Allen, Hoodie - Casanova Lyrics

[Hoodie: Hook]
Give me some bad advice
I hate when you ask me over
You drunk off a glass of wine
No wonder I'm acting sober
So cut me out of your life
And leave me like class is over
But when the day goes, and the night comes
I'll still be your Casanova
You give me some bad advice
I hate when you ask me over
You drunk off a glass of wine
No wonder I'm acting sober
So cut me out of your life
And leave me like class is over
But when the day goes, and the night comes
I'll still be your Casanova

[Skizzy Mars]
Well we sippin' tonight
I swear if you getting reckless
Then I'm dippin' tonight
Livin' the life
Real cold, drippin' in ice
Sick of the fights
Up and down, left to right
Smiles for a while
Now they gettin' it right
So let me know why I gotta let you go
Why we always breakin' up
Why I ever left you fo'
You might leave but I know you can't shut the do'
Cause when love is pain
We just love it mo'
The chaos and stress is what we covet fo'
Debatin' and going through our phases
Dumb and young, livin' life with no patience
Violence no conversations
We break up next
And make-up sex
I hate my ex
You tell your friends
Will it ever end?
We know we shouldn't
But we just do it all again, again

Uh, these are days of our lives
Only thing I really care 'bout: stayin' alive
Treatin' the hotel like Les Miserables
Knockin' on the door like "is there a part-ay?"
With no authority, we young and we starvin'
Probably should've bought an apartment
Cause when it gets started
I beginning to feel like an artist
Women showing me love like I was born in the heartland
30 bitches piled in and we so deep
20 women on the couch and they on me
10 hoes tryna figure where my rank goes
Looking in my bedroom and takin' my mementos
Oh, and I don't ever need it
I got the best broad, you can call me an elitist
And you be runnin' up, you can call that an achievement
I be plantin' all these seeds so you can call me when I'm leaving awwwww

Okay, guess it's my turn
Bitches speculate on money I earn
They don't see nada it's not their concern
I just let them partake in the mary I burn
Yeah, 10 girls all around me
A couple of us split a brownie
One brought a whiskey bottle, tryna drown me
I'm tryna take her to the other room for round three
After parties at my hotel every night
I swear it feels like groundhog day
She thinks my lifestyle is hella tight
I'm like, yeah that's what they all say
So let the song play and think of me when I'm gone
I know that I'm wrong
But you can leave the light on
Until next time, I see you when you're on a rush
When you need a Casanova, then I'll oblige

[Hoodie: Hook]
Give me some bad advice
I hate when you ask me over
You drunk off a glass of wine
No wonder I'm acting sober
So cut me out of your life
And leave me like class is over
But when the day goes, and the night comes
I'll still be your Casanova
You give me some bad advice
I hate when you ask me over
You drunk off a glass of wine
No wonder I'm acting sober
So cut me out of your life
And leave me like class is over
But when the day goes, and the night comes
I'll still be your Casanova

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Allen, Hoodie Casanova Comments
  1. Drizz.

    Mannn this song brings me back to my middle school days !! Finally found it again lol

  2. Daddy Devito

    One of Hoodie's most underrated songs

  3. FMG Benji

    MW2 😭

  4. Unknown Artist

    who still bumping thus 2019

  5. Lksks Jxnsnsj

    2019 still blastin the nova

  6. Wadud Khan

    G really blew up huh

  7. Jack Hildebrand

    2019 boys?

  8. a shared account

    I was 15 !

  9. AndrewStoneee _

    Brings back a lot of high school memories

  10. Sam Fryer

    Loved all three of them back in 2014 wish they still made music like this

  11. christopher

    fuck i miss 2013 lol

  12. Asa Jake

    This is a dope-ass song. But what even is a Casanova lmao

    Raelyn Garvey

    A smooth-talking charmer who has masteredthe art of finding, meeting, attracting and seducing beautiful women into the bedroom. One he accomplishes his goal, he leaves the woman in fear of having a relationship and proceeds to find his next conquest.

  13. Snow Bum

    Skizzy first
    Man these were the cuts, no pun intended

  14. Keefer Chapman

    Like if hoodie Allen was so underrated

  15. melanie bumpus

    can’t wait for crew cuts 2 !!

  16. Marek Sida

    Can't wait till Crew cuts 2

  17. iDazed

    2018 listening? Thumbs up?

  18. mo lcw

    2018 listening !!!!

  19. Allisyn Taylor

    This song live is amazing. It has to be my favorite song.

  20. NotMazd

    One of my favorite Hoodie Allen songs, hands down.

