Allan Rayman - The Bird & The Cage Lyrics

[*Seagulls & Waves*]
[*Phone ringing*]

[Allan:] Yeah
[Girl:] Allan, where are you?
[Allan:] I had to go for a drive. Just need some space. I don't get it, you wanted me like this, you wanted me this way
[Girl:] No. I don't know how to have you like this. Allan, everything that happened in the last 3 weeks, I don't remember any of it. I sound crazy, but it's true. You have to believe me. Something happened to me... to us...
[Allan:] All I want in this world are you and my music, you know that. You really scared the hell out of me today. Look, I'll be home late tonight. Just need some time is all
[Girl:] Allan, wai-

He can't be loved right now, no
He can't be loved right now, no

Well he woke up like this
Oh, carefree, he's careless
He take after his momma
I know he hears voices
Well listen to them talk
It's power
Well driven by these motives, he can't even understand
He sees ears, they see albums
Start a fire, row 22
In the woods, late, [?]
One song, new lyric
One face, two voices, amen
Now he follows them, well now he's listening
Now he's listening, got 'em all listening
One face, two voices, amen, amen

We're best alone
He can't be loved right now
We're better alone
He can't be loved right now, no
We're best along
Can't be loved right now
We're better alone
He can't be loved right now, no

Well, I'm alive and well
With only five years I've slept
My body's strong and still
After all the tears we wept, oh
I will listen to your words out
It's power
And take a bite from the apple
Second thought, eat the whole damn thing while I slither
I'm helping you, can't you see that?
I'm tryna finish what you started that you wouldn't have the strength to finish even if you got it
Oh, I know that
That's how this world works
Feel me, man
Work with me Allan

We're best alone
He can't be loved right now
We're better alone
He can't be loved right now, no
We're best along
Can't be loved right now
We're better alone

[*Applause, door slam*]
Not now...
Shut up, shut up, not now
Shut up
No, no
Shut up, shut up, not now
Let me handle this
(Allan! Allan!)
Yeah, sorry, one minute, please
All those people out there, all those faces
Screaming at you, looking at you
How long can you really ride the wave?
How long before the crash?
Yeah, yeah, alright

How many people have I met before?
How many stories have I heard before?
How many times does the introduction hold me accountable?
That was Allan Rayman, no
This is Mr. Roadhouse, nice to meet you
If you follow me, I'll take you to the backroom
Please take your shoes off, don't need them in the backroom
You've been here before? Well, this is best without them
No one knows about them
Welcome to the circle, Mr. Roadhouse
Wait, what about Allan?
He'll be alright, just go ahead, I'll tell him
I'll tell him what he misses
Tell him what he love about it, everything he wishes
All the girls love him now, his friends are getting vicious
This is [?]
This a world for the idols, build a statue, boy
They're smiling at you, boy
Quick, check his vitals
Oh, Allan

Oh, how did we get here?
What have you done now?
Oh no, oh no
How did we get here?
What have you done now, Mr. Roadhouse?

Sometimes, well now, most times
I feel like I'm losing my mind
I'm losing my mind, I'm losing my mind
I'm losing my mind, I'm losing my mind
I'm gone

T-minus 15 seconds, guidance is internal
12, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence start
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
All engines running
Lift off, we have a lift off

I'm not up, I feel so chewed up, it's real
Oh, what have I done? Oh, no
I rattle the cage
This is not my name
Look what I've become

There's nothing you can do now
I brought this all on myself
There's nothing you can do now
I brought this all on myself

Beware the wolf
Oh, [?] wolf
He knows the woods
He knows the woods
He sees ahead
He sings ahead
He's gone too far too fast
He's gone too far too fast
He knows the path they speak of
Only whispers
He knows the path (Beware the wolf) they don't speak of
Beware the wolf
2 years coming

There's nothing you can do now
I brought this all on myself
There's nothing you can do now
I brought this all on myself

There's nothing you can do now

Together, you and I are laying the foundation of your idol
Together, we are wolves of the hunt
Without me, you're nothing but a sheep to the slaughter
Let me take care of this
Embrace your destiny

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Allan Rayman The Bird & The Cage Comments
  1. Michael Orozco




  3. OX ?

    Man, everyday I listen to allan. Iam forever in his debt for his lyrics.. every song Hits home for me.. 💯🎵🎶🎵🎹🎸🎷

  4. Stan Mulder

    Ger in on spotify please😩

  5. Belialith

    Haha. You like horror movies like I do. Exorcist three? when the dude walks through the hallway hahah with the clippers in his hand?....the boat.

