Allen, Hoodie - Lucky Man Lyrics

Take a sip of my drink fuckin' take the bottle
Dated grad school chicks and I've dated models
I'm a lucky man maybe I should play the lotto
But they don't, they don't, they don't wanna swallow their pride
I ain't tryin' to go home that's the fuckin' motto
And I don't wanna fall in love with another model
So baby what you got inside yo water bottle
But they don't, they don't, they don't wanna ruin the surprise

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, so now she wanna hear my new song
I give it to her right before I put my moves on
I'm in that two door coupe me and Scuphion
Tell 'em I don't even need a deal like group on
Cause all she ever wanted was that real shit
I'm 5'9 but I'm feeling like I'm real big
On top of the clouds on the buildings
Cut a little class cause my life is like a field trip
Where we stayin' tonight? Am I playing it right?
And can I knock it out of the park like late in the 9th
Cause everyone in the crowd loves a comeback
So name a city that I'm in and I run that
It's all trickery play the hickory dickery
Every chick that be into me trying to Jeremy Lin with me
I pull him off the bench, I give them all a shot
One minute they on a roll, the next minute they not


[Verse 2:]
I been up, like two and a half days
Homie we All American U to the SA
My family call me Hoodie we cool with the last name
I be takin' down my enemy, shoot 'em like Max Payne
Playin' video games, no lana del rey
I met a chick with big lips and I want her to stay
But most of the pretty women in here are missing their hearts
They be lookin' for world peace by they end up with Art
Testing, testing, one, two, three heres the microphone
I kick it with the Hoodie Mob, and now I feel like Al Capone
But you the biggest drama queen, fine you won the trophy
Cause the only time you like the wine is on the pony
I hit the gold mine, I'm trying to hoard this
If she looks like Halle Berry I'll give her that swordfish
And we drinkin' till these women be hittin' the floor bitch
But I'm nicer in the morning I hit the florist

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Allen, Hoodie Lucky Man Comments
  1. Anon

    "I don't wanna fall in love with another model"

    Falls in love with his 1000% soul mate who is a model 👀

    Paulo Santos

    Honestly came here for this comment

  2. Anon

    Happy Birthday All American ! ! 💙🎉💙

  3. SEM10

    Trickshotting days ):

  4. Rps Tommy

    Yeah very good Hoodie Allen

  5. it's Ghost Daniel

    DNER army

  6. it's Ghost Daniel


  7. Pizzabote

    wer kommt auch von der rumpelkiste?

  8. Lucky Hoodie

    I still watch in 2017

  9. majom nikol

    Fucking best song

  10. Gabriella Richardson

    2017 and I still love this song and album!!!

  11. Kevin Lu WX

    Definitely your top 10 songs

  12. Maximilian Reichert

    Wer kommr von dierumpelkiste aka Felix? :D


    BaconGun ich komme von Dner von den alten Videos XD

  13. Plane Spotter NUE

    wer kommt von Dner?

    X-2you Travel channel

    Ich auch xD


    Wer kommt aus nürnberg


    Ne komme von Felixba

    # luggas

    Ich :0



  14. Jake Regan

    hoodie needs a UK tour!

  15. Fictitious XD

    What does the line "every girl try's to jeremy lim with me" mean

  16. Ezgi Ciplak

    Babee. 💘

  17. Maresa Fuchs

    good song #dnerLA♡♡

  18. gsp

    Can I use it in my Video?

    Best Slowpoke EU

    +EinfachNurGreg no


    All his songs arent gonna get you a strike. Check the music policy

  19. OverV

    It's possible that I use the Song in a own Video?

  20. Sam The Messiah

    best hoodie song


    +Messy Lakestar yes


    And it had already the 4th Birthday :)

  21. 2 StRoKe_PowEr

    Anyone cause of Querly here ? ^^

  22. Tobias Pichler

    meine ganzen freunde nehmen es zum motorcross fahren her  ich auch

  23. Robin Treitinger

    Best Song <3

  24. jules

    The All American album is absolutely my favourite

    FWK 1907

    +derheimliche Iam half American and half German but i Love both 🇺🇸🇩🇪❤️


    its all of our's favourite!

    Alex Cavaretta

    Idkk pep rally is prettyyyyyyy goooooood lol


    jules mine too :D

  25. Bertha Ovalle

    Siempre que escucho esto me acuerdo de Benshorts... <3

  26. Pat

    die Leute wo schreiben ,, ich bin wegen dner hier " regen mich irgendwie auf ihr müsst ja net alle das schreiben sondern liket so ein Beitrag wenn es ihn schon existiert ...ich kenne hoodie allen zwar auch durch dner aber ich bin nicht einer von denen 98% wo es in die Kommis schreiben

    Fred Erik

    Hast du doch gerade getan


    +Fred Erik ne , ich rege mich auf über die es tun

    Tim Decker

    Ich bin wegen Dner hier

  27. Jan

    I love that song❤

  28. Maisch

    Darf man den Song für Videos Nutzen

    Philipp Holz

    @Maisch LP man darf fast alle nehmen und dieser song is ja kein officales video


    @Philipp Holz darf man das Video dann auch für Werbung freischalten?

    Moritz Müller

    schätze nicht ohne Genehmigung

    Lucas Hirtz

    Bin schlauer geworden... Ihr könnt das Lied ganz einfach verwenden. In den meisten Fällen wird das eigene Video dann vom Urheberrechtsinhaber monetarisiert. Das heißt vor euer Video wird Werbung geschaltet, die Einahmen gehen aber in den Fall an den Inhaber des Titels. ;) Das Video wird aber nicht gesperrt oder ähnliches..


     okay sehr cool, danke!

