Alle Farben - Sometimes Lyrics

Whenever you're feeling lonely in our whacking world,
when all the lights go out, your own land starts to blurt,
when everything around you, seem to fall apart,
and all that's left is bare, your feelings start to storm

Sometimes you're feeling stronger
sometimes you're feeling week
sometimes you're feeling colder
but the light will bring the heat

Sometimes you're feeling lucky
sometimes you're feeling on
but if you don't start believing,
one day you'll reach the sun
oah oaaaah
reach the sun

Whenever you're feeling lonely
walking in the storm
close your eyes and tell me,
can you feel the warmth?

Sometimes you're feeling stronger
sometimes you're feeling week
sometimes you're feeling colder
but the light will bring the heat

Sometimes you're feeling lucky
sometimes you're feeling on
but when you don't start believing
one day you'll reach the sun,
oah oaaaah
reach the sun
reach the sun
ooh reach the sun
ooh reach the sun

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Alle Farben Sometimes Comments
  1. faksi putra

    who is that girl :( ?

  2. Leo Stevens

    Singt da ein Frosch?

  3. Steve

    who is ? 2019

  4. live for tomorrow ;-;

    Épocas que nunca volverán v,:

  5. PRESH

    I love this track most especially the instrumentals the background...

  6. Rodrigo Destefani

    He sing like a girl or a little boy !! This Is ridiculous

  7. Morghen

    Mr.Belt & Wezol brought me here

  8. Bundesengel Michael

    Graham Candy sollte definitiv mal ein Joint Venture mit Asaf Avidan machen. Das waere der Burner.

  9. unsigned luck is no excuse

    Praise the sun🎭

  10. Soundalive

    only good memories to this song <3

  11. Ludmila Mehr


  12. endr187

    Who came from Fucking Berlin ?

  13. Ani Ela

    I love it

  14. Grethel R

    The intro reminds me Relax, take it easy by MIKA

  15. Rogelio Perezramos

    please, who is the girl in the video?

  16. Jana Schäfer

    Bestes Lied ! ❤❤❤

  17. Familie Lang

    Funfact: Y'all know that "Alle Farben"is german and mean "Every Colours"?

  18. Tomas Golubevas

    One time my mother called me a son of a bitch, so I hit her because no one talks trash about my mother, then I hit myself because no one hits my mother, then she hit me because no one hits her son and then she hit herself because no one hits me, so I hit her because no one hits my mother.

  19. ötan üztafaz

    finest Music!!!!

  20. Elias Alves

    Alle Farben is amazing

  21. smoki

    Im so excited for your concert tomorrow in Bratislava

  22. Kenneth Ramìrez

    Still can't believe it's a dude!


    U know that it is "Relax take it easy"?

  24. murat mentesin papagani django

    Come to turkey!

  25. Miroslava Zezulova

    I like this song 💖💗😘👍

  26. catlover boom


  27. nurul iman

    mantep euy

  28. Kettweasl

    graham candy and alle farben.. genius dudes!

  29. Alicja Pożarowszczyk

    Boże Najlepsi!

  30. What's a username

    wel com to mai kitchen, we have bananins and avocadis

  31. Denise Herwig

    Mein Lieblingslied :-*

  32. (GER)Angel Devil

    total .................TOT,MUSIK,TOT,TEXT,TOT;QUel mich....

  33. .:Cesar Anthony:.

    I totally thought it was a beautiful, soulful, black girl singing... o_O

  34. Zed Ad Infinitum

    NO WAY he has that voice. No way. He DOES NOT sound the way he looks (or doesn't look the way he sounds).

  35. Raider Dave

    I see you double or triple ;D fat feeling

  36. Totten Hotten

    Genial 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  37. Raider Dave

    chillich song ;D NICE

  38. Юлия Подобед

    как же мне нравится их музыка и голоса😍😍😘

  39. Elias Alves

    Very good!!!

  40. abhay seeparsad

    dude i want to see your haircut

  41. Cigarettes and Music

    Amazing Alle Farben and Graham Candy 2017 this is my amazing song i love song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sometimes

  42. Realrastax

    I love this great song and this girl is wonderfull, marry me xd

  43. John Wick

    Hammer Track!

  44. alessia steinbach

    I think that is really good music, no matter how they look

  45. (GER)Angel Devil

    Du bist gut,aberleider sehr Feige,sorry, wichtig,trotzdem kann jeder Singen und schreiben,LOOSER ! FEIGLING,LOS,BEIWEISE DAS Gegenteil MEINER BEHAUPTUNG;MACH HINNE;BIN SCHON HAlbes JAHrHUndert Über :-)

  46. Quan Tran Dang

    Wezol remix <3

  47. Alvaro Rueda

    guten tag! sie gut alle farben

  48. DanganRonpa Trash

    The girl kind of reminds me of Ingrid Nilson for some reason

  49. Du Re


  50. Raider Dave

    music defeats everything bad feelings

  51. Muhammad Faheem

    "If you don't stop believing, one day you will reach with sun" SOAEE don't stop believing!

  52. jahosaphat

    This is beautiful uplifting music.

