Allen, Hoodie - Small Town Lyrics

She in the city, but
She from a small town
High heels, tall shots
Make her fall down
Up late, now she running with the fast crowd
But she call me every night before she pass out

I don't wanna waste my time with
Girls who rolling they eyelids
Girls who looking for a place to stay
'Cause they came away from Long Island
I don't wanna make your mind up
I'm just tryna make you mine quick
But ever since I put you in my line-up
All I do is choke: Heimlich

Good girl in a bad dress
But ain't nothing really changed but your address
You in the Upper West Side
You were thinking other people that never would've accepted all your assets.
But I'm cash cheques and you cash poor
I'm a give you anything that you ask for
You a small town girl but you living in the city
So you always keep your heart near your passport


You ain't fooling us
You from a Small Town
You ain't fooling us
You from a Small Town

I don't know what's next for us
But every time I talk it's like I messed it up
People wanna tell me that I'm too honest
Walking on eggshells, two omelets
And I know that it's hard 'cause you left your town
Dad don't call like he let you down
You don't wanna talk when the sun is out
But if we get a little drunk, then it's all allowed
And the truth comes down, it's pouring pouring
Bout to drop bombs like Warren Moon
Color of your skin be orange, orange
Aren't you the girl that I met last June?
Who was so damn fun man, where did she go?
On vacation: Puerto Rico
Grand Theft Auto when your heart like Niko
Trying to meet your mother like I'm Jason Segel


You ain't fooling us
You from a Small Town
You ain't fooling us
You from a Small Town

I can take you anywhere on a map
I can make it all good, you can make me come back
You keep moving, I can find you on a map
I can take you back home, you can make me come back
You in Atlanta, but you from a small town
You in Chicago, but you from a small town
You move to L.A., but you from a small town
You live in Brooklyn but I know you from a small town


You ain't fooling us
You from a Small Town
You ain't fooling us
You from a Small Town

Yeah, all across the globe
Uh, and every town you know
Yeah, you ain't foolin' us

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Allen, Hoodie Small Town Comments
  1. Jaylen Pizarro

    gta 4 is a classic

  2. C Elizabeth

    All of his songs are great

  3. esketit !

    The nostalgia is real.

  4. Rain Girl

    so much memories ♡

  5. 59th

    march 2019 gang

  6. Daniel Reyes

    Ufff.... Qué nostalgia de canción

  7. MartinezXD32

    December 2018?

  8. Laycee Lay

    Omg this shit takes me back! <3

  9. Kristen Dougan

    I only found Hoodie about a month ago, love him! Listen to him all day while working

  10. A Random Person

    I always listen to this song whenever I can. Cuz I 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 it sooooo much! 💚💙💗💖💕💜🖤💛💓💝💞💟❣💚💙💗💖💕💓💛💜🖤💝💞💟❣ (I know I put too many emojis XD srry bout dat)

  11. Shokeyy

    ahh those trickshotting days, gotta miss those days!

  12. Shanell Rodriguez

    my very concert was a hoodie concert and its still one of the best concerts I've ever been to hands down!

  13. Luciano Capitano

    gO pamaj

  14. Gaming Trap

    color of your skin be orange .... Donald Trump ????

  15. Garrick Page

    All I ever do is choke on dick ? XD

    Pelle Pell

    "all i do is choke, heimlich"

  16. Banana Cunt

    Grindsquad send me

  17. alex edwards

    This reminds me when I used to play mw2

    Prodigy Gaming

    BarcrestPlayz You're not that smart I'm not either lmao

    Luciano Capitano

    ?? so??

