Allen, Hoodie - Heart To Heart Lyrics

[Verse 1]
How we end up in the same place?
Every night, I'm looking at you with my game face
What is that, well thats my baby blues
And I act like I'm a movie star to make up for my moves.
See I'm P Rock, I'm CL, but I ain't very smooth
Got another ultimatum, you could stay or you could cruise
You could crush me when you leave, you could trust me, you could lose.
Said I'm in to heavy drinking, but I ain't into abuse
Like I'm Gary Busey, my life is loosly based off the news
Gotta sad story, every single day we play the blues.
I think today is just the day that I can make it through
Because I gave an ultimatum, and you waited what you choose.
So tell me anything, anything at all
Tell me what you learn in class, and what you bought at the mall
Sorry that I'm an ass, no I'm not sorry at all
Because these motherfuckers only want to hate you when you fall

And I just feel like its over, the money comes piling in.
Don't get sober, lets rewind it and do it again.
I wanna stay until we pass out together because it don't get much better.
I'm closer than I've ever been.

[Verse 2]
Yeah, tell me what you think about me, like in a sense.
As a sexual partner, you can get into bed with
I'm always thinking, but never using my head
I mean I'm always thinking about you giving me head
So all we need is a double entendre
When your whole team is like a double Madonna.
Cut the whole scene with my double katana
You voguing like a virgin but I know that you wanna.
Bad individual to get into your rituals
Lets not be over critical, lets head to Bahamas
And if I can't afford it, then lets head to your mama's
I can keep you up and keep it down, a promise.
I'm a make bank roll, get you thankful
Never second guessing your descions of having you think over
Your saying that we do everything sober, I think we got a good thing going
So baby take it over


[Verse 3: Jared Evan]
Fuck the accolades and everybodys ego
I'm a keep it real wherever that we go
Pouring out my soul, you could dissect it with a needle
So lets just come together like the Beatles
Now we looking up
At a sky full of diamonds
Trying to survive this bright light that be shining.
And its love.
Even back when we went to college
So many things I wanted to say but couldn't be honest
Mano y Mano and Heart 2 Heart
Where do we start?
We could talk about the things that we draw
Like art
So tell me, tell me what your game is
If you like staying home or you wanna become famous.
Couch potato, I ain't saying that I made chips
Dumb and young and we do it till we ageless
I had a vision of me living on the A-List
So it don't really matter who you came with


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Allen, Hoodie Heart To Heart Comments
  1. Car R

    I don’t really like to hoodie anymore, but I am thankful for him being my stepping stone into rap music

  2. byFiji

    Banger so underrated

  3. Mico

    I still need an instrumentalist for this song


    no clue why this doesn't have millions of views..

  5. Royalty

    I love this sing especially the beat I need an instrumental for this


    Song fuck Ican't spell


    I give up.

  6. SenniK

    God why does this song bring me to such a good time in life.. The fuck hoodie?

  7. Justin

    How is this not his most popular song??

  8. Slight Rain

    cannot believe three years has gone by...keep killing it Hoodie!

  9. Mistfit

    3 years ago today <3

    gracie gilbert

    soon four years. :)

  10. stardust111100

    Hoodie is dope.

  11. siham didi

    dopeness! this is one of my fav song ever <3
    I know it by heart ;)

    Adolfo Lopez

    G_eazy almost famous

  12. Barnsey3288

    I'v just noticed, Right at the very start of this song, the lyrics that are said (Unclearly) are used by Sky Ferreira in her song Everything is Embarrassing. 


    Also the sample in the background is saying heartbeat from that song too

  13. Andrew Kogler

    Gawd, Jared went in on this

  14. megan wilson

    The start is by far the best. Especially when the beat drops 👌👌


    @megan wilson it's like an "on the radio" sound at first and then the song fades in, it's so cool

  15. Dannyismex

    Love this song

  16. ennan

    jared is a fucking good rapper

  17. Erin C

    Anything Hoodie Allen does>>> you 

    Made by Sharuk

    Does that include in sucking dick? lol jk I <3 Hoddies music.

  18. Joss Kimble

    oh yea HOODIE!!!

  19. shadowjoe123

    Such a good song!!! been listening to Hoodie for a long time now. 

  20. Harambehameha

    I'm always thinkin, but never usin my head,
    I mean im always thinkin about you given me head.
    My favorite part


    +Casper The Kidd what?

    wolfkinz 17

    i read that as he said it lmao

  21. Courtney Hill

    Someone do and instrumental. I lovvvveee the remix of Sky's voice in this

    Tyler dwaynee

    Courtney Hill someone who finally catches the sky sampleee

  22. Bladez


  23. Think Bacon

    This is my one of FAV song. hoodie allen <3

  24. Caylen Cloud

    does anyone else hear "wait for me" in the background?

  25. Caylen Cloud

    shut up.

  26. hame

    Hoodie Allen do you mean my fave rapper

  27. RyLoProductions

    what's this sampled from?!?!?!

  28. alex thomas

    This needs to be on itunes!

  29. ba†s

    Hoodie Allen Anyone else.

  30. MiamiClash

    what vid?

  31. Kiana Thomas

    Looooooove this!! Hail King Hoodie.

  32. Nabil Mohamed

    Jared Evan was just tooooo sick.

  33. MsGillybean12

    This song reminds me of the concert. Obviously every song does, but this one does especially.

  34. BritishIrishBum

    Oh my gosh, my replay button just broke! ;o

  35. steven lake

    if someone made an instrumental for this, i would love you forever


    Still waiting

  36. Jonathan S

    No, I'm listening to it because I thought it sucked. Of course it's freaking sick, it's a Hoodie Allen song!

  37. MiamiClash

    anyone else think this song is fucking sick?

