Allan Rayman - Gun Lyrics

I got a gun, I keep it on my shelf and wait at home for you
Well, I won't use it 'less you force me to
I got a kiss from my right fist and it's been wound up tight for you
I won't use it 'less you force me to

You wanna love me, you want it
You wanna love me
You wanna love me
I wanna love you, too, I wanna love you, too
I wanna love you, too, I wanna love you, too

I got a girl, I think she's so tough
Man, the things I put her through
Well, I don't hurt her, but she wants me to
She's got a gift with her two lips
She speaks her twisted point of view
Well, I don't like it, but she wants me to

She wanna love me, she wants it
She wanna love me
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too
I wanna love her, too, I wanna love her, too

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Allan Rayman Gun Comments
  1. Peter Ola-Itan

    this guy is a weird mix of Frah from Shaka Ponk; Brian Molko and the kings of Leon

  2. Joanna De Tricci

    this song makes me horny.

  3. Mariana Medeiros

    Dope musician.

  4. Damon Wicketts

    What the absolute fudge! I've heard this guys music years back, but this is so artistic! Sick!

  5. hcr

    i love this performance cus it's like a drunk and high hobo having a passionate argument with an invisible girlfriend.

  6. Getmypastamasta

    This song is hot

  7. George Shonia

    Fantastic for some bad ass movie intro or outro!

  8. Valeriya Baibakova

    like jared leto

  9. Zach A

    I have these adidas pants on right now. Am I homeless? Am I able to sing yet?

  10. Biell Morning Star


  11. Siemens A55

    He moves like Cosmo Krammer

  12. ৡۣSEKAY


  13. Carl Robinson

    Good stuff pal like what you do. Not just this tune ethier.

  14. Miguel Contreras

    I'm waiting for the new album but in the meantime I'm enjoying all your songs allan. Amazing performer seen him in person. Hes a God

  15. amanda batista

    eu sentava fodase

  16. Xerise

    This is sick👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  17. blondietehdino

    He looks like a guy on the subway you’d keep your eye on the whole ride just in case but his voice and this song is so fuckin good

  18. Heather Wallace

    I love his voice !!!

  19. Valentina Toledo

    Llegué aquí porque Allan vió una instastory mía, que random. y me gustó su canción 👀👍😀💕

  20. Justyce Peterson

    So does no one see his massive penis in his sweat pants? It’s just swinging around the whole video

  21. Popeye Pnnn7o

    kurt cobain wannabe

  22. The Cheeba Lounge

    He just gained a fan ☺️🙌🏽😮

  23. Στάγκερ Λί

    A mixture of Jagger, Ian Anderson Liam Gallagher and a bit Bowie

  24. Night Nurse

    This guy makes me speechless. I will say that I like the new blonde hair though.

  25. W N

    How his this only got 1.5 m views compared to other colours tracks. So underrated.

  26. Daisy Sky

    Well I wish you could love me.

  27. erice

    the guitar riff sounds awfully alot like a popular rock song

  28. All Anime Moments YaaaY

    is he too High ? lol

  29. Gunar U.

    Lil Dicky is versatile af

  30. Mellie F.

    I loooove his theatrics

  31. Fernando Vinci

    I replay 5 time everyday

  32. jeahan lidasan

    Gosh. Allan Rayman deserves more. So unique and talented

  33. Sergio Deleon

    Where can I get that trench coat and wear it like he wears it please lol

  34. Justice Turman

    man sing that shittttt!!!!!! ayeeeeeee!!!!

  35. AbdulAziz Çelebi

    Great Allan <3

  36. kim Md

    i dont know what i just watched but im into it !

  37. Fernando Vinci

    Every day replay epic beat vocal amazing I wait for more

  38. Tracey McLennan

    Just feel the need to make love .....Such a sexy voice

  39. nphlie

    Is it me or is this guy’s d up ? 😂🤪

  40. h f

    why he here lookin' like he walked out of his house?

  41. Secorad


  42. EMSVEN13

    It's not fair how hot this guy is.

  43. A. Ibnou YNWA

    He is a Genius !

