Allen, Hoodie - January Jones Lyrics

Pardon my small talk
Darlin' I'm all talk
They wanna fence me in, never a ballpark
We tear the walls off the Waldorf Astoria
I told my dudes to get to steppin' like Gloria
I made my case, she a slept-on jury
And when I go from deep I be like Stephen Curry
The lines'll hit you sharp, it got the teflon worried
So I told her that I cruise homes, yep like Suri
So I woke real early, grab a bagel and a glass of joe
The he-man, woman hater, I'm a Ras-a-cal
And Alfalfa, my hair stickin, it lost control
Cause I'm a rapper, but she more into the classical
Uh, no need to apologize
I'm 21, but I been dreamin bout the college life
So when she looks into her father's eyes, shouts to Eric Clapton
I'll be the director, cause I'm all about the action

[Chris Wallace]
You're so damn beautiful, my January Jones
Oh you drive me mad
And I come right back
From your head down to your toes
I want you all alone
Oh you drive me mad
And I come right back

You say I'm spellbound
I hardly spell out
The four letters that make every girl just melt down
We on the shelf now, no Sam Goody
And when you mention other dudes, they no damn Hoodie
Unh, cause we go truly hard
Stiles like Julia
And I been gifted since a youth like I'm at Julliard
When we were younger, you were cooler, you and your friends used to rule the yard
A moment flicked by
I wish I was McFly
Marty with the sick ride
I'm able to switch time
No second guessin decisions on why I pick sides
So ex-nay, only talkin bout my insides
Always up to somethin, so we annually home
This song is dedicated to my January Jones
And it's a Space Jam, they say that I'm Michael
Lovin' under twenty's a cycle
So here we go

[Chris Wallace]
You're so damn beautiful, my January Jones
Oh you drive me mad
And I come right back
From your head down to your toes
I want you all alone
Oh you drive me mad
And I come right back

I throw my hand out, I'm tryna help her up
She lookin back at me, I think you helped enough
Ain't havin none of it, you gonna sit and say
No love for triple A
Okay, she's gone away

[Chris Wallace]
You're so damn beautiful, my January Jones
Oh you drive me mad
And I come right back
From your head down to your toes
I want you all alone
Oh you drive me mad
And I come right back

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Allen, Hoodie January Jones Comments
  1. Tia H.

    Can’t find pep rally on Spotify. This was my album back in high school

  2. G59 Kolas

    the weirdest part about listening to this is the fact its september 21 and this video was uploaded september 22 2010, its like I was suppose to be listening to it today. I was also 14-15 when this came out and now im 23.. Wow.. Life actually does fly by holy shit

  3. sarah

    wish this was on spotify

  4. sarah

    i remember when this ep came out :( i was soo obsessed. i feel so damn old rn

  5. venusinscorpihoe


  6. Sheek D

    First Stephen Curry ref


    This song though

  8. Colin Roth

    Anyone still listening in 2017?

    David Guckenheimer

    2018 here ^~^

  9. Lenard Mullins

    He was the first to know curry was going to become a monster

  10. nottocr8tiv3

    Steph Curry reference in 2010? Damn


    Ahead of his time indeed

    Charlie Gabriel

    nottocr8tiv3 18years later still true!

  11. Ztx

    is this copyrighted?

  12. Nel ☯

    I remember being 13 and listening to this. now im 19.. time flys.

    Omari The People

    Nel ☯ me too bro crazy shit


    Yo same man, life's weird

  13. Cassi Freeman


    Angel Lorenzo

    you got instagram?

    Cassi Freeman

    Yep! @ cassifreeman

  14. Phippsブランドン


    Andrew Lavallee

    +Brandon Phipps Yeah sucks I can't get them on Itunes I downloaded all his songs and made albums wish They were on itunes

  15. Winston

    hoodie the type of nigga....

  16. Wbr Motorsports

    still listening to it since 2010

    Ничего себе Вы знаете по-русски

    All of us have its dope as hoodies new single

  17. Emma

    why can't I find this anywhere?

    Nel ☯

    bc its hell of old 

  18. XoHolic

    The recent viewers are like i came here from Jones insta I am like i went to Jones imbd from hoodies facebook page lol 

  19. gophababy

    I actually came here from January jones's Instagram..

    Gurkirat Singh

    word haha

  20. XXXDeathbyFartsXXX


    Tairah M

    +KWAPT that's okay we can't all be as good as u

  21. Tatyana Petersen

    saw this 11/7/14

  22. eGO Maverick

    He played this on tour in Boise, and I shamefully didn't know it.  Gotta brush up on my Hoodie D;

  23. Simply Yada

    Black girl here and I freakin love this song!!!!!

  24. Marek Sida

    when i  got from deep i be like step curry 

  25. So Divine

    No i haven't research that much

  26. Themacmkay

    WillVlog brought me here, props to him

  27. NoahRay007

    sideways 8

  28. Elite Cookie17


  29. anne tte

    It was suppose to be a heart lol

  30. anne tte

    This song3

  31. JJJamesG

    Did we just listen to the same song?

  32. Robert Vain

    My wild guess is alot.