  21. Royalty

    This single song is like the perfect cypher

  22. KICKSTER 69


  23. F30

    This song still tops songs new to today.

  24. SexyBeast2187

    who else is listening in 2017

  25. DAZZA720

    stillllllll fireeeeeeeeee

  26. user 8000

    Listening in 1463 😍👌🏻

  27. Simplistic Films

    Miss these days😩

  28. Marek Sida

    i r eally wish you and G eazy make a song together again shit gives me the feels listening to your guys old shit

  29. tom, that loser

    listening too hoodie since i was 8 and its 2017 ♡

  30. ohsy

    this song brings back so many old memories


    Immolation Liquidation no from xbox

    Sesh Hollow Water Boyz

    ohsy me too... back when life was good. 😒

    Devin Giddens

    Time does fly. Don't let a moment pass by in vain.


    ohsy fr middle school days

  31. Tyler Lundgren

    only 90s kids will remember this

    undead Andi

    Tyler Lundgren listn in popular Radio today <3

  32. caleb10909

    whose listening in 2021?

    gunnar grahn

    caleb10909 me

  33. SnipzLiamHD

    It Was Bugging Me Which Song '10 Girls All Around Me' Was From Until I Heard This!

  34. Alex JRaw

    I'm listening in 1990

    wolfkinz 17

    3030 for me

  35. Victor Hernandez

    Damn I miss listening to Hoodies old shit.

    Jacob Jordan

    Ohh Essence for real😂✊🏼

    Giovanni Barrera

    haha yes dude!


    Ohh Essence he fell off

  36. TheAwkwardGamer

    like if youre listening in 1992

  37. HAP

    ILY HOODIE MY FAV <3333333333 Great song BTW- may 2016 LOL

  38. Harmless Panda

    I'm listening in 2013

  39. Daniel Bohl

    There's a title you earn in Defiance called, "Casanova"I totally rock it.

  40. Jose Arguello

    I love this sample he sampled heaven by emeli sande

  41. Kristoffer Varas

    The album cover is soo Foo Fighters (Theres nothing left to lose, 1999) i love it.

  42. Brandon Samuels

    It's too bad that Hoodie and G started beefing, and it's also too bad that Skizzy is a geniune piece of shit.

    Zoro UG

    they didnt beef hoodie dissed him & g replied with 3 letter "lol". thats not beef.

    Zoro UG

    they didnt beef hoodie dissed him & g replied with 3 letter "lol". thats not beef.

    Brandon Samuels

    @Zoro UG well Hoodie tried to beef with him.

    Now Mike Stud's bitch ass got all fucking butt hurt XD 

    Devin Sorensen

    I'd get pretty pissed off too if someone made fun of something that changed my life like that. Fuck Hoodie 🖕 Mike is a 1000 times better.

  43. Alexa M

    When I couldn't find this on iTunes and got salty I just came here...

  44. kevin daniel

    favorite rappers

  45. Craig McKenzie

    Sick fucking song!

  46. Dyzce

    Like if listening in 2040

    tom, that loser

    Momax19 hes making a new album

    Gucci 9tails

    Dyzce bump

    Kinga Mirocha

    how come you were listening to this in 2017 two years ago if it’s 2018 now

    Jack Truitt


  47. Samantha Stewart

    One of my favorite songs off of Crew Cuts for sure.

  48. mytrickshottingclan

    Watching this before comes to Australia going to be so sick

  49. Nicholas Rios

    some girl told me to listen to this song, and now I don't think I can talk to her anymore. this shit is trash, like what fuuuck! sounds like drakes corny ass, but even worse. this song is officially gayer than aids!

    Jackson Cheng

    +Nicholas Rios Haha ur funny man.

    Nicholas Rios

    +obsoletesuccess 1st of all that's a 50 cent line that kayne bit.


    +Nicholas Rios listen nolan ryan and let it all work out


    +Nicholas Rios no faith in brooklyn is good to

    The Codenamenoob

    +Nicholas Rios I literally can't believe how pathetic that is you must be what? 12 lol stupid fr that's not standards that's straight up being a bitch lol. This song may not be your style but it doesn't give any reason to hate a girl... Lol stop please. GTFO

  50. Dots7865

    More stuff like this, so good

  51. Jayy XD

    Its been 2 years since this album has been out and im still listening to it <3

  52. MBird

    is this copy righted?

    Jayy XD

    Hoodie allen/logic/skizzy mars none of these artists have copywright on their songs :)

    Asa Jake

    +Jayy XD But Logic isn't in the song... You mistook him for G.

  53. Jenny Chisnall


  54. Matt C

    In the two lips acoustic, was this merged with it?

