Allan Rayman - Rose Lyrics

Hey Rose
It's nice to meet you
I've been a fan for a long damn time
I know, I don't mean to scare you
Just need a second of your time

Love might make me bad tonight
Love might make me bad tonight

Please, come on, Rose
Don't you get me? Don't you, Rose?
Please, come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?
Love might make me bad tonight
Come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?

Hello Sir
It's nice to meet you
I'm just caught off guard
Sounds nice
I can't tonight
Let's get a picture I can sign

Oh, come on, Rose
Don't you get me? Don't you, Rose?
Please, come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?
Love might make me bad tonight
Come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?

Please, come on, Rose
Please, come on, Rose

Keep waiting for tears
It's been a year but not a damn thing's changed
I couldn't say hi last time
That's why you don't remember
I only wanna talk and maybe touch
If you would let me touch
Just a second of your time
But never mind, I don't want to scare you

Come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?
Love might make me bad tonight

Oh, come on, Rose
Don't you get me? Don't you, Rose?
Please, come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?
Love might make me bad tonight
Come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?

Please, come on, Rose
Don't you get me? Don't you, Rose?
Please, come on, Rose
Won't you let me take you home?
Love might make me bad tonight
Come on, Rose

Hey, Rose

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Allan Rayman Rose Comments
  1. gilbert Rodriguez

    All of this just to sing to a flower 😎 come on lily wont u let me take u home i like it

  2. Maria Orehhova

    трек качает заебись

  3. Kobe B

    love the fact he from Toronto . good job dude. you should be bigger then this.

  4. Kristophski Prosta

    Hey Rose, this guy just busted a beauty based around your name.

  5. Marcus Figueroa

    Great track 🙏

  6. King L.a. Gates

    The new age cure

  7. Catherine Boucher

  8. Fucked Gplus

    This makes me feel bad

  9. Matty M

    This song is awesome. One of my absolute favorites. THE VIDEO IS SHIT. Dammit. It almost ruins the song.

  10. Belialith

    What the fuck are you guys talking about???

    One of em is trying to keep you in,
    the other one is trying to get you out.
    Hahaha. Can I take a grand look around before I leave?


    "I've been playing for a long damn time." Me too.

  11. HecatianStar

    I miss you Rose Luciano (tulin)

  12. Understanding Insanity

    'meet me by the hearth' xox

  13. Mstayfraz

    Dopest song in my playlist

  14. Meghan Rains

    I just sent this to my best friend Rose

    gilbert Rodriguez

    Meg looking sexy bby how bout i give you a beautiful rose when we meet and u let me take u home this is u 🐥

  15. lolothehustler

    He is so obsessed with her that he made a doll that looks like her

  16. sheri yusuf

    Yeah he gives me 80s rock vibe

  17. Nathan Anderson

    Very nice song . Watch people start copying him

  18. özge parlak

    I still can’t believe he’s got only 24k subs

  19. JG Garcia

    Is this Gilbert

  20. kyren

    oh wow this song is very good jk this is shit

  21. PeterStar

    amy winehouse RIP

  22. PeterStar

    Пой, ты безумное человеческое произведение! Шикарно! Обожаю!

  23. Shelby Lee

    PS. I screamed like a little girl and had to come on here and congratulate you

  24. Mark Apczynski

    This Rose picks your finger, makes it bleed , let in linger,let Rose grow..

  25. Brian Lemaire

    Anybody else get a Perfect Blue vibe from this?

  26. Strafer66

    Hah creepy. Reminds me of that video for Pink Cigarette

  27. kiritsyuti

    Not exactly a healthy relationship in that video!

  28. TheWholeShabang

    I love this Song!

  29. LadyHeathersLair

    He reminds me of another singer: Danny Michel. Voices are similar (not the music though). For anybody who wants to compare, look up What Colour are You? by DM. I like their voices (both of them)

  30. Kenneth Chee

    Allan Rayman. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  31. Hoda Haddad

    My fav song for fuckin days n weeks in tandem

  32. Turel Dragoon

    Amazing song, amazing voice.


  33. Spooky Stork Running Wild

    first song of his i’ve listened to. are his other songs like this one? i really, really love this sound. and this song ofc

  34. Zubair Malik

    Why so much grovin songs are unnoticed. May be its american vs canadian effect

  35. Sadboi

    Name Rose anyone?

    Just me?


  36. Mann Ana

    in love and addicted 💥 new obsession~

  37. areej Aldu

    Fabulous love itttt

  38. CanadianRandom

    Who else is here because they couldn't pause to try to analyze the spotify teaser video? Lol
    And then this didn't even have anything to do with it Haha.

  39. Izabel Rivera

    You’re amazing

  40. Peter Marzo

    Allan pleaseeee drop a new album!! We're all dyin here....

  41. Prod.LESION Records

    Love this type of Music, even though in lake Rap Music. I fuck with Allen Rayman, Dennis Lloyd, andcJacob Lee

  42. luis vm

    Esto es lo más creepy que vere hoy :v

  43. Andy Cohen

    I'm rose lol take me home:)


    Lol same

  44. SoulTune

    Great song! shitty fucked up video.

