Allegaeon - 1.618 Lyrics

Phi universal law constant occurrence
Design absent of flaws natural appearance
With DNA and galaxies we approach infinity

Nothing split by unity is the constant creation

Divine proportion defines perfection
With this comes enticing shapes
Supreme equation from formation
The formula of 1.618

A pattern beyond man a blueprint of divinity
The spiral of god eternal plan forever the line divided

Nothing split by unity is the constant creation

Divine proportion defines perfection
With this comes enticing shapes
Supreme equation from formation
The formula of 1.618

Phi patterns symmetry surrounds us
Design precise product of the universe
With DNA and galaxies we are one with infinity

Nothing split by unity is the constant creation

Divine proportion defines perfection
With this comes enticing shapes
Supreme equation from formation
The formula of 1.618

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Allegaeon 1.618 Comments
  1. Rodney Johnstone

    False Advertisement....this song has absolutely NOTHING to do with the golden ratio 1.618 to 1....better known as Phi (which of course these guys don't even mention, let alone anything understandable)
    Just rename your song please! It truly offends intelligence!

  2. ww1980kolo

    Enticing shapes.

  3. Lou Lombardi

    ROFL!!! They rock... saw them over the weekend in Pittsburgh. ;)

  4. Melvin the Mop Boy

    1:04 That’s me.

  5. Alexander Cube

    I typed shit but now numbers and I’m happy

  6. Anthony Anthony Anthony

    this band deserved more recognition :(

  7. The Piratey Weenie

    And that's why Corey was let go from the band.

  8. Chrysobalex

    I fucking love this video, makes me laugh and enjoy the music every time

  9. Joe Shelburne

    I just want to point out, Michael is the only one that pulls off a deep V in this video. My boy rocked that shit more believable than the rest of you 11/10

  10. John Guastavino

    Anybody else hear the Stranger Things theme at 0:59

  11. Nick DiBartolomeo

    I just now realized the title of this song is the golden ratio.

  12. jérémy bossé

    Even if you blur it every one knows you’re drinking Pabst you fucking pleb 😂

  13. P00NM45T3RFL3XXX

    Love the dig at Atilla. Fucking A that band is terrible.

  14. Márk Németh

    Nice Invader Zim shirt during the "viking metal" part.

  15. soho C

    What a band

  16. Jacky Fox

    this song is called phi φ

  17. fr0zen

    2:33 fucking invader zim t-short

  18. mallama

    I very much enjoyed this video.

  19. Schachi

    It may be 5 years overdue, but I love you guys.

  20. Mel McC

    I fucking love these guys!


    Son geniales !
    Grandes musicos, con sentido del humor ,tienen un nuevo seguidor !!😃💪👍👍👏👏

  22. Jorge Davila

    sharigan on the dudes arm is fire!....also this song is FIRE.

  23. Júlio César Dias

    2:49 HOLY Mothercrab fucking God

  24. godsNgenerals


  25. MrFirst2536

    Very nice solo melody

  26. Seb Gagné Music

    We want another wideo with the technical progrssive slamgrind one XD

  27. Chiefbigcorn

    Holy shit lmaooo, thrash is too damn accurate

  28. sabine teller

    viel zu geil !

  29. Citzen_J

    dudes, this song fucking rules. instant metal classic.

  30. José Augusto dos Santos


  31. Dingleberry Handpump

    Lmao thrash one couldn't be more true! Beer, beer, and MORE BEER!!!

  32. hasicktear

    also my ass has golden raito

  33. Snow in da funBoots


  34. Snow in da funBoots


  35. sabine teller

    Einfach nur Hammer die scheibe !

  36. jérémy bossé

    Drinking college students beer pitiful

    But it’s ok I do it too

  37. C. Chambers

    F**kin love this 💯 🍻💯🍻💯

  38. César González

    Epic... XDXD

  39. ezioch

    Was pretty hyped by the title, but really it's dad rock with a vague Phi reference. Sad

  40. kezO0622

    Metal people are the most happy people.

  41. DirtE Pistol

    Craaaaaab people. Craaaaaab people. Look like crabs, shred like people!

  42. Hendra Ali

    Lol crabcore :v

  43. sky rim

    2019 everyone?

  44. LarrikinLancer

    Anyone who can crack jokes on Black Metal gets mad props.

  45. Slayer Blood

    Alexby jajajaja

  46. plantsinspace

    1:47 lol that face the guitarist makes

  47. Dayana Garcia

    this is the coolest shit that I have seen after infant annihilator - Decapitation fornication

  48. Love to often Is only a Dream

    Again awesome!!!!!

  49. Vigilance

    Oo man that crabcore scene takes me back! That subgenre lasted all of a year. Haha. Id say this managed to stay technical throughout.

