's True Blood up in the room
So have you heard the gossip girl
I've been doin it since the Mickey Ryan gosslin girl
I read a text that you away, come find me
She said the party here is getting Blake, Lively

I don't know but I been told
The world outside is, oh so cold (So Cold!)
Late at night when you're alone
Do you think about me now that I'm gone?
When I'm on the road I often dream
And think of you (You know I'm thinking of you)
Girl, I hope that you do too

[Verse 2]
Shouts to Roger Ebert, Shouts to Emma Roberts
I think that you're a cutie, but I'd rather have your Aunt first
Take you to the movies, I can't wait until you're Starburst
Put me in a suit and a pair of dirty converse
I'm flyer than a mothafucka, pretty with her hair up
Bitches wanna play the field, so I just call them Airbud
All these rappers talk inside the box like an airduct
And I can switch it up and sing, go and get your hands up
Every speaker blast, so it's a Witchproject
You gone drop up on the people like a Witchproject
I be doing it for free until I'm rich, God Bless
Ask me how the hell that works and I admit, it's complex
Well, not like the magazine, ok well actually
I'm Lindsay Lohan cause I swear I'm only acting mean
Pay my dues and slap the beat, for everyone responsible
Swag coming out of my fucking nostrils, hostel

I don't know but I been told
The world outside is, oh so cold (So Cold!)
Late at night when you're alone
Do you think about me now that I'm gone?
When I'm on the road I often dream
And think of you (You know I'm thinking of you)
I hope that you do too

They can't bring me down
Won't you take me out
So I say it now well
Hey, I wrote this song for an actress yeah
I wrote this song for an actress

I don't know but I been told
The world outside is, oh so cold (So Cold!)
Late at night when you're alone
Do you think about me now that I'm gone?
When I'm on the road I often dream
And think of you (You know I'm thinking of you)
I hope that you do too

Yeah I wrote this song for an actress
Hey I wrote this song for an actress

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Allen, Hoodie Song For An Actress Comments
  1. Sinotraa

    2019 still my favorite Hoodie Song

    L Zach80

    Wish it was on Spotify

  2. MeanMuggin79

    i wish hoodie would go back to his roots. makes me sad that i don’t like his new singles

  3. Blade777

    Second favorite song most favorite just hoodie In general

  4. venusinscorpihoe

    almost eight years later and i still remember every single word lmao. high school senior year was a fun time

  5. Random Channel

    2019 anyone?

  6. Carter Man

    Hey we're all the first couple of thousand of comments sick am I right

  7. Ziqqos

    Old mw2 days :(


    Ziqqos :/

  8. Ray Gonzales

    2018 still loves this song!!


    2018, still flyer than a mother fucker pretty with the hair up.

  10. Willz14

    What is the song in the beginning called?

  11. someoneonlylol

    Does anybody know where to download this album now that his website has changed ? I cant find a download link anywhere, the old link doesn't work and for some reason Spotify tells me that song is unavailable.

  12. Carter Man

    Damn the first couple thousand comments

  13. Anibal Mora

    How the hell am I just finding out about this album????

  14. Corinn Rylei

    why am I just now finding this album!? Like I've heard about it but never actually listened to it and I'm glad I am, right before THE HYPE is released! <3

  15. Taha Saad

    Who's listening in 2017

  16. venusinscorpihoe

    ohhh my god summer 2011/senior yr of high school. one of the best yrs of my life tbh.

  17. Lia

    5 years ago and this is a good song damn

  18. Will Steger

    Going on 6 years, holy crap

  19. Kevin Gundran

    I don't even know how many times did I replay this. :D

  20. Alexander Zheleznyak

    love this song

  21. Paul Wörner

    isnt the beginning from some other song sounds so damn familiar

  22. Sage Breach - Owner

    Classic Hoodie 😍

  23. em?

