Allen, Hoodie - Eddie Haskell Lyrics

It's the young Johnny Depp in rap, you find me on Jump Street
Something 21 man, we jumping over dumb beats
Other rappers are Lunchables, basically they're lunch meat
I be up on your girl like a scrunchie, bump me
I'm juiced up so I spit it with a passion
You should check my raps with an asterisk
Comparison is not fair, why bother to ask him?
Haters getting lost like John Locke in the casket
Mack it, in the mouth any imitation that we come across
Student to the game, yeah I take the summer off
The vacations, y'all stay waiting
I'm a surgeon on the mic, I gotta thank you for your patience
And while we cuttin' up these tracks, no scapel
I was born to be a winner, no raffle
Obie stitching up this sick beat, no hassle
All about the beaver, parents think I'm Eddie Haskell

[Hook 2x:]
I been, I been doing it
I been, I been rocking
I been, I been doing it
I-I-I-I been rocking
I been, I been doing it
I been, I been rocking
Hoddie Allen make the whole world go round and say

We Hoodie Allen, give you shit to make you feel nice
Take you to heaven, you living Jessica Biel's life
Other people bit us, but they never seem to steal right
We are on a world tour, tell me what if feels like
Real, my ill take way long to flock us
We love New York, y'all John Rocker
Life is a bitch, can't remember when it started
So I just talk smooth, baby keep it guarded
I'm in your insides like where your heart is
I'm Doctor Strangelove, you've been bombarded
I'm never of the people, love the talk shit
I'm to busy waking up to people who ignore it
Fuck it if they snoring, y'all are tryna ass me
Never gonna give you up, call me Rick Astley
Tailgate rap 2009, y'all can't pass me
Watch Obie go and lay the track so nasty

[Hook 2x]

Hoodie Allen make the whole world go round and say [5x]

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Allen, Hoodie Eddie Haskell Comments
  1. Neena Palluccio

    Never gonna give you up like Rick astely lol

  2. Wisco Q

    Still listening. Still respecting

  3. Nucxe

    Probably my favourite song by hoodie!

  4. macaury alexander

    old school Hoodie, AMAZING!

  5. M. Patrick

    Damn that's some old flavor... Niiiiice :)

  6. Nefckos

    super j'ai ris comme un enculéééééééé

  7. Yassi678

    Hanging with hoodie tour was amazing ❤️

  8. ForeverMC22

    first comment in like a year lol

  9. ben atlas

    That BEAT

  10. Kendall Edwards

    Great song Hoodie bro

  11. Messiah of 1v1s

    Videos been out since 2009, only 4 dislikes, enough said. love it.

  12. tommyrharper57

    That made no sense

  13. JMOExx

    It is genetically impossible to live deadly. Obvious enough?

  14. tommyrharper57

    Genetically impossible? Man at least use a real phrase, something can't be genetically impossible.

  15. Brody Dryden

    I was kidding bruh. Sarcasm...

  16. Cookie MKWii

    vid was posted in 09 give him a break

  17. Brody Dryden

    Wow. Only 240p? I expected better, Hoodie.

  18. Chase Youdontneedmylastname

    words cannot explain how amazing this song is <3 hoodie for life!

  19. Sean Harkins

    favorite hoodie song hands down

  20. MrLoitch1

    had..... HAS!

  21. jasonchucky11

    love this track so much

  22. link0192

    no its all amazingbro

  23. kai brooks

    His old music is so much better than his new stuff

  24. Kiana Mackintosh

    Sitting here listening too hoodies old shit before I go hit up his concert later on tonight may 3rd 2012 #All American ive been his fan since the beginning! Hoodie mob

  25. Sean Qualls

    WE MEET AGAIN 240p

  26. JustARanga

    This is the first hoodie video I ever watched. Here since 09

  27. ESpencer

    I personally think this is one of your best songs its just so damn catchy cant stop listening

  28. ESpencer


  29. nottocr8tiv3

    old school hoodie <3

  30. Lukas Wagner

    best 240p qualtity ever? :D

  31. alphonze123

    240p never sounded SO FUNKY FRESH!!

  32. BomerDX15

    @bazozia Which song?

  33. bazozia

    @BomerDX15 Reminds you something right? try De la Soul

  34. BomerDX15

    The beat is sick, where is it from? I feel like I've heard it before...

  35. Christian W.

    richtig richtig gut

  36. Milly

    You see the dislike bar?? Oh yeah i dont either.

  37. MisledRabbit

    this sounds a lot like aussie hip hop, sounds awesome :)

  38. Will Lee

    @girayne That wouldn't have anything to do with genetics.

  39. Beck

    @girayne i didnt :/

  40. Clint chillmore

    2 people forgot their hoodies...

  41. mike bieri


  42. palauskas

    @girayne I didnt nod my head, i punched my wall in awe and yelled BEST SONG EVARRRR

  43. Paul Militz

    perfect for skateboarding ♥

  44. NinjaTurtlesPSN

    @Undefinedsource Lol 16k bro?? this is notthhiinnnggggg for youtube and definitely nothing for music

  45. ChaseOneWB2

    You gon blow when lil wayne dies.

  46. emsway7

    @Undefinedsource oh you're so cool that you like him before he was cool?

  47. 2k wiz

    Why is this guy not famous, great music man

  48. donahue37

    WHY doesn't this have more views? Spread this ish on Facebook people, because this is truth. Truth.


  49. Jimmy Reed

    @girayne i was noddin my head while read this lol

  50. GiRayne

    Epic track - should be getting a lot more attention everywhere, by everyone. Genetically impossible NOT to nod your head when this is on.

  51. mattV770

    Only 5 comments on this?! Unbelievable.

  52. OlympusMons23

    beat is hot

  53. Steven Monioudis

    i just wanna let you know...hoodie allen had one of the best songs of ALL TIME