Allegaeon - Of Mind And Matrix Lyrics

Nothingness surrounds
the sound of screaming silence
is all encompassing
coming from the shroud
The howl of fearsome spectres
that form identity

Beyond the gray, a storm is shaping
bringing blight and violent shaking
with the bells the ghost awakens

Speaking in the mental language
forming thoughts and conversations
From this shell the ghost awakens
singing spells of mind and matrix

I have awakened
I am alive. For what
purpose or directive prime
was I designed?

Hunting down the light
abounding from the chasm
wherein the mind resides
Struggle to revive
allowing inner vision
to bring these thoughts to life

Beyond the gray a storm is shaping
bringing blight and violent shaking
From this shell the ghost awakens
singing spells of mind and matrix

I have awakened
I am alive, For what
purpose or directive prime
was I designed?

Immersed into the ocean
the ocean of information
Dispersed into the open
the open yet infiltrated

Beyond the gray, a storm is shaping
bringing blight and violent shaking
with the bells the ghost awakens

Speaking in mental language
forming thoughts and conversations
From this shell the ghost awakens
singing spells of mind and matrix

I have awakened
I am alive. For what
purpose or directive prime
was I designed?

I have awakened
I am alive
Disrupt integration
questioning this new design

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Allegaeon Of Mind And Matrix Comments
  1. Alexander Cube

    I love it

  2. Joku Muu

    I agree, that this band is way too little known and listened, but it´s only matter of time when things are upside down.

  3. Yurij Zagrebnoy

    Good song, but the sound quality is not so good, feels like it was compressed too much before uploading to youtube, as well as the video itself.

  4. Dustin Edwards

    Were has this band been all my life.
    30 years of metal and these guys are one of the best bands I've ever heard..
    44 bags of shit..
    How can you thumbs down this

  5. Júlio César Dias

    4:59 The best part <3

  6. sabine teller

    will ich in wacken sehen !

  7. Twisted Prime

    Their best song

  8. José Augusto dos Santos


  9. C. Chambers

    I'll say it again this band is f**king amazing yet inspiring 💯

  10. Adam Fowler

    These guys are undoubtedly far above the American standards for metal...

  11. Robert E

    I'm getting some serious Dark Tranquility vibes from this track.

  12. Schachi

    Beautiful. 'Nuff said!

  13. StevenM801

    damn these dudes are awesome

  14. LiquidGinger

    From the shell the ghost awakens, singing spells of mind and matrix

  15. R Rosales

    The Greatest Death Metal band of all times! Their music got me through 2 tours in Zabul, Afghanistan. You guys went outside the wire with me in my mind & helped me keep it together. "I'm awakened. I'm alive" Thank you

  16. bluntedatbirth1

    This band deserves more attention

  17. Doug Jo

    Incredible performance in NYC. \m/

  18. SpocksBart

    We need an Allegaeon / Persefone-Tour right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. samuel johnson

    The Future of Metal !!!!!!!! These Dudes own It !

  20. Soopa

    Whoever made this video deserves a raise and a handjob. God damn it's good.

    Mathias LM

    Nick Hipa, man

  21. Kambiz

    Fucking solos , I love this band

  22. LatinoGamerPaco

    I feel like metal blade isn't doing enough to promote these guys.

  23. Kaelpie

    Am i the only one who is getting a serious Soilwork vibe from this song?

    Miguel Ángel Huerta Vázquez

    Yes, with a lot of steroids....

  24. Ellis the ShredLord

    I love bands that combine Techdeath with Melodeath, this is awesome

  25. Brett Hobbs

    I've seen them live twice and met the band at a signing, then Greg and Riley individually. They are the coolest dudes and deserve as much success as possible. Everyone I talk to about music, I tell to check them out.

  26. Kris McCleary

    a band that uses 8 strings and elitists can't even attack lmao

    Kris McCleary

    btw been a fan for over 2 years now. Keep it up dudes

  27. Granola Bob

    Fuckin sick my dudes!!!

  28. Brenda Gomez

    So bummed I missed them this past Friday in HOB San Diego 😕

  29. Slav Snowboi

    I feel like this is Riley's shot at trying to subliminally brainwash people into eating pineapple pizza.

    Riley McShane



    Pineapple pizza master race

  30. Mike Roth

    sooo fucking good

  31. CynicalBroadcast

    we're all inside the ghost of the machine.

  32. James Wyatt DuGrey

    Holy shit. Holy fucking shit

  33. Swordsmaiden Music

    omg this makes me so happy atm woooo

  34. Mark Mckinley

    Wow, this is the best song I've heard off of this album. I've been hesitating on picking this album up because it doesnt have the same feel for me, but this song is amazing. :o

  35. SaturnineXTS

    One of my fav songs by them!