  55. G.E_831

    Is there anywhere I can find an instrumental of this song

  56. Alexandra Balcazar

    This is literally the chillest song i know. SO IN LOVE.

  57. Logan Ettan

    Why is this album not on iTunes?! :(


    Because its not an ALBUM its a Mixtape which are freee to download and albums are shit u pay for. Ppl these days


    It's a mixtape

    Zoe Morrison

    Can anyone help me download this them?

    Zoe Morrison

    Can anyone help me download this then?

    toxicdemiz - emily rose

    @Zoe Morrison If it makes any difference, it's on spotify if that helps you out at all. :) xx.

  58. Cat Naughton

    the live version makes me cry

  59. Gregor Knowles

    Hoodie Allen and Logic would be sick!

    Gstep Tracks

    nah logic is more of a solo artist, hoodie goes best with gerald


    +Gstep Tracks Shame Hoodie caused Beef between em


    What happened to fix it up?

    shisui edits

    (Old logic)

  60. Stromboli

    They all fucking killed it, excuse my language

    Brandon Samuels

    Except for Jizzy Mars. He sucks dick at rapping (excuse my language) and even tried to diss Hi-Rez.

  61. rissythecreator

    this is so good!

  62. nicole

    gimme soe bad advice, i hate when you sk me over, you drunk off a pass of wine, no wonder I'm actin sober, so cut me out your life and leave me like class is over, but when the day goes and the night comes, ill still be your casanova.

  63. hans hinter


  64. yeahCeCe

    Add hendersin and this song would be complete!

  65. Ty Franke

    If only Packy and Logic were in this too:( but still 3/5 not bad:)

  66. Ethan Palombit


  67. Conclave Gaming

    hoodie fresh

  68. Taylor Williams

    Love this song

  69. Taylor Williams

    Love this song

  70. Tak seek

    Good shit hoodie hey guys just join s new clan its called talentedandkillers was wondering if u guys can sub to my clans channel. Thx if u do :)

  71. Ty Gressett

    My god this nigga put the sound of waving a lightsaber in the background. Listen close to that shit holy fuck


    my penis is 3 inches

    Matt C

    @LeviFFA Swag B)

    Devin Giddens

    My god thank you for showing us this your Highness <3

    Gucci 9tails

    Give me some bad advice

  72. Collin Joseph

    Skizzy is pretty dope, g is a monster, Hoodie is complete trash.

    oh Zirta

    and you decide to put that on his video you must be complete shit kid 

    Liam Andrews

    Initt this song is great idk wht ur talking about!

    Pablo Rojas

    shut the fuck upt and let people be...fuckin h8ter


    And Collin is wrong and retarted!

    Brandon Samuels

    You're stuck in an 8-bit world, I'm Not Your Favorite Martian, I'm the Hoodie Allen to your Justin Beiber, Fuck you, I'm not going to be your Casanova.

  73. Marios I

    The 3 best artists managed to come together. W.O.W

  74. Kristian Isaac

    I still be your casanova


    Like whore.

    Paul Brown


  75. Furmey.

    G-Eazy is the rawest.

  76. Crookfield

    Eazy Killed it!

  77. Tony smiley

    @NoahRay007 first verse is skizzy, second is hoodie and the last verse is g eazy

  78. Team J4

    true thqt yp

  79. GuessRising

    Best song I've ever heard in my life, with my fave rappers ;) hoodie allen, skizzy and g-eazy

  80. EGVantage

    Hoddie and skizzy and G DUDE BEST song I'm just coming back! (:

  81. MrNighthawk82

    lol we are all so hipster

  82. FrEsH NiNjA

    Nobody needs your gator aid

  83. JoelHsv0

    Agreed... But its not horrible

  84. JoelHsv0

    No shit. Skizzy <33

  85. JoelHsv0

    No shit.. Skizzy <33

  86. hame

    If you don't like it, then piss off. We don't need your negative opinion thank you
    We're here to show our love, not hate.

  87. NoahRay007

    Chiddy pls

  88. Daunt

    shut up kid

  89. NovusTOUCH

    Fazeclan and novusreborn oooooo

  90. Fukd Ur Bich

    Just image Hoodie, Skizzy, G-Eazy, Chance, and Logic on one track haha

  91. PSHaxor

    If you think they all sound the same, then you need to get your ears checked. They all have different styles and go back to listening to your rap. Also, if you don't like it then don't listen to it. We don't need your opinion.

  92. Austin Zyvoloski

    hoodie, skizzy, hoodie, skizzy and hoodie on the chorus, g-eazy

  93. Anelia Patterson

    Skizzy starts hoodie is second and G eazy is third