Allegaeon - Threshold Of Perception Lyrics

Life (life)
Death (death)
In due time is the last breath
Carbon ceased operation right there flashed before your eyes

Decline defined the mind's demise pineal gland's release
Behind the eyes the mind dies and gives into defeat

Consciousness permanently ceases
Bringing eternal oblivion

Decline defined the mind's demise pineal gland's release
Behind the eyes the mind dies and gives into defeat

Overthrown adrenaline owned
Breathing slows down to begin the heart drop
Acceptance sets in from within the clock stops

Fading into detachment as black prevails
No longer repentant brought forth the final exhale
Life (life)
Death (death)
As of now there's nothing left
Carbon broke down from flesh left to disperse amongst all of this

Decline defined the mind's demise pineal gland's release
Behind the eyes the mind dies and gives into defeat

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Allegaeon Threshold Of Perception Comments
  1. David Prandoni

    habré escuchado la canción cientos de veces y jamas me habría imaginado un videoclip asi!!! es brutal!!

  2. Lilier Perez


  3. Fluffy Bunny


  4. Kauê

    Is Shit!

  5. Egg

    You see frieza you aren’t dealing with the average crabyian warrior any more He to has also become a legendary super crabyian

  6. Melvin the Mop Boy

    3:02 I LIKE TO PLAY.......tisss...

  7. Melvin the Mop Boy

    3:17 is a RIFF

  8. João Paulo Viegas

    Put this on 1.25x speed
    Best music !

  9. Stephen L

    What!!!!!!! This band is sick!!!!!!

  10. Matticus

    That change at 3:16 is probably one of the best things i've heard in my entire life

  11. Law Villaruel

    man thats brutal,,,iloveit

  12. jaychen

    Best Melodic Death Metal band ever...

  13. jaychen

    How do you keep up with Allegaeon? Be Decrepit Birth....

  14. milk man22

    Fucking groovy

  15. Xenofob

    What this band have 8 string guitar ?

  16. David Catli

    This is the best Pitbull song of his career..

  17. jeanhates

    The roadie setting that leaf as a cymbal is a very cool detail.

  18. Dan B

    The most amazing band ever. Keeps getting more amazing

  19. Nerf Gunz

    That video was hilarious! You guys kick ass!

  20. Variety Vlogger/Gamer

    Hey Brandon's friend from his school sent me love your music keep it up

  21. skibumb220

    Wow. I have never heard of you guys before. This is great

  22. Mihail Zverev

    The crab is so evil and terrifying that I had to change my pants! Awesome!

  23. Hendra Ali

    Thanks for made my day better...thanks :v \m/ best video clip ever!!!!

  24. RagnarNidhoggr

    Dod a chum!

  25. OldSamVimes

    Who saw the lobster claw???

  26. Wellington Gabriel da Silva

    Moby is looking fine for his age.

  27. Kyle J.

    Fuckin genius!!!!

  28. plantsinspace

    3:17 sweet riff

  29. Breaking Down the Music

    This is my 1st time hearing these guys, pretty good stuff.. bunch of beaches... ha look forward to more light hearted videos.

  30. El Lillo

    That's it. I'm a fan now lol

  31. Breece Matarazzo

    I've tried everything and I still can't get my sand buckets to sound like yours

  32. Larry Price

    Love the Arsis shirt

  33. Don K

    Holy Shit! Allegaeon featuring Pitbull!

  34. Chopped Artisan

    I have had your albums for years, but it's only now that I see how awesome you are. I am drunk.

  35. öztürk

    this is like the reverse metallica lol

  36. Melvin the Mop Boy

    3:18 That riff is my SHIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!

  37. Dr.Necro

    And that's how you use a 8 string guitar

  38. Andreia Dóris Pedras

    Best song and best video.

