Allegaeon - Our Cosmic Casket Lyrics

Spinning mass matter collapses
Light contorted and nothing passes
Frame dragging photon sphere
Light distorted and disappears

Swallowed by darkness
We fade into nothingness

Tidal force solar masses
Endless density cosmic casket
Transcending we near the threshold

Swallowed by darkness
We fade into nothingness

Here we are at the event horizon
Growing red within rapid rotation

Particles expanding
Consuming surroundings

A day of reckoning for all of us

Mass energy linear position
Electric charge angular momentum
A day of reckoning for all of us
The day of reckoning is upon us

Spinning mass matter collapsed
Light contorted and nothing passed
Beyond the point of no return
All of man reduced to worm

Here we are at the event horizon
Growing red within rapid rotation

Here we are at the event horizon
Growing red swallowed by darkness

Here we are at the event horizon
Growing red within rapid rotation

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Allegaeon Our Cosmic Casket Comments
  1. Nerf Gunz

    These guys kick ass!! Instrumentally and the lyrics\vocals match perfectly


    #Himanshukumar teri ma land madhrchod apne sister ki shadi kr meri si fhir yakin karna ki tera jija USA mein hai ki nhi randi ka bacha bahin ka land sala kukur

  3. Itsik Toledano

    is this an isis beard

  4. Will Cross

    Just outstanding musicianship.

  5. Aaron Marin


  6. sabine teller

    Die Band ist wirklich der Hammer lausch mal der Guitare und den Drums

  7. Rodrigo Fernandez

    Epic intro!!!💪😲

  8. Simlaf420

    Sick !! 😁

  9. nāmorghūlilaros

    it's lit

  10. S u r f e x p

    this is so conforting...

  11. Melvin the Mop Boy

    Sounds like Lamb of God in GOD MODE!!!!

  12. Skarlett Zyn

    nailed it. fucking beautiful

  13. Alex G

    Dude... @3:36 holy shit son

  14. Kohlenstoffisotop12

    i really like this

  15. Sacredgeometry

    Is the drummer just a different person in every music video?

  16. dptwiz

    so that's what the cookie monster looks like without the blue suit.

  17. B M

    FUCK YOU METAL BLADE for not pushing this band........

  18. MurDocRSA

    \m/ d^^,b \m/

  19. Parson Hooper

    So I absolutely adore Allegaeon. They embody excellent musicianship. However, I have one question: who is the dude with the fox hat??? He's in every video I've seen and I have no clue who he is lol.


    +Parson Hooper He's Myles the merch guy lol, he's in charge of all their merchandise. If you go on their online merch store you can see him modelling most of it - quite a site, tbh

  20. Nunuv yorbiznes

    If anyone is a fan of Greg Burgess founding guitarist of Allegaeon, I'm trying to raise money for him to be able to purchase an Axe-FX II and ditch that POD HD and expand his creative possibilities. It's the least we can do to thank an artist in an industry that has not given him his due. Please share and spread the word!

  21. Roberto

    Allegaeon killing it as usual

  22. Kris TheOutCast

    Brandon! you're so lucky to drum for this amazing band! i'm dating your brother btw!

  23. rockenweb

    Que buena banda!!

  24. daniel gutierrez

    a little bit of the same new death metal stuff, the scale and rythm doesnt have anything original, also the covers are boring.

    M Xing

    +daniel gutierrez You Described Tech Death in General they make up for it in personality and showmanship the song writing and such has much personality than generic tech death

    daniel gutierrez

    boring Tech death must be a new subgenre as a consequence.

    Swig Masta

    +daniel gutierrez I have to agree on this band. After listening to most of the stuff on youtube I could find It's literally just very generic. Flashy little speed runs here and there with not-so-interesting riffs to combine them. The solos are scale exercises with slight variation. I just can't get into this.

    daniel gutierrez

    +Swig Masta 👍


    nigga you crazy, do you see the 145k views?  This is one of the fastest rising metal bands of today, the music is utterly beautiful

  25. Schachi

    May the dark side be with you!

  26. Curtis C Coomber

    This song is so heavy, it has a near-infinite gravitational pull. Not even light can escape.

  27. David Adams

    World tour  !!! and come to Iowa !!!

  28. Black flag


  29. sumire10kan


  30. BadBrainPrepp

    Oh Saturn !

  31. Ivan Kubíček

    very good song !!!

