Allen, Hoodie - Get It On The Low Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Nobody compares, when I think about the world
And I think about the girls in it
Nobody is you, you make a whole room stop
They stare the minute you walk in it
You don't gotta leave
Cause I see someone right here that can treat you right
And that someone is me, so baby just let your phone ring
We can do our own thing

I know, I know, I know, you're not afraid
You said, you said, you said, it's just a game
Baby, baby, baby it's time for a change, yeah

I know you wanna
Get it on the low [x3]
Don't be afraid, I'll never let him know
I can give it to you like you never had before
I don't mean to offend you, but this is something special
Can't keep it confidential anymore
I just need to tell somebody
Tell me if you got somebody else

[Verse 2:]
Look at what you've done
One minute we're having fun
Next minute, it's like you've gone chasing
After someone new, and how we got so far
Cause everything that I've done is for you
Baby is it me?
I'm always forced to be
With the type of people that your mama suggested
I cannot compete, it's starting to feel like a marathon
Nobody has ever won

[Pre-Hook 2:]
I know, I know, I know, you're not afraid
You said, you said, you said, you kept saying my name
Baby, baby, baby, it's time for a change!


[Verse 3:]
Taking her to school on some math shit
I can be the one in your classes
You can be on top, you - you can be on top
You can - you can be on top like a fraction
If you mad now that's subtraction
Tell them not to call it a fax man
Used to be the outcast, now I'll lead out the class
Like I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, oh
I'm for real, that's just me on acid
Give me one day, then I promise I'll smash it
Robbing you rappers, I'm leaving them batshit crazy
Looking at her ass like "baby damn!" that's an appropriate caption
Friends get me out, cause her ass a distraction man
And now everybody in there stopping like a traffic jam


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Allen, Hoodie Get It On The Low Comments
  1. Kristopher Rae

    I like the part about sex

  2. L17

    fucking love this song

  3. David Castillo

    love the acid mention

  4. david doktor

    I love a beautiful lady and the only thing that will lead me something else to think this song

  5. Noah Hosking

    These songs and lyric vids are really good! Keep up the good work :) just bought his album! Thanks for showing me this artist!


    Thanks! Yeah I know his music is amazing can't ever get enough of it! Album drops Tuesday 14th October or you can pre order it now!

    Noah Hosking

    @KrYpT_Spaztik yep pre ordered :)

  6. xSpaztik

    Make sure that yall go sub to hoodie and be sure to buy his album on iTunes!