Allen, Hoodie - Nolan Ryan Lyrics

I don't mean to be greedy or steal your moment
But sometimes I just got to rap circles around motherfuckers
It's Hoodie Baby!

[Verse 1:]
Okay I don't really mean to be superficial
Don't wanna talk about the women and the money I got
But getting beautiful women is not the issue
'Cause the women only coming when the money is hot
I'd rather be living my dreams than be living a lie
Homie everywhere you going you be killing the vibe
It's like you walk in the room and the people get quiet
We ain't talking 'bout you we just wanna be private
My shit's fly like a personal jet, I'm earning respect from every single person I met
You always looking in the mirror, you should learn to reflect
You old news, all we rap about it is current events
So if you started having doubts about your relevance
Change your name to my name for the hell of it
So you can reap the benefits of being fucking jealous
I'm the only one in the damn room like an elephant

Haha, everyone else is quiet
You understand?
Let's go

[Verse 2:]
Tell me I'm fire, I'm better than that
Say I'm a liar, I never been that
Homie keep trying
Your wallet is on a permanent diet, it's never been fat
That shit is science
My shit apply every to motherfucker out there who try
You should retire
Blame it on Tommy, and cry to your mommy, you never been fly
Rappers pretending it's all black and white
But I ain't got time for that clean shit
Oh, you'd rather be James Dean?
I'd rather be me bitch

I'm just being honest
You don't usually wear those big ass glasses
The Internet's forever

[Verse 3:]
I'm talking this and that, this and that
Identical twins, homie, that's a sister act
You like riff and raff, but that's piss and trash
I'm at the top of the game like aristocrats
Got a vision and I'm gonna finish it
Watch all these haters go beg for their innocence
You talking shit there will be no forgiveness
Writing in permanent ink on the Internet
Swallow your words never assume
People keep talking 'cause that's what they do
As long as they talking 'bout me and not talking 'bout you
Let's let the talking resume
Let's just assume you jealous of me, though
No necesito amigos, I'm all on my own like a free throw
'Bout to make white girl money with burritos
(Shouts to Chipotle, shouts to Chipotle)

[Verse 4:]
Shit's so hot that you got to rewind it
New York City's finest on the diamond
I'm Nolan Ryan when I wind up
You strike out, and I'm making hits without even trying
There's no denying, I'm making noise like a siren
Every hungry motherfucker want a little piece
Fall back homie when I kill it on the beat
Got a shorty in the west and wifey in the east
Bitches just visit me after my shows
All of their clothes go invisibly, just like a cloak
Homie you're talking that wizardry
Best rapper out there, I mean that shit literally

(Let me finish)

You got Costco raps, I'm a commodity
These people buy my songs, wear my clothes
Come to shows, go online, and follow me
That's first team, bitch

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Allen, Hoodie Nolan Ryan Comments
  1. Anon

    If only Hoodie played this at all shows. His pure talent shows so much in this song

  2. LyricProvider 23

    Lyric Video for Nolan Ryan here:

  3. WirelessBrain1O

    This is how rap shuld be. If I want to hear it i come here and listen to this song. Awsome skill level and you can hear that he is haveing fun rapping

  4. Reinald Muhammad Naufal

    Shoutout to !llmind and DJ Fresh Direct for making such a fire beat

  5. louise watson

    Still a good song 4 years later!

  6. Ana Silva

    still listening

  7. BaBoU

    qui est la grace a sushi ? :D


    Moi mon gars

  8. Central Valley Watch


  9. FreddyvsChuckEYoutuber08 - Official

    Wait a minute... Hold up... Is this a diss for Nolan Ryan?

  10. indilligent

    Sounds like logic

  11. Isabella

    g eazy did respond. been on is about hoodie

  12. Titan

    Lmao i remember this

  13. Katie Scamans

    U N D E R R A T E D

  14. Lucas Aguirre

    still fire in 2017


    squad goals hell yea!!!

  15. Jason Nick

    Now G blew up and is a super star multi platinum artist 😂 Take this L hoodie


    that's why he made this song lol

  16. Cris2 Inga

    in case people didn't know this diss wasn't for the fun of it. Hoodie really dissed G Eazy and he didn't see it coming and it shocked him but G Eazy is a smart man rather than dissing him back and making him relevant he said it would be too corny to have a white rapper beef. I know they both started together and I like lady killers a lot but G Eazy literally went to the top and hoodie stayed in the bottom. G has already had a major hit and went multi platinum and a successful world tour. he's playing huge arenas while hoodie is still playing in the same small venues. he's headlined cochella and has a hit song with Britney Spears. He's performed in the biggest music award events in front of the best artists. His career went up. he's no longer that unknown rapper like hoodie still is he's known by everyone. this year he is nominated in the MTV EMAs for best rapper alongside Kanye, Drake, Future, and Wiz Khalifa. Successful album and he's just killing it right now. No doubt G Eazy is better than hoodie in music quality and overpassed him quickly in no time.

  17. Erin Rosette

    When you love Hoodie and G 😭


    There friends... The g diss was for fun, they've even done songs together...


