Allen, Hoodie - Cake Boy Lyrics

This is for my instagram models
Eating up the cake, watch it go right to ya bottom
You should get a new job, holla at McDonald's
Listen when I speak baby you can write a novel
The way I spit flows put you in a pickle cause I did it with no label
Got a crystal ball but I need luck cause I 'ready got them pesos
It's simple treat 'em like Kinkos cause they only trying to copy me
Last I checked you ain't some handsome devil with a college degree
But you think you can have your cake and eat it too
Well tell me why these pretty women never leave with you
I even asked your mom and pops and they like "we approve"
That's why your girlfriend screaming out my name, I call that Beetlejuice
Cause I'm the one she choosing as her preference
Minnesota women show me love like I was Kevin
Pull up in your city I could swear that's no exception
Get up in my X-Box cause I'm all kinect'd

I know some people out there used to hate
Twenty women in my trailer like I'm moving weight
Yeah, no wonder why we celebrate
Hold up, you ain't invited homie you can bake a cake, cake, cake...
Homie you can bake a cake, cake, cake...

They wanna talk but I don't wanna conversate
Watch these women serve the pussy like it's on a plate
Gordon Ramsey though, watch me grab a fancy ho
Just because we eating that don't mean that we be on a date
Plus I'm more Seth Cohen than you've ever been
That's why I take all these women down like medicine
You be popping pills just to get some extra thrills
I said hell no to my lawyer you can throw out all my deals
I'm like Ving Rhames when I bring game
Put a bunch of cash under the table
And cop me a big name with a big house
And a show on basic cable
Probably be hosting some comedy roasting, just talking my shit
Cause it's very explosive
They wanna control this like remote controllers
And pull out the guns, better give me a holster, Shwoop!
I'm trying to coast along the coast cop me an Aston
Nah I ain't the son of Christ but I got passion
You offended? Whoops, I ain't even asking
I'm too busy fucking these older women like I'm Ashton... bang

I know some people out there used to hate
Twenty women in my trailer like I'm moving weight
Yeah, no wonder why we celebrate
Hold up, you ain't invited homie you can bake a cake, cake, cake...
Homie you can bake a cake, cake, cake...

I'm Hoodie I'm I'm I'm Hoodie
I'm Hoodie I'm I'm I'm hoodie bitch
I'm Hoodie I'm I'm I'm Hoodie
I'm Hoodie I'm I'm I'm Hoodie bitch

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Allen, Hoodie Cake Boy Comments
  1. Vishalya K.N


  2. Jarri

    Had the pleasure of seeing Hoodie live again earlier this year. Managed to get a signed Cake Boy shirt too c: Will definitely be wearing it to his set at Leeds Festival.

  3. Autopilot Miscreants

    2019 still

    Why ?

    Good for you copying everyone else

    Autopilot Miscreants

    @Why ? ya cuda

  4. Mystic

    Hoodie Allen the type of guy to make a song about cake and it bangs

  5. Maddie l

    Anyone else thinks he is hot

  6. MsEmily 33

    i play xbox, i am from minnesota... i’m a female..

  7. Marco Espinoza

    Just sounds fire in 2018 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Tommi Appo

    this cunt has to be a meme

  9. Nick

    ya'll listening in 2019?

  10. yung shoelace

    Who here 2019??!??

  11. Kaytlyn Lewis

    here at the end of 2018😂

  12. Isabella Refalo

    Why is no one else bringing up the Seth Cohen Gilmore girls reference

  13. Anthony Hologounis

    cake boy yas

  14. you can’t handle fanxy child

    This song is song underrated

  15. Sam

    has Melissa marie got an insta?

  16. daysofblueshy official

    If this song was released in 2018 it would be way more popular

  17. Tox1cBoi15

    The beat to this is beast I play it on a Bluetooth speaker and it's sounds freaking awesome

  18. Brad McCullagh

    What a bloody classic

  19. Artofficial

    1.25x Speed

  20. twilightroyalepistols

    I remember listening to this because of jc Caylen and Kian lawley

  21. Kip Tucker

    These are the Cake Boys Mix-a-lot rapped about!  Sweet af...just like your girl likes.

  22. Ryan Lucas

    2018... its still lit

  23. cuneyt cakmak

    dear cake wants

  24. Christina Marie

    havent heard this shit in a fat ass minuteeeee

  25. Grimuzi

    This is trash. Fucking stupid white boy who would get smacked if i saw him. And his only fans are stupid white single fat bitches

  26. Keelan Jeffers

    see this is what happens when rich
    white boys try and be rappers because they got an A+ in poetry in the 11th grade

  27. sena wasgehtsiedasan

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  28. Atakan Arikan

    Keep goin Hoody Allen love your music

  29. Michael Heinemann

    That’s the girl from lil Dickey’s videos

  30. Sav Sav

    When it’s 2017 and it’s still a BOP BITCH THIS SONG IS ICONIC

  31. No Name

    Anyone here on 2017

  32. blackreaper

    the kid throws a chocolate cupcake...a vanilla hits her in the face...Illuminati confirmed!

  33. yako 000

    you know if you listen to a normal song, then listen to a slowed one, then listen to the normal one again it sounds like the original was sped up.

  34. maxine chan

    This is my job lol selling cupcakes.

