Allan Rayman - Better Off Lyrics

I fell in love in a dream
I woke up, heartbroken
Her words cut deep
But were never really spoken
They say actions speak louder
Between her legs and the power
And I notice this power
And this no disrespect to her flower
She giving it up after hour
Leaving it out turned it sour
I figured it out, that's my damn fault
I fall too quickly and you give it up quickly, that's a problem
Box of condoms by the bed, that's a problem
Leaving a thought in my head, that's a problem
How many dudes have been fed? That's my problem
Now how you gon' solve 'em? Tell me

Oh, I think I'm better, oh, better alone
She keep telling me, telling me that I'm wrong
Oh, I think I'm better all alone
Oh, she keep telling me, telling me I'm wrong

That I'm wrong about you, the crazy stuff that you do
I figured it out, you ain't who you say you are
Tell me, that true?
Same damn story, getting old, what's new
All this drama unfolds, run through the motions
I'm sick of your bullshit
And the poison you're feeding me ain't working
I built immunity up, it's not working
But it was all a dream, right?
Sweat-soaked sheets, a blood-curdling scream
All a dream, right? All in a dream, all in a dream
I fell in love with this beautiful bitch who wanted to own me, right?
All in a dream
I fell in love with a beautiful bitch who want to cut off my dick
You know that fucked up shit
I'm just saying, baby, you know me
I'm just saying, baby, you know me
Just saying, baby, you know me
Just saying, baby, you know me
Just saying, baby, you know me, right?
It was all a dream

Oh, I think I'm better, better alone
She keep telling me, telling me that I'm gone
Oh, I think I'm better all alone
Oh, she keep telling me, telling me I'm wrong

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Allan Rayman Better Off Comments
  1. Abdulelah

    Good old days <3

  2. VanShamus Olsen

    I love to investigate the lyricsas hard as they can me to hear

  3. Izzy Mendez

    I love this💖😊

  4. Marienkarpfen

    Sounds irritating.

  5. Jonas Cabral


  6. LeonTiry

    Love iiiiiiir

  7. Niall Fitz

    Another top track

  8. Violet Moonwater

    All at once
    A Violet Moonwater cover

    Allan I adore you

  9. M. M. J.

    my joint just told me this is great. Yes it is 👌

  10. nunh

    This man has it in spades - fan!

  11. daniel s

    like will be given.

  12. Two Bagz

    aye Allen Raymond this Two Bagz I'm from Tennessee an ima artist I really feel ya music an would like to link up if possible

  13. Briggs Guy

    So many cold fruit.

  14. Shawn Howey

    Yo, I cant stop listening.....all day at work, I'm hooked. Ya tha man Allan! Phew....legit

  15. Kitsune72


  16. Aya Chehlafi


  17. BodegaBay

    Epic song!!!!! Damn!!!😍😍

  18. nadya mantra

    What a sensual singer... voice drips sex appeal and the sound production is hypnotic loooove it.

  19. govern0r

    Hot damn son! From Tdot!

  20. regdude bill

    1.3 million views..???? I swear I've watched it more than that..

  21. Synn.TLO

    Obsessed with your voice and music! You have chill vides and powerful lyrics. Amazing!

  22. hcr

    this guy is such a feeling

  23. Liam T

    yo. this guy went to my old school

  24. Erica Rigel

    Today you entered my life and I'm so thankful for your wonderful music. Pls continue to make amazing music.. and pls come to Las Vegas :) #iminlove

  25. Wolf Dawg

    as I'm sitting here falling in love with this guy's music, my girl say's "Sept 23 Sugar Nightclub".

    Tickets ordered...mind blown

    this will be one of those shows I'll be able to brag that I saw in a nightclub one day twenty years from now

  26. Tyme Powell

    Allan Rayman just dropped an amazing new video for his song Repeat with Jessie Reyez 👌

  27. Sairav7

    what a chill song (y)

  28. Adam Lempicki

    one of the best.

    The Vibe Guide

    +Adam Lempicki 🙌

  29. Fabio Rodrigues da Silva

    what a music!!!!!!