  32. Michael Patterson

    These guys are so fucking good. Incredible.

  33. Kyle Kari

    no words can express how amazing this us lllllooooovvvveeee iiiiiiiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dhieen

    This band is cool for learning guitar, i'm gonna try this, just try...

    Solitudes Sanity

    +Dennis Plotnik ive been thinking of getting a 7 string, and these guys just made my decision haha


    I'd like to have an 8 strings haha, the first reason is MESHUGGAH ! and animals as leaders


    +Dennis Plotnik I don't think Amon Amarth uses 7 strings.

    Dennis Plotnik

    @ArdipithecusR. Yeah they use B standard on a 6 string, but you can just drop the G Half a tone on a 7


    @Dennis Plotnik Yeah, I thought about it shortly after posting my comment. Way more versatile too.

  35. garruksson

    Reminds me of bloodbath!

  36. Pagan&Sam

    Intro reminds me to The Sims music xD

  37. UNLEASH- HELL666

    They guys are fucken so talented!! Best New metal band! They crush slipknot and Korn apart! FINALLY REAL TRUE FUCKING METAL!!!!!!!!

    So Cal

    Unleash- Hell While I do enjoy allegaeon I'd have to disagree on them smashing slipknot. I can see them killing korn, but slipknots old music was brutal as fuck Iowa and slipknot 168 618 511-2 where some of the best albums I have ever listened too.

  38. Patrick Dye

    Fucking Colorado Represent!!

  39. Death Schuldiner

    I fucking love this band!!! They're goofy as all hell sometimes, but Brutal.

    R Rosales

    Totally true brother. They're my favorite. Stay intense!

  40. Shawn Lundquist

    Nice n' brutal..

  41. Aeturnalis

    it may only have 91k views, but i bet the section between 3:20 and 4:00 has been played 500k times at least lol i watched that dueling solo a dozen times


    my point was that the one section has to be watched over and over again.  it's just that good.  91k views is pretty good for metal, especially a newer band like allegaeon... but nothing compared to some of the heavyweights, like cannibal corpse, dying fetus, nile etc. 

  42. Swag swag like Calliou

    lol that ending.

  43. Josh Neumann

    So sick! That pumped me the hell up!

  44. Patrick Mullis

    totally sounds like a vektor rip off you guys suck

  45. Melted Cheese

    Does anyone else notice that the singer is wearing pajamas?

  46. Brett Hobbs

    If I ever get sucked into a black hole, I hope this song is playing.

  47. MotoJB

    'effing sick.  \m/

  48. Abdul Farouq

    is there any bands similar like this? im tired of 000 1001 10000 000 00000 breakdown bands.


    +Abdul Farouq miley

    Christian Lebel

    +Abdul Farouq I found them because of Mors Principium Est

    John Gabriel Olino

    Tech Death metal bands like necrophagist

    Jasper Jaffe

    Ouroboros, Virvum, Inanimate Existence, The Ritual Aura, Raising the Veil


    If you want to go a tad more gutteral and slightly less melodic, I strongly recommend Aeon (especially the Bleeding the False and Aeon's Black albums)

  49. Gaurav Cz

    Them solos! \m/

  50. ostrich in a gimp suit

    Respect from South Africa dudes...Loving this!

  51. Rav

    Damn this song !! I love this !

  52. nikostsontas

    Respect from Greece guys \m/


    Awesome! ..there from ..."DENVER,COLORADO"!!!!!! We're the "only mountains in this fucken world are BLUE"!!!!!!


    @mario Gonzalez hail brother :D \m/

  53. Jeffrey France

    Uh...uh..I oh-so want to come up with a really cool condescending/negative comment to pump my own ego.....but bloody can't.  Damn.

    Jeffrey France

    uh..uh...wait....what a bunch a wankers with all those strings and wankery show off sweeps and stuff!.....How was that cool metal dudes??

    Kulturkampf (Andrew Eisenhour)

    A for effort

  54. Dirty Birdy

    Science driven lyrics?!?!?!!?!?oh fuck yes

    Dirty Birdy


  55. Fluffy Bunny

    Luv this shit!   So Bad Ass!

  56. Rogue Shuffler

    Fuck that was awesome

  57. Christopher Harjo

    Gregory! The Ibanez destroyer! Thanx for your originality and smashing the hopes and dreams of binary metal wannabe's!