  18. Ezgi Ciplak

    Hoodie is bæ. ❤

  19. Bree Palmer

    every time i hear this i think about how i snuck out of my house, drove over an hour to indy, camped out for 24 hours, then listened to you sing this while i was fucked up on fireball shots and whatever the hell was in the blunt being passed through the crowd.
    thanks for that great memory. 💘

  20. Tairah M

    Every time I hear this I'll think of when you performed this @Webster Hall and the whole ground was shaking from everyone jumping 😝😝

  21. eRa Mars

    Hoodie is the man

  22. Alice

    Thumbs up if youre not from Pamaj and youre just here because you're a long term fan of Hoodies<3

    Erik Jaritsin

    +Alice hi I'm from Pamaj


    We all find out about artists from somewhere. I've been a long time fan. Can't even remember since when. But I'm sure you didn't know about Hoodie by yourself.


    Actually I did, I stumbled across one of his songs years ago and ever since then I've loved him.


    @Alice There's no difference of being told about someone years ago or "stumbling across one of his songs" or hearing a song from a different video and then coming here to hear such dope song.
    Back off you wanna be original fan.


    I have no idea what you're ranting on about but I couldn't really care less. Why are you trying to argue with me?

  23. Mr.xah580 the gamer duskull

    i thought maybe i try some of his and the ad brought me here

  24. Ra'ed Alaraj

    Pamaj <3

    x Overdrugs

    patrickplays 3 years after ! Thx pamaj for this amazing song !! 😂😉

  25. That one Thumb

    Wtf how do you change speed of video

    Moritz Müller

    Not with smartphone

    Emily Lochert

    That's my question too.. I don't even have a smartphone

    Moritz Müller

    @Emily Lochert there aren't that many icons so it should be easy to find it


    all i think of when i hear this is the good old mw2 days

    Faisal Bianco

    +Zeus CSGO lol!!!!


    hell yea dog

  27. Cicekli Cicekli

    hi swall town

  28. Dziugas Saiyan

    mw2 times :D

  29. Andrew Steffon

    Saw Hoodie open up for Wiz and Fallout Boy was so dope

  30. sakurafan223

    Saw them live a few days ago. New favorite song hands down.

  31. Martin Benek

    OMG dat 1.25 speed is epic!!!

    Emily Lochert

    how do you speed it up??

  32. atheer directioner

    i heard the song in one of matt's videos 

  33. Cornelia0101

    Hamburg yesterday was sooo amazing! It was the best decision to travel so far :) i hope you come to Austria the next time, if not it doesn't matter I travel for your music as far as i can :D ♡

    Martin Moritz

    lol naja bin auch über 250 Km Gereist :D Dafür hat es sich aber 100% gelohnt!

  34. Vici B.

    Best rapper of the world!

  35. Wisteria Berlitz

    Was flipping through my music list recently when I saw this, was shaking my body the whole time.

  36. Lyoon

    you make the best music

  37. Damien H

    Congrats on making it to the radio man! Don't know if that was a pitstop on your destination, but glad to hear that your fun and quick witted lyrics can please the ears of the radio - only kids.

  38. OliieSweets

    :'D cutie cutie cutie with a sweet ass voice

  39. Paulo gamer

    du machst perfekte musik macht spaß mitzuhören :)

    Spielkind tumor

    Hoodie allen ist der Beste *-*

  40. Paulo gamer

    i like this

  41. JoeBobomb


  42. Ally Baltazar

    I just fell in love with his music ❤

  43. GlobeCrafter4D


  44. William Filon

    Je kiffe <33

  45. Prxctical

    play this in 1.25. So epic!


    omg thank u haha

    ImSmxrfyJr PS3

    That was dope thanks for pointing that out

  46. Mike Oxlong

    Why are people so desperate for likes on Youtube? It doesn't give you anything if someone likes your comment that you told them to like

  47. Absolut AmLimit

    best song I've seen

    andrew killops

    you can see songs? normally I just listen to them

    andrew killops

    @***** way to steal my joke

  48. Christophe Legrand

    Moi qui et français jadore


    Gros tu ES français s'il te plait !

