Allan Rayman - Mickey & Mallory Lyrics

Take a walk on the wild side
Let me see your eyes burn from the pain
Take a chance, this world of diamonds
Girl, you'll take a match to my gasoline
You warm me up, oh, yeah
You warm me up

Go for a dance in the moonlight
Another swig of the hard drink
Start a fight if the mood's right
Girl, you'll be my drama queen
Yeah, you warm me up, you warm me up
Oh, you warm me up

Go for a ride in the night sky
Oh, fall alseep on my shoulder
Been through war with a bruised eye
I can be your One Tin Soldier
Oh, you warm me up
Yeah, you warm me up
Ha, you warm me up

Said I can be your daydream
You can be my star-crossed lover
I can take you anywhere you wanna go
I stay undercover
You can be my home
You can get to know me, be my one and only
Bad bitch lover
You warm me up
Oh, you warm me up

Was born to be an outlaw
You can be my old lady
You can be my biggest flaw
I wanna take you on a fucking trip down to New Orleans
Put a diamond ring around and flip the middle finger
You warm me up
Are you warm enough
You warm enough

I wanna run away to the end of the earth
The small town robberies, we'll make it all work
I wanna be your star fighter, wanna set fire
I wanna stoke the flame, I wanna take you higher
Wanna give you fur like a black-striped tiger
Wanna give you leopard print
Ooh, yeah, is that warm enough?
Ha, warm enough, uh, warm enough for you?
I wanna go swimming with the sharks in the sea
I wanna lose my mind at a rave on some molly
Wanna swing from the vines, float in the breeze
I wanna be your Lizard King, yeah
Show you off, warm you up
Do it all, yeah, the world is ours

Take you out, show you off
Make out while I lift you up
And that phone sex won't stop
Tell me girl, are you warm enough?
Now sweat drop, Cadillac
401, no looking back
Just you and me, road map
Cigarettes, clothes on the back
And we out of here
Baby, we're so out of here, we're gone
We're outer space, blast off
In the atmosphere, no fears
Yeah, let's raise the stakes, fun
Let's do it all, the world's yours
Been through it all, I'm Tennessee
You're whiskey, my alcohol
We're bound to fall in love
We're heating up, on the run
Gun shots and vengeance
Through hell or high water
This form that we foster
We like being monsters
We're not the type to be bothered
So leave us alone
Oh, I think we're warm enough
I think we're warm enough

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