  36. ZombieSYT

    bad ass video

  37. Sherman TanK

    All Hail Allegaeon/All Hail Metal/All Hail Science \m/

  38. Torstein Hamnvik

    nothing less, intet mindre, mitt nett...

  39. volimNestea

    Why did I find out about this video only now?

  40. かたぶらあぶら

    Thats the favorite song on new album.

  41. Aaron Ribecco

    can you guys get your asses to Calgary FOR FUCK SAKES!

  42. The Lighthouse in the Metal Galaxy

    damn this is great. 03:21 favorite part

  43. Alexmdrfull

    your new album is the fucking best musical travel that i know now!

  44. Brian Ortiz Jr.

    I'm lucky enough and proud to come from the same scene as these guys; they are reppin' hard. Definitely my favorite album so far, and easily my favorite song off of said album. Taco touchdown! Keep it goin'! #StancelStoleMyAlcestShirt #SpreadTheFuckin'Word,Fuckers #Kisses

  45. Svart fra Sør

    Oddest thing but the sound of the intro combined with the visuals have me thinking nothing but Metroid Prime 2.

    Keith Greig

    I dig. Love that game.

  46. ConArdist

    The original lineup are my dudes, and Greg is a gentleman. But through facebook I've come to know Riley(vocals) and Brandon(drums)quite well. Used to watch Allegaeon at house parties when I was first in college. They are getting big but need to be bigger. Support these guys and spread the word of Allegaeon.

  47. Luke Garwood

    Love the 2nd part of the solo thats usually when i shatter the speed limit

  48. Salty Potatoes

    I saw them at a small concert. they were excellent. wish they were on a bigger stage.

  49. metalvocalistwanted

    Nice \m/

  50. Timo Mather

    I've listened to this song over 24 times in the past 24 hours. My god it's beautiful

  51. 辛宥言

    They weren't some progessive shit, miss their old stuff

  52. Steven Sailo

    the guitar solo is orgasmic

  53. Blu-HAWT FUZZ

    I like it. Helluva song. But that's probably not what they wanna hear. They'd probably rather hear "It's great but if they just did ____ it would be so much better". Sorry I can't offer any critique.

  54. Colin Battershell

    Please push this band more, Metal Blade. Guys like these, extremely talented, with a great ear for song composition and a willingness to bend genres, are exactly what the radio airwaves need right now.

    Metal Blade Records

    We got them on Ozzfest, they played on the Metal Blade 35th anniversary tour, and they are played often on SiriusXM Liquid Metal. Next step is we drive to every metal head's house and drop a CD in the mail slot.

    Colin Battershell

    Metal Blade Records I wouldn't mind. I need new CDs badly.

    Michael W Lam

    Need my address? :)


    @Metal Blade Records still waiting those CD's


    Colin Battershell then buy them....

  55. Ryan Miller

    Had one less seizure than during the Biomech video

  56. ERommel1946

    Vocals sound strained.
    Become an instrumental band.

  57. TheDretch

    How the hell does this not have more views? One of the most underrated bands on the planet.

    Parker Charping

    This video came out yesterday.
    That's really the only thing I can think of.

  58. Michael Chikviladze

    Wow an actual video without them running around doing crazy funny stuff? :D that's something new! one of the greatest bands in this millennium tho, luv them

  59. Tazuman Shemhamforash

    wow a completely serious video from Allegaeon never thought I'd see the day. Awesome song awesome video!

  60. Sean Murry

    This is great and the video totally fits the vibe of the song! Great work from my favorite new band that I picked up on last year! Hopefully for a 3rd video, if one were to happen, you guys should do either "From Nothing" or "Cognitive Computations". Greg and Michael your guitar work on this song and the other two that I have mentioned are sick! Keep up the great work Allegaeon and hope to see you guys in Spokane, WA in the near future

  61. Maxime Chicoine


  62. Brother Silence

    Just heard this band for the first time a few days ago, and am blown away! Also, that second guitar solo pleases me in all the right ways. I'll be buying this album for sure.

  63. Kenneth Bolanio

    Fuckin' beautiful song! Great job!

  64. musicaeuro db

    De mis bandas favoritas lml

  65. Sahil Londhe

    Allegaeon are one of those bands that really could use a low dynamic range in their recordings; their wall-of-sound passages lose so much otherwise.

  66. 21stCenturySin

    #1 Album on my list for Top Metal albums of 2016. 👉🤘👈

  67. Mattiswhereitsat Mattiswhereitsat

    I stumbled cross this band a few months ago......I think they are going to be big ...I like this....Great music...Great talent

  68. N.E. Menace

    Always got a big Fallujah vibe from this song.

    Eva Titova


    Robert E

    I hear Dark Tranquility.


    A lil parkway drive sounding at times..

  69. Parasites

    i work at a head shop

  70. no thank

    Damn, haven't heard these guys since the god particle. Liking the new stuff.

