Allen, Hoodie - Let Me Be Me Lyrics

Started out in Brooklyn back in '96
When the nets were still in jersey but we loved the Knicks
I didn’t grow up in a family that hugged and kissed
But don't say they ain't love their kids;
We ain't some Republicans
And all I wanted was a pool in my back yard
They say we couldn’t have fun, didn’t have jobs
They say we couldn't pay rent couldn't slack off
Couldn't pack up and take the vacation out in Nassau
Got a private education with the future Goldman Sachs cats
Even tried to duck the bill collector on some Aflac
They got rich stacks named Garfield, that’s fat cats, that's fat cats
Sammy, Frank, and Dean I got my rap pack my rap pack
So don’t worry 'bout my accent
You live your life in past tense
You know some girls, y'all just friends
I know some girls, we have sex
And we all know girls that do drugs
And we all know girls that just won't
But I know they waiting for me when I come home

I don’t wanna be a legend, no
I just wanna get to heaven, oh
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
I don’t wanna be a killer, no
I just wanna keep it real-a oh
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
Let me be me

They tell me make it out my home before it’s too late
Love my mom and dad but I don’t want 'em as a roommate
Got a kitchen fulla food and liquor like I’m Lupe
But y’all fake as fuck like toupees,
So I see the world in Blu-ray
High Definition, I'mma Tivo it
I wanna save the moment and show you I’m devoted
Preach, I’m on my knees like I Tebowed it
I’m just a young kid celebrating like reloaded
So pardon the following interruption from this rap shit
I’m just trying to make a million dollars off my passion
That’s it
Guys call me "Coach" now, girls call me "Captain"
Feeling like Van Gundy 'cause my team was fucking Magic
But back when I ain't had shit, no food up in my cabinets
They just try to slow me down but I won't play in traffic
Got passed it, ain't a beauty contest or a pageant
But I got these people flipping like gymnastics

I don’t wanna be a legend
I just wanna get to heaven
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
I don’t wanna be a killer, no
I just wanna keep it real-a oh
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
Let me be me

So let me fly away
Making my mistakes
It's harder to stay all in the same place
You never say you’re gonna change
Let me float away let go of my weight
'Cause all my mistakes don’t have to stay
Doing all that I can don’t let it fade

I don’t wanna be a legend
I just wanna get to heaven
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
I don’t wanna be a killer, no
I just wanna keep it real-a oh
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
Let me be me

[Kanye West (Sampled from "New God Flow")]:
Naww man, mad people was frontin'
Aww man, made somethin' from nothin'
Made somethin' from nothin'
Made somethin' from nothin'
Naww man, mad people was frontin'
Aww man, made somethin' from nothin'

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Allen, Hoodie Let Me Be Me Comments
  1. Fortnite Clips

    So underrated bro pretty good and catchy

  2. Serenity

    One of my fave artists tbh, Hoodies music is Magic ❤

  3. 1CrazyBlondie

    wish their were lyrics.. Love the song though.

  4. SexyBeast2187

    Best song ever

  5. David Baez

    the old best slapz

  6. levi m.s.

    Wow... The memories...

  7. Tyler Timmons

    On all of hoodie Allens album the more meaningful songs are always the first and last songs

  8. Raymond Fabris

    I like the bridge at the end sung like Sia's Chandelier.

  9. Sophia Rose

    dope, i love all of hoodies music tbh

  10. FiVe Hero

    Thx Hoodie
    I can't say anything
    Only Beautiful

  11. CathalGazza

    Hoodie is dope af <3

  12. SublimeSaint Kay

    Hoodie Allen.

  13. Mr. Helix

    it would be awesome if Tupac and Hoodie did a song together if Tupac was still around

    Curtly de boer

    +Mr. Helix i just got goosebumps at the thought of that

    Oscar Garcia

    +Mr. Helix Dumbass

    Jose Vargas

    you've probably never heard Tupac so your butthurt I mean just be quiet because you have absolutely no reason to say that.