  45. Noxob

    I've discovered you with 13 and now I love your songs!

  46. Jake t

    Damn that dude got some sweet sweet loving. Smoked a dart afterwards for such an exceptional experience.

  47. bzkdml

    Most underrated artist of 2018. His live show in Toronto was phenomenal.

  48. Rose SisterSunshine

    this song that my name is Rose. f ya. Video is creepy as f and I'm ok with that. Nicely done Sir.

  49. Scott Cole

    I love you man Thank you for your music :D

  50. LauraL Bethel

    EXCELLENT BEAT. I've been trying to find Rose all my life......c'mon Rose.....I need you.

  51. pavel DISL DHDK KJD

    lirycs edit

  52. Jerry Michaud

    Michaud jerry Canada

  53. CallAquaman72

    This video is responsible for devouring at least 2 gb's of data this weekend

  54. Castro Floppy

    Nofx1RNSK approves of this song!!! 210 TX!!!

  55. CallAquaman72

    My favorite is @ the 2:09 mark. The entire song is great, but from 2:09 it goes bananas.

  56. crypto currbit

    Dammnnn! good song man good job!

  57. Mr. Robot


  58. sweet but a psycho

    Thiago q me trouxe aq kssksksk

  59. Kay Kay

    Wow. This is so good.

  60. Богдан Богдан

    Respect from Russia 🔥👍

  61. Evelynne Garfias-Barragan

    I dig it I dig it

  62. C Elias

    Why don't you ever say who produced these songs?

  63. nelly tsup

    LOVE IT!

  64. boo boo the fool

    Gives me Amy Winehouse vibes

  65. pnut91red

    New album announced ..."Harry Hard-On" November 16th. If "Rose" is any indication, it's going to be another good one!

  66. Ruby Stathers

    Imitation of Leo DiCaprio as a modern Titanic serenade?

  67. Michael Ciuraru

    Genius strikes again

  68. DeeV8night

    You know a song is good when, within the first few seconds of the first listen, you add it to your playlist.

    Jimmy Masterlock

    I'd add you to my list

    willie peppers

    I like how he gets all aggressive and serious at the end.. like aye "rose"

    shawn coles

    same, DeeV8night, Allan Rayman is wicked' awesome

    Danyellz TheBest

    Same thing I did exactly within first hook

  69. Valorous

    So under rated mate, you deserve greatness, this sound is godly.

  70. Allison Anderson

    This song.....whoa. Amazing.

  71. Duanyell Williams

    This is a little like an art child child of "Dirty Diana" and "Stan" and I love it

  72. Batıhan Ayyıldız

    That’s some fucked up bipolar shit...
    But I loved it

  73. Rose Petal

    I LOVE THIS SONG!! I heard it two weeks ago on CBC "Here and Now," and only managed to get Allan's name....FINALLY found the song!

  74. Juan Gomez

    Hell yeah!!

  75. siwar bc

    Love this so much. Pls keep up the good music👌🚀💜

  76. Donald C

    Rocked out the fuckin shelter last night! Thank you "Doctor roadhouse" 😉

  77. No Name

    Yes dad

  78. Rainbow Unicorn

    I never expected you to release a song with my name in it. Listening to this has been a spiritual experience, thank you.

  79. David Parker

    4 people don't know what good music is.

  80. scott reagan

    This is what I'm talking about! This is brilliant.

  81. Duygu Çelik

    Come to İstanbul please

  82. Alexandra Olivera

    I really like how it was creatively shot and edited <3

  83. Leo Za

    Pure art. 🙏🔥♥️

  84. Kierpm96

    Holy hell I love this man

  85. David Dang

    Looks like this video is inspired a bit by Perfect Blue

  86. Sebastian Højgaard

    Looking forward to hear u live in Copenhagen this November!


    Fuck ja, Amigo

  87. Guru Magoo

    Love it! Saw him in Indianapolis last week, and he did a few new ones including this. Hoping there is a new album coming, I've just about worn the backs off of his other 3.

  88. Morgan McMillan

    Love this song😀😀

  89. kaslokrazy

    Utterly and absolutley love him.

  90. Misho Digmelashvili

    U are best <3

  91. Hot Pocket of Cheese

    Shook. All the hair on my body stood at attention when he was standing in front of the mannequin, silhouetted with his hair like a friggin spider web over her face.

  92. Hayden Bryant

    I love you

  93. Abdulrahman Baqais

    cringe level max

    Johan Mocke

    Go back to your mumble rap nonsense.

    Abdulrahman Baqais

    Johan mocke stfu, you can’t call NF mumble

  94. Unoriginal Rose

    I’ll let you take me home. ;)


    Lmao that's my name too

  95. Shelby Lee

    I've been cravin' a new song from Allan and this one hit the spot!

  96. Mila Ruseva

    So beautiful

  97. hcr

    This new album will be hot