Allen, Hoodie - So Much Closer Lyrics

I need you so much closer,
I need you na na now.
I need you na na now.

I need you so much closer,
I need you na na now.
I need you na na now.

I know we got a ways to go, but lately I've been feeling like
we're so much closer.
I don't wanna wait no more, I'm hung up on you,
I'm like a poster.
And this is how I take the flow, 'cause we going
up and down and they calling it a coaster.
But I don't want to take it slow, I'm doing
all the shit that I thought we supposed to to to to let you know
that this is real, and I mean it.
Take you to an island, but no, not Revis.
Gotta steal your heart and you know I'm not leaving even
if I foul up, never will I ref that.
We've been cookin' up this cam like a meth lab.
All the other people, never would I stress that,
'cause you a cutie and I need you i my death cab.

I need you so much closer,
I need you na na now.
I need you na na now.

I need you so much closer,
I need you na na now.
I need you na na now.

I know we got a ways to go, but lately I've been feeling like
I'm chasing planets.
and you never change your clothes, but you always
seem to go and change your status.
So I'm just tryna let you know that its so unneeded baby,
'cause you the baddest.
But I don't want to take it slow, you drive
me like ford is-automatic.
I-i-i-it might mean if you my addiction then I just feen.
and ever since the day you've been likin' me,
I'm assembling these lines like a height machine.
No kathy lee, we don't need a sweatshop,
'cause every time we drop a track, people get hot.
And I've been aiming for the top like a headshot,
even when aiming for your heart was my best shot.

[Chorus / Hook x4]

[Rocky Business]
I'm not saying I wouldn't ever do it again,
But I hope that you'll be there when I open the door.
And I swear that I'm trying hard to call you a friend,
but I'm sorry I can't wait no more more more more.
I'm sorry I can't wait no more more more more,
I'm sorry I can't wait no more more more more.
I'm sorry I can't wait, oh what the hell I sayin',
you know that I would wait because...

I need you so much closer,
I need you na na now.
I need you na na now.

I need you so much closer,
I need you na na now.
I need you na na now.

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Allen, Hoodie So Much Closer Comments
  1. DeadFetusTaco

    This album needs to be on spotify

    Kelly Yu

    both mixtapes need to be on spotify

  2. gianfranco calle

    Nobody is listening to this classic in 2018?


    I am in 2019

    gianfranco calle

    Chant Castillo cheers

  3. Katie Marie

    I wouldn't rap over such an emotional song but hey i love hoodie nonetheless

  4. Azure

    5 years ago... where did time go holy fuck

  5. pharmargo

    are you kidding me? is this a joke or something? why would you rap over death cab let alone transatlantacism ? WHY?!?!?!?!! It should honestly be illegal to use such a great song in such a shitty sample


    technically Death Cab is the sample... and this specific artist had to ask Death Cab to use it. so if you're going to bitch, you need to look at this band you praise. aside from that, this song is dope, you dont see many rappers being this creative with samples.

    Joe Hennessy

    I actually love this son, I haven't heard the version you're talking about but regardless, this is a good song to listen to.

    joe Sheridan

    Freedom of speech.

  6. Tuizee

    slappin bitches is great.... but talkin about it is so tyga

  7. BlueRedGooGoo

    I remember jumping on this when it first came out. Was it reallt that long ago?


    Hi! its 2019 now! :DDD

  8. CALI643

    Who's featured in this song!? O.o

  9. DMproductions69

    i love how he used death cabs line in the song it really sounds good

  10. Paul Weinper

    This is easily my favorite song on Pep Rally

  11. Joey Paris

    This song is so good :D

  12. III Moons

    one of my fav songs <333

  13. JarrodYaya

    I feel pretty fucking old right now haahah


    How about now

  14. MrTeheezzey

    this was really 2 years ago?

  15. jasmine

    Kay honestly this rapper, just isn't even good. Like all I want is just hoodie Allan sorry.....

  16. KobRolehouse

    Goddamn I love Hoodie so much.

  17. Jerry Rice

    One of my favs on pep rally

  18. Volkan

    youre so right (Y)

  19. yourmom

    what like bitches are pinatas and weed just falls out?

  20. John Macejka

    i love hoodie but tbh i don't really like this one
    i feel like the instrumental sample in the verses works but ben gibbard's voice singing "i need you so much closer" doesn't mesh with hoodie's idk
    not my fave on pep rally

  21. Joey Paris

    @911eragon1 wat?

  22. Dragon Friend

    isnt your ass sore?!!

  23. Joey Paris

    thanks! macklemore is a great artist too. I looked him up and heard the song "wings" it gave me chills xD

  24. Rezo

    guys we should help hoodie get known world wide! do something to help him. i personally do this thing at school where i sing a song of his every friday. you guys should get him some help and do something

  25. MK2EA

    he does youtube gaming commentaries, was it a reference in the song because then i might mean somthing else

  26. MK2EA

    im not trying to hide Hoodie Allen's song , hes really amazing but a really good rapper is macklemore , you should definitly check him out :D
    Hoodlie allen is amazing im just giving a recommendation !

  27. Boris Kris

    Quit his job at Google to focus on his music career. Whatta boss.

  28. john Hinrichs

    Where did the picture go?

  29. Mitchell Gosse

    well, he smokes weed :p

  30. Subhechha Gurung

    WHY THE F IS HE NOT FREAKING SIGNED?!?!?!? some people just don't know music...what a shame...

  31. Stacey R

    totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    although I think it's "fuck bitches, get money" but still pretty close

  32. Junior Dessou


  33. lhy potter

    2 months sober haha

  34. Dominick

    So I just listened to Transatlanticism and Hoodie's song is much better

  35. PenguinoPro

    well i know bout them im from WA and they from Seattle grew up listening 2 them

  36. lhy potter

    yeah and smoking weed is so fun..

