Allday - Julia Stiles Lyrics

Julia Stiles, I got

Hello matey it’s me, the so shapely overweighty fat fuck
I'm ice-cream cone crazy
Oreo tasting, my father don’t praise me
With a beach ball gut like I carry my own baby

Skin so flakey like a painting in the Louvre (true)
Socially awkward, I'm strange and I'm aloof
They made me in a petrie dish, raised me in a tube
Now I'm driving round the city with a lady in my boot (let me out)

Innately I'm frustrating, just a vacant kinda dude
Go walking like I'm Walter, wake up naked in a fugue
Too many buegs and I'm slower than the YouTube sloth
Want to fuck with me? You do not

I'm fat, you should see me with my muumuu off
Now rappers want to kiss me where my do-do was
See I smuggled in some googs in my Fubu socks
Catch me going fucking mental in a Bluejuice mosh


It’s the fat fuck boy with the flabby gut
Breathing down the phone, you're like "go away, I’m hanging up" (grr)
But can he bust quicker than a junkie with his bally up
Been days since smacking up, don’t even get me angry, punk

See I'm frustrating myself to be around me
I'm like a twelvie towny, a real freaking downy
Found me in your driveway, just tryna key your Audi
Wake up crying in a sweat from a dream of Bieber drowning

Astoundingly disgusting, there’s really nothing there
In my brain, so deranged, I feel pain punching air
Cause I can’t mow the lawn and the neighbours love to stare
And my dad's like, "yeah, you gotta grow a fucking pair"

And my life is Solitaire but I'm too dumb for cards
Too hyper for Monopoly, I’m too drunk for bars
More obese than Toadie, got a humongous arse
Tryna fuck all the time like I’m Susan and Karl

I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair
I hate the way you drive my car, I hate it when you stare
I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind
I hate you so much it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme

I hate the way you’re always right, I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry
I hate it when you’re not around, and the fact that you didn’t call
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close
Not even a little bit, not even at all


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Allday Julia Stiles Comments
  1. Jayden Armstrong

    this songs always held up well so clean actually everything from allday is pretty timeless compared to a lot of other aussie rappers

  2. Cooper Lowe

    Who’s here after splendour 2019 🔥🔥

  3. 6163

    who still bumping all alldays old shit in 2019

  4. Amber Dawn Steeves

    NEW FAN! <3

  5. Luke Jensen

    susan and karl fucking love old nehbours (can't spell that shit)

  6. Xodus

    So this little lesbian looking hippie is what represents Australian hip hop??.. wow trash at its finest.

  7. iconoclast

    i wanna this beats

  8. TADC Bros

    fav song bro keep it up

  9. Loserkidjax

    we don’t deserve this man

  10. Hemokinesis

    He decides to spit this absolute bullshit over a legendary beat like this ? Oh laaaawd


    JustMyImagination English isn't your first language is it? 🖕🏽

  11. jimtendo 64

    the best 3 min anyone can have

  12. Tom Fitzgerald

    Love the beat, love the rhyme, love the Julia Stiles.

  13. Bam Cole

    The dude in the yellow beanie was feeling this beat way more than Allday was

  14. ClevelandSteamrx

    the beat is G but the rapping is bad

    Andrew De Leon

    I agree

  15. lauchlan Magarry

    only the realest understand the susan and karl line

  16. D E S T R O Y E R

    by far the best song

  17. Lisa Suessenbach

    Dope. HAHA

  18. Julia Carson

    Haha dope af

  19. Esther

    fuck that dude on the right in the "girls & music & girls.." shirt is hot af

  20. PTPete

    yo allday can u make more like this and like jock killer, eyedrops etc

    3 pills :

    PTPete no u

  21. DIOS MIO

    Still so good

  22. Chris D'Emden

    chill song 😈

  23. Alex Smith

    Crisp <3

  24. steezygrub

    omg I love this <5

  25. Jovinsky Latouche

    I actually liked this.

    Timothy Ainsworth

    Actually no way

  26. Bonnie Werner

    you have ruined a piece of mastery by Vanilla. Congratulations, now every time i listen to the original i have to hear your puny, immature, whiney, fucking ratty voice in my ear you twatfull 


    Amen Bonnie!


    @Bonnie Werner oh piss off, he wrote to this song awesomely and put an awesome feel into the music

  27. Logan Cannon

    Beast mode activated AllDay Everydayyyyyyy!!!!!!

