Allen, Hoodie - Ain't Gotta Work Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I got Michael Clark Duncan on my speed dial
You ain't impressed girl? He from Green Mile
Buying things I couldn't afford, let my keep mine
Rich kids never payed for clothes, that's "free" style
Said I'll give you the world, said what you need kid
Siamese like where the fuck do I begin?
It's kind of funny, we all chasing the money tree
Son of a bitch, cause bitches want to have sons of me
Is it right girl? Is it sex trade?
White girls, push that white girl to get paid
And do you blame 'em when you meet someone who's famous
On the internet, for saying all the things that you've been saying
Man I do it for the principle, yeah you know that "holy" crap
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who hold me back
It's fictitious, I'm here with some big wishes
But I'm really not sick, please don't tell Kobe that

Here we come, on our way
We don't got no job today
We don't want one any way
Here we come, on our way
We don't got no job today
We don't want one any way

[Verse 2:]
Everyone's a critic, but no one listen to their advice
Staring like I'm Angelina Jolie in a pair of tights
Foreign kids, and yoga pants, but she use to go-go dance
Sample my parents favorite record, Like I know that band
I make 'em real proud, I make 'em hold their hands
Speak a little Spanish, but how do you say Gold in France
Le ore. Put everything on the tour bus
On deck circle, but I'm waiting 'til you're up
And I've been skipping out on life a bit
You've been trying to come between us like we hyphened it
Promise that I'm a listen to everything that you said, but
I'm busy making these hits, and you're busy making your bed
So, sleep on it, we on it
I got a couch no Chappelle put your feet on it
Gave me a little buzz in the oven, now I'm a honey bee
But no one's gonna like you when you're twenty three


This is for my friends that I lose
If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now
This is for my friends that I lose
If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now
This is for my friends that I lose
If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now
This is for my friends that I lose
If I don't grow up, I won't grow up now


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Allen, Hoodie Ain't Gotta Work Comments
  1. Theo

    2019 anyone?

    No, just me? Whatever

  2. Ben Bob

    "No one likes you when you're 23" would it be a reference to What's my age again ? Blink 182 ?

  3. Kyler Bocook

    my brother showed me hoodie years ago and I still bump to his stuff

  4. Matt Caldwell

    Anyone here in 2016? XD


    Matt Caldwell yup


    Cole 2019

  5. Arrtifacts

    we don't got no job today, we don't want one anyway

  6. fearofsaturn

    This EP was so fucking lit

  7. piewiffer

    "I got Michael Clarke Duncan on my speed-dial"
    -Funeral Home Director

  8. Cat Naughton

    i looove that he can both sing and rap

  9. ben rushton

    this guy is an a fucking good singer and deserves more then other stupid singers 

    Allen Torosyan

    Fame Is For Assholes

    Cansu Kuyucu

    @Allen Torosyan and that was a good reply dude

  10. Sof.

    I need the lyrics like right now! <3

  11. Im Your Coach

    @ Lucas martin...u mad bro? lol

  12. Steven Le

    Love this song! xD

  13. fiZa_shocKz


  14. Ellie Danielle

    Someone is getting aggressive, aren't they. I'm only telling you this so your head doesn't explode, If you don't like him, simply don't listen to him. Maybe then you wouldn't be so angry :)

  15. Nabaz Kareb

    Hoodie army it should be called

  16. Nabaz Kareb

    @mitchill fuck you Hoodie is the best I bet your look like shit and still calling him ugly

  17. zeyron3hd

    you is not philosophe.....

  18. Garrett

    I bet you wasted 30 mins thinking of that message thinking your cool. If you don't like him don't watch him. Just remember watching his video, you giving him support. Flash notice DUMB FUCK.

