Allday - Hometown Pride Lyrics

This one's not for going away
This one's for the Hills to the bay
This one is for the hometown pride
Tonight tonight

This is a scumbag story
My whole heart
Less in black all where the apex all caused part
My humble start
Blunts that we rolled up
View of the city
First pulser in a Pulsar
Was it a Pintara dreaming of an Impala
Taming of the shrew these formal suits are a thin armour
And a suit Ferrari feeling all super starry
The days I worn 'em, girls love me and my cruising army
Ha I've been there, tell I've felt the future tugging
I've seen the dukes of nothing
In the cars zooming past me
Even a few thats nasty
I've copped a few cherries
I've popped a few of my own
Some say its too many
I say its just enough
I had my first kiss
First tag, first fight, first spit shutless
First fuck, first drink, first rap verses
All in my hometown where the birds sing

This one's not for going away
This one's for the Hills to the bay
This one is for the hometown pride
Tonight tonight

See its a bit colder where I came from
Especially in the foggy mornings tryna stay warm
Especially walking home with a crayon
Til everything here got my name on
"What did he write bro?"
Screaming cool across the valley
Then drop the bally
Some minor crimes and here to party up
Its for the tally
Hoes are off and order in hungrys and
Quarter baggies in my head
Yeah well we're fatties and we're rolling fatties
Low [?] fuck the climate and fuck assignments
Without a sense of time emotion and there's nothing like it
Mother asks you your career, you say 'undecided'
She's like 'Never get to see you since you started driving'
And all you wanna do is fucking die young
And stay pretty forever
Ripped to friends we lost my eyes run
Thinking back to the day I got the call
And my focus is the moment won't forget
You know it all is for you

This one's not for going away
This one's for the Hills to the bay
This one is for the hometown pride
Tonight tonight

Its the classic shit
If I knew the difference
I'd have gone make all my lyrics or would've had a
Fit from bathroom cabinets or fast lane weaving through the
Traffic it was always my belief
And I'm no Catholic so fuckin I'm a Maverick
And the city your church
Its crystal hairs not sock and I'm with this
While other guys are tweaking
My demons try appearing
But I'm not tryna feed 'em
So I decide I'm leaving
But I couldn't find a reason
So I focus on my hobbies
Started blowing up like pressure mines
Hoping I'll tread softly but I'll never
Cos they're home and they hope I know they're watching
But its so exhausting
The recording shows in tone
All the pressure, all the cities
Sometimes I wanna quit
Other times I wanna kill it 'til these rappers on my dick
Telling me I am the best
Yeah I'm hoping all these years
But I know I am the shit because I work for all I get
Where my city baby

This one's not for going away
This one's for the Hills to the bay
This one is for the hometown pride
Tonight tonight

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Allday Hometown Pride Comments
  1. Milkbud6

    2019 and im still smoking to this song

  2. Madeleine Crothers

    This song was way before its time

    Adam Monaghan

    Yeah for sure noticed a lot of the upcoming Aussie rappers are going for this sort of sound now

  3. Robbie Greene

    what are the lyrics to the background hook?

  4. forever lost

    Eat my fuc

  5. Caelan Duke

    Adelaide Pride Boys

  6. Apollo Jenkins

    who da fuck disliked this?

  7. Apollo Jenkins

    did he say aphex park I go to the high school across the street from there

  8. 90shackerlesbian


  9. mrmackilla


  10. Harley Simms

    Adelaide pride! 👍🏼👌🏼💯✊🏼🖕🏻

  11. DubStep Zz trickshotr

    Love this

  12. BreeLarkin


  13. vTwinkillz the FAM

    yo I've been left broken hearted, got it ripped apart n now im stuck just drifting away from everything see me im the type of guy that'll tuck u in, thinking baby I got you and that's a win because together I want us to be living forever, wake up next to you baby girl iwanna wrap u in expensive clothes and put a diamond on ya finger ima sing it to you proud gunna tell the whole world cause im happy to have you and ur my world

    Apollo Jenkins

    those lyrics or am I dumb? I don't listen to music often soooo

  14. Coops March


    Koala Kaitlyn

    Hometown Pride - allday .... you're welcome

  15. Daniel Quinn

    touring america pwoahhh

  16. Tapfuma Vudzijena

    whoever produced this is a legend

  17. Georgia West

    hes a legend

  18. Shyenne Larson

    Get your ass to Canada.

    Apollo Jenkins

    nah Canada too cold and I don't like hocky that much I prefer footy (aussie football)

  19. anna//ferdinand

    Hope you make a music video I wanna know what Adelaide's like

    Shayla Patchett

    +anna//ferdinand its shit lol

    Apollo Jenkins

    its a nice city with landmarks that isn't flashy like Sydney harbor bridge mostly hills and beach property only some flats and even then most of that is the city and airport Adelaide is surrounded by hills and the ocean but id like to think its like a more modest version of Sydney a nice calm place to relax and live

  20. Logan Watmore

    I listen to allday, all day, everyday ;)

  21. Logan Watmore

    I love allday

  22. Stanley Northcott

    good shit man keep it up  

  23. T. D.

    so gooodd! love your music tom

  24. Hannah Marschall

    Hometown pride 🙌

  25. llllMiNxllll

    Fuck all these 12 year olds stop please congrats u listen to allday just stop being suck up little bitches

  26. Bec Henderson

    Yew - Adelaide Pride! Love this track Alldeeeezy! This is my favourite along with Wolves! 


    +Bec Henderson i can't choose a favorite so many of his songs hit the spot .

  27. RinzleR One

    love it! defs on repeat atm

  28. Lewis Smith

    please put up all your new songs, i can't copy them from the cd i bought and i want them on my phone!

  29. Kirby Lloyd

    Are you going to upload all of the albums tracks? Can't get them on the Canadian iTunes :(

  30. Cameron Gomersall

    that hometown pride, respecting where you came from! what a track

  31. MrMonsterenergy88

    fuck every new song is amazing it just keeps getting better and better this kid is a fucken baller

  32. Darcy Scott

    favourite song on the album! and thats saying something bc the whole album is godamn fantastic

  33. BMT Music

    I dont fuck with Allday but the Startup Cult is sounding good! Props

  34. fernando rodriquez

    Chick chick booomdeeezzyyyyy

  35. LMR

    Love it man I love all your music
    Alldeezy is love,alldeezy is life

  36. Connor Henderson

    Dopest song!

  37. Elli Jane

    oh shiiit this is good

  38. Kach


  39. Malcom Turnbull

    Sound dope as fuck, good job

  40. Amelia Joy


  41. CraveDZN

    sick af

  42. Josh Norris


  43. Bradley Clewes

    My favourite song on the album!