Allen, Hoodie - Passing Me By In '09 Lyrics

Passin' Me By 2009 right [3x]
It's Hoodie, Illa, Pharcyde
Yeah we about to kill it

[Verse 1: Hoodie Allen]
Now in my younger days I used to sport a shag
When I went to school I carried lunch in a bag
Wack, my backpack bigger than my body was
My Spanish teacher always telling me to adios
Out of the class cause I couldn't keep from talking
I my converse kicks, they lighting up when I was walking
To the principals office, I'm nauseous
Then I saw this pretty little thing and she was gorgeous
Had to make a move I was on this
So very nice to meet you
She told me she was new to school
I came at her like "me too"
And that was just a lie for the hell of it
Plus we're at the age where the breasts are developing
So I say whatever just to relish in the moment that we had
Cause it's sad, the day I took her over to my pad
She met friend Chad and that's a terrible mistake
Cause the second that I turned around he asked her for a date
Like wait, hold up, now way

[Hook 3x:]
She keeps on passing me by
(Never the less, I'll say it again)

[Verse 2: Hoodie Allen]
And when I dream of something good
I think of me and Allie
Cause she was from the hood
But when she spoke it's like the valley
And no we're not in Cali
But like how was I to judge her
When the way that she flirted
Made me think I'm gonna fuck her
She was like no other
I just hope that she can see me
When the other though of me
As their little brother, Stevie
I'm the youngest in the class
So I'm her youngest suitor
And then she came right up to me
And said she need a tutor
All I could do is stare
Which had a project for the class
But I swear I didn't care
Now she had a bone to pick
But I swear that I was over it
I'm hoping it will happen
But I think I need a prayer
To get the Ugg boots off her feet and the tights
And then the cut-off shoulder hoodie, it'll be over tonight
Although it's getting real late, I made a move to her zone
Cause I won't have to hear about her go and taking me home
I said "I get my learner's permit soon, I'm passing my road test"
And she was trying to block it when she thinkin' she knows best
Oh yes, I could tell we wanted the same
Except she wanted my brain
And I just wanted some brains
Oh my bad, it must've been a miscommunication
She said "when you get older kid, damned if I'd be waiting"
So now I'm always skating, that day me an asshole
So now when girlies come on by, I'm telling them to pass low


Woo! It's Illustrate, what?
It's Illustrate or Hoodie Allen [2x]
Here we, here we, here we, here we, here we go!

[Verse 3: Illustrate]
They keep on passin' me by askin' why
I said but don't say Konichiwa
Now you see why
I can't but help but break a sweat over these divas
Jesus, help me when my speech flutters into a deep smother
Peep how much I lover but still than I'd say I fuck her
Got little game man, I'm dressing very basic
This one girl compared my attitude to Larry David
She incurred my first try, thought I learned my lesson
But her style so fly, that I wrote in instant message
My dear, my dear, my dear, my dear, you will not blow me
But you show me very well you would delve right into me
If I was G, but now you see, I'm not into any of that shit
I though that she was a queen, but now I see that she's a...
I wish that I was farsighted like Pharcyde
Never been a smart guy, I'll deny these bizarre rides
Cause girls talk trash, love only the cash
Got no class so I had to let her pass

[Hook 3x]

Keeps passin' me by
She keeps passin' me by

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Allen, Hoodie Passing Me By In '09 Comments
  1. Maxx Hibbs

    Still bumping this in 2019

  2. Neena Palluccio

    This whole mixtape is lit as fuck #riptotheoldme

  3. Adonis Makes Hits

    A rarely well done remix of a CLASSIC!

  4. TheTurtlebunny3333

    Still cookin

  5. adam cole

    top 5 rappers hoodie allen packy logic mac miller russ

  6. James McKay

    This track is an absolute classic.

  7. ElectroIsMyMusic

    dopeeeeeee; reminiscinnnnnnnn ;)

  8. Ragerbot

    6 years later and still can't get over how well this was put together. Hoodie just keeps getting better and better.


    and...8 months later, I'm back here.


    +Ragerbot Magic... :D


    2 years later and still bumping it.

  9. Kaartoo

    I feel deep sadness when I re-visit a great song and the comments section is dead.


    +Kaartoo the song receives love bro, even if it's not vocal

    Zack Kinsey

    so true

    Omari The People

    zack Kinsey facts

    polka troklovitch

    I'm still here, where are you? :(

  10. chekoblaster

    still passin me by ...classic tune, many talents coming together nicely ..timeless

  11. Marco

    can someone post lyrics or something?

  12. HisRoyalFreshness163

    Wait so if you like someone every thing they do is perfect to you no matter how bad it is? Little bit ignorant isn't it?
    (oh and I liked this song before you say "well you're not a real hoodie fan" or something like that)

  13. fungi guineapig

    real fans like any song that an artist creates

  14. ZeNCantSnipe

    it actually is

  15. ZeNCantSnipe

    sounds like the dude from filthyfrank

  16. Brandon833HD

    This definitely rivals the original.