  50. Nelson Hernandez

    MEGATRON!!!!!! APPROVED!!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🍻🍻🍻🍻

  51. Reggie Postlethwaite

    Now I wanna listen only to crabcore. I hate you.

  52. Asylumental

    A comment in a 12 foot ninja song recommended me come here.

    Metal gods bless that person.

  53. Asylumental

    Cheers to those pabst!

  54. Guilherme Macedo

    drink like that is SUICIDAL

  55. 1970GTOSD

    Holy man i have watched this video alot and just noticed the Speed Metal wheel that were on the backs of Banzai records in the 1980s like the band Destruction @ 1: 53

  56. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Fuck ICP

  57. Michael W Lam

    crabcore gets me everytime.

  58. Der Antikrist Seelen Mord


  59. CAT LORD

    not bad for crabcore

  60. Andrew

    Amazing band. Amazing video. Love it!!!

  61. Bruce Cook

    This is fucking great

  62. 665 Demon Dog

    I hate comedy in black metal or any extreme metal (i make exceptions but this isnt it)

  63. Lenin Guzmán

    Hahaha, I love this banda. XD <3

  64. Lauren Skinner

    Be still my tiny metal heart. I am so in love with all of this. Please be my evil Valentine?

  65. Gareth

    Corey is fuckin' hilarious lol

  66. Jerrid_8675

    Face fucking melted

  67. Gore Lord

    Sweet sweep and tapping on those guitars

  68. SupJax

    So fkn awesome haha

  69. Private Slamface

    2:54 why not zoidberg

  70. Jamed Keeling the gamer and hacker lol

    2:46 lol

  71. HellRazor Deaton

    It’s kinda good, but to my nephew River, they’re so awesome and shyte! Them and Rings of Saturn? I’d still rather listen to Fucking Pantera, Hellyeah, Black Label Society, Slipknot, Mudvayne, BFMV, A7X, Soulfly, etc! You cannot kill which refuses to die!!!!

  72. Dercio Macondzo

    My favorite song

  73. Macxermillio

    Oh my shit, been listening to this band for four years now, only checking out these vidoes now and I can't believe how their complex music and intelligent lyrics are juxtaposed with humorous videos. This was great... I love them even more.

  74. Cristian Mihai

    Guys pls who is the guy with the weird costumes? I mean, is he in their band? I can't find him in Biomech and other videos

  75. Becoming a Machine

    This must have been so much fun to make hahaha, so awesome.

  76. Василий Шишкин

    So, I've watched this and "Threshold of Perception"... Are all of these guys' videos like this?

  77. blah blah

    Suicidal, suicidal, salsa....

  78. Arthur Watts

    This tracks for all the mindless zombies who throw the sign of the horns endlessly with absolutely no idea of its origins or the way it became synonymous with metal. You wont see it it in any early photos of Priest, Maiden or Sabbath - they just played what they loved and that's the way it should be. Thanks for the vid.

  79. Buck Futtler

    no PBR??? DENIED!

  80. Patrick Watson

    Crabcore was awesome

  81. Juan Francisco Fernández Durand

    Fucking Hilarious

  82. totethrash

    Maldición! Que buena banda!

  83. Adam Robertshaw

    Saw you guys last night in London... to be honest you guys would have been better wearing corpse paint live! :P

  84. Dena Kotka

    I love this song too. Part was recorded at my place and a few are wearing some of the felt products I made. My son is the singer and all his buddies.

  85. Punisherfan123

    I just realized...

  86. MooseForceOne

    .....CRAB! CRAB! CRAB!

  87. CrypticScott

    the golden ratio, very fitting. love this song \m/

  88. Daniel Cannata

    And the
    "Wheel of subgenres" is simply brilliant 😂

  89. Daniel Cannata


    Are any of you familiar with a youtuber called kitty0706?.....

  90. NPFAC

    god damn i love all a gay on

  91. bluntedatbirth1

    This video still makes me laugh an inordinate amount. Black metal part is my favorite

  92. The Philosopher

    This video is metal in a nutshell xD

  93. Norteleks

    Trying to bang your fucking head and laughing at the same time is a very difficult act

  94. Love to often Is only a Dream

    This is just plain awesome and love this vid!!!!!

  95. ОFFensive CЯдскея

    that hatchet man killed it for me, weak ass pussies.

  96. That Mead With Juniper Berries

    Hey but shout to those Suicidal Tendencies hats.

  97. JustVic

    2:47 Now that`s a hilarious parody of stick stickly by attack attack.

  98. Dante Lipschits

    Best video on internet

  99. Tazuman Shemhamforash

    Love these guys 🤘🏻