Allen, Hoodie - Feel The Love Lyrics

You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it
You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it

[Verse 1]
And I ain't slept at home, not trying to be left alone
I'm waking up every morning to a metronome
With no alarm clock, I don't gotta set my phone
And no the bar stops selling alcohol after 2 AM
You no longer in New York City it's just you and them
And the people who fucking with me
I say they travel the world, I'm about to cover some distances
And I'm just trying to prove to y'all what the difference is
So when you love what you doing and then you missing it
I'mma send y'all regards, few postcards up in the mail
Jean Luc, I never fail
This is new wave rap, we never going to jail cuz
All I wanna do is drink wine and make babies
You ain't never had a sick line, Wayne Brady
Let me kick rhymes and y'all can kick rocks
Like bawitabadabangdabang

You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it
You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it

[Verse 2]
So let the good kids be a little bad
Let them stay out the night they selling the El Ray out
Feeling like King Charles, partying like Harry, girl
These the nights you sorry you got married
Well, single women like room service and take out
So will we make out? I'm so shore, I'm J-Wow
I'm running around the base now
Just trying to get my face down
You got a body let me work it like I'm Basedow
So shouts to Based God, we cooking in this
Top ten on Billboard, I be looking at this
I haven't found success, Em told me success sucks
But I found the best fans, you phonies should fess up, cuz
You ain't touching them, but you'd like to
Some people copying the steez, or they try to
I feel the love like my crew
You only really feel the love when you lied to
You lied to

You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it
You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it

I don't wanna be one of the guys who tell you lies
I don't wanna sit beside them and take up all your time
But when I'm without you I feel like I've been paralyzed
Hit into my heart, hit into my chest
Hit into my knees, hit into my feet
Baby please I can feel the love

You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it
You know I said it's true
I can feel the love, can you feel it too?
I can feel it, I can feel it

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Allen, Hoodie Feel The Love Comments
  1. klien lux

    Oh my. This was my childhood jam. I use to play this along my hometown's farm road, opening my cousin's car window, putting my hands out to feel the rush of air, scented with dried up camias and dream under the orange sky.

  2. Ralph Silvio

    unbeatable ♥️

  3. Riley Yezierski

    me i love this song

  4. Taren Thomas

    Please put this on Spotify I’ve loved this song since day one! Hoodie hook us up man! Thanks homie

  5. karli monroe

    Reminiscing on how much I use to love this song and will always be one of my favs but whatever USA is gonna be lit.

  6. Lucky Guy

    It’s 2019 and this song still hits the spot

  7. Joe Dirt

    Who still here ? Brings back the og trickshotting days my gsssss!

  8. Ryan Mannion

    Who's listing to this in 2019🎶🎧

  9. Reqtin

    The Intro is just Gold

  10. Taren Thomas

    Can we get this on Apple Music please

  11. drew m

    2018 anyone ?

  12. Chris Pelletier

    2018 anyone?

  13. HalisKing

    Anyone still listening to Hoodie Allen in 2018? Or just me?

  14. Maar

    Mw2 feels

  15. Bojan Kocev

    Hoodie 4 LIFE!
    Been here since JacksGap,Alfie Deyes and Caspar Lee used your songs in the videos... and it has been probably 5 years or more!

  16. Believe

    2018, aun lloro con esto :')

  17. Kaiwin

    Dner mag dieses Lied xd!

  18. Daniel McGrath

    RIP replay button.

  19. Lesly Lima

    still waiting for this to be on apple

  20. Theodora Băncilă

    When i was in high school i used to love this song so much. I still do. :D

  21. Haley Nicole

    Jc 🌻💛

  22. _TerribleThings

    Wishing it was on Apple Music/Hoodie Allen

  23. Glucose Guardian

    Here because I genuinely just love hoodie 🤷🏽‍♀️ #posers

    Jada Jeannin

    that’s not v sweet of u, perhaps try living up to ur username... thanks

  24. FEDE_ 80

    Meyer xD <33

  25. drew m

    I remember watching this on my iPod4G I still remember the lyrics in 2017 ❤️

  26. Samuel Custer

    Here because of Lamarr Wilson's house tour.

  27. zach mac

    Jesus the beginning sounds like a song ive heard before like the voice too anyone know?

  28. Lucy

    JC Caylen <3

  29. Ashia Zahran

    why isnt this on spotify?

  30. Kai S

    I'm here because of Pointlessblog

  31. Glucose Guardian

    Who else has been here since 2012 because they genuinely just enjoy listening to Hoodie Allen ? 🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻

  32. JC _

    Need for speed most wanted anyone

  33. malia !!

    bruhhh im finna cry hoodie allen was my shit wth

  34. Riseeh Killer

    the last song i listened to before my cousin passed away :(

  35. Kelly Diep

    2017 anyone?

  36. T Casas

    How can I download this? It's not On Spotify

  37. tammy clairs



    tammy clairs what do you mean. he's huge man! everyone knows him where I live

  38. Futuristic Stuff

    who else is here because of their ability to click on a video

    Jada Jeannin

    Futuristic Stuff ngl this made me giggle

  39. Luna Karan

    Who is here because Dner ?