    Thomas Hugues

    Bonjour à toi confrère, nous sommes les seuls fans français de Hoodie Allen, c'est triste

  49. Fapplin

    i listen to this song when i play fifa


    Why don't you listen to fifa when you play fifa

    wear the crown

    Me too, I play Fifa when i hear this song. :)

  50. David Marin

    I didn't come because of some guy named Matt, I came for Hoodie Allen.

  51. CRA5Y

    Play it add 1.25 speed and it sounds epic 

    Collin Holbrook

    and rapping is even better 

    Isaac Barajas

    +FAROUTCRA5Y i get dizzy

  52. Chuck Norris

    Been listening to you since 2010. Keep it up

    Inztant Gaming

    LOL same as me mate

  53. Dariokmrc

    HoodieAllen:The best!!!!!

  54. Tabatha Lawton


  55. Prophet Bites MX

    Benshorts <3

  56. Anne Gibson

    Someone please tell me who the fuck Matt is.

  57. Julissa Silvar

    I live u hoodie Allen I love your music keep it up I hope to meet u before I die that's my dream and I am nearly 13

    soft skills

    @Julissa Silvar I've met him two different times xD


    Like if u just have amazballs, music taste and found this by urself ;)

    Jake Beveridge

    Don't use that word ever again please

    Can't Believe Someone Actually

    @Jake Beveridge someone said it

    Ash Rose

    I found him through 8 bit world by your favorite martian. Since then i've been jamming to him :P 

    Sir Jiffy

    Are you high asf right now?

  59. Dat Manji

    very grow, beautiful rythme , good job hoodie

  60. xRewind

    hanging with hoodie tour <3

  61. Stefanito_ M

    proofy !!!

  62. Livvy Pie

    Omg.... I swear this is one of the best songs I have ever heard 3 xx

  63. Bevor

    trickshotting momories <3 

  64. Kaitlin G

    Hoodie allen is kinda like my favorite rapper after eminem


    Same gurl samee

  65. Dontworry Aboutit

    I like it! haha great song, follow me on instagram @ima_cold_mess

  66. bifernliley

    Love this song so freakin' much <3

  67. Kaitlin G

    I thank Matt for getting me into hoodie Allen

  68. cloclo1123

    this guy makes me think of O2L and Magcon boys

  69. JoMarie Malline

    Polina brought me here!

  70. MagconObsessed2903748

    Like if Matt brought you here :)

    Amalia Dyah

    @Ma4Zda Matthew espinosa


    WTF is Matt? XD

    That one Thumb

    Wtf is matt

  71. Olly Gill

    This Song Is Amazing!

  72. christian97123


  73. Pat Distefano

    i love this song

  74. thechaosglichers98

    I literally love you hoodie... You need to come to the UK please :D

  75. Tiago fcp

    pamaj  :)

  76. Empty Ends

    Gta 4 reference

  77. Any Maombi

    He's singing about omg <333


    Such a big fan #snm

  79. TheVirtualDrummerGuy

    Did a Virtual Drum cover of this... Great song C:

  80. Katherina Eneva

    I love this song !! Is there any music video of this song?

  81. m.A.A.dVillain

    i remembered when I started a very big argument a year ago when i wrote faze fakie. I'm happy i don't watch faze anymore

  82. Santiago Helmick

    Best song

  83. kevin mulry

    There should be a music video for this!

  84. Bit Basket

    I love this song ! 

  85. EpiC Pointzzz

    Hey Im The One who got the singed poster by u walker u recon?

  86. Lewis Fleming

    you are such a good wrapper haahha hey now hey now your been f>>king on my day now


    Rapper. Not raper. Not wrapper.

    Curtis Woerner

    @TheSqueakGeek white+rapper=wrapper


    @curtis woerner no


    @Oli The Editor Can't remember the song off the top of my head, but it's a hoodie allen song. 


    @Oli The Editor It's called Hey now...

  87. Manuel

    Best music!

  88. Jesziiqa Salas

    Benshorts me mando aquí :")

  89. thot aka dylan

    You're a special type of stupid, aren't ya' buddy?

  90. Clément Riviere

    AWESOME !!