    Got here from Fitz and the Tantrums. Nice sample. :)

  24. Martin IsSticky

    why is this album not on spotify


    Martin IsSticky copyrighted instrumentals

  25. Not Mark

    5 years ago
    thats better than his New Songs :(

  26. Özge


  27. Özge


  28. Jacob Johnson

    Fitz and the Tantrums??? (Dont gotta work it out)

  29. Calvin Castle

    Old Hoodie Though... <3

  30. SpiciestPenny

    razz brought me hefe

  31. patrickplays

    1 Million

  32. pkmn_klaus

    Nach Happy Camper, was meines Erachtens vetdammt gut ist, wieder back to the future; Leap Year, das Album mit dem ich anfing den besten amerikanischen Sänger - Rapper zu hören, den es momentan gibt. Sooo verdammt sympathisch! <3


    D3trix | Abo ACC endlich mal ein deutscher ☺

  33. Mason

    Hoodie you should release an album like this one again! :)

  34. izaey

    2011 and he was eating his chapotlay XD




    it was a joke.. get a grip on ur life please

  35. Arrtifacts

    Leap day 1 day late on the comment

    Jack The Ripper

    leap year....

  36. KRNG Hero

    Happy Leap Day!

  37. Jan

    Please add this to Apple Music


    The memories :'((

  39. jayden austin

    Jesus christ just complement the song not faze

  40. jayden austin

    "And I can switch it up and sing" so catchy

  41. Shaun G

    Sticks and Stones still goes hard AF.  Everyone get off my dude's nuts.  This kid still has flow even with his new shit.  Hoodie switches it up and sings on his hooks.  He's been doing that shit from the start.  The versatility this kid possesses is hard to come by these days. Still a fan and I got nothing but respect for this dude. Keep doing your thing Hoodie.

    C H R Y S T A L L


  42. TeamEmpyrean

    Miss this Hoodie. His new shit isn't good. I want rap, not singing.

    Catherine tran

    His new shit is better


    TeamEmpyrean I mean yeah! The old shit is just so oldschool that it's really cool. But in his new album "The Hype" you can really see how he has progressed as a person in life.

    Carter Man

    Yeah I like this better too, but Hoodie is really experimental with his music, so he's really trying something new that's different and that he likes.

  43. Xarxy

    I'm so glad you did this song on the Boys of Zummer.

  44. Octopie

    Luv u hoodie I've been with u from 20k subs ur my fav rapper keep it real xD

  45. Tairah M

    this is great...

  46. h.c2001

    Is this his first song

    Annabel Dulaney

    there's two albums before this one

    V4 Clan

    +Annabel Dulaney making waves and pep rally right?

  47. FCEC01 J

    Favourite hoodie Allen song


    Mines sticks and stones, song for an actress and you're welcome.

  48. FuryHawks

    Who the fuck is faze jinx


    +GOLDE3N xX BEATZ probably some rip-off of Sophie Dee or Jynx Maze


    Professional gamer

    Hugo Harington

    +Octopie "Professional"


    +Hugo Vlogs lel


    A nigga who spins on call of duty.

  49. BeechGotShot

    Been listening to hoodie since this album, and I miss this man. Still got mad respect for him though!

    S W

    Same. Don't like his new stuff that much..

    Hoodie Allen

    +elsava2000 :(




    +Hoodie Allen That was before Happy Camper. Now? Shits on fiiireee!

    Arjun Piplani

    +Hoodie Allen This is probably my favorite hoodie song, but I like happy camper too

  50. rhyso 165

    how many shekels for this album?

  51. Nikam Ghobady

    Thank you jinx for bringing all cod anti campers trickshotnoobs here

  52. Junkie

    900k yo :)

  53. Olgus Penetratus

    i love every song from hoodie...i´m listen to his songs since a long time and I just love him more and more #germanfangirl

  54. Olivia

    Aint Gotta Work it Out- Fitz and the Tantrumz. Hoodie stole!!!

    Dylan Canzurlo

    It's called sampling. It's not stealing. You have to get blatantly obvious consent from the owner of the song. Hoodie even said he had to drop 2 songs from "People Keep Talking" because the owners of the samples he wanted to use said no so he had to write more music.


    Yeah ik. Alicia took my phone and commented. I didn't know until now.

    Zake Scott

    @London Stife Cough... YEAH RIGHT....cough


    @Zake Scott​😂✋🚫🚫


    It's called a sample

  55. Enzy

    FaZe KFC

  56. TheDmoney81

    Best opening lyrics to a song

  57. LewisW

    Im here from FaZe Jinx

  58. TheDmoney81

    Put on iTunes

  59. OhReece

    4 years ago MAAAN , I've missed out, why didn't I watch FaZe Jinx more often ?!