    Do you know how long it takes to build dead brain cells back up again?
    You don't want to know!

  6. Jim Wade

    I cant even attempt to tell you how my ears are dancing to this guys songs , This guys music is like one of those smoky grill places where you get the ultimate steak and baked potato. Id love to express him more but thats digging into my listening time. This GUY is so fucking special.

  7. Savariah2369 606

    Saw this video for the first time on the river

  8. Amanda Soares

    Que delícia de música!

  9. Jessie Rose

    She's so pretty

  10. Donald C

    I would really enjoy this Allan to put on a chill show in Detroit ..better yet 60 miles north of Detroit. Let's Make it happen

  11. verica dudanovska


  12. You Tube

    Am in love with this voice 😍

  13. Anton Suprun

    Anyone know where I could find the guitar tabs for this song?.... It's so good

  14. Omar Scalise

    Completely blown away by the shots......Thank you for this beautiful 3 minutes.

  15. StarChild Fuego

    Still a secret. I'm glad.,I found this music. Life long fan

  16. Randy Steinke

    I love your hair pretty lady.

  17. SH1T

    Thank you, for your good music.

  18. Tumurbaatar Otgontsetseg

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  19. Valarie Vals


  20. Agustina Sánchez

    I'd love to love you, baby
    I'd love to love you
    I love to love you, baby
    I'd love to love you

    I never wanna let you go
    And I am the reason that you let me go
    I am the lover, I'm the undertow
    I never wanna let you go
    And I am the reason that you let me go
    I am the lover, I'm the undertow
    I ain't got time no more

    [Verse 1]
    25, a quarter to, I ain't through diggin' you yet
    I'm crushing you, 22, memories live and regret
    I ain't got time no more
    I got all the love with no time no more
    I got all the love with no time no more

    [Verse 2]
    Sweet teen burn, it's you that's giving me sweat
    Well, my love learning all the moves and all the right steps
    I ain't got time no more
    I got all the love, but with no time no more
    Said I got all the love with no time no more

  21. Calvin Johnson

    How you know this song is amazing with only 81 dislikes

  22. Calvin Johnson

    I am listening to this in 2018

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    i still don’t understand why he is so underrated

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    Thank God for YouTube and little hidden gems like this...
    This cut should be everywhere. Mainstream radio has its head so far up its ass it can't see daylight.

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    Obsessed. Keep making music like this, it's rare these days

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    I'm going to see him in an hour at Capital Ballroom in Victoria...thank you Atomique Productions....I fucking love you guys!

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    Seconds into the vid I thought there was no sound.

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    Didin't realise mother of dragons was in the video..:)

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    Have you seen Allan Rayman's new video for #Repeat check it out here!

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    Check out Allan Rayman's new song "Repeat" with Jessie Reyez! And if you're in NYC you can catch him at Warsaw Brooklyn on December 5th!

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    i feel like my soul is free again when i listen to this song .thank you bro i wish u the best

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    Went on a first date tonight and he recommended I listen to Allan, I'm going to have to go on a 2nd date just to thank him for introducing me to this amazing music 🎶

    Dan DePippo

    V Bussberg one of the realist things I've learned in life is that Music is honest to God the key to the soul. No cliche intended. Take it how you want. But it's changed my life

    Cesar Da Cunha

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  51. Lorie

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    The Dude

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    The Dude it's not tho, Allan isn't like most artists, this story he's telling (which also is apart of "the bird" story) fits best with this song, which may have inspired or been inspired by these either fictional or real events

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    @Jean Claudine why does he list Lost Springs as his hometown?

    Kinetic Nrgie

    Allan is originally from Lost Springs, though he now lives in Toronto.

    Sai M.

    He is from Toronto, he said it while performing live.

    elijah obregon

    HE WAS BORN IN LOST SPRINGS, WYOMING!!! So ya, i know who i'm voting for next election.


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