  29. Lopoi Pli

    Dner ........... 😀

    Le World

    Du auch ???😂

    Lopoi Pli

    @Le World nein ._.

  30. Olmo Weeshoff

    i've been listening to this guy for a while now and this song really seems underrated. For me this is easily his best song and I don't really get why it doesn't even became a single off of the album.. Great stuff

  31. JS W

    Because of Caspar

  32. Lauren-Jemma

    ❤️❤️❤️ this

  33. Shayna Frey

    This is the song that I found on Sam Pottorff's video a whole while ago, and Im so glad I did because Hoodie Allen is amazing <3

  34. iits Viro

    28 haters THATS WEAK 29 HATERS NOW!!!!!! jk :P

    iits Viro

    sick song love it


    @iits Viro +Emily Monasmith 35! :O

    Ash Rose

    Oh no!!! 


    @[Anime Rankings] 37

  35. Olmo Weeshoff

    didnt know i liked hiphop, but this song has been on repeat today


    this is actually Pop/Rap, not hip hop.

    just so you know.

    Olmo Weeshoff

     that's alright dude, but still, Isn't rap a part of hihop in general? I don't know, not really my genre but this songs rocks. I just like the melodic beat and the rapping being not monotone but rather sounding a bit more musically, if you get my drift. thanks for taking the time to reply anyway, have a good one.


    But what I'm saying is that if you like this, you shouldnt correlate it with liking hip hop, the same way someone who just eats fish sticks shouldn't say they love sea food.

    In a purely technical sense, you could say "i like this and it has hip hop elements, but it's definitely not considered Hip Hop by anyone in the genre.

  36. Lexi Clarke-harrison

    I love this caspar lees song kinda x

  37. zRion Swing

    I LOVE YOU HOODIE !!!!!!!! 3

  38. Itz Orbitz

    hahahahhaha thats quite good!!!!!!!

  39. HidDemon

    Dude, Nice. cx

  40. Angela Lawson

    This is Caspar's outro song

  41. 陳曦

    When I watched Casper Lee's video,I heard your song,and I like it :D
    Your songs are really good !!!

  42. holyguacamole

    this is actually my favorite hoodie allen song

  43. Cayden

    Caspar Lee!

  44. T. Macri

    hoodie is underrated on some songs but on some of his new songs have a lot of views

  45. Bray Zap

    Idk, i think Hoodie makes the best verses and his songs have a little bit of everything. He's not your typical thug rapper that has to get all crazy with the same exact lame lyrics every single song about their money and their bitches. Hoodie just raps so smooth, so truthful and enjoys doing it. that's whats great about him. - And this is besides the fact that I have a thing for hip hop artists that dont have 50 mill views a song/video. I enjoy underrated things.

  46. Griffin Clithero


  47. gubgub97

    your face is old

  48. snowking654


  49. Natalia W

    Wow, this is just amazing, original beat + gorgeous Hoodie = xwejwyghe I can't even !

  50. Ex4mple

    Overused comment is overused

  51. Emily T


  52. PU Orton

    Love this song!! Check this channel out, they love hoodie too!! -------> PUORTON

  53. Bastian PS

    made my day

  54. nalee2791

    my boyfriends name actually is Sufyan. akward times since i love the hood- 'D'.

  55. SimpleTom_

    Coming from you

  56. Zyxlanize

    sick name br0z

  57. SimpleTom_

    Overused shitty comment

  58. SimpleTom_

    Overused shitty comment

  59. Rasha Khoyi

    LANA DEL REY!!!!

  60. Zyxlanize

    The fact that you see a problem with this is weirder.

  61. finzo396

    but she's still your girlfriend....?

  62. DerrikRose1991

    ich was mocking his comment, dont worry. i dont laugh out loud when killing my girlfriend. which i do on a regular basis ofc ;)

  63. mrtoolegittoquit2

    Did you literally Laugh Out Loud? I mean seriously, Laugh Out Loud....?

  64. DerrikRose1991

    my girlfriend copied old youtube comments of other videos and then posted them, i broke up ... lol just joking. she's dead

  65. Ulrich Notz

    Brick force :D BESCHTES :D

  66. WhatsALife

    My girlfriend is getting annoyed because she thinks i relate everything to Batman . . . Huh What a Joker.

  67. DJ EMOJI

    Go to new York city and play a concert

  68. Maxx Burden

    i like this track

  69. Limes 'n Lemons


  70. F Malik

    haha well said hoodie allen is amazing nothing can compare to him and I don't even know why this idiot is sat here if he doesn't like it go away and listen to the justin bieber crap lol......

  71. F Malik

    oh yeh it is isn't it lol ;)

  72. Sir Bhawb

    * you're

  73. UnrealGaming

    I love u hoodie

  74. Anka326

    max payne!

  75. F Malik

    and your just and fuckin idiot....

  76. Jake Champagne

    ur queer...

  77. Sarah Wilkes

    All the albums and eps apart from all american you can download freely

  78. iimtricky

    Hoodie= Boss! <3

  79. Edgar Velazquez

    damn, I'd love to buy this CD. But I don't use iTunes. You should consider other distros also bro. keep up the good work.

  80. Nick

    Because you can download it for free!