Allday - Drinking Up Slow Lyrics

Wake up sweating out shots
In my dreams, I'm tearing down spots
I got steez like out of my pores
I got keys surrounded by doors

And I did drop right out of my course
Now I just rap as loud as I want
Motherfuck me, what does that mean?
It's a mixtape so not a damn thing
Man can I just live

Ay fuck you all, I came up
Out all night, don't try to wait up
Working on songs, I'm tryna make luck
Hear my old songs, I'm thinking they suck
Hear my old songs, I'm thinking they suck
But fuck it though

Pro-weed, pro-noise
Always on tour, go home with no voice
Getting more known, remember don't point
Life is a movie reel, it's so Hoyts

Life is a box of chocolate treats
Life is a bitch, top off at that beach
Tanning those tits, tanning those nips
But all the bad vibes the camera don't miss

And all your bad thoughts you had to notice
Are keeping you stuck, that's phimosis
The world's blowing up, they're on my shaft
And I'm in the lift, aiming for the stars

Don't be so thirsty, go pour a glass
Of your own sweat while I'm warming up
I walk around town like I'm the shit
And maybe I'm not, more likely I is
My dreams...

Did I mention grunge is back
Girl smoke a soundgarden just relax
The rain in Seattle, train seats rattle
A lot of drunk motherfuckers talk a bunch of crap

I keep my head down and focus on sparks
The fire got started, hoping it lasts
We melt away pain, frozen in chunks
Spin dry life our clothes are not us

Ay, like leaves on a vine
We can make wine with a piece of a mind
I know that heartbreak's the reason I rhyme
They talk about cash like things will be fine

If lies are all true, your heart is all black
Like problems collapse when faced with tall stacks
Build up and tear down and that's the format
Me, I go backwards up the wrong track

I'm keeping it steezy, drinking up slow
Leading my people into the water
I got no money, believe me I'm broke
Leading my people hoping they'll follow

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Allday Drinking Up Slow Comments
  1. rad rat

    music sounds better with you got taken down! i dont have the download of SIBIC2 anymore so now i cant listen to it :(

    3 pills :

    Feels bad man

  2. MrCakeManCow

    Just realised the ‘here i go again ‘ at the beginning is also the first line of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.... love allday so much

  3. Sonni Ramirez

    Look at that one hater

  4. Sinn Rmz

    Allday lyrics are hard asf!!!

  5. kratsa

    Allday is bae

  6. Lehua Media

    Your music is sick! Love the vibes...DVNT clothing brought me here

  7. Twenty Two

    This is a sic beat