  44. Sour Lemon

    I love this dude

  45. Getmypastamasta

    He’s so passionate wow I saw him live and it was holy fuck so amazing

  46. Dylan Riesenbeck

    Damn he’s got that Joaquin Phoenix from The Master posture down to a T

  47. Brandi mayy

    have him come back please ~ i need more.

  48. Carolina Caballero

    esse homem é tudo

  49. Mii na

    *DAMN* I'm in love

  50. Daniel Rioja

    All these people saying he looks like a homeless, the dude is literally wearing a Burberry coat....

  51. George Shonia

    Makes me to play red dead redemption I don't know why..

  52. Adam the Great / Magician

    It was a pleasure opening for you tonight!!! #fan4life #magic

  53. Alexandra Laura

    Doamne, ce voce!💖 Ce piesă! Felicitări! Îmi place mult!

  54. Nathan Lobato

    everything that Allan Rayman does is just breathtaking.. glad he is getting more recognition

  55. Miguel Mendoza

    Enamorado !!
    completamente enamorado de su voz, movimientos ... Todo!!! perfección.

  56. Ursula Rachel Medusa

    Needs a band and a new outfit..

  57. Anita Adams

    That voice!!!!! Dayum!!!!!!!! I could listen to this FOREVER!!!!! The last time I heard a voice like that was from Kurt... wow.. just wow.

  58. fatguylungs

    Allan, sweetie are you ok?

  59. Jesse Jee

    I´m so glad I had the chance to see him live, one of the best shows I´ve ever been too

  60. Matthew Wittman

    Who else hears Green Day Longview in this song??

  61. Mohammed Ben Omran

    His voice is so unique!

  62. musicisbrilliant

    Gives me life. Gives me hope. Allan, never stop.

  63. Viviana Almas

    the most beautiful man!

    Ken G

    jim morrison copycat - the val kilmer version lol:

  64. Amy Liedtke

    wow love it

  65. Donald C

    Introducing Mr. ROADHOUSE..wait ...Dr. Roadhouse

  66. musicisbrilliant

    Way over people's heads. Thats my guess. Love him.

  67. Stephen Asante

    Incredible tune this!

  68. musicisbrilliant

    Ive never actually used the word "dope," but this guy is it 110%. Allan is the man.

  69. d martin-williams


  70. Kimann Scribe

    ❤️❤️Love this!!!!

  71. _moh_

    They fished a good-looking weird homeless guy to sing in their studio or something
    I think I fell in love

  72. Faith Blaney

    Love youuuu

  73. Goatman Genetics

    One of the best in colors other than haute.....I don't even listen to these genres and they are so melodic! Music is universal!

  74. Miguel Santos

    goddamit now i wanna ride a harley davidson bike

  75. ahumblemanSr ahumblemanSr

    Well damn... That hit me in the soul...

  76. haselfeth

    Kindof think he copped the lyrical melody of "Longview" by Green Day, anyone agree?

  77. Lauren Taft

    Fire! Sounds like Eddie Vedder, and Scott Weiland. Brilliant. He's got that 90's grunge look going too.

  78. Plue

    I already fall in love, gurl.

  79. Jessica Steiner

    Wit those hands on them hips, I wanna luv her too

  80. Samantha Dier

    I get a Kurt reincarnate vibe

  81. Chelsea Jackson

    Amazing 😱❤

  82. tasia Lamb


  83. GeorgeBackOff

    When I saw him he reminded me of Joe Cocker - the moves and the roughness in his voice. I'm not telling he sounds like him but still, something is similar in a way

  84. D Mankefor

    The energy Bruh

  85. Yass Beam

    Omg you are amazing .Sexxxxxy af too wow incredible

  86. وليد ابن ليبيا

    I love you to <3

  87. きたあかり

    SO NICE 😆👍👍👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  88. mailyset

    Thought I would like colors but sorry am just a big allan rayman fan
    He his amazing

  89. Ekaterina Staneva

    proper cringy

  90. ole matson

    Wow, lil dicky really switched it up on us.

  91. Althusser

    el loco hugo!!!

  92. Artem Wukkert


  93. Tarsila Nascimento

    This is something like Massive Attack + Pearl Jam...

  94. Sumo Raï

    Sounds like alice in chains

  95. Kyra Desjarlais

    I like his style