    Damn this is two years old but tupac would NEVER work with hoodie lmao

  14. Puuske

    Am i the only one who think that "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift sounds like this song?
    "I don't wanna be a legend, no, I just wanna get to heaven..."
    "So it's gonna be forever,or it's gonna go down in flames..."
    Sounds very similar to me

    Jake Borch

    @Ponnefy if so, hoodie made this song before blank space

    Robert Martin

    How the actual shit did that even make sense to you

  15. Megan Reis

    Love love love this song!

  16. Megan Reis

    Love love love this song!

  17. Hannah Wiley

    this sounds like an inappropriate graduation song waiting to happen

  18. SoLaPreVixX

    Rad song Hoodz so sick !! :D

  19. Benny

    This is the truth bout hoodie and the people today

  20. aber dunsky

    Dope kid

  21. Zarrped

    i wish i could meet hoddie allen. when i started playing call of duty i said my episode was going to be let me be me and then when i got all my usable clips it took me a while and i ended up still using it for my episode. And having a very depresing year with parents splitting up and losing alot of stuff i had i always listened to let me be me and it would chill me out. HODDIE ALLEN MY INSPIRATION ILY 4 EVER


    +Zarrped months later and still no reply.


    yea hahah


    just got an American Bully X Staffy male hes cute as

  22. UppyCuppyCake101

    Whyyyyyyyy is this not available on iTunes????

  23. UppyCuppyCake101

    Hoooooodiiiieeee <3

  24. Ghost34

    so good

  25. Marco varisco

    Love you hoodie <3

  26. Mackensie Jones

    this is the best.

  27. Sierra Geisler

    The people who dislike his videos have no taste in music

  28. Ace O

    Best song.

  29. underground canada

    Only 7 dislikes! hahaha, proof positive Hoodie is a freakin beast! Hoodie come to Victoria BC or Vancouver BC please

  30. Palupi Angguningtias SD

    we love your songs Hoodie!

  31.'s glitches

    your right >

  32. Matt L

    7 ----______----

  33. Mariana C.

    anyone who dislikes this has no taste in music... sorry not sorry

  34. bob joe

    The best I love this song

  35. David3iC

    i need this instrumental

  36. ManuVillar

    Love u.

  37. Rhys Callicott

    Put crew cuts on iTunes please please

  38. Jessica Goodridge

    Let me be me.... Let me be me.

  39. izzy.

    Yes, it's suppose to show how he agrees with what Kanye's saying.

  40. Mathew Costello

    Those legit lyrics

  41. Ali XO

    Is that Kanye at the end???

  42. Ali XO

    Best song on the mix tape by a country mile


    5 dicks disliked.

  44. Micheal

    the force is strong with this one

  45. Bray Zap

    Idk, i think Hoodie makes the best verses and his songs have a little bit of everything. He's not your typical thug rapper that has to get all crazy with the same exact lame lyrics every single song about their money and their bitches. Hoodie just raps so smooth, so truthful and enjoys doing it. that's whats great about him. - And this is besides the fact that I have a thing for hip hop artists that dont have 50 mill views a song/video. I enjoy underrated things.

  46. iCrazyTeddy

    My baby brother loves this song

  47. Anthony Reyes

    Lets get him bigger

  48. TheKrunchGaming

    Why y'all hating? You have an actual reason? You wouldn't like it if you were trying to make something out of nothing and everyone hated ,So, Be Quiet

  49. Tyler Biscuit

    TritanHD brought me!

  50. Yupers Lo

    Hoodie should top Mac miller

  51. master11552010

    TritanHD brought me!

  52. Vulway

    TritanHD took me here luv u hoodie best rapper

  53. mohammed ali


  54. kingrifas22

    Love this song <3

  55. Corbin Eslinger

    Swag swag

  56. Zer0Designs


  57. ImZayhn

    Holy **** Hoodie youre the best rapper ever . You cant learn , you must have the tecnick :)

  58. Alberico De Giglio

    Hoodie forever <3

  59. FuZePi3

    I <3 Hoodie Allen

  60. NED

    Is that literally the ONLY thing you can say to him? Nothing original at all?

