Allegaeon - Subdivisions Lyrics

Sprawling on the fringes of the city
In geometric order
An insulated border
In between the bright lights
And the far unlit unknown

Growing up it all seems so one-sided
Opinions all provided
The future pre-decided
Detached and subdivided
In the mass production zone

Nowhere is the dreamer
Or the misfit so alone

In the high school halls
In the shopping malls
Conform or be cast out
In the basement bars
In the backs of cars
Be cool or be cast out
Any escape might help to smooth
The unattractive truth
But the suburbs have no charms to soothe
The restless dreams of youth

Drawn like moths we drift into the city
The timeless old attraction
Cruising for the action
Lit up like a firefly
Just to feel the living night

Some will sell their dreams for small desires
Or lose the race to rats
Get caught in ticking traps
And start to dream of somewhere
To relax their restless flight

Somewhere out of a memory
Of lighted streets on quiet nights

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Allegaeon Subdivisions Comments
  1. Robert Weekes

    Sick cover!! \m/

    Another metal band covered Rush’s “Limelight” but I can’t remember who, does anyone know??

    (heard it on Spotify)

  2. 4F Productions

    I can’t stop hitting the replay button... What a great cover!

  3. 4F Productions

    I can’t stop hitting the replay button... What a great cover!

  4. Christopher Dunn

    I knew there was a reason I dug these guys!

  5. 68jeffrey72

    Do the whole album!!!!!🤟😆🤘

  6. Pritesh Patel

    Just wanna say... Thank you. Wow.

    Edit: also: Bloodbath🤘

  7. Matt D

    WOW. Huge rush fan and signals is one of the albums i find myself listening to more than the others as time passes. Excellent job and love your interpretation.

  8. Nostradamus Stargazing

    Un buen ejemplo de abusar del doble pedal y de los redobles en modo robot

  9. K Ruth

    Man. You can sing. I had no idea. More of this in your own style with this singing. Fantastic.

  10. Meh Sugaaar

    Why it seems they are rush-ing? Did you get it...anyone? No one?

  11. Josh Turner

    Coming from a hardcore Rush fan and a smaller metal head, this cover is amazing. 11/10

  12. thealmightyduckworshiper chocolatemaniacsamurai

    Oh come on...

  13. wrektum

    Wow! That was the first Rush song I have heard and this was like hearing it for the first time all over again!!

  14. Michael Murphy

    Overuse of double kick drum (to the point where it's hilarious) and typical ego-stroked guitarists dominating a mix without any real tonal differential . I bet they brick walled the hell out of this with compression.


    You're a dumbass who's opinion won't ever amount to much of anything if that's genuinely what you think. If you're trolling, good job, you got me!

  15. Landshark

    Excellent musicianship, guys!!!!!! Rush is NOT easy to play right, but you've done it while incorporating your own style. Major props.

  16. Bat Man

    Once again like Peart, the Atomic clocks were re-calibrated to this drum beat!! \m/

  17. Colin Ultramoto

    epic 🔥

  18. Mr. The Fake Lion

    omnium gatherum did a cover of "subdivisions" as well! i like listening to both of these covers back to back.

    Adam Vincent Lanegan

    I love Omnium Gatherum, but their cover is just terrible

  19. mr G

    Awsome guys I think this is how the original should have been played haha

  20. Ozzman Osgood


  21. subedei nojan

    the song has died.

  22. odessy8

    Badass!!! Love it!!!

  23. Kev Hicks


  24. Christopher Chaisson-Hanrahan

    I see a Bloodbath shirt. Awesome cover fuck this is good.

  25. Josh Bell-surette

    That Kemper is loosing it's shit

  26. Doomsday Jesus

    DAFUQ? Nope not feeling this at all. I’ve been a guitar player for about 20 years and I love all kinds of guitar styles but I fucking hate the thrash guitar on this. It just doesn’t work with RUSH. Sorry guys I’m sure you’re great musicians but for me this isn’t it. Side note 3:28 bass player does a KILLER job with his part right before the chorus \m/

  27. Eric Dailitka

    Hands down, its a masterpiece! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  28. Doomsday Jesus

    I’m kinda digging the bass and the vocals but besides that...what the fuck

  29. Jacob Flores

    Fuck yes... Perfect...I love it

  30. cklosi


  31. Monkey Spunk

    Just about one of the best covers ever!

  32. JesusKrispies

    Probably never be a fan of this style of production, but the arrangement's great and stellar performances all around. Nothing bad to say.

  33. spoogemop

    Wow. Rush fan for some 40 years - best cover I've ever heard. Your work is simply stunning. I wish I were enough of a musician to appreciate what you're actually doing. Sounds bloody fantastic, anyway. Prolonged and sincere applause.

  34. Troy Bassist


    Troy Bassist

    Like -> Subscribe ... easiest decision all day

  35. Joel Murri

    Beautiful cover!!

  36. Daniel Goemaat

    Absolutely killed it I'm not going to say but the cover is almost you know so good 😀

  37. Daniel Goemaat

    Perfect amount of comments

  38. - The1trueharf -

    I love what the drummer is doing. Like the original, but with his own stuff in the right places. Nice mix for metal too.

  39. jebuiz y'har

    Probably one of the best covers of all time.

  40. Rich Thompson

    This cover is absolute perfection, I've listened to it 20 times and I can't get enough. It is definitely better than the original and Rush is almost impossible to top. I can't wait to hear more covers from you guys!

  41. Jared Morse

    Fuck yes

  42. muxz

    I was expecting a really shitty cover but, wow, this is a great cover =O

  43. Ittybittybabybubbies the3rd

    After dozens of times watching this video, I've begrudgingly been forced to admit that this is BY FAR the best cover of any song, of any genre, by any band,...

