Allday - Clouds Lyrics

Pour it out
Holy water
I'm the alter
Would you alter?
Or just fall from grace?
The choice is yours to make
In the world full of wolves and snakes
Poison apples and spoiled grapes
Take caution and walk with haste
And you may make it One. More. Day

Don't make it so complex
I need to spend forever on this
Wishing upon this bright comets
And I always get what I wish
And I been here doing, just what I wanted
Roof leak, like go off and on
No costume, no Comic Con shirt
Off all the time like Jim Morrison
Hotel room, drinking heavy
I'm more than fine, don't be forgettin'
Most of your girls probably obessin'
Always on road call me Pirelli
Who drive the fastest?
So hard this my catharsis
Straight out in minus glasses
Don't bother asking if I'm injustice

Don't worry 'bout me [x3]
I'll be fine (I said)
Unless I fall, from a cloud [x2]

Let's hit the south
Oh lawd [x2]
Just tell me if you're down
Oh lawd [x2]

Don't make it so complex
I need to spend forever on this
Green lines talking about concepts
Small minds get jealous and bitch
I let my phone out, another favour
Who the fuck it look like? Mother Teresa?
My walls so thick call up the neighbour
Same old me man, nothing changes
I'm at the mall, thinking up rhymes
Talkin' to yours, thinkin' she mine
Say one word, she literally mime
I fuck her in the store, she givin' me eyes
Do everything for energy, besides sleep
Don't see no one here besides me
And I'm here to find, not to sight see
Until they silence me man

Don't worry 'bout me [x3]
I'll be fine (I said)
Unless I fall, from a cloud [x2]

Aye, yeah
Unless I fall from the clouds
Or, unless I fall
I feel myself so hard it makes me sick

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Allday Clouds Comments
  1. Sara Alberts

    His voice is just perfect 🙏😲

  2. Doosgustang Jas

    This will forever be the greatest

  3. kratsa

    Been listening ever since it came out

    I want this to blow up

  4. Melody Parker

    this album saved my life xx

  5. Farah Cantika


  6. Helen Economidis

    sooo good seriously deserves more views

  7. Ruby Milne

    Wicked vibes! Love the song xx

  8. Daniel Quinn

    you hit it on this one.!

  9. Jordana Hirsler



    Just had a eargasm

  11. jeb

    Allday is actually a really pretty gitl

    Katie Eming-Andrews

    allday is a boy....

  12. Rizza

    Love it

  13. Mr J

    by far the greatest Allday song made... evvvva. ok lies... maybe... or am I... meeep meeep how goods subwoofer baaaam baaaam in yo FAAAACE motherfukers...
    skcreaaaaaaach ;)


    drinking up slow and wolves too.
    love them

  14. Logan Cannon

    Bought this album the other week and I'm addicted, gonna try and cover god starve the queen acoustically so look out for that. Keep the albums flowing chubby boy

  15. skye tahana

    This is the sickest song ✋

  16. Siobhan O'Hara

    such a rad song

  17. Demi Horvath

    So perfect! 😍😍

  18. Kodizl Redman

    Yea boy needs to be the next video clip :)

  19. Chika

    Ughh yas

  20. Mira Skateboards

    Sick as fuck

  21. Stanley Northcott

    First :)

  22. James Dona


  23. Will Peters

    hey man. i like you. like me. 
    Peace out Chubby boy xx

    Will Peters

    no homo.

    mark johnson

    @Will Peters your a fag 

  24. amy ransley

    So beautiful 

  25. Danny Rohde

    Great song.

  26. exolocity


  27. Teddy

    fucking awesome

  28. SoJcub

    Sick asf !

  29. jimmy dowen

    Fitst comment

  30. MrHbomb711

    Dope song too mate

  31. MrsGrannyBacon

    Fuck yes!