  17. nonstopfuture

    We all love your early stuff Hoodie, this is up there with Sticks and Stones. Probs your top 2 songs

  18. itsMattNoble

    Illustrate's flow is unreal , so sad he's basically unheard of.

  19. Zyxlanize

    Cause we at the age breasts are developing.. genius.

  20. Christian Montes-Torres

    awesome homage to one of the best classic tracks of my childhood. I caught you on sourcefed so I decided to take a listen and so far no song has disappointed but only cemented my appreciation for your art. Keep em coming man your a much needed revival in this music industry that's coding and fading to black.

  21. Zyxlanize

    Shut up.

  22. desmond dekker

    She keep's on passin' me by....

  23. desmond dekker


  24. desmond dekker

    LOL what a rape of a classic song this fucking prick dont even know what ghetto is this mutherfucker is acting like a big shot when he doesnt even got the balls to talk about gals PS. your voice is like michael jackson on hang over


    Man fuck you hes a beast

  26. S Chambers

    respectable tribute. doesn't hit the original, but respectable, like his other d.o.c. type flows.

  27. Brandon Alvarez

    I like it!

  28. Ryan Power

    love that he sampled kanye

  29. Ragerbot

    This is my favorite song (excluding All American)

  30. asia nesti

    i can't stand how awesome this track is

  31. Harry Liu

    Mr woofless and the pa army sent me here becauSe I think they won their game by listening to hoodie, that's how I win my games

  32. The SuperSquid

    Its a cover dumbass btw its not the same lyrics and... just read the top comment.

  33. Chris Thomas

    this is the same beat from g easy younger days

  34. hermanmelrose

    NBA 2K9? No freakin way! hell yea

  35. TT TT

    I know right, shame on him for paying tribute to a song that was influential for him! Man, you must really hate any cover anyone ever makes of any song then, huh?

  36. Mike Gallino

    Oh yes I could tell we wanted the same except she just wanted my brains and I just wanted some brain so my bad.
    It musta been a miscommunication, she said when you get older kid be damned if I'll be waitin. So now I'm always skatin,
    That day me an asshole. Now when girlies come on by I'm tellin them to pass slow.

  37. BogBounce

    @wearehoodie god damn that "she was gorgeous" is the best part of the song <3

  38. Zosedrift25

    passive agression sent me here.

  39. Keith Marange

    i hv just discovered hoodie he so classic

  40. Angel

    hoodie i need the lyrics

  41. Omeir

    Illustrate's flow is delicious

  42. mitchell hiers

    @Somotschi "any of"

  43. Creptoo59

    who's illustrate, because I love that part.

  44. Garribean2341

    @SuperBigbalz Because they have to play shitty music instead of the good stuff >.>

  45. Mario Garzon

    @ShiftyTate808 hey dude if u dont like this song then dont even listen to it or keep ur comments to yourself cause hoodie works hard to make music and then you come and hate it well if u dont like his music, go do wat u do ok dont just come here and comment bad about this

  46. ZuZ Palace

    @ShiftyTate808 you are a fucking dumbass hoodie is so incredibly creative have you heard his songs? you ignorant piece of shit, hoodie mixes all sorts of stuff together and it's fucking amazing hoodie's a boss with a billion times more talent than you can ever even dream of having. Go be douche elsewhere.

  47. thomas bolts

    @ShiftyTate808 not boys

  48. Karsten Grabowski

    one of my favorite beats of all time.......still like the original but this is pretty dope

  49. Vhiskey89

    .........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand justice has been done.

  50. Aaron Brown

    using that pharcyde beat

  51. mykal max

    this track is so amazing!!! great flow and superb lyrics,,,great mixtape aswell

  52. SoggyDoughnuts

    Fucking amazing hoodie

  53. MellaMelloo

    that one person doesn't have fuckin hearing.

    thats it

  54. Ben Smith

    @ShiftyTate808 lol who made you the fuckin critic? theres only 1 dislike on this video. 26:1....not a mathematician but those have gotta be good odds? fuckin douchebag, he spits on this beat.

  55. YoYovitch

    I like this better than the original. Ur flow is awesome.

  56. Mario Oiram

    @TheNewKidOfSk8 That's not the point, he loves making music.

  57. xDeaDxLegacY


  58. Hoodie Allen

    @ShiftyTate808 you missed the point man, this is one of my favorite songs of all time, this is me paying homage to it hence copying the flow etc. sorry you didnt like it!

  59. Carlos Padilla

    this guy is so underrated, this is art! i love hoodie, ive been listening to mixtapes for weeks now! so fresh!

  60. leg0mygreg0

    sickk song!