  44. Michael Garcia

    Well done. Love it

  45. Mel McC

    I'm only just now appreciating what a great band this is.

  46. Teddy Boehm

    Nice job guys well done cover

  47. Harry Bannister

    I have loved this song since 1986, and in my opinion this version is even better than the original. Well done.

  48. Ninth Aeon

    Rush is my favorite band of all time and this gave me chills. Absolutely beautiful! I loved it!

  49. ChevKen

    Great version!

  50. Jet Anderson

    Amazing modern take on the song and I love the vocals and how it's so heavy! Great band!

  51. iancoley

    Excellent - would love to see more RUSH covers from Allegaeon - not seen before -
    Any musicians who can preform at this level need better promotion and guidance ! This was a RUSH cover - not simple Beatles, Who or Rolling Stones stuff.... they have shown their pedigreed.

  52. JeredtheShy


  53. Katze DJ

    Totally different with the original, this is modern Progressive rock. It's very good. Good luck guys.

  54. Blue Hypergiant

    :) nice

  55. qazmlp01

    It's not perfect, but it's a lot more listenable then all the other attempts at rush covers ive heard

  56. ushojedi

    Best Rush cover I've ever heard. Awesome.

  57. Andrew David Boyle

    Bassist turns up to band practice one day with 2 extra strings. Guitarist ponders. Goes home. Next day...
    'By universal decree, there must be at least a two string differential between bass and lead guitar. I, thereby, in accordance with universal law, have purchased an axe with a number of strings [sub] divisible by the integer four. Weep heartily, inferior, bass-ic instrumentalist. Know thy place and never again dare to trespass in my kingdom'.

    Btw GREAT vocal

  58. Curtis Farnham


  59. Nick Erskine

    Pretty good cover. The vocals is what made it workZ there wasn’t any growling like in a lot of Metal songs. They hit it just right

  60. Michael Thomas

    Super impressive! I love the original and I was intrigued at the prospect of how you would approach a cover. You did it right. That rocks.

  61. Malc Garda

    I like it - a great take on a classic!

  62. poppanolan

    I’m a diehard RUSH fan. At 51 they are still my favorite band. So I was skeptical to click... but these lads fuckin nailed the essence and soul of this beauty with precision chops.

  63. Dalton Lawrence

    Hate the guitar tone, especially at the beginning.

  64. djcincinnati

    I love Rush. I love this song! I didn't think it could get better.... It just did.

  65. Ascend Realize

    All bs aside this song is epic makes the hairs stand up on my neck definitely going to my hall of fame

  66. Ryan Lovatt

    I just discovered this and you guys sound incredible! The angelic choir truly added something to it. One of the best covers I've heard in years. Keep it up!

  67. ray hunter

    What the actual fuck!!!! Best Rush cover ever. This song was haunting. The original haunted me in the early 80’s as I struggled in High School. This brought it all back...

    Fucking brilliant homage

  68. Mickey Rube

    Thank god no "death" metal vocals.

  69. knightowl852

    OMG what a superv cover of one of my favorite Rush's song.... Keep it up.

  70. DL541


  71. Danny Deschamps


  72. Empty Chamber

    This is beyond awesome! Love this! <3


    Excellent job guys!

  74. Evan Strong

    this fucking rocks

  75. Ken Gibbens

    The singer is the only good thing about this cover

  76. Bryan Tuck

    I had no idea Elon Musk could jam so hard. I figured he was a Rush fan though.

  77. Empty Chamber

    This is beyond awesome! Love!!!

  78. JK Baxter


  79. Heavy Metal Hair Salon

    Bad ass man

  80. beatsdddx

    EPIC cover A+!!!!

  81. Robert Odykirk

    Top notch Cover. Great Homage to Rush.

  82. Joseph Usher

    Not what I expected but I like it. The drums are really good! You're all good, but I like the drums especially.

  83. The Greenman

    143 people are tone deaf :/

  84. SPRPhilly

    This is so epic. And if I'm not mistaken, they used the original spoken "Subdivisions." Unbelievably cool. 50 year old Rush fan since around 1980.

  85. Ed Jones

    Nice work - Great playing all round !

  86. garrick swanson

    My only complaint is that they’re playing eight string guitars

  87. Nero Cain

    I've heard alot of covers tonight. Been searching for them for some reason. From Skindred covering Electric Avenue to Carnifex covering The Heretic Anthem all the way to Powerman 5000 doing Whip It lol and all I've heard before. I discovered this on a comment from another cover video and I have to say this is officially the best and most amazing cover I have heard. It's beautiful heavier and a bit darker all while keeping the spirit and feel of the original. This is simply amazing.

  88. Hansi Hinterseher

    Mir gefällt das Original zwar besser, aber dennoch ein sehr gelungenes Cover!

  89. Reggie Postlethwaite

    OK, I'm a fan now.

    Reggie Postlethwaite

    Riley, goosebumps. I am admired.

  90. Guitarista78

    I can only stand the chorus.

  91. Julie Wood


  92. Savannah Matcham

    I am a fan of the band but no one let me repeat NO ONE should try and cover rush

  93. Tesla Nick

    Drummer didn't do "the" ride pattern...

  94. Mr. Vargas


  95. Jeffery Hill

    Nice job Guys!! Much harder than the original but you did it right!!!

  96. FoiledNoMore

    I am erection!!!

  97. medani

    My god i love this cover so much, you guys absolutely smashed it with this one, its perfect

  98. Ryan P

    What a surprize! Who ever knew Seth Rogan was such a good singer!

  99. Critter

    Great interpretative metal cover, guys!