  33. Matthew Welsh

    how 2 of you are bitchy or moaning thats hoodie allen is gay just grow up and enjoy the song

  34. WisdomJimmy

    January Jones is such a perfect woman. Shes too hot.

  35. Meg-Anne Dam

    Jc caylen sent me , one and only.

  36. lol

    to anyone who calls this guy gay, *No interruption*

  37. Roope

    Love this song 3

  38. Ryne Prinz

    He has a girlfriend. And what would it matter if he was?

  39. Makkaraa12

    Your Welcome dude :)

  40. j2wild

    Yes thank you :)

  41. Makkaraa12

    Oh really? Well I heard that you are gay. Am I right sir?

  42. Makkaraa12

    No you idiot

  43. Makkaraa12

    First off, they are sausages and second, there are four sausages on the mouth. Is that good enough answer for you sir?

  44. j2wild

    maybe they got confused by looking at ur fucking picture! lol how many wieners have you shoved in your mouth there?

  45. MLB The Show Videos

    would it really matter if he even was gay? Anyone who says they "heard" he was needs to rethink things. Anyone okay with gays wouldnt bother even posting it.

  46. Zhané Delk

    yess <3

  47. Max Robertson

    Hoodie was never gay tf?

  48. Resin

    hoodie is trisexual????????????

  49. Katelin N

    lol i was thinking that to

  50. Miah K.

    same here :D

  51. Zoe B

    jc brought me here

  52. Jessica Goodridge

    And I come right back

  53. Jessica Goodridge

    i heard you are gay..

  54. DmDubzMC

    listen to cake boy by him and then u come back and rethink that

  55. dennis renolds

    i heard he's gay

  56. Cruz Marquez

    i think it was the i am not a robot one but still thats bullshit just cuz maybe you run kinda different doesnt make you gay like wtf

  57. baileyboards

    people are just so sterotypical these day

  58. Jacob Mullin

    January Jones is a Actress Hoodie isn't gay dumbass

  59. Patamaudelay

    Piiqo :)

  60. Makkaraa12

    yea i know :)

  61. monk adrian

    your picture lol

  62. connor555ify

    Why is it that I literally just realized that he has a New York accent? I feel like such a dumbass...

  63. Lillian Simons

    im in love with this song :)

  64. jim seymour

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighborhoods✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White People✓
    Immigration = Colonization – “Diversity” = Fewer White Children
    “Multiculturalism” = WHITE GENOCIDE
    Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White

  65. Cosmeo

    Why are people saying hes gay with this son is clearly about a woman. If it was about a man it'd be like John Hamm or something

  66. seth barber

    This gets a few hundred views every second or two...

  67. Erik Sorensen

    Betty Draper.

  68. Codunitable

    Love that Hoodie did a collab with OCD : Moosh & Twist <333333

  69. Justin

    So much better than Cake Boy

  70. Zyxlanize

    Do you people know how much pussy Hoodie gets?

  71. Jerry Rice

    Hoodie is Hoodie, gay or not, im still going to listen to his music.

  72. devilsrfun

    He's not lol

  73. hitmanhart670

    This shit is wack

  74. Adriana Ramirez

    Hoodie allen is an amazing artist. Gay or not he's Still awesome and incredible with his music, my new favorite song

  75. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Hoodie, Mack, Timeflies, & Mike Stud need to make a tour and take over the world

  76. Avery Imper

    Agreed love Mack and hoodie!

  77. liam grady

    my favorite song ever would be Macklemore ft hoodie allen

  78. FelsLife

    JcCaylen sent me here

  79. Kevin

    I didnt know he was gay

  80. baileyboards

    Hoodie isnt gay? How did that start?

  81. Tim

    I tink you speeled some tings wrong ;D

  82. §αм

    Hoodie's gay?What ever! He's still a legend!

  83. Kaitlyn Emmert

    This song is one of my favorites! ♥ I can't stop listening to it :)

  84. iamsopoor9

    If you listened to any of Hoodie's song you'd know he's not gay. Even this one, its named after the actress January Jones, are you kunts autistic?

  85. Tony NotTellingYou

    Arkward moment when your family thinks your watching porn while listening to cover the sex moans

  86. Makkaraa12

    Why are you people saying that Hoodie's gay or not gay and how did this even start?

  87. simplenamehere

    Hoodie's not gay, how did this even start?

  88. MartinVaaH

    He's not even gay

  89. RushParkourist

    But he ain't

  90. Bobcat6828

    I know I'm just saying, why are we even saying he's gay or not when everyone know he's not?

  91. Bobcat6828

    He's not even gay...

  92. grawlick123

    I have a feeling these "gay" comments are people just fuckin' with Hoodie dickriders.

  93. // .S

    Gay or not gay i could not give a shit! he is amazing, this song is amazing, cant stop replaying it and that's all that matters
    love you Hoddie Allen <3

  94. FuunoWiaIkazu

    Sir Elton John.

  95. clancemj

    love where the comments go on youtube videos.

  96. dietargo

    For example Freddie Mercury, gay and a legend.

  97. WeAreGifted

    Lol winner. ^

  98. SunnyInScottville

    Umm... Hoodie isn't gay

  99. Zyno