    I like eminem alot better than them both since were talking about white rappers

    Terminated Gaming

    Not friends anymore. Hoodie dissed him a year or so after they made songs together.

    Andrea Barboza

    @Biscuit Hoodie Allen is Jewish.


    @Andrea Barboza Jewish isn't a race and hes is still white

  18. Josh Pachl

    Let's not forget that G didn't even respond to this, and Mike Stud got butthurt over one line and made 2 diss tracks, and hoodie proceeds to violate him a second time.


    i remember the whole team just tweeted "ha" G and his manager and rest of his team lol

  19. Im Nemo

    G would beat his ass if they ever fought but hoodie only flex with his words


    There friends lmfao, they've done songs together it was for fun...

    E.Naz | E.Gesu

    the g diss wasnt for fun lol @SwiftlyMe


    g even went on air on radio and said he didn't mind because they are friends...

    E.Naz | E.Gesu

    lol I just watched one and they were talking about how they were firends and then it just came out of nowhere but he didnt care because he couldnt give two shits because he is too happy to care about it

  20. Evan Ollen

    complete garbage

    Noah Mårtensson

    +Evan Ollen no bro this is good.

    Evan Ollen

    +noah in what way tho


    Good flow, sick beat. Thats why.

  21. Evan Ollen

    complete garbage

  22. Jack Adams

    Hoodie, why isn't this on uk iTunes?

  23. Dice Beats

    Talking shit about G, and now he's 2 times bigger than Hoodie now lmao

    Aidan Mccarthy

    Cause hoodie isn't a money grabbing cock

    Dice Beats

    @Aidan Mccarthy Even though he supposedly released a free mixtape but also unnecessarily put it on iTunes so he would still get money. Sounds like a money grabbing cock to me.

    Aidan Mccarthy

    +Hype Highlights its like $8AUD calm down

    Dice Beats

    @Aidan Mccarthy Still money....

    Juena M

    +Hype Highlights people didn't really need to buy the album from iTunes tho..

  24. DeGames TV

    algum br?

  25. willybdtd

    bro this shit🔥🔥🔥 while his new shit sounds like ass


    i wouldn't know who he is if he didn't make a song w g yikes !

  27. Josh Love

    Last bit lyrics?

  28. Christian Garcia

    Anyone know where to find the instrumental to this song?

  29. Hugo Harington

    Over analyzing much? almost like tumblr, though there are a few problems with that...

  30. 12 year old

    fuck this shit hoodie your shit wack asf gtfo bro g eazy gonna blow up while u gonna stay right here and just make shit music

    Dice Beats

    +KnorixMC Even though he talked shit about like 3 rappers in this song, and now all of them are bigger/better than Hoodie lol

  31. Tommy OBrien

    This song is honestly super underrated


    600k views and 10k likes isnt underrated

    Ruben Fuentes

    Belex wat he means i believe is that this should of been on radio

    Anthony McLaughlin

    @Ruben Fuentes big facts 2018 baby

  32. Stromboli

    Damn I wish he didn't diss G, they need to do more collaborations

  33. Octopie

    Simply amazing. Keep it up hoodie. U da boss

  34. Youngg-Leo

    Ugh would of liked the song... But diss G? GTFO dude.

    Libra Alt.

    +Xarxy the glasses comment was about when G started he wore thick frames but so did hoodie.

    juan garcia

    So true


    There friends, they have even done songs together...


    Sometimes i go back and read these comments for salty bitches like you because it's hilarious how y'all think he was being serious xD
    Hoodie got so much hate for that shit... They did a tour and a bunch of songs together lol


    Why? Are you married with G? Fucking fanboys, lol. Like little girls with their boybands.

  35. animallover93

    Rudanc brought me here. xD

  36. Ekolu Chang

    Why with the G-Eazy diss? I thought the two collaborated extremely well together.

    meme machine

    It was a joke

  37. OsmanFootball

    someone please make an INSTRUMENTAL of this song.....

    Joseph Marquez

    @OsmanFootball how? i dont know how to cut out the words

  38. FFC_Ali

    One of Hoodie's best songs imo

  39. GlynnR6

    2015 anyone?

    Tmac 47

    DazieTv 2017

  40. Jayson Tamura

    go watch lil dicky

  41. jeremy muehling

    If hoodie wants to get at it with riff that's fine but he shouldn't be taking shots at G and Mike #NotSmart hoodie

    Clare Elizabeth

    its a joke man


    +Clare Elizabeth It really wasn't though lol

    Scott Heuser

    mike is a douche

  42. The Real C-Bear

    you guys do know him and g-eazy are boys... they have multiple songs together.

  43. Mr. Unsaved

    Hey Hoodie, "I still can’t hear you, can you hate a little louder?"

    Mr. Unsaved

    +VladimirLenin You spelled my name incorrectly, so now we're both wrong.

    Vladimir Lenin

    @Nate Seymore you're more wrong than me

    Mr. Unsaved

    +VladimirLenin Debatable, you started the communist era in Russia.