  35. Young Boy Cosplays Domstong

    Watch these Women serve the PUSSY like it's on a plate

  36. kimberly figueroa

    Iam love a yuo

  37. Alec, The Creator

    I used to know all the words when I was 13 and now all the words Ik in the song is "CAKE"

  38. faiirycas

    Idk why I like this song lmao

  39. Reece David

    Dope song

  40. Mazie Hartman

    I only know this song bc of Jc Caylen😂

  41. Zeke The God

    Jc Made An Exclusive Video of cake boy

  42. you can’t handle fanxy child

    who came here from troubled youth's ending song. just me? ok.. :(

  43. Maria Martell

    I was suddenly hungry when he started to say cake lol. 1:10

  44. Royalty

    I used to hate this song now its grown on me

  45. Patrick Bergin

    Purge this heretic.

  46. Neha Arora

    don't really get the video but love the song

  47. Amy Baker

    Prefer his acoustic album for 100% of his songs

  48. Claudia leal

    so "Cake, cake, cake, cake" comes from this song? 😮

  49. Network ModzHD

    fucking feels like I grew up with u ngl, like 'no faith in Brooklyn' and 'no interuption' are my favourites still listen to them this day 3/4/2017 love yah (no homo)

  50. TheNavajoTaco

    Is that the girl from Lil Dicky's videos?? or am I just seeing things

  51. Faizan Khan

    this song is pakistani singer ali gur pir song name waderey ka beta

  52. That One Rainbow kid

    if you're gonna make a song about ass than put some ass in the video

  53. Borce Stojkoski

    This is some of the dopest shit on youtube :)

  54. alLarine

    its okay hoodie we all know you were secretly talkin' bout birthdya cakes......

  55. Kyler Bocook

    homie went hella hard

  56. Mason

    Such a douchebag song but I love it

  57. Sara Brink

    hoodie is so fucking adorable wtf 😍😫

  58. Kayla Rose

    only thing turning me on in this video is the actual cake itself, not the 2 girls or Hoodie, but the cake<3 *fatass problems*

  59. brooke m.

    beat made me literally make stank face 😩😍 this a banger boy

  60. Race Choice

    Fucking god awful quit your job

  61. Ronaldo Pangarego

    I like his eyes

  62. Alex Ross

    yo hoodie can I get a shoutout? btw happy camper my fave album and I rap this song time to time and did once at my school im at during lunch in front of a crowd

  63. Cake Boyy

    Damn, why does he remind me of myself...

  64. Soleil Vivero

    I was expecting him to be gay 😂

  65. Kemal Maulana

    such a underrated song .
    i really wanted to hear this song remixed with "B'DAY CAKE" by Rihanna .

  66. Neghie Thervil

    These girls asses are flat as pancakes-cakes-cakes-cakes.

    Awni Pimentel

    hot models are expensive old hoodie allen couldn't afford the ones with big butts

    Neghie Thervil

    Awni Pimentel Ah, so video ass is sold by the pound? Got it. 🤓😏

    Awni Pimentel

    weight and size the ones with the bigger volume cost way more

    Neghie Thervil

    Maybe he should have tried the wholesale market. He could have gotten special group pricing.

  67. Faith Petry

    White people cant ra-

    Kachow Dmitriy

    Faith Petry eminem

    Bell Bell

    Faith Petry g easy

    Melissa Ann

    Faith Petry post malone

  68. Ivan Ilievski

    anyone know the girls names?

  69. Lawrence S

    Mmmm cake, inspired me to open a cake shop, "Super cream pies and cakes"

  70. malia cameron


  71. Hassan Mohammed

    that bass tho

  72. Kayla Rose

    This came out on my birthday, I feel so special lmao

  73. Bart Van Houwelingen

    dat bass

  74. Chance Shelby

    Hoodie Allen, Lil Dicky, and G-Eazy should have a song together!! 🤘


    nah logic should replace g eazy in that list, g eazy trash af

    Taxist Fox

    It'd be goofy afffff 😂


    That’d be the CORNIEST song I would ever here

    Mick Smith

    Add logic and you got the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse

  75. Oseaa Bella

    *2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

  76. Nikolas Smith

    More than 3 years later, still a banger.

  77. Max Wendlandt

    I live in Minnesota lol.

  78. William Nett

    Ayyyy Jakob Owens video directing on point

  79. Devin Zenco

    Almost 4 years old and it still goes hard💯


    Devin Zenco I remember 2013 like it was yesterday 😢

  80. Taylor Lackford

    Hoodie, come smoke with me ☺ we can chill and watch tv, eat some food and get really high together 💨🔥

  81. Brendan Collins

    this song is garbage

  82. Tom Hewitt

    I enjoy all your music hoodie but this has to be one of my favourites

  83. Reana Lagroniohuyhhy

    It's pesos in America???i thought it was only ma country Philippines


    Peso is the Mexican form of currency, the dollar is the United States'.

    Reana Lagroniohuyhhy

    fruitydudexD I know that👌🏽

  84. Khaos Gaming

    I would fuck the shit out of both of the girls in this vid


    i said the same thing

  85. SconnieKush

    These girls are so fucking hot

  86. JoeB345

    Reddit took me here

  87. taylor zolman

    I know it's been 3 years but I really want a cake boy shirt!


    taylor zolman they still sell them in the merch store


    song still bumps hard asf

  88. Jack Tank

    Typical hurricanes fan...

  89. Ana Davies

    who came here because they actually like hoodie allen?

  90. Dakota Nolan

    Any one from musically?

  91. Victor


  92. N K

    Who's Kevin?

  93. choogiesaur

    the girl on the right in the beginning so fkin hot OMGG