Allday - Nothing On My Mind Lyrics

Nothing on my mind
At all
Nothing on my mind
At all
Nothing on my mind
At all
Nothing on my mind
At all
Nothing on my mind at all

They told me the dumbest players and expect the match to be fair
Is it the school that matters or the lessons that they teach there?
They found it funny when I told these lesson cats to beware
I'm the only that's laughing, man I guess you had to be there
Stay on your mind like an oven that's been left on
Like finger thread counts I ain't nothing to be slept on
I hear a lot of songs where motherfuckers put there best on
But it's all smoke and mirrors so there's nothing to reflect on
I just got up it's been an awful long day
I say some stuff that make them duck like I was Gordon Bombay
All I need's a beat and someone to record what I say
And enough people to hear and take it all the wrong way
Yeah I'm coming, I'm fucking coming
I got more on the way
But [?] and J they wondering what more can I say
Got the highest score in the game, it ain't boring to play
Sun is just coming up, why would I call it a day?


I got shingles right now and I'm real sweaty
My eyes feel heavy but skills are still plenty
Do anything at all guys will envy
I guess they're not prepared for my villainy
I guess it's in my blood like capillary
Young buck but I never suck call me Hillary
Honest to God your moniker should be Monica
I'm chill as a yeti but my buzz is getting hotter-er
Don't be a grammar Nazi, check the thermometer
I'm fired up, so let me light up like Hanukkah
'Til half the world is twisted like Oliver
But you got verbal Bali Belly thats Collera
Your girl probably, like Schapelle Corby
While my girls body could catch a felony
I'm Allday, like a train in the morning
There's no space in it, don't get it spelled wrongly


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