  39. MrFatbard

    that drum set tho XD i want to see a full video of just that guy rocking out on the sand lmao

  40. Jamie Whittle

    I♡THE ☆

  41. Jamie Whittle

    Looks like New Smyrna Beach Florida

  42. Lance Pugh

    Tight af and yet loose as a goose on zans and malt-licky...

  43. AndreZ

    The best drummer

  44. David Nomack

    Brushing your teeth on the beach..? Only the most metal here guys. Seriously dig it.

  45. Aliff Yuss

    I don't know Johny Sin can scream also

  46. Eduardo TwiLighT ZonE

    Real people playing real music...who would tell

  47. Vernon Deberry

    This is the best band ive ever heard

  48. Only Deathmetal

    both guitars are beautiful

  49. Dercio Macondzo

    This band is really awesome...keep it up guys....

  50. caracolbaila

    its the best .. just the real pretty kiut heart we are... this world is cruel .. so we defend our ideals... this world is nice and cute.. so we enjoy it

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    This is like the following bands put together
    At the gates
    Deathspell omega
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    All shall perish
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    Killswitch engage
    Solient green

  52. Mateus Oliveira Ferreira

    Death Metal

  53. StevenM801


  54. blah blah

    Metal mashed potatoes, I love them

  55. Cristian Mihai

    Tama, Pearl, Mapex, you all got fucking schooled

  56. Ripper

    When you metal af but love chilling down by the beach!

  57. aScreamForYouAll

    Seems oddly Lovecraftian...

  58. Chance Miller


  59. DevoutionAura


  60. Angel Luis Celis


  61. Metalhertz, la webradio metal

    Excellent song and talented musicians with a very nice sense of humor. What could we ask more?

  62. snaker9er

    hey they are metal but are making joke video and im asleep

  63. Junry Calvo


  64. Justin 38045

    Horrible played out wow look at me I'm vertouosis

  65. Bill Ward

    Where the SHELL did you get that frisbee? I would kill to get one as TIDE as that. Are you using an under toe heel technique?

  66. TheGuardian OfDope


  67. Despair

    RIP guitars under extreme heat, plus extreme humidity.

  68. Dumpster Fire

    Those buckets and frisbees have killer sound.

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    Damn dudes !!! Fuckiable metal 🤘🤘🤘

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    Always practice good oral hygiene, kids!

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    This video extends the boundaries of legendary epicness

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    Holy shit!! 🤯

  73. David McRoberts

  74. Taneleer Tivan

    It's amazing how good these guys are. Not just heavy but heavy on the compositions too. fkn sick.


    This video is great! You guys had some fun in between those sweep pics!

  76. Evelyn Tindle

    omg that drum set :D lmao

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    +10 for orchestral, acoustic intro w/ sweeps.

  78. Digital Deathsquid


    Did Ezra just dab?


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    It's not the video that sucks. This shit is boring. Sweeps are officially boring.

    Mr. Stevenson

    what ever u say bud

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    When the drum tech has to fix your symbal haha 5:50


    Your Symbal then fix your Mufasal.

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    Yo, when did Pitbull start doing heavy metal?

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    This is my first time listening to this band. Pretty good. That intro reminds me of blackwater park by Opeth



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    Dead To Fall made this exact video almost ten years ago. But whatevs

  87. Martin Beauchesne

    I bought a crab costume because of you guys.

    I hope you understand the extent of the damage you caused!

    Digital Deathsquid

    Good_Lord I bought a Splatoon hat and got it signed by Anthrax.

    Because I Could

  88. Ahugemetalfan

    Humorous vid

  89. Nathan Dames

    what brand of guitars are you guys using? I want them both

  90. jaychen

    This is the best video ever!

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    Sick drum kit. Where can I buy it?

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    3:08 nice Gorod T-shirt

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    You guys are just awesome! \m/

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    Amazing music, terrible video wtf... you need someone who knows how to make videos and a publicist.

    Mr. Stevenson

    the videos a joke fucktard

  96. Efeito Dunning-Kruger

    1:31 Do not make stupid thing like it

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    MC Confusing

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