  58. Cherry Moon

    Lmao! The song was ok, but the weird Star Wars intro and stupid hat ending are making me laugh so fuckin' hard! 

  59. Adam Delp

    Simple is beautiful. Fuck the haters.

  60. djaguitarx

    great band! one of the best i´ve listened on the last few years

  61. Wayne White

    God, he can play the shit out of that seven string!

  62. Yusuf Iğnak

    fuckin a.

  63. Jacobe Wells

    When you realize Ezra is in pajamas..

  64. Granola Bob

    lol fuckin bad ass

  65. snortemup11

    Best band to ever come from Colorado.


    Not a fan of Cephalic Carnage then?


    I like them but not as much.

  66. zoltanas77

    Nocturnus comes to mind with this technical guitar stuff and lyrics, just wish they were a bit more death metal...not too fond of this shitcore stuff...

  67. Taylor Jaime

    These guys can shred!

  68. sarah duet

    This record fucking jams like a motherfucker. So good.

  69. CTKB

    This is excellent

  70. SlightlyStoopid Chris

    that ending tho..

  71. Cedric Truchon

    definitely the top of the deathcore pile..........but is that a good thing

  72. SleggarLaw

    what tuning you guys play in? 


    @Aaron White Drop D,...come on!!

  73. CalamardoTuPapi

    come to mexico!! you are amazing! 

  74. townclutz99

    how the fuck did I end up here from a Mayhem video?  


    Sorry but I don't agree.  They sound like the typical deathcore band trying to re-write Nocturnus songs.  There is a reason Nocturnus broke up....


    @townclutz99 this isn't deathcore you fucking idiot


    @SplashNThrash He's only 15 years old, give him a break.


    @SplashNThrash So there is a difference between this noise and that noise?  


    @oblivionspawn07 Now add 25 years to that.  

  75. Harrison Visser

    Our Cum Casket?

  76. Valhalla AwaitsMe

    fuckin awesome!!!

  77. Jonathan Lessard

    Holy motherfuck! Took me by surprise! The song is great!

  78. VukoDrakainen

    This band is ma new revelation. Great song ...!!!

  79. Sagar Acharya

    album reminds of listening Arch Enemy, vocals also same like Alissa White


    Sagar Acharya but better

  80. Aj Bála

    This is so good.

  81. Mikel Butterfield

    These guys have some amazing musicians but I'm not a fan of the vocalist. He just sound like "ughhh ughhh ughhh ughhh ughhh" like it all sounds the same but different words. 

  82. Gospel969

    loved the last part

  83. adam landau

    Awesome. Its nice to return to this more oldschool stuff like this. They are probably the only ones of this type of metal i still listen to (now im mostly djent and chaotic hardcore)
    Keep it up!!

  84. PuShA Flutter

    Yea just like in the beginning of 1.618 they admit they have never had music video success. Amazing fucking music though.

  85. Brandon

    I laughed my ass off at the end

  86. Simon Wanger

    fuckin awesome

  87. Mak Dark

    I can remember Allegaeon back in the day when nobody knew about them. It's sick to see they have gotten so big. Greg taught me and friend part of one of their songs while he was selling merch at one of their shows. I knew they would get big, best metal band ever!

  88. Edward Kaye

    I think "brutal" should read "generic."

    Justin Conquerbeard


    Edward Kaye

    @***** Says the guy with no avatar! Hah! I had a picture of Cannibal Fuckface from the Prison Pit graphic novels, but as I was applying for jobs with my Google account I had to change it to something more PC.

    Cuauhtémoc Cabrera Rubio

    And another one of these cunts, it's really getting old.

    Edward Kaye

    @Nocturnus von Hellman Don't be a dick. I actually love the song. It was a reference to the video itself, i.e. that it's just the standard mock performance video.

  89. Julio Cesar Silva

    Calidad en la ejecucion de cada nota 0oo0

  90. mnwdi

    i cant get enough ! to damn good !

  91. MetalRockerRiot

    So Cool , Forever Metal

  92. ujwal rajan

    One killer song! A mix of death and metal core!

  93. Assadawut Takeang

    very nice song :) 

  94. Edo

    Sounds really interesting... certainly I'll search more of their work

  95. Leviathan02464

    This band just kicks so much ass. Every album  has been worth 4x the cost

  96. cory sunday

    awsome for a new band

  97. Alt+Doom

    I like these guys :V