Allan Rayman - Her Lyrics

This new-found confidence is freaking me out
Should I get used to it, can't figure it out
Shit, it's just something that I'm all about
Guess I've got nothing to worry about
Oh, got nothing to worry about
No, nothing at all, no, nothing at all

The rain falls on the tin roof
Sunday afternoon, I'm thinking about you
Can't believe it's been a year
Found love, but it won't do
There's something I can't grasp
I'm nothing without you, nah
Meet a girl, fall, wasn't ready to catch it
The run from a Betty is the chase that I'm always after
Commitment is a bitch I feel that I've always had
Lost you, was overwhelming
The love is driving me mad
Feels wrong calling other boos "baby"
Title was yours, you've been repping it since the 80s
Now I'm feeling like maybe I can get over you
Confidence I'm obtaining is only because of you
I hope this rain never stops, pounding this tin roof
It's so true, rhythm to groove to
A natural instrumental, it's easy to write to
So write to it

This new-found confidence is freaking me out
Should I get used to it, can't figure it out
Shit, it's just something that I'm all about
Guess I've got nothing to worry about
Oh, got nothing to worry about
No, nothing at all, no, nothing at all

Maybe it's time I write or play some more shows
Try a little harder, now tell me where I can go
Heartbreak is killer, it's got its cons
She stabbed me in the heart, she bailed went on the run
Heartbreak is rough, yeah, it's got its pros
Gave me inspiration, you probably know how it goes
It's seeming as I'm a writer, writers fear steps up out
And my emotions are on fire so I let the lyrics blow
The rainy days, kicking it all alone
Used to hate rainy days and always being alone
The times, they are a-changing, a fan of the unknown
Like Dylan I'll be released drunk and move like a rolling stone
But I don't work alone

This new-found confidence is freaking me out
Should I get used to it, can't figure it out
Shit, it's just something that I'm all about
Guess I've got nothing to worry about
Oh, got nothing to worry about
No, nothing at all, no, nothing at all

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Allan Rayman Her Comments
  1. I leave mean comments

    I looked up David Allen Coe... why does this shit come up?

  2. markEmtl

    heard this on it....

  3. Is Me

    Kind of reminds of Hozier

  4. Büşra Nur

    Sesine , şarkına , hissettirdiklerine aşığım. Şarkıdan daha fazlasını dinliyorum. Kalite akıyor adamımm !

  5. Biell Morning Star


  6. zabelicious

    How can people not like this song... jealous of real talent?

  7. Machu Picchu

    Very David Duchovny's face....or time to look at....I need to hear more of it. This track to my ears is like fried food to a hungry, that tracks the joint by following its smell. Louder!

  8. ram ASMR

    i feel like im in a movie and im running out in the street after having an argument with a lover. its that kind of song.

  9. Heather Wallace

    Wow what a voice. I'm a fan for sure !!!!!!!

  10. Raphael John Albert Dela Cruz

    This song has that 90's or 20's vibe

  11. Yankee 1147

    Anyone else see that one commercial with this song

  12. Joanne Henderson

    Nice goodbeat

  13. Mäÿä Mïsërÿ Cïmmërïän

    His voice is sublime.

  14. Marc Roy

    Goodnight moon

  15. Eliane S

    OMG how groovy .... I LOVE THIS SONG ... how amazing THANKS ALLAN - your a great artist

  16. First Nik

    It is diamond brilliant! Hello from Russia with love !

  17. Евгений Колдашов


  18. David A

    Even better live.

  19. Marc Roy

    Goodnight moon much

  20. Merrikate

    Never turn down a chance to listen to this one whenever, wherever -- irresistible every time!

  21. Samuel C

    I saw this on a scratcher comercial like a year or two ago

  22. Евгений Кемеровский

    Ни ни хрена не понятно что вы там пишете

  23. Евгений Кемеровский

    Пишите по русски

  24. Vera Abraham

    Love this ❤️❤️💯omg
    Woohoo 🙌

  25. globalpilot76

    91x ... the worthy successor to cfny 102. the spirit of radio ... brought me here.
    almost no ads...all alternative.
    no jive

  26. Sandy Hart


  27. Audiophilia

    This motherfucker can sing (:

  28. Kathryn McRae

    This was the only thing that would calm my crying baby down. I love this song for more ways than one! 😍

  29. Gen Eugen

    MJ-“the way you make me feel”
    Lovely beat

  30. Gen Eugen

    M.J/“leave me alone” :)

  31. Gen Eugen

    Beautiful music..sound its totally from michael jackson ;)

  32. Joseph Wright

    God i cannot stand his voice

  33. tedo alaverdashvili


  34. Karim Shahswar

    This is so good man

  35. Shashank Naga

    He killed it !

  36. Diamond Nebula

    The beat reminds me of "The way you make me feel" by Michael Jackson.

  37. TPlink91

    214 dislikes? are you sure you hit that botton?

  38. LoveofVelvet

    Now!!! THIS is what i call GRIT!!!! boyfriend send me this amd it's BRILLIANT!!!!! Damn!!!