  19. PrathanaStha

    i would like to thank them british youtubers for introducing me to hoodie allen

  20. Evan Miller

    Oh yea and ummm @mitchel schols fuck you

  21. Evan Miller

    Why are all I his songs perfect for montages

  22. Gyro Btd

    soooooo y r u watching his videos if u don't like them piss off

  23. NikkiM93

    Im looking for work atm..and this is how i feel lol i dont wanna work anyway XD but sadly not working isnt gunna pay my rent and bills lol

  24. Alex Naseth

    I can't wait for your new songs

  25. noch4nce21

    At least someone will remember him, no one that i know has heard of you..he must be doing something right.

  26. kyle anderson

    this song is so chill man;)

  27. Angus Hills

    This has been my anthem for the past 2 years ahaha

  28. Bouthaina Soefou

    Fucking hater...

  29. Diddly

    This channel has been active for 5 years so gg....

  30. Ben Challen

    everyone does like him...

  31. j2wild

    *Hint* Trolling is never funny when it is as hateful as this...

  32. Bray Zap

    Idk, i think Hoodie makes the best verses and his songs have a little bit of everything. He's not your typical thug rapper that has to get all crazy with the same exact lame lyrics every single song about their money and their bitches. Hoodie just raps so smooth, so truthful and enjoys doing it. that's whats great about him. - And this is besides the fact that I have a thing for hip hop artists that dont have 50 mill views a song/video. I enjoy underrated things.

  33. zRakuh

    Shut up faggit.

  34. murzyn klapki

    u sound little bit like logic

  35. ToxicOfficialV2

    Definition of a hater:D If you don't like his music,his personality or what ever you were bitching about..just don't listen to's as easy as that ahaha*facepalm*..

  36. Hale Stale

    No he's been in rap for three or 4 years.

  37. joshua perez

    If im right he's been in this rap game for more than 2 years now. your entitled to your opinion..even if that opinion is stupid as fuck

  38. So Divine

    lol he peeked at "Eighteen Cool"

  39. MegaPakilover

    this is not a reply to Lucas Martin. i feel special

  40. 63Meldon

    The french for "gold" is "Or" ! :p

  41. DireZyre

    that's the joke...

  42. So Divine

    Fuck u at the end of the day he fucks bitches and gets money...oooo and millions of people like his songs because hes a good rapper. OK that's it u can go back to listing to lil wayne and niki manaj while we listen to some real music

  43. May L

    Yours too.

  44. UnKnOwN||CO-Leader||TURTLEZ

    I bet you like Justin Beiber and Gay direction

  45. Landon Golombeski

    he's already been known for 2+ years you troll...

  46. LunaR Clan

    No one gives a fuck what you think ok....Now go die in a hole!

  47. zRakuh

    Get Cancer you bitch

  48. Rees vdH

    DECENTLY SURE that this is why YouTube has a word limit.
    Thanks for the example of what not to do. :)

  49. BlasinDudeGaming

    im sorry hoodie allen but i told kobe that you wasn't really and he got pissed >:)

  50. Pjaye Gonzalez

    It shows 0 views cuz that's how live streams are duhh

  51. Adam Probert

    I like it how he spends 1hour doing huddy hang outs and has 0 views -_-

  52. Mitchell Schols

    hey hey bitch's check out my new song my wiener is a lot bigger than yours

  53. Kopitarr

    Your's worse....

  54. bloodog20

    Hoodie fucking better then you dumbass oh and where your tour dates oh ya u don't have any

  55. Mitchell Schols

    dude youre ugly as fuck stop making music and die

  56. MrGi66y

    Ah fuck you.

  57. Barryhof04

    You grammar bad at are...

  58. Gavin Veselenak

    lol are you angry because your not as successful as him in life? fuck off and quit pissing and moaning about somebody just because they are better than you in life

  59. Lenard Magtira

    He should be more famous.

  60. Kyo

    Someone sounds jealous. :<

  61. SnaqBreezy

    I liked the video. <3

    But if I like it again I won't like it anymore :3

  62. Aine Duffy

    Woah. Take a step back and literally fuck your own face.
    This might not be everyone's type of music, so just move on. don't be cruel. No need for it.

