Allday - Anything But Sober Lyrics

I'm anything but sober, ah-ah-ah-ah, ay [x4]
Don’t fuck with me

Too much stories in the house dog
Need to tell your boy settle down dog
Yeah my friends all suck at life dog
Can’t go swearing just to rap dog
Take both K don’t KO
Just see it out, breathe slowly
No 6K I will waste on a French raincoat
Yeah when I rap, lameos take note
So I’m chubby boy Northside Melbourne
Do something real, that’s all I tell ‘em
See me on the street and you walk by yelling
Cos your girl listen to me spinning all night sweating
Now I’m eating that pussy, getting on my Ellen
Born to be wild and I’m going side repping
Holy grail in my head, like I’m John Cleese
Talk to the fans not the police man

I'm anything but sober, ah-ah-ah-ah [x4]
Don’t fuck with me

Get on my level get on my level
Bitch, show love to a Northside rebel
My friend told me he didn’t like my songs
Blame it on the drugs let me write my wrongs
And I talk fashion tryna ride my wands
Rap really told me what the high life was
And I’m drunk right now as I write this
Here’s a shout out to my vices
And I drink through every single crisis
At the arcade I’m reluctant
Yeah everything I do gotta smile fucking by this
You know the old me but I’m not him
We could die from a skylight
You know, eyes hurt from a skylight
You know, never sober I’m always drunk
I’m only telling you once
I’m upfront like Alexa Chung
Pick it up uh

I'm anything but sober, ah-ah-ah-ah [x4]
Don’t fuck with me

I know you’re gonna swear to hold me down
Don’t fuck with me

I’m anything but sober, ah-ah-ah-ah [x4]
Don’t fuck with me

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Allday Anything But Sober Comments
  1. Timothy Ainsworth

    Get on my level

  2. Zane Rogers

    Kinda wondering if I'm the only American in the comments section

    iirviinnn Irvin Montoya

    No you're not

  3. roompa

    still so good

  4. Nåti M

    Saw him at a shitty QLD shopping centre a few years ago and yelled ALLDAY! and he smiled at me.... true story :)

    Timothy Ainsworth

    I would love to see him in real life but I’m to young

  5. Riley Knott

    Doesn't get old 😍

  6. Ella Bella


  7. Caitlin Harrison

    I have literally been listening to all your songs on repeat for about two days

    Matthew Moody

    I've been listening for 2 years now. Addicted

  8. Chelsea Madelyn

    This is Life <3

  9. Olivia Jade

    I love your music so much I have been listening to it non stop !!! I love you <3 <3

  10. Jimbo H

    I literally cant understand why there are dislikes on his videos, they are so good

    Comedy Center

    +Jimbo H cause they dont understand music

  11. Ella Howells

    tom!! you never cease to amaze me with your tunes and how much you seem to care about your fans - seeing you grow as an artist is so so exciting and i cant wait to listen to this on repeat for weeks :-) 

  12. DIETZ175


  13. fernando rodriquez

    Bang bang deezboi

  14. Karly Keegan

    Sarah, he has came to WA many times. Mostly over 18 shows but I'm under 18 and seen him twice at hyperfest in midland and gtm bunbury and met him once!!!!

  15. sarah tiller

    You should probably come to WA just so i can go to you concert! :') :0

  16. Lochie Smith

    This is sex

    fernando rodriquez

    You tell em brah

    Zane Rogers

    That would explain the erection, thanks

  17. Jhonny Smithers

    This is dope man

  18. Emily Grubisa


  19. curtis lamb

    Any thing but sober Ahhhahaha

  20. Zach Stout

    Fuck yeah!

  21. John Holden


  22. Abusers