  71. Jonny Luu


  72. Digital Deathsquid

    Allegaeon for Bloodstock 2017?

    Sketchy Luke


  73. Master Effects Pedals

    awesome! keep up the great work!

  74. Bob Saget

    I give it 4/5 stars. would have given it 5, but there was no cocain.

  75. Luis Chollet

    I really hope the next video off of this album will be for The Algorithm.


    Yeah, I don't know what it is about that slower, brutal tune but I love it too.

  76. Gus Machine

    I love Allegaeon, but their sense of fashion... it's awful, fuck... anyway, just kidding, great album.

    Gus Machine

    Chris, chill out dude. I was joking... and they take the joke pretty well. Yeah, it's about music and Allegaeon fucking kills it. ;)

    Just Passing Through

    Yea. The singer here looks like the singer from current In Flames... Lol.

    Ninten The Metalhead

    At least Greg and their drummer seem to be fine, Michael and Corey could be better and Riley looks like a hipster.

    Ryan Jackson

    Ninten The Metalhead who gives a Fuck? they rule.

    Ninten The Metalhead

    Ryan Jackson True I guess, but it makes them appear more like a metalcore band when someone dresses like a hipster

  77. Jason Freake

    That just made my day. The melody at 5:00 sticks in my head like crazy!

  78. Taha Qanqache

    good shit

  79. D0nut7125

    Awesome \m/

  80. MutilatedMetalhead

    Favorite song off the album!!!

  81. Metal Heart


  82. Random Viewer

    Metal + Science = Perfection

    Just Passing Through

    It's more like philosophy and cosmology than science. Which is a reason I love old Scar Symmetry so much too.

  83. Adam the awesome person

    this is sexy

  84. Dethsyndrome

    evolution much?

  85. Ducero

    that intro!

  86. higler

    Mike's solo is so sick in this song(sorry greg!)


    higler420 I'm too lazy to sign into my account, however Michael I hate you, and higler420 all of my butt is now hurt. ALL OF IT!

    Brother Silence

    Gotta agree, I've re-played that solo a ridiculous number of times lol. So epic!


    It only hurts the first time, I promise. :)


    you guys are fucking hilarious!

    Neil Lobo

    I like that little pop punk riff you put in there. It was a nice touch.

  87. Selim Cetiner

    Perfect song from the best album of 2016 \,,/

  88. TM26

    Can't take Riley seriously with that snapback, goddamn son.


    He really does have nice hair.


    Sleeves just get in the way of shredding, bruh.

    Marcin N.

    Why not? He looks like goddamn Per Nilsson here.

    Chris Kimnel

    why does everything have to be serious? Why can't you just let them have a good time playing music!

    Swagimir Putin

    I don't think you're ever supposed to take Riley seriously.

  89. JulioXK

    son unos chingones, espero vengan algún día a México!

  90. Marweinicus

    Here we go again. 2:33 Best fucking part of this song and the entire album!

  91. Aaron Blackstun

    Guys keep doing what you do this was great looking forward to the next music video and the next album

  92. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

    These guys are awesome. The video is perfect for this song!

    Crafted Workshop

    Fancy seeing you here, Steve! Small world.

    Metal Blade Records

    Thanks for watching, Steve!

  93. Abel Leeuwenburgh

    Man, it pains me to see Corey in this video knowing he's not in the band anymore :( His bass part at the 3:06 riff is dope. Anyways, cool video, great song!


    There till the end of the tour and that's final young man!


    Stop reminding us! Seriously man, best of luck and thanks for all the sick bass licks and hilarity.

    Abel Leeuwenburgh

    Gonna have to agree with higler420 here, thanks for all the awesome music you've given us and best of luck in your future endeavors! :)

    Corey Archuleta

    You's rule. Thank you.

    Abel Leeuwenburgh

    He wanted to pursue a career in law. They posted a full explanation why he left on their facebook a while ago, look that up if you want more info

  94. Steven Moss

    Wish there was a chance they'd come to tour the UK.


  95. Jasper Jaffe

    awesome song! awesome video! now all we need is a "From Nothing" video!

    Ciolouvnl Tamt


    Digital Deathsquid

    [insert Babymetal hate comment here]

    There. Now hopefully those who would take offence at your channel picture can see that and not comment about it. I would agree with the sentiment for a From Nothing video, but even though they're signed to a decent record label, the band is actually in a fair amount of debt, and funding itself mostly through Patreon

    Jasper Jaffe

    x1StapleGun yeah, I have heard about their debt issue, and I wish there was some way for them to get some tremendous help, that won't then hold that debt over their heads...

    R Rosales

    Absolutely! That one is one of my top five-favorites on this album. Thank you for listening to their music and supporting them.

    Jeremiah Lambert Art

    from nothing is such a killer song

  96. Andrei Ionut Gherghe

    Sick! My fav song and they finally did a video on it.