  37. paulino brito

    10 people listen to jb and hoodie allen

  38. Jack Warren

    whats his ps3 gamertag

  39. TitoPRKING

    I have him as a friend in ps3

  40. glitchedified

    Fuck 0:00ff hater...

  41. glitchedified

    Hoodie Allen-Success'
    Lil Wayne-FAIL!'
    thumbs up If you agree?

  42. 5hiThAppEnS2


  43. Matthew Dibley

    one m0:00re time

  44. hithereitsannie

    @lilparis47 yeeeesss thats what i alllwwaayyss sayyy! finally someone else agrees.

  45. Josh Alvarez

    I still Remember the Day when Hoodie used to wear Glasses

  46. AlijandroReed

    I seriously can't do my homework without have Hoodie Allen ring through my ears

  47. 101ILoveMarina

    i am seriously hooked on this song :D

  48. Posthardcore95

    @podPACMAN mac is better tbh

  49. jCw!

    his rhymes are so it


    nice a death cab for cutie sample

  51. AlijandroReed

    I relate this video so much, cause I am trying really hard to only call this girl a friend

  52. Fliperzz

    00:41-00:43 mac miller or wiz khalifa

  53. Jean-Luc Deveau

    @TheiFiZi nope!

  54. Brooke Hunley


  55. Big L

    @TheiFiZi Hoodie since the beginning man <3

  56. Ruben Fonseca

    @ferrick4224 Well they use his music in there montages but in one of there latest videos one of they're best players Faze Fakie had a video and used his song James Franco and then hoodie talks at the end of the video I thinking saying for supporting him........and @ supergumybears FaZe is a quickscoping clan on xbox.....

  57. Zilen LnY

    @TheiFiZi who the fuck is zerkaa ?

  58. Mori Black

    how many people hear heard of hoodie through CoD addict freinds and how many genuinly like his music not only if its not on some stupid trick shot vid

    Alonzo Curtis

    Bruh i found this off trick shots so much nostalgia..

  59. Niall Dowling

    @TheiFiZi yes yes u are

  60. 712outlaw

    My girlfriend loves me for dedicating this song to her, thank you Hoodie:)

  61. thomas ferrick

    @oiMWMio why is everyone finding him through faze? is he buddies with em or do they use his music in montages?

  62. Mike White

    @icepop135 That's not what your mom said

  63. Sir Owener

    @NatoriousGamePlay No offence but i dont give a fuck

  64. Sir Owener

    @NatoriousGamePlay no offence but i dont give a fuck

  65. NatoriousGamePlay

    @TheiFiZi NO, i actually found about him a long time ago.

  66. MrDnldbenton

    i think ima go listen to some mac miller
    idk hoodie aint too bad...

  67. Joey Paris

    I love hoodie, he doesn't do drugs, went to college, and he raps about real things.
    Not that shit like, "slap bitches get weed"

  68. Samie Rodriguez

    This isn't even okay.

  69. SquirrelKidd

    @Anawhatzup -___- I'm black and I liked it, I like all his music. Don't jump to conclusions because of people's skin colour.

  70. WhOisTaEdA

    Zerkaa is a youtube commentator who has a LOT of Hoodies music in videos, hes the reason i found this awsome rapper.

  71. doughdei

    Hoodie is dopeeee.

  72. Dylan Grispin

    who the fuck's zerkaa?

  73. Saber6ix

    Who's Zerkaa?

  74. Jet Black Storm

    @davidthesmall good thing it ain't Eminem

  75. Chase Youdontneedmylastname

    i love how the dislike bar is almost invisible :)

  76. NXN

    Hmm. Heard this song on DaModder100's Channel and i didnt know who it was and then 1 year later i know who Hoodie is and then i listen to this song and im like FUCK ME

  77. ani dhruva

    @MrAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa1 and worked for Google

  78. Alex Garrison

    hoodie is real. he doesnt smoke mad weed, he went to a great college and he graduated. on top of that he is a kick ass rapper. HOODIE 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!

  79. Kay

    thank zerkaa for this view

  80. Dr. Biokryptic

    i need you to make music longer i need u to now now now

  81. lindsay snow

    Favorite. Rapper.

  82. SuperMOJO1998

    Hoodie Allens songs ae addicting!

  83. Graham Peck

    fuck this guys got unreal flow

  84. Felix Kad

    so much closer ♥'
    so wonderful.

  85. Danny Rasdale

    Who gives a fuck who found who just listen to the fucking song.

  86. Jeremy Leger

    @FaMoUzZz17pLaYa97 it's so close!!!

  87. marc stahl

    how can this have under 50.000 views :o :(

  88. Sir Owener

    @PatarHD Whats that got to do with Zerkaa? and look at the dates.

  89. PatarHD

    @TheiFiZi obviously not considering all of the cod you post

  90. Sir Owener

    am i the only one who found Hoodie without Zerkaa?

  91. Jeremy Bastian

    Hoodie Allen you are the best! Please reply and tell me a cool fact about yourself!

  92. Nick mo

    deserves so much more views then 45k.

  93. MrNoBoDy551

    Amazing song.
    Nuff' Said!

  94. Made767

    @joeski4 Zerkaa is like an Gameplayer! But i found without him to this GREAT Song <3

  95. Marangutang

    OMG ZERKA BROUGHT ME HERE. Just kidding. I found Hoodie myself. No one cares who brought you here.

  96. JelloPillo96

    who the fuck is zerkaaaa just listen and shhhh

  97. Phuckyooou


  98. reklie

    @GlassOfBlueWater lol first time i heard it from Zerkaa i thought it was wiz khalifa..

  99. iRevBK

    Thumbs up if Zerkaa bring You here!! <3