Allen, Hoodie - Overtime Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Yo, outside her Brooklyn apartment
She got a new crew now and I ain't part of it
Tattoo on her wrists, so the scars are hid
And I ain't trying to lose you like an argument
Fuck beef and everybody who started it
Walk in to the bar and they card the kid
Good, cause I'm twenty-five, but I only look twenty
I'm trying to survive in this world that we live in
There's truth and there's lies and not every decision you choose can rewind
You might blink in a moment and this shit be over
I'm fucking it up if I'm living inside
Wasting my time on the internet
This job never ends, nowadays
It's the only way we earning respect
It's hard to leave when we're earning a check

Working them late nights, every night
Motivation, super high
Double shift it, over drive
Make that money, multiply
Oh lord not this, walking home I wanna quit
But I stick around for the benefits

Clocking in that overtime, clocking in that overtime
Clocking in that overtime, clocking in that overtime
And I'm getting paid for it, paid for it, overtime [x2]

[Verse 2:]
I'm pushing back when push comes to shove
Deep down, wondering why they ain't pushing us
I got friends with deals, I got friends who front
But just keep it real, cause who gives a fuck
If I was Pusha T, I might push a brick
Working 24/7 just to push my shit
Cause if I slip, there'll be twenty other rappers, quick
Trying to fit in my shoes, but my feet just too big
I can't relax, I can't even sit back
With my girl on my bed, got my face to my Mac
And I know she act disappointed in that
But how the fuck we gonna blow off a rap
So I stay grounded, never catch an ego
As far as we go, it's good, just believe, yo
Love all my fans, without you, where would I be though?
Where would I be though?


[Verse 3:]
Could it be so easy, well don't believe me
Cause you know good things take time
And please don't leave me, cause I need you with me
And there ain't no shortcuts left in this life
And the great things take love, love
And the great things take love, love
And the great things take love, love
And the great things take love, love, love
Are you putting in work?


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Allen, Hoodie Overtime Comments
  1. ty mead

    hoodies so under rated


    I always thought it said "fucking in that overtime" I feel retarded

    Gage Croft

    `Same here dude

    Taylor-Rae Jones

    ACDCRD bruh me too

  3. Abigail Barber

    I literally have been singing 'fucking in that overtime', damn

    Nicole Gillum

    LMFAO same 😂😂💀💀💀 until I saw the lyrics

    Abigail Barber

    +Nicole Gillum our version is better, I still hear fucking in that overtime though even though I know the real lyrics😂

    Nicole Gillum

    +Abigail Barber same hoodie needs to change the song to fucking in that overtime 😂



  4. jr neymar

    fucking in that over time n m get paid for it:p

  5. Dolphuns

    I watched this to make sure It didn't say "fuckin in that overtime"

    Ian Jenkins

    I think it's a better line haha. It seems to go along with "and I'm gettin paid for it" better, or at least to me.


    Honestly I hear "fuckin in that overtime" instead of the other line

  6. xSpaztik

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