  40. Quadmft

    Who's here cause they used to hit bills to this shit

  41. Gracie Kaye

    who is here because they really like Hoodie Allen and not some you tuber that make girls fall in love with their screens??? JK I'm a Kian girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Moh Salah

    when I'm without you I feel like I've been paralyzed

    Jada Jeannin

    Moh Salah i tend to have that effect on ppl

  43. Farisa Damia

    i'm here because of zalfie ahahha

  44. Allison Chavez

    Who's here from the first Zalfie vid❤❤💘🙌

    Hamxa Malik

    Amazing Alex247 mee

    maggieapril26 G

    Amazing Alex247 me lol

    trxye 123

    Amazing Alex247 me

  45. itsactuallykatie

    so many memories.... wow

  46. Taj McElrath

    Damn y'all this song brings so many memories back. It's so sad tbh. I'm so nostalgia lol now I'm emotionally

  47. Amberisacat

    Why is this not on spotifyyyy

  48. Connor M

    this was so slept on. 😐

  49. Gabriela Chlopek

    i am from pointlessblog old video

  50. Amy Collins

    Why can't I buy this?!

  51. Shadi Naghizadeh

    im here bc of Jc cayeln hahha he accually sounds like him

    Angyl Quisenberry

    omg yes he does 😍👌

    hawaiilover 21

    same here lol

  52. Eri is epic

    ;(this is my sorry song for being a bitch

  53. Eri is epic

    Alfie put this song with zoella

  54. Stace Lasse

    I'm just here because connor frantas old vlogs

  55. Desiree Dee

    I'm here cuz I heard this song on the radio lol

  56. Awanti

    Who's here from Connor Franta's old videos?

    Sophie Grace

    Actually for me it was Jc lmao.


    Sophie and sabrina samme

  57. The King_Hong

    He sounds a bit like John Newman though xD

    HM D

    thats what i thought !!!

    Cassidy Martin

    The guy who's singing the "I can feel the love, can you feel it too?" Part is actually John Newman :) this is more of a cover or whatever you would like to call it. It's originally by Rudimental and John Newman.

    The King_Hong

    Cassidy Martin Thanks! I actually didn't know it was a cover xD

    Cassidy Martin

    Sorry for taking so long to reply! You're very welcome! :))

  58. McKenzie Brown

    Holy fuck I haven't heard this song in forever why lol I love this I don't know but Everytime I watch his music videos I'm like damn dude ur good

  59. Abigail Ross

    this brings so many memories back

    J Club

    this and the chase is on😭😭 This was like summer 2k12

  60. _. Rusch ._

    I love him💕

  61. Ingrid Fenty

    this song should be on Spotify D:

  62. maxine

    Tbh who cares who brought you here I love this song so much and that's all I care about. Just enjoy the song!!

  63. summer wilson

    who else came from poimtlessblog and zoella does his makeup

  64. shubba inc

    When is this gonna be on Spotify Hoodie?? I've been waiting for 3 years.

  65. Morgan A

    Still an amazing song🔥❤️

  66. Zanayah Brackman

    This isn't on iTunes because......?🙄

    Haley Cherry

    Because it's a cover, the song writer or singer of the original version is Rudimental

    Zanayah Brackman

    +Haley Cherry Obviously🙄 I was just saying that as like it needs to be on iTunes

    Haley Cherry

    you right. good luck getting it there, I like this cover better anyway.

  67. Taylor Scott

    Aldo I meant


    I can feel it all baby

  69. Emily Myers

    So many feels 😢💭☁

  70. janielpiglet

    zalfie 💙

    breanna gonzalez


    100 subs with no VIDEOS

    At least I know I'm not the only one😀😋

    breanna gonzalez

    +Crooky 03 i know right..😆



    Maulin Agrawal


  71. Lindsay Roberts

    damn this song brings back memories

  72. Valentina Andrade


  73. Chantal Barragan

    why isn't this song on Spotify :(((

    Isha Lal

    berry blue what!??? I can't find the hoodie Allen version


    Chantal Barragan Not on iTunes/Apple music either 😞

    Maulin Agrawal

    I know, I scoured iTunes for this one!

    Ben Brickner


  74. lemon zest

    I'm here cause I heard this song in a video and I liked the song

  75. kai hxoxo


  76. Yeinis Reyes

    Who came from Zoella and PointlesBlog?

  77. Julieta Florida

    Alfie Deyes brought me here

    nabil hamzah

    I know right

  78. Kaelyn Bailey

    It's not on itunes😕

  79. V4 Clan

    whos singing the chorus

    sarah myers

    john Newman

    V4 Clan

    +Sarah Myers thats what i thought thx

  80. Faris Khalil

    Still listening in 2016, anyone else?

  81. XxKaoTicNiNjAxX

    If u see this in 2016 like

    Kalen Green

    +XxKaoTicNiNjAxX no

    Jada Jeannin

    can i geta like for 2019??

  82. Madison Wilson

    this is my fav song

  83. HeyItsJem

    Love hoodie man

  84. Ember Styles

    This is still my favorite song, it's been 3 or so years since I first heard it and I still have feelings towards it.

  85. Maria Franca

    YASSS . Here because of Jc☁️

  86. Ingrida M.

    who's here from zoella or alfie

  87. JadesGames

    Who's here because of Zalfie

    breanna gonzalez


    Maulin Agrawal

    +Mara Gonzalez Sameeeeee

  88. 1stLivingLegend

    Pointless blog used this in his video

  89. hailee

    Here cause of JC

  90. HarryGM


  91. IchBinBruno

    wer ist hier wegen Dner? xD

    fuck off



    +fuck off :(


    +TapHD ich :D

    Fabienne Jünkering

    Wie ich einfach nach den Kommentar "gesucht" habe!😂

  92. IchBinBruno

    wer ist hier wegen Dner? xD