Allen, Hoodie - Let It All Work Out Lyrics

Your heart pounds with precision, a king dies inside his courts
Your heart pounds with precision, a king dies inside these doors
Let it all work out [x4]

She ask me when you coming to my college
Cause she's all about it
I said that's 40,000
Dollars she ain't got em
She begs her parents constantly
She got A's in all her classes but I know she wants the D
Look at your kid do the math
Running over the game while you're taking a nap
Vehicle manslaughter when they gimme the rap
Probably need a miracle to mirror you back
Make fans, move units, Tim Taylor, that's home improvement
Cameras follow me everywhere but don’t call me truman
Resume is like a Rubik's Cube cause it's hard to use and I'm hardly using my brain
Fans screamin my name dog well that feelings always insane
The band wagon bout to leave the station, so hop it on to that train
Always motivated by love
Never motivated by fame
Blink once, it's like "what's my age", they stressin off of my accolades
People tellin me I'm doin great, but honestly I just can’t relate
And I'm going through some shit that got me stressin out
But like my homies told me

Let it all work out [x8]

Let me..
Be the guy that I'm suppose to
The person I envisioned
The boy who be all like I told ya
My dream keeps gettin bigger and every year I get older’
Somehow got my diploma
And now I own it like Oprah
Sorry I ain’t fo shit, the minute
With all these bridges, sometimes I get tunnel vision
I’m thinking how I’m bout to cross some long division
Only 5’9 but in the center on position
But I been in the game and I came to ball
Sent one tweet like "I came to the mall"
Hundred motherfuckers gonna show right up
Tried that shit in Oklahoma City it was loud as fuck
Mothers dropped they daughters off
Now they got me runnin' like we never shut the water off
Homie take this quarter off
I throw your ass some Gatorade
Always been a free agent but know my team they came to play
It could be one against a hundred
I promise they'll never stress me out
Cause like my homies told me

Let it all work out [x8]

Ya know they say like
99% of the things we worry about everyday don't even happen
So I'm gonna spend all that extra time
Fuckin' yo bitch
And when I'm done
We both can go to Applebee's
I tell her "You can get whatever you want"
She want that appetizer sampler
You can't get that sampler but I got it
I got em like that
Bitch have all of the buffalo wings you want
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Allen, Hoodie Let It All Work Out Comments
  1. MechetheGoat

    It was literally a solid min i looked for this song and I forgot until now. And here it is!

    Mark Goodrum

    MechetheGoat glad people can still find this 😁😁😁

  2. maddie brenton

    thankyou for this

    Mark Goodrum

    maddie brenton you’re welcome :D

  3. Andre Miller

    THANK YOU for posting this song, it's one of my favorites and I was disappointed when it was taken down.

    Mark Goodrum

    Andre Miller glad to see another person got to this video. I’m glad I posted it since quiet a few people still remember it 😁

  4. random guy

    Original song is sampha - indecision

  5. Dkibble101

    Asked Hoodie about this song on his Hype Tour. He said he had to nix it since there was a copyright sampling issue at the beginning. Such a shame. One of his best songs imo

    Mark Goodrum

    Dkibble101 I agree, it’s a shame he had to remove it. But atleast a few of us still get to enjoy it 😁

    random guy

    sampha indecision

  6. tom, that loser

    Wtf I finally found this song again thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so nostalgic for me

    tom, that loser

    Definitely subscribed thank you

    Mark Goodrum

    No problem 😁😁 and that’s awesome! Share if with other hoodie fans if you want them to hear this master piece 😃 haha

    Also I’m glad you can listen to it now 👌🏼

  7. Makem Chasem

    You just made my day 100000x better, thank you 🖤🖤😤

    Mark Goodrum

    Makem Chasem haha awesome! Glad you liked the upload 😁😁

  8. julian Rypalla

    I love this song. it means so much to me, got me through a lot of tough times and I always keep returning to it when time are rough. Thank you for uploading it :)

    Mark Goodrum

    julian Rypalla nice! I’m happy it was able to help 😁😁

  9. Say

    You're a god for uploading this

    Mark Goodrum

    Saysat haha, too bad this one was removed, don’t know why I only posted it now after having it all these years.. try and share it with other hoodie fans when you can and let’s get them to hear one of the best songs 😁

  10. JAS Paws

    Cool keep up work