  63. TopherGamingPhD

    Woah woah kid, Just calm down... As if this "hate" is going to even be noticed by him. You're just jealous because he's got girls, money, and music.

  64. Daniel Feleja

    That kid is damn mad

  65. Makkaraa12

    Well, shit

  66. RedskyRising

    Lol. I agree, but please. His music is catchy. AND, why would you comment like that. Please, go back to watching your T-pain, cause obviously you dont understand what "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" rule.

  67. Massimo Pernicano

    I reason macklemore is better than hoodie but hoodie has good rimes so there my fave singers :)

  68. The Watcher on the Wall

    Then why are you listening to his songs?

  69. Seannarry Riedel

    Thats so stupid it would never work but let the guy think his thing

  70. Harrison

    You obviously know nothing about music. That would never fucking work. Lol two completely different styles .

  71. Gabriel Barat-Toft

    28 persons gonna work! (':

  72. Ian F.

    fuck you

  73. FBN00B

    if this guy collabs with wiz

  74. EarlyBird Productions

    Really good music

  75. LiftedArts

    You getting famous man!!!! <3 bout time too

  76. guido keep

    he's mine ehh:P

  77. So Divine

    473ed comment Yess!

  78. Qtcs

    Follow me and ill follow back :)
    Twitter: Adrian_Keomany
    Instagram: Adrian_Keomany

  79. SolhexsWorld

    Sadly I'm at work right now

  80. Jerry Rice

    Where the hoes at?

  81. Daisy Louss

    Hoodie, Mary me.

  82. Debbie Ng

    Please come out with a new album!

  83. Makkaraa12

    Your not the fucking first -.-

  84. Danielle Nguyen

    i fucking loooove you

  85. Tristan A

    RIP M. C. Duncan

  86. isoFaithful

    Go on hoodie we love you fuck haters

  87. MDxSports

    If you hate him then why are you watching his videos/listening to his songs?

  88. RaWn

    18 people had to work

  89. Makkaraa12

    You have terrible rhymes. Try to make better rhymes yourself you piece of shit. And Hoodie is that kind of people who are the future of hip hop you noob.

  90. TheFriendlyGiant

    he should make a song whit wiz khalife
    it would be [email protected]!


    that would be epic

  91. Seth Siuda

    "We aint got no job today" "I gotta couch now put your feet on it" "Im skippin on life a bit" dude how does that NOT have anything to do with aint gotta work. At the beginning hes talking about other famous people witg real jobs

  92. vtran54

    is the chorus melody from a different song or something like that? kinda sounds familiar

  93. Quinn S

    cause this isnt hip hop, its modern rap.

  94. Lucas Martin

    i actually laughed at that. he is the exact opposite of '' beast ''. he has horrible rhymes, real hip hop should have lines that relate to the theme of the song not just rhymes about ''making money'', '' having celebrity friends '' and '' dating models ''. the title of the song was aint gotta work and none of there things have anything to do with that. if you want real hip hop listen to some Big L or Biggie not this mindless rhyming. people like hoodie are the ones ruining hip hop.

  95. Lucas Martin

    i fucking hate you hoodie allen. you start off a song saying you have famous people on your phone and end it with saying not to tell kobe im sick, as if he would care'' you sound like a cocky who only uses pop culture references in your songs and nobody will remember you in 2 years. and by the way in YOU LOOK LIKE A FAG WHO THINKS EVERYONE LIKES YOU WHEN YOUR ONLY ARE MINDLESS HYPEBEASTS WHO ONLY LIKE THE SONGS THAT HAVE CATCHY CHORUSES. i would have more to say but youtube has a character limit

  96. childishforever

    have you tried his website...

  97. Brody Dryden

    Whenever I hear this, I think of "Back To The 50's" Oh, I love both of those songs...

  98. Alice Draisey

    I love this!!