Allele - Unknown Lyrics

It's been so long, I can't hold on
All this suffering I've done
I can't escape, cause inside I'm breaking
Inside I'm breaking up
I've been used, and it's all I can do
To wash it away

Have I become a face to a name?
I've tried to make it enough
Are we better off, are we better off unknown

I face a new day
Will you meet me there or disappear with no trace
It's happened again
No more wind under broken wings to remind me of angels
My life's been pages, open books
Of an empty, careless impossible waste

I can't escape, will your words confine me, or will they set me free
Am I the only one to blame, for all the games we play?
Are we better off, are we better off unknown

Hold on to me for one more day
I feel I'm fading away
Are we better off, are we better off unknown

Am I the only one to blame, for all the games we play?
Are we better off, are we better off unknown

I'm better off unknown

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Allele Unknown Comments
  1. Jensen Anthony

    Great Theme Song!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Jensen Anthony

    Today I Confess, That This Great Theme Was Upload 2 Months Later After My Producer's Wife Sick Of Vaginal Cancer, He Was The Only Person In All Media From Puerto Rico To Really Came Close To Me, & Telling Me: Dude You're So Talent So Let's Breaking Down, Unfortunately His Beloved Wife Died Of Vaginal Cancer In 2014/2016! My Life As A Independent Writer, Actor & Mangaka!!!!

  3. † Zodiac †

    2019, still here.

    Jensen Anthony

    † Zodiac † Me Too Kid!!!!

  4. Yugo

    2019 <3

    Jensen Anthony

    Yugo 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  5. Scorpius Ghost

    Highly underrated band. Still listening in 2019

    Primordial Soup


    Jensen Anthony

    Scorpius Ghost Absolutely!!!

  6. Elsidu Correia

    Why is this album not on Spotify??

    Jensen Anthony

    Elsidu Correia I'm Asking The Same Dude!!!!

  7. Elsidu Correia

    I don't understand that this album is not on Spotify. I really don't...

    Jensen Anthony

    Elsidu Correia Me Either Dude!!!!

  8. Rigoberto Guzman

    2018 ANYONE?!


    2019 here

    Jensen Anthony

    Rigoberto Guzman Me Dude!!!!

  9. splinddt

    2k17 from Russia

  10. Edwin Elmore

    So feeling

  11. followthereaper665

    Wish they'd put this on iTunes

    Jensen Anthony

    followthereaper665 Exactly

    Jensen Anthony

    followthereaper665 Thanks To Youtube Kid, We Can Still Listening!!!!

  12. Funky Ita

    the best

  13. Michael

    Awesome local band great song

  14. helldogas2

    Found this band by going through hundreds of nu-metal/alt. rock/modern rock bands, it took so long but this band makes it worth the search.

  15. NickelbackOwnz

    lol screw the lable, these guys are too good for that crap to matter :p

  16. Keith Neddo

    @egranger359 lol that's Kelly Hayes on Guitar he played in cold he is on there first 3 cds

  17. Keith Neddo

    @garrettmg thats because thats kelly hayes on guitar

  18. MIB719

    very Alice in Chainsy...i dig the emotion big time

  19. theVoxvirus

    I could get it for ya

  20. Trei Gregg

    damn these guys r pretty gud

  21. Josh Lipman

    Powerful song. Powerful......

  22. TheNex1993

    god damn it..... this song made me cry 1st time i heard it.. just.....awesome

  23. Lin Can Park

    @egranger359 Both bands are good, so what's the problem?

  24. garrettmg

    They remind me of Cold...which is a good thing.


    garrettmg they remind me of staind and seether

    Mechanical Death

    They remind me of no one, just allele.

  25. Bucky Buck

    yea good song

  26. Heleus9

    whotf disliked this?

  27. celtobe9

    great band!

  28. celtobe9

    @deathboy666999 Yeah me too, very nice band..

  29. Audard

    @unityrover this doesnt even relate to A Perfect Circle in any way shape or form...

  30. Niclas Mattsson

    @SUGERBABES47459 i can get it if you still want it;)

  31. Weronika Kunka

    Mmm... ;) Amazing song!!