  38. Tomasz Bula


  39. Tomasz Bula

    You are fucking awesome
    You have a great talent.
    When some new clips??

  40. eduhorst92

    favorite song from this album^^

  41. Micheal

    once you've heard it once, you've heard it at least 15 times more

  42. Micheal

    3 people haven't watched cake boy

  43. Bray Zap

    Idk, i think Hoodie makes the best verses and his songs have a little bit of everything. He's not your typical thug rapper that has to get all crazy with the same exact lame lyrics every single song about their money and their bitches. Hoodie just raps so smooth, so truthful and enjoys doing it. that's whats great about him. - And this is besides the fact that I have a thing for hip hop artists that dont have 50 mill views a song/video. I enjoy underrated things.

  44. roby navarro

    HA rules!

  45. thejam7129

    this song is so addicting

  46. Rhyys O

    I swear i don't stop listening to this omg

  47. Pariah

    Always thinking but never with my head, I mean, I'm always thinking bout you giving me head

  48. LegendaryPhenom10


  49. ImZayhn

    500likes :)

  50. Brianna DeMuccio

    This song is so addicting

  51. ShadowXgamerz92 (shadz)

    OMG serious tuneeeeeer

    ShadowXgamerz92 (shadz)

    posted this 3 years ago and i come back to listen to this song! love this track

  52. Maja Christoffersen

    I'm so addicted to this song

  53. Che Flo

    Hey Charlie,
    We're definitely not lying. From the beginning we've had many influences. What better way to get better, than looking to those who have done it before you. I'm sorry if thats the way you feel about us but our intentions have always been honest. OCD is the shit. Peep their new mixtape and so is Hoodie. Obviously you feel the same way since you've watched their videos. Sorry if we have offended you. We just wanna make good music and share it with the world.

  54. TheNickmaster10

    My favorite in the album. :D

  55. Makkaraa12

    Okay sorry then :)

  56. Makkaraa12

    You do know that Its Jared Evan?

  57. Daniel Liu

    Sample off Everything Is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira

  58. xXBDawkinsXx

    Best song off this album!

  59. AfroDaddy

    you put this shit on every one of his fucking vids

  60. Buddah

    found my new ringtone <3

  61. TheRealHuracane

    This whole album has grown on me this past week. I never doubted Hoodie, but I really am realizing how much time and effort he put into each and every song. He stayed true to his brand of music, and I'd just like to say that you did one hell of a job Hoodie!

  62. ShineLikeNova

    Jared evans you mean ???

  63. Che Flo

    Hey Hoodie Allen fans, if you're actually taking the time to read this, then thank you!
    We're a rap duo really inspired by Hoodie and we recently released our 2nd mixtape and a few music videos. We've been working really hard on our music lately, but we're having trouble getting people to hear our stuff with little exposure. So please, if you could take just 2 seconds to give us a thumbs up so people know Che Flo exists. You dont have to like us, just give us a chance to be heard. Thanks guys!

  64. ShineLikeNova

    Jared evens you mean

  65. brooke lafeniere

    Hoodie, i love you

  66. thespoondangle

    Sorry for thinking jared allen sounds nothing like the second rapper

  67. callum Thompson

    your songs used to be really fun :(

  68. Earle Harris

    Let Me Be Me, "You live your life in past tense" (Hoodie). =D

  69. Tiago Cachuba

    who the fuck is Lil Wayne?

  70. CraigieF_7

    Sounds like old school Hoodie!

  71. AngiesModernLife

    i listened through the whole album, and immediately stopped at this...LOVE the same song. sky is amazing! GREAT sample hoodie, and I found her through you so thank you!

  72. Hayden King

    I really miss those days, not that I'm loving your new songs... especially The Chase Is On

  73. jacob frederickson

    Hoodie Allen doesnt need a heavy bass or a pump up party anthem in order to make a hit. His lyricism alone is good enough. If you think this album is "dull" than you dont know real.

  74. cbb12

    The sample is /watch?v=rEamE0MYPkg skip to 2:29.

  75. let me nguyen

    best artist combo.

  76. Sogeking QT

    Hoodie real talk nigga, whats the sample man? All you have to do is put it in the description, its killing me!

  77. stephaniesjkim

    The sampled song is "Everything is Embarrassing" by Sky Ferreira :)

  78. PezStudios

    so damn good hoodie, love CC!

  79. Crafty wut

    i think the slow beat really completes the song it sounds sick with your flow and keep it up !!!!!!! best album ever and your songs need to go viral

  80. Napes

    Wearehoodie what is the sample? This mix tape is legendary.

  81. Rory O'Connell

    Who the fuck cares bout the sample it's a sick song

  82. bluejaysold

    WATS the sample song in the background ???

  83. Y0urthirdleg

    what was the sampled song name?

  84. 23KNasty

    was this song sampled?! if so what song was it sampled from!?! I LOVE IT!

  85. theshaddyninja

    this is so hard cant deiced my favorites hooide song for this mix tape

  86. justanothergamer

    @Vaughn Ricchini it's part of the song it's not a different song it's the intro song

  87. justanothergamer

    In love with this song

  88. justanothergamer

    By far my favorite song

  89. thespoondangle

    who is the second rapper?

  90. Jaaason93

    Lovin the album man, nice change up while stayin true to yourself! :)

  91. ASAP Clan

    So many new songs! I'm having a seizure!

  92. Sexy FIsh Sticks

    Does anyone know what song in the background this is? Its been driving me nuts

  93. Sarah Bergeron

    Omg hoodie your the best artist ever,like EVRT

  94. Dylan Bakhuis

    That is the best answer you could've given. Dig the old Hoodie, and digging the new Hoodie! Keep it up!!!

  95. Gerald Davis

    Damn hoodie, going in as usual