    Vladimir Lenin

    @Nate Seymore and it was glorious

    Noah Mårtensson

    I am Nathaniel you lost pretty hard here

  44. Jay Xenter

    Well he dissed G Eazy who's beats are dope but I definitely like Hoodie's songs way better. And this song literally is awesome so I don't care who he disses, he's saying whatever he wants and people should respect that.

    And I liked that Riff Raff diss, cause that so called "Neon Icon" is piss and trash

  45. Joe Koziar

    Dissing G-Eazy? Trying to sound like him in this song xD Yer better than that Hoodie

    Jayson Tamura

    @Joe Koziar obviously not lol he also says he doesnt rap about girls and a verse later starts rapping about girls lol


    He's friends with Hoodie. He replied with ":D"

  46. TheLovelyChris

    anyone got that beat? PLEASE I NEED IT SO BAD

  47. Black kHawk

    If it wasn't for this song people wouldn't be eating at Chipotle.

  48. fizzy pie

    I don't get it why people keep on commenting hate, whether it's to Hoodie or some other artist.

    Ya don't like the song?

    Dislike it and leave.

    Instead, people dislike it, then comment things like "You aren't even popular!" or "You suck" or "Homo" or "white trash" and there are plenty more (notice, I kinda don't wanna cuss/curse, because... I don't want to...)

    I mean, NO ONE CARES about what YOU think of HIM!


    (*Crickets chirp*)

    Oh? No reason? Mmkay, thanks BYEE!


    One of my favorite songs :)

  50. heartbrokedaniel

    Personal opinion, this is one of your best songs so far, keep it up.

  51. jasmin copeland

    I love this so SO much👌❤️

  52. 4Eva

    I didn't mind you. But I hate you now. Why do you have to dis on people like really? You look stupid. And your not that cool. I'll stick with g eazy til the day I die.

  53. chalalalalasss

    my friend was telling me about how he thinks riff raff is one of the best.  I showed him this and he goes "HOLY SHIT  WOAAHHHHH THIS GUY KILLS HIM" hoodie would approve 

  54. Gil Carbajal

    Amazing song hoodie👌🙌

  55. Sam

    Shots to chipotle!

  56. ErnieBlah

    The beat is hot, dat bout it

  57. FinnishArmy


  58. Hi I'm Frazer

    This makes me feel of pep rally :') I loves you pep rally, I really do!

  59. Untenanted . Carson

    At least Hoodie Allen isn't a bitch and cuts the comments off his video like Mike Stud.  Mike Stud is absolute shit.

  60. Murviin

    this is so fucking good

  61. Chris Moon

    i have 900k on instagram plz follow @deepthroater.

  62. Quincy Robinson

    This is amazing

    Quincy Robinson

    Im dancin too much lol

  63. Viper Noah

    Bitch I meant

  64. Viper Noah

    The songs awesome that's first team birch (hoodie)

  65. Lexi S

    tbh, best song 

  66. Ry4nWTF

    He is just mad because he didn't make the Christoph Andersson "Must Be Twice" remixes

  67. Roxo the Bandit

    mike stud got pissed and also turned off the comment on his vid

  68. Tony Montana

    Only good song I have listened to by this guy.

  69. Swift Diceq

    thanks faze meek for showing me this song its so cool

  70. AirsoftBuffet

    Haha as long as you and G are cool

  71. Meek

    i fucking love this song

  72. Dante Briones

    One of the few songs Hoodie raps and those are the better songs. Come on Hoodie more rapping less singing.

  73. droxide

    Play this at 1.25 speed



  75. Ian Jenkins

    Damn. Just Damn. That was fucking dope as fuck

  76. PwnUrBadCock

    What was the original track taken from?

  77. GeeBax

    What's the song in the background called? The old school song.

    Gerald Short

    @GeeBax Mike Stud- Even Steven

  78. dillabean

    Say what you want about Hoodie, but he is right about Riff Raff, he is piss and trash, every song of his is just complete and utter garbage.  Like can't even get through an entire song garbage.

  79. Carter Allen

    so damn excited for the seattle show

  80. Jukwol

    All the love and hate on these comments.

  81. XxSammy PlaylistxX

    wow Dope asf. Deserves wayyyyy more likes lmao

  82. Ghost_Throw

    What song is he sampling in this? Why can't I google this answer? What the actual fuck?

  83. Mikey Broskiss

    You're gone and I gotta stay high, all the time, to keep you off my mind (until 10/14/14)

  84. Mikey Broskiss

    Aristocrat: Someone or something assumed to be the best of its kind.

  85. Mikey Broskiss

    And everyone else is understand? [OG Bitch]

  86. Mikey Broskiss

    337th upvote plus hoodie is #1 in the rap game...hmm....1337 BEEitch

  87. Lauren Mcinnes

    I could listen to Hoodie all day. So thats what im dig during English class. Not many people know who Hoodie is.... like really he is an amazing fucking rapper! Love you Hoodie

  88. Ozu Ozick

    Dirty as Fuck

  89. thatdude163

    best song

  90. Fony

    Can't stop click the video xD

  91. Belle Fiori

    Ok, where can I find the instrumental version of this song?

  92. Patthebat8521

    Mike stud is better

  93. Christian mccaig

    Great musician, ehhhhh rapper