  39. shahroon paryzad

    Just discovered this artist truly amazing keep going mr rayman

  40. Kala Bakonbitts

    Who else is here from summer 2017 stingray alternative rock channel

  41. Andrea Marchese

    Super fun funky mellow song

  42. Youssef Kibo

    Lové y ou ❤

  43. Mr. Sir

    Canada👌2019 Anyone?

  44. Zuhair Yassin

    a brilliant musician his voice digs deep

  45. Iveli __

    Mmm,,the voice is so cool,,😻

  46. Carlos Roman

    "..For Real.."

  47. Rainbow Cake

    "Well, there you go again, acting like it's all about you"

  48. Rainbow Cake

    My ex says this song is about me! ;(

  49. KenTGravity

    Everytime when im depress I listen a playlist with Allan Rayman and that make me smile. I dont know how it works, but its a wonderful treatment for me

  50. priscella kakewash


  51. Паша Арт

    Who made is dislike,i m understand

  52. anne renwick

    he is actually a very intelligent man and only intelligent people would understand his veiw hes very blusey and a little dark keep it up allan

    Chad Kobelka

    anne renwick mono

  53. Gregg Rease

    Reminds me of that black velvet song from alannah myles 👌👌👌 nice tune like it✌ greetz from Germany 😎

  54. Piper Gatewood

    Too cool.

  55. Travis Woods

    About time some good music on the radio

  56. Jenny Knott

    LOL 😂

  57. Trasκοοl G

    ela kai mpou eiz allan alani

  58. Mélyna Prévost

    Je l'adore like si vous l'adorer

    Chad Kobelka

    Mélyna Prévost vcj

    Chad Kobelka

    Mélyna Prévost Canadian government

  59. Mélyna Prévost

    Elle es tellement bonne

  60. dominique tobey

    I Love this song 😍

  61. brianinchilliwack

    this i s a kids song

  62. links solutions

    fantastic song fantastic bass line amazing voice what else u could want more way to go man

  63. irakli elbakidze


  64. Christian N Ward

    Jester Harley Quinn gameteep

  65. d martin-williams


  66. B H

    So fuckin good so fuckin good sooooo fuckin AMAZIIIIIING damn it !

  67. GardinerConstructionInc.

    summertime in Winnipeg 2017 only place I heard airtime

  68. Theophilus Theo

    His acoustic version is way off better but all in all he killed it ..😍😻🙌🏾🙌🏾

  69. GUOVA

    love you

  70. bill joe

    can't get over how good this song is, put it on loop and listen to it for hours

  71. CrappieDev

    There you go again clicking on this song no clue...


    Fucking love this song

  73. Mari მარიამი


  74. Kasmene yes

    sounds like a dying goat

  75. Дмитрий Яковлев

    Классная песня. Алан молток!!!

  76. Edward Cruz

    What type of genre is this considered?

    merci murray

    Indie grunge alternative ?! Lol

  77. Ambz C

    Just got connected to this song my mind was blown.. same with his other tracks. Allan, you're the man;) t-dot rocks!

    Chad Kobelka

    Ambz Check

  78. Cary Brisbin

    Not since the onset of my love affair with Jonny Lang have I loved EVERYTHING about a song. Wow.

  79. Jake Smith

    Straight fire.....

  80. Jen Fox

    Heard this song around midnight last thursday on 99.3 cfox and loved it! Been on my mind ever since and then "talking talking talking no clue" finally came back to me! Nice... I like it ❤🎶✌😁

  81. Robert Sergent

    Has an MJ vibe. Very good tune!

  82. Viqala

    Searched for rayman (the game), got here. I'm not mad at this

  83. Luiza Duta


  84. Michael dave

    Lol this 756k v...posty congratulations almost 1billion...ppl r lameassy

  85. Armand Garcia

    I love allan rayman and I love boys

    Rare Wave

    Armand Garcia chill gay boy

  86. daniel s

    like will be given.

  87. Pratap Mohapatra

    wow, what a soul touching voice and music. Thats my canadian singer :)

  88. Martin r7u7r

    Sounds like "Soda Stereo - Disco eterno"

  89. Ben

    Michael Jackson called, he wants his 13 year old boy back.


  90. Noam Silas

    Who's here from Crankgameplays/Ethan’s stream???

  91. Jay Relaxed

    Cool song to relaxing for a bit and lay back down exercising legs ;)

  92. B H

    He was stung by a covert narcissist.

  93. Ch Fr

    Crap song

    jade Forrest

    Ch Fr how soo

    Ch Fr

    Too funny, my son posted that comment with my account. I listen to this guy almost everyday I guess I'm obsessed with his music

  94. Derik R

    he deserves 1 Million likes people!!! Great Job Allan

  95. Alex Henderson

    This song is top 40. Don't understand why it doesn't have 200+ million views

  96. Gabrielle Novak

    Anyone still use Chat line ? ??!?!?

  97. Antony Crane

    For real