  30. German Tabor

    The first 4 seconds I thought I was about to listen to a Nickelback song. Phew! close one

  31. Omar Brik

    amzing voice he has hhh yup it s so coooooool

  32. Cristóbal Alarcón

    When you're taking a shit and its a massive one 1:48

  33. byron carr

    wow what an awesome musician can't wait to listen to some more

  34. Benjamin (Ty) Pulliam

    Its not on itunes... :(

  35. Mnxe

    This guy really sounds like Chester See.


    Mnxe I can see where you would think that.

  36. André Bechthum

    An amazing song that just keeps popping up in my playlists. As with any of the commenters this has been on repeat for weeks on end!

    Cheyanne Desjarlais

    André Bechthum hg5tghn


  37. Ceris Lane

    I'm falling into the Allan Rayman rabbit hole. Help!

  38. Choji's ThicAss

    Larkin Poynton brought me here

  39. Михаил Чеботарев

    cool song)

  40. Daniel Hornung

    Wauw. I really like this song from start to end. No. 1 favorite

  41. 93RubixCube

    The mystique, refusal to do interviews, lowkey live performances and overall intrigue are very reminiscent of The Weeknd. Remember when he was an enigma. It will be interesting to see where he goes.

  42. Ozan Orçun Çetin

    I'm in love with this song.

  43. Tabitha Buttigieg

    Where can I get a CD same so gd

  44. Christopher Joseph

    So ironic this iconic cut is so my marriage bout '05-11 - why getting divorced lmao! Allan was you observing us???

  45. Jared Piegaro

    what album is this on?

  46. Denis

    why you don't upload to iTunes?

  47. Candice AnotherDayFalls

    That lovey voice who wouldn't love it?... got the fiancé hooked .

  48. Tom Grimm

    So glad I ran into this song, and this artist, on accident.. woah, he's amazing!

  49. Caleb

    These vocals are actually insane

  50. Anastasia McMeekin

    The voiiiiice. Rough yet gentle and pure 💜

  51. dani udall

    best ever 13 big tune

  52. N3I5K4H

    if u didn't released that song i would miss that idol of mine, after my first listing of this song I searched Allan Rayman and just got caught in pure relief. Thanks a lot for sharing ! listening to his new album Roadhouse1 now 🎶

  53. Ravi 'Chand' Punia

    Oh Life, Come I'll Show You How To Break The Repeat Button.

  54. Bryant Roman

    Heard this song and instantly liked it! Awesome choice! Haven't felt this vibe in a while


    Check out his other work like Tennesse or Wolf. Really good stuff that haven't gained much attention!

  55. Aka Bartlett

    Well you know I don't run with me, I know
    Could tell you 'bout the nights with my alter ego
    I don't like to talk about it, oh, she knows
    She feels special, feeling all too close
    I was born to run baby
    I don't fit in, I could never be the crowd
    Find that I do understand
    Footloose, I am socially incapable of being your man

    You're too cool, you're too cool, cool friend
    So many cool friends
    You're too cool, baby, I can't hang

    Ain't gotta have it all at once
    But then you're playing me
    She talk about him all too much
    Think before you speak
    You're too cool, you're too cool, cool friend
    So many cool friends
    It's cool, it's cool, can't hang
    I don't like any of it

    [Verse 2]
    Now he don't say much, he speaks about her feelings
    Goes along with the words, he lost her meanings
    I can keep it loose, mama
    Keep you at the top, never let it sink in
    I can be the moon, mama
    I can hold the weight, just getting settled in
    A lack of vision, I can see it in you
    Ooh, you lack conviction, I can feed it to you
    Shut the fuck up, baby, you don't ever stop
    Boy, you know you're too close

    You're too cool, you're too cool, cool friend
    So many cool friends
    You're too cool, baby, I can't hang

    Ain't gotta have it all at once
    But then you're playing me
    She talk about him all too much
    Think before you speak
    You're too cool, you're too cool, cool friend
    So many cool friends
    It's cool, it's cool, can't hang
    I don't like any of it
    It's cool, it's cool, can't hang
    I don't like any of it

  56. Gregoravich

    not on itunes:C

    Yenny Timms

    Gregoravich I want it on iTunes :(

  57. Graham Sakey

    Love iT

  58. Jessica Elliott

    I saw him in Vancouver last year, when I was already obsessed for a year prior to that! He's impossibly sexy, mysterious and makes me play everything on repeat. So much passion and emotion.. Like noone else #hotasf*ck

  59. Johnny Bravo


  60. Taylor Holien

    songs amazing

  61. Elias Ghani

    perfekt voice

  62. trev Phillips

    more please Allan...dude your so low key.....ive listened to everything.... let us ..... mate??....... Ya there???.......