  28. Scar Weld

    this song made me fall in love with allday music :') you should be fcking noticed more, you're one of the best.

  29. josh gray

    i fucken love this beat 


    Original beat:
    Vanilla- Azure

  31. Aidan Delaney

    srsly a beautife song gahh FUCK love this song love the movie implements fuckkkkkkk 

  32. WillDobinson

    soo good

  33. Marielle Volas

    Always go fuckin mental in a bluejuice mosh, I'll always treasure the moment the beautiful jake stone stared me in the eyes and stage dived on me. Good timesss.

  34. Sammie Konig

    10 things I hate about you ❤️

  35. meldais1

    still my fave track from you. fave. most fave. ice cream cone crazy.

  36. jarrod osborne

    phat beat!

  37. rizyolo

    awwww yes

  38. Jake Stone

    I fucking love it. Nice one. I'll be nodding to this at home, and see you when you're in Sydney dude. Jake from bluejuice

  39. Leah Sadler

    can we fall in love pls

  40. Anj N

    Azure - Vanilla

  41. Maclane Mitchell

    haha the smile at 1.06

  42. takeawayshot

    where to get the instrumental?

  43. Ya mutha

    Appearance by the hated. BYRON BAY

  44. jjjaaazzzaaa

    Keep replaying this. So damn smooth! Nice one Alldeezy

  45. Melbourne Daily

    good one.

  46. shacked brah

    my favourite out of all your music

  47. TheKORPS4

    OhMyJesus this is GOLD

  48. Angus Smith

    So amazing

  49. rair

    so white it hurts.

  50. thechauffeurdaughter

    hahaha the Susan and Karl neighbours reference lolll

  51. Damo Susanj

    Fuck yeah Tom killing it!

  52. Ewan Shard

    Well it is called "Soon Ill Be In Cali 2"...

  53. Nic Smythe

    More of this stuff!!

  54. Melbourne Daily

    saw you at Yelawolf, Gotta give it up your dope man
    keep going bro you will get ya time keep doing you homie.

  55. Liam Wisdom

    Addicted to this song man so good

  56. TheKORPS4

    Oh so yum!

  57. Campbell Green

    sounds like your pre euphoria stuff... mad

  58. tori Holliday

    So keen!

  59. TheHinnah

    28th of July can't come quick enough right now!

  60. rhyshc

    diggin this tune. keep it up allday

  61. hypnotizeu

    this is fucking dope chubby

  62. Harvest Media


  63. jcampdizzle

    Yeah good shit thom

  64. Jesse Maher

    hahaha I think he just means the way they all out of time

  65. Jesse Maher

    hahaha fucking mark the dog :')

  66. Nathan Prater

    Flows really well. You're showing your true colours man, you can tell your confident and your expressing yourself more openly with your new beats. This mixtape is going to be sick! CHUBBY!

  67. Ewan Shard

    2 dislikes...Must be Marks fake accounts

  68. luke battle

    so dope man !

  69. matthew charles

    Sam green, what's the hat called? Link me brother

  70. v Stompz au

    this song has such a chilled tone, love it.

  71. Brianne Worth

    sick video & song!

  72. jackjump12

    who isnt mate

  73. bluemager1

    this is amazing for mixtape material

  74. Tristan Carpenter

    2 People havent had enough buges

  75. feverishyak

    fucking steezy

  76. smashinghappydays

    tooooooo many bewgs

  77. MarkConwayComedy

    "Trying to fuck all the time like I'm Susan and Karl." - That's the best sex-related Neighbours reference I've heard in a rap song today.

  78. bluemager1

    go do one

  79. Geist

    im ice-cream cone crazy

  80. Purce

    This is fucking awesome! Can't wait to go back to Cali for the second time soon ;) #shitpun

  81. Jeffrey Hutchinson

    The Hated make this clip

  82. Matthew

    Yeah, how fucking dare he have his mates in the clip, right? He should have left those 'douche looking head bobbers' at home because now they've gone and upset this fucking guy.

  83. VEE7O

    soo good

  84. Sara Wyld

    love this dude !

  85. maysunh


  86. bluemager1

    more of this definitely

  87. sam green

    hat purchased from ebay?? haha just bought the exact same!

  88. jjjaaazzzaaa

    Digging this type of song! :) Real smooth

  89. 23Tfizzle

    More shit like this Deezy.

  90. Declan Mitchell

    keen for this mixtape!