Allen, Hoodie - Are U Having Any Fun? Lyrics

[Hoodie Allen & Meghan Tonjes:]
Yeah, are you having any fun, fun f-fun, fun? (Whoa)
Are you having any fun? (Are you having any fun?)

[Hoodie Allen:]
Check it, yo, if you ain't having fun, whatchu do it for?
Quit your job, leave your wife, tell your kids you went on tour
You went out to get them snacks, ice cream and some chocolate fudge
You the one they love, so if you disappear, they'll hold a grudge
Showing up at graduation, telling them you're proud they made it
Then it's back to your vacation, bumping Californication
In your station wagon that you borrowed from your older neighbors
Left a note that you would take it (You kids get back here!)
Living life without responsibility, sorta sounds a deal to me
Changed my name to cavity cause everybody filling me
Heard some people say I ain't a real MC
Might become a chef the way these motherfuckers grilling me
Meanwhile I got every Will Smith CD
And the first two seasons of Felicity
Rapping's like a gift to me
Literally I hit em with the Pun like, 'Yeah Baby Baby'
Are you having any fun?

[Hoodie Allen & Meghan Tonjes:]
Fun, fun, fun (Are you having fun?)
Are you having any fun?
Fun, fun, fun
Girl, we can have fun right under the sun, drinking all day, anything you want
Are you having any fun?
Fun, fun, fun (Hey)
I could be the one you really wanted
Could've had it all, but then you lost it (Oh)

[Hoodie Allen:]
Yeah, first of the month comes, I ain't excited for it
Baby diapers, baby Jordans, you know I'm providing for it
Know I said I had a baby, baby, but that's premature
No one's pregnant yet, but they might be once they hear this verse
My life's a movie, imma be the one who's casting it
Get so many girls, it'd be an action flick
Might upset the pacifists, but fact is I am really quite compassionate
Like when it comes to smoking blunts, you know I'm always ashin' it
Plus, I'm killing it with older women like The Graduate
I could see you in my future, girl, could you imagine it?
You the type to type a lot and call yourself an activist
I'm the type to overthink it all, I'm such an analyst
Everyone agrees, you so attractive, it's unanimous
I'll do anything you want, babe, except abstinence
Take a yoga class and shit, maybe buy you brunch
The truth is it don't really matter much cause we having so much fun

[Hoodie Allen & Meghan Tonjes:]
Fun, fun, fun (Hey)
Are you having any fun? (Are you having any fun?)
Fun, fun, fun
Girl, we can have fun right under the sun, drinking all day, anything you want
Are you having any fun?
Fun, fun, fun
I could be the one you really wanted
Could've had it all, but then you lost it (I could be the one)
I could be the one you really wanted
Could've had it all, but then you lost it (I could be the one)
I could be the one you really wanted
Could've had it all, but then you lost it

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Allen, Hoodie Are U Having Any Fun? Comments
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