  63. xele fonte

    this shit is such trash


    xele fonte Just like your grammar.


    allan rayman is a fkn boss - his voice and music is to die for - just smoke that ganja and listen to this ... ugh

  65. hou loa

    Love his voice.

  66. Luca GoesTo

    Playlist on Spotify

    Name a few genre bender

  67. Will Carlson

    Everything Allan Rayman puts out is amazing. Literally everything. Hotel Allan, Verona, Lucy, this song, all of it.

    Dan Cain

    pc service Imacpc

  68. The Chronitic

    Someone help. I'm stuck on replay.


    lol that's what happens with allan ;)

  69. Bull Nation Music

  70. Vinicius Ferreira

    Fez meu dia

  71. Laure Anctil PTE

    175,305 excellent ...
    lovin this
    sharing ..
    2k thumbs up
    36 thumbs down

  72. Laure Anctil PTE

    1k (Y) thumbs up
    36 thumbs down.
    sharing 1:17pm
    Nov 7 2016
    :) [email protected]

  73. Laure Anctil PTE

    sharing .
    ..lovin this

  74. Richard Prochowski

    Great tune!

  75. hizlary C.

    I can't find any acoustic versions of this! I wanna play it on my guitar!

    Ethan M

    hizlary C. It’s because the guitar is a straight rip off of Weezers; “say it ain’t so” like literally note for note

  76. Shannon Smith


  77. Element Flux

    Hey music fans ! We have just started a new channel with some chill/ambiant music ! Have a look if you wish :)

  78. Jeff Parker

    Replay button has had enough of me, but I am still going......

    The Vibe Guide

    +Jeff Parker you can never outrape me on this replay button!

    Ailing Agnew

    This song is dope but what the actual fuck is wrong with some of the top comments? For future reference, if you ever find yourself asking the question 'is now the time to joke about rape?' the answer is always NO. I mean really, you have the whole world of music-related humour to choose from, there's no need for that kind of vile nonsense.

  79. Bryan Jeske

    so cool, and relaxing :)

  80. felix frisk


  81. roshan bist

    one more song added to my playlist
    #KeepGrowing #FuckinVibe

  82. peppersa1

    killing beat

  83. MaFlyZ

    YouHave the best motherf**ing songs

    The Vibe Guide

    +MaFlyZ I know!


    Love all them !!!
    listen to them when im cutting my videos! :D

    Balut Ramona Elena

    Amazing voice❤

  84. Nini Nini

    omg it's really cool 😍

  85. Stamate Gabriel


  86. javier e parra h

    Beautiful Perfect !!!!!!

  87. Marlène Gam

    omg. thank you for letting me know..

  88. Project Vibe

    Love this guy voice. Any1 Else?

    Tom C

    any1 lmao

  89. Just Chill

    The vocals 😱👏🏻👏🏻

    Edy Tanasa

    Just Chill

  90. Magical Music

    Well it is very nice yes!

  91. Fifou Raymond

    More songs like this PLEASE !

  92. root8angel

    love this

  93. Alexic94

    uuuuuuuuuuuuu the moment bass started

  94. DreniCak4LF

    Deep voice and smooth sound , nice combination💛🖒

  95. The Vibe Guide

    We've been listening to this track for 2 weeks deciding whether to feature it or not. In the end we were madly in love with it and figured it would be a shame not to share it with you guys. Such a unique voice and stellar production, don't sleep on this track!!

    Matthew Leonard

    I'm glad you eventually decided to share it; this track is alive with the Vibe!

    muhammet yigit

    I wouldnt know this song without you. Thanks

    Dakota Dennis

    The Vibe Guide thank you