  53. Nina Kuster

    i love it!!! but the melody sounds like one of the songs from nlb electronis 😅

  54. Realrastax

    Just excellent, thx ;)

  55. BHR mixtapes

    so good

  56. imnotdepressed

    Do concert in Turkey!

    murat mentesin papagani django

    Eylül 1267 aynen

  57. Z1gis

    do concert in Lithuania

    Gintarė Bušmaitė

    neitiketina matyt lt cia


    +Gintarė Bušmaitė xd

  58. syntetic

    What's the name of song with simmiliar first 10 seconds?


    Mika - Relax, Take It Easy?


    Thanks, but I have found it already :D

  59. Alice Sousa

    Eu amo Alle Farben ♡

  60. Ludwig Dobner

    alter ich feier das lied so hart... auch wenn meine ex-frau grade an meine haustür hämmert und die Alimente für die letzten drei monate will

    Raider Dave

    Einfach bis zum Anschlag aufdrehen ;D

  61. Jason Jones

    Robin Schulz has got some competition ;)

  62. Tadas Pšemeneckas

    did i understand wrong or are the gay?

  63. Niklas

    jetzt überlegt doch mal mädels: die sängerin is ne frau aber der junge mann singt dazu dann wird die stimme von graham candy drüber gelegt und es sieht aus als würde er es singen :)

    Highflyer 112

    Nein! Er hat so eine Krass hohe Stimme! Ich habe ihn live als vorband bei einem Silbermond Konzert gehört und er hat teilw. spielchen mit dem Publikum gemacht. Er wurde immer höher mit der Stimme und das Publikum hat versucht das nachzumachen - er fand es lustig das kaum einer so richtig hoch kam :D


    @nico Müller ja hab mir auch mittlerweile interviews mit ihm angeschaut

    Luzi Black

    Mädel er is n singer-songwriter. -> schreibt und singt SELBST

    Niclas Maly

    Niklas dude ich hab den singen gesehen der ist es halt echt


    hab ich auch vor paar monaten bemerkt, mein fehler. Hau rein

  64. Jacky Mo

    das Teil auf Minimum 10 minuten wäre geradezu grandios - TOP

  65. Yunomei

    I love Alle Farben and Graham Candy

  66. openwingsfly

    Hamburg :D

  67. NIXXAL

    to me they look a bit gay :D. or is it just bro love or something?


    I was thinking on the same :D

    Kai Grundmann

    actually I don't really care if he's attracted to either men/women or both :D who am I to judge his sexuality?


    well yeah you can't judge but it's still a bit weird :D

    Kai Grundmann

    @NIXXAL I don't think homosexuality is weird at all :D I'm not gay or anything but Idc if they are gay/bi

  68. Anja Bam

    Dieser Song lässt mich lachen aber auch gleichzeitig weinen❤

  69. Betty Seide

    Fantastic Voice with perfect Arrangement in Sounds!!!!

  70. Gay Pudding

    He's so adorable! NoHomo tho

    Hendra Anggrian

    I would have no problem if they AreHomo, just like I wouldn't on eating a HomoPudding.

  71. Sabahudin Druzic

    wooow that voice its very specific, never heard something before like it.......great song

  72. Chase Miller

    graham candy is fucking amazing.

  73. ayşenurr çiçek

    ne güzel bir ses 😍

  74. Zaven Karafelyan


  75. midiibim

    woher bekomm ich den bunten pullover vom video :)????^^

    Tim Kleine

    Ich schätze eh das der Pullover speziell führ ihn gemacht wurde. Der sieht nicht so aus als ob man ihn einfach so im Laden kaufen kann :(


    +Tim Kleine wenns ein bekannter mode-designer oder sonst was von ihm gemacht hat. reicht ja schon der name :)
    der will sicher auch mit uns geschäfte machen wenn sichs gut verkauft und die nachfrage da ist !

    Andre Ziemann

    Schaut mal weiter unten den Pulli gibt es auf

    The_Laxx Tv

  76. Joe Kraymaty

    I actually thought the singer was a girl


    @fourburnerbreakfast yeah just like Conchita Wurst hahahaha if you know her/him idk ;)


    Me too!!! I have been living in a lie 😭

    Jeffrey Riley

    Pretty much everyone does.

    Lea Koch

    do you know the song "she moves" ? i always thought it's a girl, too 😅

  77. Denzel Ndlovu

    tis is heavy lovin the track

  78. Mati Ippid

    😍😍😍beautiful song and beautiful voice

  79. Synesthesia TV

    Our partner label Raison Music is also available on Spotify now:
    Check out their playlists! ;)

    Hoàng Phạm

    +Synesthesia TV what's her name pls :D


    +Hoàng Phạm did you mean the singers name? that's a man, his name is Graham Candy :p

  80. Horstund


  81. Filip Kotúľ

    Nice iam 1.000.000th viewer :) Open vine :)

  82. lindermann

    fast 1.000.000 views : )

  83. Jay.Impro

    Alle Farben kann sich auf dem Boot das Lächeln einfach nicht verkneifen :D
    Der Start in den 2ten Refrain ist einfach ... *____* <3

  84. mikees24

    Graham Candy looks very attractive

  85. Fanny Gourdain

    hello vive graham candy et alle farben ne changer rien c est d enfer ! ( pour info graham je le surnom ma petite crevette comme mes chats ) :-)

  86. Younes

    Bird says brrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrr

  87. nay hdz.

    all day long whith this song!!!
    -one day you'll reach the sun :)