  60. BubbaEsports

    TY FaZe Jinx for bringing me here this is a amazing song i love it so much! 

  61. uhhJupitr - Multi-Cod Trickshotter/Sniper


  62. MisdemeanorVII

    Jinx <3 Overall great song though.

  63. OrganizedMadnes

    one of my  favorite mixtapes

  64. GuyOnXbox

    Faze Jinx

  65. simen nesse

    Like if FaZe jinx broght u here


    Like if you can spell "brought" right.


    Like if that kid got roasted

    simen nesse

    Like if @ImHyzeh is a little bit salty

  66. Matthew Cottreau

    Faze cough jinx cough sneeze what?

  67. Mya Garcia

    FaZe jinx

  68. Tyler Martin

    Thanks for jinx having this song in his outdo

  69. Los Nickos

    never gets old

  70. Infinite

    FaZe Jinx


    Brought us all here lol

    Xtreme Drifter

    iv been with hoodie for longer that jinx

    Who's Wryke

    That outro brought me here


    I came cuz I love hoodie

  71. KiddNikky

    Listened to this song everyday I was deployed in Afghanistan. Thanks Hoodie!



  72. Freya Wassell

    leap year is still my favourite thing

  73. Prize

    Absolutely love this song!

  74. ObeyTheBooty

    Kickin with that new girl, eating my chipotle <3

  75. HomelessBumHD

    Like if your watching in 2015 and you think this is his best rap


    Not only best rap, best artist ever

  76. robert cawley

    my first hooide ;)

  77. Zubat

    hoodie got his ass torn up by mike studs diss to him

    SkillyOfficial's Channel!

    Haha made my day XD Jokes on you mate


    how is the joke on me you butthurt bandit

    SkillyOfficial's Channel!

    Comeon man.. XD


    ask this question to yourself do i care? no, im just here to listen to music i find enjoyable


    @Johnathan The Zombie Boy your music sucks! i kicked hoodie alleys ass in 4th grade!

  78. KnuffNuff

    Hoodie Allen bist der beste höre ständig deine Musik

  79. Tamim Jamal

    GOAT hoodie song

  80. CraveDesigns

    put me in a suit and a pair of dirty converse

  81. Ella Mcdonagh

    Hoodie you LEGEND

  82. Bittersweet

    3 years ago, that's maaaaaaad

    Bailey Heedick

    this is 2 years ago now xD


    Nope now it's 6 YEARS


    3 years ago you commented on this, and now its 6 years

    Carter Man

    6 years ago


    Almost 7 now man

  83. TimberWolfGaming


  84. Nick Robinson

    the song sampled is "Don't Gotta Work it Out" by Fitz and the Tantrums

  85. Michael B.

    AWSOME! Just one word.


    That was 4 words + 2 if you count with ure name, if u see this consider to go throu school again XD

    Spencer Hayes

    @Fuse111official "consider to go throu school again" is not grammatically correct, not to mention that through isn't spelled like throu, so I think you should consider going through school again and consider therapy in order to attempt to aid whatever mental illness you obviously posses.


    @Spencer Hayes I don't have english as first language so I'm not that good so that's why


    @Fuse111official That doesn't matter. Secondly, he was saying that "Awesome" was one word. And why would you count his name as words in his comment? I don't see why "B." is a word either. It's a letter. Finally, I agree with Spencer on the idea that you should try and get diagnosed with something. Stupidity, maybe?


    @Dizz or maybe i shall be diagnosed with mad day flaming :D

  86. Ayobami Peluola

    I love that Hoodie gave so many of his mixtapes for free.

    King Capital

    Mixtapes are always free.

    Kobe Pho

    Everything but All-American.

    Nave Retnac

    @Kobe Pho All-American was an album not a mix-tape


    If you pay for it, it is an album. Mix-tape's are always free.

  87. Crosey X

    Download it off his website bro

  88. derSut

    sry but fuck your comments, hoodie rules

  89. OyezM8


  90. Nanook

    I love you man u trying hard to get a top comment !

  91. Jordan Cremer

    Click (Show the Comment) to begin the adventure

  92. Tom Clarkson

    Its not for sale Hoodie has released his first two main albumes for free on his site :)

  93. IlIIIllIlIIllIllllIIIlIlIlIIllIIllI

    omg vine video compilations!! omg ur so original.!!!!111111111