  61. Zer0Designs

    just like macklemore he doesn't sign any contracts, so you can use his music, just credit him in the description!

  62. SuperEzio9

    Yo hoodie, Im my Muslim my brah. Shout out to Moses (Peace be Upon him). Lol

  63. IchFTW

    that New God Flow cut at the end. hoodie knows some GOOD music

  64. Konu

    you're gay

  65. Che Flo

    Hey Hoodie Allen fans, if you're actually taking the time to read this, then thank you!
    We're a rap duo really inspired by Hoodie and we recently released our 2nd mixtape and a few music videos. We've been working really hard on our music lately, but we're having trouble getting people to hear our stuff with little exposure. So please, if you could take just 2 seconds to give us a thumbs up so people know Che Flo exists. You dont have to like us, just give us a chance to be heard. Thanks guys!

  66. Intergalatic Starpenguin

    And Also "He doesn't wanna be a Legend nooo He just wanna get to heaven ohhh!"

  67. Intergalatic Starpenguin

    You Haven't got a Big enough Dick to fuck a Fly! And i wanna see you make better music!Why click on it if you are just gonna complain!

  68. iDeetrix1

    Jezification. Stop hating

  69. LX7V

    best song on the album

  70. Adam Z

    This song sucked the least of the mix tape...

  71. Rong

    Hoodie you have no idea how many fans you inspire ;p. Just kidding man, you do know. Loved the crew cuts

  72. Liambomb2

    that still wasn't cool how you insulted republicans hoodie...

  73. Jesse Basra

    @breackinme stfu what if someone said that to u.

  74. John Z

    aye not all republicans are bad! my parents love tue shit out of me no matter what I do!

  75. Skeetch Vids

    This was my favorite song off this album, weird it is one of the least viewed on the album so far.

  76. TheJellymush

    Nerd can be spelled Neard too c:

  77. Tuzzaax

    Actually it can be spelt either way.

  78. King

    U guys are dumb American: favorite. Canadian: favourite

  79. Respawn

    Actually its spelt "favourite" with a "u"

  80. Tim Choate

    Best yet

  81. theshaddyninja

    amaizng song glad you included heaven

  82. bySawR

    Best Yet?

  83. Becca Dur

    think this is my fav song on the mixtape :) love the lyrics!

  84. ywum123

    have fun being ignorant.

  85. Hector Colon

    Good stuff

  86. mCsKiMMeR

    just saw hoodie's name on a top ten list of artists on the fuse network along with one direction, rihanna, olly murs and more. got so pumped!

  87. ghostwithagun

    Seeing How you only have 2 dislikes you Everyone Here loves you bro :D :3 ^_^

  88. Flocky

    And another thing is whats up with all the piano and slow tunes on this album?

  89. Mega Instinct

    Great just .....,,....... GREAT

  90. Deumu

    my favorite song from this album is Cake Boy!

  91. DluxGaz

    Chill AF, Love It!

  92. GrandmasterLiu

    when is this album gonna be on itunes? i mean hoodie is literally the only artist whose music i actually purchase. all the others i "acquire by other means".

  93. Yac

    Rat pack- hoodie, G-eazy, logic and........... Can't wait to see u in Denver hoodie!!!! Less than a month!!!!

  94. JoeyHard

    What i would do to go to one of hoodies concert front row and to meet him :') life is complete. Nuff said

  95. Jesse Basra

    Cant download on my galaxy s3 D'X

  96. MamaLover67

    "My rat pack, my rat pack." Almost thought he making a reference to Logic.

  97. RainnChampion

    Gaaah I wish Numbers was on this. >.< But I still love Crew Cuts. :)

  98. VerdantPictures

    Good song hoodie. To be honest Cake boy was a little dissapointing. Fame is for assholes and this is the best.